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  1. Post on Golden chest in General

    By Suzumebashi, posted
    So i found 3 golden chest so far, and i cannot open it with my few golden key ..
    Anyone have the same issue ?
  2. Out of 15 supposedly known chest locations * 36 channels, I have only located and successfully opened 1 gold chest, which I am sure is luckier than most. This was a very cool idea the first day of release that you could spend some time in game to hunt for treasure that had a high potential for players to gain silver, and I'm sure it does, but for most it has become a waste of time and money while for some it has probably earned for them hundreds of millions.  (Not knocking the work that one would have to apply in order to camp those chest and earn those millions but still.)
    What's known is that once these chest are opened they disappear. So being told a location or even searching for them is pointless because you can't say for certain after searching an area that it doesn't have a chest.  
    What's unknown but is thought by some to be true is that each chest has a 12 hr respawn time which would make it very easy to be camped by few people who can simply write down the time they opened it and calculate the next time it will respawn. And since no one else can truly know that the chest does spawn there and if they did will probably never get to open it they sell their silver keys on the market. (Which 100 silver keys = 2.7-3 mil which, based on the spreadsheet attached using the items listed from bddatabse, can potentially earn those few people a ton of silver)
    I don't know the best thing to be done with 'Golden Treasure Chest'. 
    Some of my ideas are for each chest there could be several possible spawn locations (in medium player traffic areas) and after a chest is found and opened it respawns in one of these locations at random. 
    An opened chest leaves an 'Opened Gold Chest' item in its place.
    And lastly that chest respawn times are randomly set to respawn between 8-12 hrs instead of , like mobs, a perfect set time.
    *** I think the best way to get one of these chest now is to log on right after game maintenance at a chest location and see if the respawn happened during the maintenance.*** 

  3. So far I know only 3 locations where you can find a Precious Treasure Chest.
    The thing is that these Precious/Rare Treasure Chest's has same loot table as normal treasure chests. 
    As a Secret Hunter I would really like that these rare chests would have some better loot than normal ones.
    I wrote down loots from 10 normal chests and 10 rare chests: by using Silver keys
    Normal treasure chests: "Item = chance"
    Luck Scroll = 100%
    +5% exp scroll = 100%
    Black stone Armor = 80%
    Precious Treasure Chests: "Item = chance"
     Luck Scroll = 100%
    +5exp Scroll = 100%
    Black Stone Armor = 90%
    Also these Precious Treasure Chests are only found from Secret Caves in game. So they are also pretty difficult to find.
  4. Greetings and salutations fellow adventurers.  I want to start a small hint thread about treasure chests and invite you to join.  Now there's a map on the internet which clearly documents treasure chest locations.  Some of the locations are shown via screenshot, others have a few words to help guide you.  I love this map.  But what about chests that are not on the map yet?  I'll start off with the following hints.  
    To the west of the city with mud creatures, in an open space of land, is a hole in the ground.  Dead trees do not mark the spot.  In the same general swamp area as other chests, but perhaps a little bit more south, is a tree stump.  Much like other tree stumps directly in the swamp, this tree stump differs in that the stump itself is actually hollow.  Travelling east from a great city are imps who have very bad attitudes and must be taught lessons of restraint.  One of the shacks they took over has a chest on top, next to a villager's body.  But this is known by all so that is not the clue.  To the east and north of the road is a great forest.  If you are proficient as a path finder you will easily be able to ride your horse above a white cliff.  In that general area is a cave, and as usual it is marked with a dead tree.  When you get into the cave you find water but it doesn't appear to lead anywhere.  The secret is that it does lead somewhere.  Now how would you get under a rock overhang if you were in a real cave with water?Ok, that's a good start.  I assume many people know about these three but I also assume there are people who do not.  This is for you.  Good luck and if you know of anything and want to give some hints, please do.  
    Anyone have additional hints?  Several people have viewed this thread but its going to die if no one posts.  hahah.  Maybe it should die.  I'll keep hoping other people like the stuff I do and want to share.  (shrug)  Why not hope?  Good adventuring to all !
  5. Bonjour tout le monde, 
    Je partage ici une map interactive en français (à jour de Valencia II). Toute aide est la bienvenue, que ce soit pour partager des positions ou pour suggérer des ajouts et/ou modifications. Pour ce faire vous pouvez utiliser notre forum ou répondre ici. Toutes les informations données seront vérifiées avant d'être ajoutées.
  6. Hey guys, 
    I share here an interactive map (Valencia II). Everybody are welcome to help, to share locations or to suggest anything ! You can use this forum to help us. All information given will be checked before being added.
  7. Post on Chests? in General

    By Flyghter, posted
    I dont know if i am alone or if there are more ppl in my position but i cant find any chest and i have 65 keys this is a request  for DAUM to increase the number of chests from the map.
  8. Post on blue taritas stats in Warrior

    By Nezrox, posted
    Just wondering if it would be a good call to mix my blue taritas armor around to different versions, example, iron wall for chest :20+ HP and SP and close dmg reduction +2, and then use gloves of agility for the long range dmg reduction +2 and helm for the intimidation for +2 dmg reduction against magic, i have zereth boots and that will be just w/e it will have the same stats as taritas except it will be 200+ more endurance. or should i just keep the same stats like all iron wall or intimidation and agility? or should i mix the stats?
  9. Post on Two costume chest slots in General

    By Gotcha, posted
    So my character has two chest piece costume slots does that mean I can wear two and switch between the two keeping the 3 set bonus on one of them?
  10. Hey all.
    I was wondering if the community had noticed or has a consensus on % of chests that are empty after using a key.  I only started about a week ago, and am thus rather new at BDO.
    At first, the first couple of chests I found always had a "Black Stone (Armor)" in it.  Then it started being where I would open a chest, and absolutely nothing would be in it about half the time.  Then 2 out of 3 times, it would be empty.  Today, I just "spent" five silver keys, and for four of them I would have been better off just getting the 1K silver for selling the key.  20% return rate.

    Has this occurred for anyone else, and if so, thoughts?
    -At first, I thought it might be something along the lines of "I have already gotten a Stone from this location, so first time always gives a Stone; then each time you have used it and received a Stone lowers the chance for future openings". (e.g. Find chest at location A, it gives a stone.  Next day, go back, it now has 50% to give a Stone (since you have already received 1 Stone from that location)... if success, next time opening lowers to 33% to give a Stone (since you have already received 2 Stones from that location).  Find chest at Location B, first time it gives a Stone, etc, etc, etc)
    However, two of the empty chests today were the first time finding/opening them.
    -Now, maybe it is the total amount of Stones you have? Number you have collected overall (i.e. I sold two)?  Number you have used to Enhance the armor you are wearing (i.e. if I went and put on completely enhanced armor, vs the +5/+5/+2 I am wearing now)?
    -Maybe I am just getting continuously less love from the RNG gods?  Maybe I was getting a a LOT of love at first, and now I am just encountering normal returns?

    What are your experiences on % of chests that are empty?
  11. I've seen many players asking what to do with the silver keys they get while fishing. Here is one example of the many chests found in the game. I came across a hidden cave while exploring...
    Happy Gaming.
  12. So after reading several threads, having a few out of forum discussions, and thinking it over myself, I realized: We don't actually need 1v1 trading.
    Now some of you might be shaking your heads, but hear me out. I also thought we needed it. I want to help my friends, I want to actually play together! However, I realized, we can still do all those things, just not in the same way.
    One of the main draws of Black Desert is the sandbox, you can do anything you want system. Now, many of us play with other people, and were disappointed when we discovered you couldn't do things like trade wood so that you friend could finish their boat faster. Now, some of you might look at this as you being unable to help people, since after all, if you can't actually trade items (save market board based transactions) that makes it harder to assist in ways we're used to...
    ...but we can still help.
    Maybe, instead of thinking so small, we should think bigger. Maybe we can't help build that boat... but we can build something ourselves. Maybe we build our own boat. Or maybe we build a wagon. Maybe we focus on weapons so we can fight to protect that boat our friend worked so hard to build. Maybe, we just take the time and travel together while we each build our own boat, and our own wagon, and then use them together (or apart) for mutual (or personal) gain. I think we've been thinking to small, to fast. Black Desert is a slow, long term game, and we've been thinking fast-paced and short term.
    From a combat perspective, maybe, instead of trading your friend that better weapon so they can kill that monster, you go and help them kill that monster. Maybe you teach them how to make it themselves, showing them how to gain the skills, where to find the materials, and what the best house to purchase for the best weapons is. Maybe, instead of simply giving your friend that wagon so they can start their own merchant empire, you let them build it themselves, and let them feel the reward of having completed the task. Maybe we focus on the long term. We think less of the physical items we can give people, and think of what we can teach them. How we can help them, without just giving them the end goal. Help them reach it themselves.
    Maybe, we think bigger. Instead of focusing on the small, on the things we can't do, we think about the things we can.
    Sure, we can't help out friend build that boat by giving them some wood.
    However, we can help them rule the seas by building our own boat, building our own armor, our own weapons, and traveling alongside them as equals.
    We learn how to play the game together, we reach our own goals, and we can still help each other.
    Just not in the way we're used to. And you know what? Maybe that's not such a bad thing.
    Now, one thing we could do, is implement clan storage. I've seen people talking about this, and it makes much more sense then 1v1 trading. This way, we can still help each other, we can still pool our materials... it's just more restricted. Maybe we have a time restriction for how long we have to be in the clan before we can put items in or take items out. We could also have it be items only, or any other variety of restrictions possible. Really, I think we should focus more on this then 1v1 trading if we really want to be able to help each other with smaller things.
    After all, that's why clan's exist. They exist to help each other.
    Plus, this way, we still avoid the gold sellers just like we do if we don't have 1v1 trading. With the possible restrictions (time limits, amount limits, value limits, type of item limits, etc.) we can still avoid gold sellers, with out removing the ability to help our friends. We just have to wait a little longer to do that.
    And you know what? Maybe that's not such a bad thing. After all, Black Desert is about the long game, so maybe making us play it won't be such a bad thing.