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  1. So since the event happened which caused people to make a ton of DKs and post them to the Beauty Album, I noticed how boring some of the other classes albums are in comparison. The male classes in particular.
    So I decided to make my own Musa based off of a WoW night elf. Let me know what you think and post any unique characters you've created too!

    Is this too much makeup for the lighting effects in the game?
    Thank you for your suggestions
  3. Hello Black Desertlings,
    1. What is this post about?
    Although I really think the charactercreator is extraordinary awesome, I painted a few suggestions for new hairstyles.
    2. Why did I so?
    I understand that people like manga/teenage/k-j-popstyles and its good to have them, for sure – although I don’t really understand as an example, why we have three here that look pretty alike (adding sliders to one of the types might help creating these three at the same time)

    What I miss a bit in the overall designs, is on one hand some sort of tough and wild  appereance (according to the bodyoptions, the clothing, etc). On the other hand, I really miss some more simple styles. Very long hair and short cuts for the women, etc. (actually, lots of women don't care about the clipping issues). I know it’s a fantastic setting with fantastic heroes, but a good reason to also offer some more “simple” styles is just because  things that people are familiar with, can generate some kind of sympathy and comfort.
    3. What have I done?
    I painted neutral faces for both, male and female, and sketched hairstyles to them, from which I think they could add something to the characters. Keeping references from games and TV in mind, I designed some wild and some more neutral ones. I shared these with the german roleplay community, and all the people that responded agreed, that I should definitely give it a try suggesting these here.
    If you have an opinion about it, share it here. Please do so in constructive way, that we can discuss in a good climate, thank you <3
    Best wishes,
  4. Post on New hairstyle Korea in General

    By SaintJoann, posted
    Can anyone confrim if this is a new hairstyle in korea?

  5. My suggestion 
    I think it would be a great idea for Pearl Abyss to upgrade the Character creator.
    Now the option for what you can do to your face and body are endless, but i would love to see more facial presets options and Hairstyle options.
    The Hairstyle options are very limited, and for instance witch cant realy change any of the hairsyles.
    I think more hairstyles and a updated character creator would be appreciated by all.
    More Hairstyles
    More Face options
    More Tattoo options
    More Eye colour options ( now brown comes across as red so a nice brown eye colour option )
    More Eyelash options
  6. Hey guys! I was wondering if you could help me make a passible 21 year old tamer.  My attempts at both extremes are below but I am struggling taking the Korean and little girl out of the class.  I love the class -  but its appearance is important to me.    I am looking for: Western Beauty
    Max height with appropriate body composition
    Hard looking (She will be the daughter of a pirate after all)
    Around the ages of 20-24 Anyone with better character creation skills than me up for the task?  Regards,
  7. Post on Character & Family Name in General

    By Ketago, posted
    Well, i guess its a just in time to discuss the "problem" with the Character Names.
    As we know now, next to the family name even the main Charactername will be UNIQUE on the Server, i guess thats a silly rule.
    You benefit from multiple Characters in Black Desert, so i want to discuss it, that at least the Charactername should be NOT unique, cause i dont want to give my Characters stupid names like WonderTamer, CrazedWarri or the whole other things, guess you know what i mean.
    Why the heck, the main Charactername must be unique? Its not enough, that the Lastname/Familiy is unique? In every World there are multiple forenames so i please you Daum, change the rule that the main Charactername isnt unique on the server.