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  1. The general point of this post is to get opinions on what people think about  grinding and enhancements to your character progressions (IE upgrading through black stones).
    I am currently level 39 with the intention of mostly PvP'ing in this game. I have been following this game since around 2012. I played the Russian Beta for a couple hours and have been playing the EU/US version, so I am in no way an expert on knowledge of this game. I've just read here and there for awhile, so please keep this in mind!
    My opinion of the game has really gone downhill since I began playing. I knew the grinding was pretty crazy, the upgrading of weapons and gear make a huge difference and that the game is hardcore in general. I wasn't aware to how ridiculous it is by from what I've read recently.Things like 1-50 is equivalent to 50-51, and above above 60 is nearly impossible to push a level. The fact that a +17 geared player can take on 3 +15 geared players in PvP seems absolutely stupid if this is a true statement. These elements of the game seem way too much in my opinion for a game based quite a lot on PvP.
    Also, how can someone like to Grind monster that much? I liked it at first compared to theme park quest leveling, but even before reaching 50 I'm starting to get tired of constant grinding just to stay with a competitive with players. I am already WAY behind a lot of people, but to make things worse a players could potentially kill me and I would have no chance of fighting back if they have better gear enhancements than me.
    I get that progression is a fun thing and people like to feel rewarded after work, but the amount of an advantage that people receive takes any amount of skill nullified out of the equation. It just sounds like the skill versus character progression is WAY unbalanced in favor of character progression. I wouldn't mind it being more on the character progression side if it weren't so extreme.
    What is everyone opinions on level and item enhancements being the determining factor from what it sounds like in being "successful" in PvP? Please correct me if I make the game sound more hardcore than it is, or if it is even more hardcore than I make it sound, or if I'm just wrong about something in general.
    I REALLY REALLY want to like this game. I hope I'm at least slightly wrong. LoL.