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    Other people’s characters may be mentioned in the Diary. They will be represented as Mai’s sees them, but it is only her opinion.  I do not own them and no offence is meant. Just because Mai shows distaste for a character does not mean that I show distaste for the player. If anyone has an issue with anything said please send me a message and we’ll talk about it.
    Mai's Character Bio
    Entry 1
                    My father tried to hide it, but it was obvious to me that he was holding back tears when we said our goodbyes. He gave me a package with this diary in it and kissed me on the forehead. It is a gift that he gave me along with a warning. He told me that keeping a diary can be both risky and the-----utic for people like us. We have thoughts and secrets that it isn’t always healthy for us to hang onto lest we are poisoned by our own mind. However, it could be our end if someone untrustworthy read what was inked within the pages; for him it is dangerous because he has committed crimes that he’d rather not have associated with his name and for me because I was born with a vampiric taint.
                    There are some things about my nature that he feels that my mother could explain better than he could. He has kept me safe until now, but he’s done all he can for me. It is time that I put my trust in someone else now.  The idea of finding my mother is really exciting, but, if I am to be honest, it is also really nerve wracking. I haven’t seen her since I was two and I was so young then that I really only have half memories. Everything I know about my mother comes from stories told by my father. 
                    I know that she has, or had, purple hair and is an elf. I know that my vampiric traits originated from her. Her name is Ryaj. My father always told me that he had chaos in his blood, and though he will always love her, she was too chaotic for even him.  The problem is that he has a controlled sense of chaos. He feels in control of the ripples and webs he spins; My mother isn’t in his control and he always seemed to end up drenched and wet in the wake of the hurricane of chaos swirling around her. 
                    I am just worried that she won’t want me. Has she stayed away because my father kept me away and she couldn’t find me, or did she not even care to look? What if I find her and she has moved on with her life? What if she can’t or won’t help me deal with my bloodlust? 
                    All the ‘ifs’ make my stomach queasy with butterflies, but I can’t let what may happen hold me back from what will happen.
    Entry 2 
                    I’ve arrived in Calpheon a few days ago and have been drifting around the city trying to find any sign of my mother. I have spent most of the silver my father gave me on lodging and food. It may come down to me having to turn to alternative means. Fortunately, I have been putting my ears to work and have heard murmurs of where I may be able to find my mother.  A woman named Ryaj runs an alchemy shop in the business district. I am going to keep an watch and listen until I know if it is my mother or if it is just a coincidence.
    Entry 3
    I have been watching the alchemy shop for a few days now.  It seems the woman has good business.  There is one woman that comes and goes more than others. This woman is also the first to arrive and the last to leave. At times I haven’t seen her exit at night. At the moment I’m assuming that this is Ryaj. I am not sure if this could be my mother. It is true that it has been many years since my father saw her, but he never said anything about her being heavy set. The woman, Ryaj, has to be nearly 300 pounds and wears it well. She is quite lovely, but there is one aspect about her that bothers me. She doesn’t have purple hair. She is a redhead.Could this be my mother? I guess that there is only one way to find out. It is time to approach her.
    One way or another I need to find a safe way to feed. I’m beginning to look at citizens as they pass by and wonder what they taste like. It is making my skin crawl.
    Entry 4
                    Ryaj was arguing the price of one of her brews with a client when I approached her. He was saying that she what she charged was highway robbery and she was saying that it was guaranteed to work. I approached and offered a third party opinion. Ryaj just looked at me for a moment before she could regain her composure. Her client said that the medicine was for his sick, pregnant wife, and no one else had been able to cure her yet. He was skeptical that Ryaj was going to do much better and the price was excessive. I told him that if he loved his wife and unborn child that the price should be worth it and from what I’d been told Ryaj was a terrible liar. Bad liars make bad con-artist. However, if he wanted to play it safe that perhaps they could work out a deal to receive the treatment and pay in installments. If it didn’t work then he obviously wouldn’t pay any more; if it did work then he’d have a cure for his sick wife.
                    The deal took.
                    Ryaj took me back to her alchemy shop. Looking me over she gave me a big hug and told me I looked like my father. She asked after him and I told her that he was well. She also told me that she was torn between what to do because someone named Knox had asked for her to kill my father and bring his head as a sign of respect. However, she wanted protection for her family and a chance at living in a castle someday.
                    At first I was upset and concerned for her. I wouldn’t give her father’s location, just in case. Thinking of anyone hurting my father makes my blood boil. He’s never been anything but good to me. However, when I think about it I doubt that it is the first time that someone has asked for my father’s head. Even he from his own admittance he is at the least viewed as eccentric and at the worst a villain. It is hard for me to see him as either, but perhaps I am too use to his brand of unique to see it as crazy.
                    I did tell my mother that I’d do what I could to help her family. She will stay a member of the mercenaries that asked for my father’s head and she’d like me to be an intermediary with a group she called Syndicate. She really didn't know much about them. All she could really tell me was that their leaders name is Inkheart and that they are nobles. She would like me to see why they do not get along with Ravens of War. My mother is curious if the reason they don't get along has to do with social class issues or not. I told her I'd listen around town and find out what I could. That way she can get a better understanding of her options without seeming like she is betraying the option she knows she has.
                    I want to prove myself to her.
                    She has also told me to be very careful and not let anyone know what I am. She says that no one else will understand. If I feed it needs to be well away from the city and never in the same location. I’m going to try to help her while finding someplace else to settle.