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  1. Hey, im playing bdo since the eu release i played a tamer to lvl 51 and quit becaus i lost the interest. Two weeks ago i started playing again and played a witch and a dark knight to lvl 56 i know that i want to play one of them but i just cant decide whether i want to gear and lvl my dk or my witch becaus it would take me just too much time to take care of both. Does anyone have any tipps or good arguments for one of them? Thx for your help.
  2. 3 weeks now, no Valk shield fix. It's also now been 2 months since the Valk PVE + cast speed buff in KR also, and no word on that.

    Post made 17:04, locked 17:06.
    Maybe if Kakao were as fast at fixing bugs as they are at moderating their forum, we'd have the shield fixed and our cast speed buffed by now. :thinking: 
  3. Post on Ninja or Kuno ? in General

    By Maxi_Moot, posted
    So ... A few times ago , i do a post to know betwen Musa and Maehwa wich one who's the best for me,
    But Musa is boring af...
    I dont try Maehwa, but i'm gonna creat one,
    But now, i would like to know betwen ninja and kuno,
    I want a good PvPvE, ( i have a gear 165/165/220 for Kuno or Ninja) so ... I dont know if i can defend my spot with that, at 56,
    PK some people, defend my spot,
    Grind solo and duo ... and ... That's All ^^
    Ty so much guys for advise and all, have a good game and sorry for my english, i do my best !
  4. Just a quick poll to see which classes are more popular than others and which are the most and least popular in BDO.
  5. Hi, so ...
    That's my question :
    I want to play a class who dont need to wait a skill lvl 58/59 or other to do PvP, 
    Love PvP of this game ( PK ... ), and i dont know which class can do good PvP at 56,
    Thanks and Have a nice game/day !
    We will have a new class shortly male. It was kind of cool, but I had the impression that it was our expected character. I mean archer, I have the impression that the band BDO is not listening to us completely. They do not even create a survey to investigate our needs. We wanted an archer, but we get a kung fu master. Damn, let's hope they surprise us positively The character resembles a scene from Dragon Ball or Naruto xDD.
  7. What's the most popular? What's the least popular? What's considered the strongest? Weakest? Thanks for the replies.
  8. Hello, before i get started if anyone reading this has any artistic skills and would be so kind to draw some concepts for me that would be amazing.
    I have an idea for a class in this game, a male dark magic user kind of like the sorceress but very very different in terms of game play. This class uses a book as a main hand, which he holds open in one hand during combat, as for the offhand he holds an amulet in the other hand. There are as number of possibilities for when it comes to its actual game play. at first i was thinking this class could be some kind of summoner class this raises the dead to fight for him while he supports with crowd controlling abilities from the back line while providing minor heals/buffs to his minions. My reasoning for having this idea instead of a flat out spell caster type of game play is because we already have classes that play like that in the witch and wizard, but we have no class that is dedicated to using minions to fight. The idea i had for its awakening class is for him to have some kind of consistent aura around him and maybe some glowing tattoos/marks around his body, the class could even be made to slightly hover to indicate that he is awakened instead of walking normally.
    There are things i have included about possible abilities but i would like this to be a community creation, so if anyone has any more ideas for abilities, attire, background story or anything at all please feel free to include your thoughts and expand on this idea, with a little bit of faith we may be able to have this creation implemented into the game, if not the devs could take our ideas and make it their own.
    Thank you for your time
  9. Would anyone agree that this weapon variant would not only be fun but refreshing in this game for a new class? Ideas for awakening weapon are welcome!
  10. Hello. New to Black Desert Online. Always enjoy playing melee classes that have leach/self healing capabilities (paladins, shadow knights, and so on).
    What melee class has the best self-healing skills? I keep digging around on all the skill trees but figured i'd ask the community!

  11. Good afternoon, I've been trying to buy liverto for pre-buy and there's no way I've even tried to put a different amount to see what it puts me and says I do not get the money (logico when you put 11 liverdos xD) so I put it back One single and that message that you can see in the image I closed the game and try again and there is no way, I sold my liverto the sorcerer to buy the dark knight class, can help me or if they know if it is something of The options (I have not touched anything but if there is something I should tell me please) came very excited to try the class after being without internet 1 week (worse than the dependence of smoking D;) and it seems that I have bad luck now with the Marketplace TT
    thanks in advance, sorry my English'm still learning and I need a translator for some phrases  ^_^u
    PD: The marketplacer npc stayed the same as me with the message xDDD
    Close the post already solved sorry for the inconvenience and thanks alike cya! ^^
  12. So, I feel like each class should not have class specific hair styles. If a valk wants a sorc hair style, why can it not be done? I think it is mostly that way with the Warrior and Ninja. It's just a simple suggestion that would probably be harder to implement then I'd assume. But, if one doesn't ask, one doesn't receive.
    Here is an example of why I feel this is important: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/133812-character-creation-request-talented-character-creators-needed/
    To me, hair is possibly the MOST important visual aspect of a character. It can change a beauty into a monstrosity and visa versa.
  13. Post on So back agian. in Dark Knight

    By Tessirch, posted
    So I am back in this game and I have forgot how fun it was.

    Anywho My classes and armor types has been for the most part +15 grunil and my good question for dark knight is what kind of armor is the best for her.

    I mean she is a tank class no dough but is there a better armor for "tank classes" or is it grunil the best armor for the most classes out there?

    sry been a while since I played as I said so no bad comments okey?

    Best regards Chris
  14. A few weeks ago certain skills were datamined by https://twitter.com/formica_ru for a new fighter class that supposedly uses gauntlets as a weapon.
    The skill list list: i.imgur.com/MS5KMvC.png    <- This data can also be found on Bdfoundry
    4 hours ago (2nd of march) some new skills were datamined for this class: http://imgur.com/GsiP4KW !
    Have fun reading up on them!
  15. I mean I keep coming back to this game to see if major changes are being made about class balance, but I've yet to see any fixes. It's bad when classes can be listed from best class to worst class.. I mean I can easily say that ninja/kuno/tamer/valk are easily the lowest tier classes to play. Why not look into ways of addressing that??? or maybe some of the other classes need to be brought down a bit. I really like the game, but I can't seem to get back into it when it's forcing me to re-roll to a different class.. I like the class I play, and I'm sure other like theirs as well. Make it fair for all  
  16. Post on Choosing my final class. in PVE

    By Zelveris, posted
    Alright, so I've been playing bdo for some time now and I've gotten 3 characters to lvl 56. My Wizard, Maehwa and Tamer. I chose to main my Maehwa because it was fun at the time. Sadley though after I got the awakened weapon it kind of became stale and not fluid with the combat. So I'm looking to get a different class to 56 and awaken it. I want something more fluid that can jump in and out of combat. I've been heavily considering my Tamer, Berzerker and my Wizard. Any suggestions? Am I doing it wrong? 
  17. I just checked some guild descriptions  and almost any guild in the top 20-30 don't prefer shortsword classes (or won't even recruit them)
    Can someone explain why? Are they this bad in sieges?
  18. So i've been struggling to stick with one class (playing since November 2016). i leveled up the following classes to 56 or 57:
    NinjaKunoichiTamerValkyrieRangerWitchThe classes are always fun in the beginning and especially the awakening. Some classes i find more effective than others in terms of grinding/pvp. But i feel like there is always something missing and i don't know what. Currently my most played class is the witch. And she also has the best gear out of them all (she's at 186/173/225 right now). I find her very convenient to grind, very simple minded. I really like pvp in all kinds of games and BDO is no exception.
    Now i don't want to go into all the details in this first post cause otherwise this would be a wall of text. but i just can't stick to one class, i don't what it is. 
    I'd honestly stick to witch but my problem with her is that (in my opinion) her outplay potential isn't as high as other classes. Her mobility is pretty much garbo, making her survivalability pityful unless you CC early or get a good frontal guard off (from what i've experienced in small scale pvp). I love her clear speed in PVE though (jesus, i'm having the most kreygasm grind sessions as witch)
    To clarify why i dropped some of the classes i'll list tl;dr versions below:
    Ranger: Awful resource management, durability issues (weapons break insanely fast)Valkyrie: Way too slow for me. I feel like a sitting duckNinja: Really loved ninja pvp, but my gear was lacking. PVE clear speed was kinda meh but ok, i love the moblity and to have a blockKunoichi: Nice sustain and moblity, alot of aggressive-defensive moves which i liked(alot of frontal guard+fast block), actually no complains, i just got somehow bored all of a suddenTamer: Didn't really like the awakening, i liked her mobility and the ability to pull more mobs thoughMaybe i'm just looking for the perfect class, i don't even know. But i just find it hard to stick to one character. But idealy i want good mobility, damage and outplay potential (would be great if the PVE clear speed wouldn't be a pain in the bun) 
    Sorry for the wall of text, maybe there are people who have similiar experiences or the same problem.
  19. The only reason why its so hard for Me to get into this game is because there is no class I would like to play. The Dark Knight does look something I would love to play, but I don't like to play as a Female, just to gay-ish (hehehe). Not to mention, one of the coolest classes, like Archer and Sorcerer. are Females and doesn't have Male version. I know that BDO has the most beautiful Ladies, but still, make some room for Man!
  20. Hey guys so I played this game a long time ago when it was fairly new, I stopped playing around the time they announced that cash shop items will be able to be sold for in game currecny thinking this was just gonna be another P2W game. 
    After seeing some stuff stating it is far from a P2W game I decided I wanted to come back and try it out again.
    I am Trying to decide on what I would like to play as a class. I like very fast in your face style of gameplay and would like to be good at both PvP/PVE Mostly Small scale. I am willing to sacrifice PVE capabilities if the class is better for PvP I was thinking that the Zerk would be good for this but Back when i played Zerk was REALLY bad I'm not so sure if that is the Case. 
    As i dont know much about the classes and cant really seem to pick a class I was just looking for some insight on what is a good class for a Fast paced in your face PvP class.
  21. Post on Necromancer class in Classes

    By Oculatus, posted
    A necromancer type class would be fun to see in the game?!
  22. Post on Node war Class? in PVP

    By Endimyon, posted
    Trough i played basically every class (excluding Zerker) , i dont really feel any of them to be fun anymore personally. Got my Ranger-Tamer-Musha-Sorc-Valk to 56 and its really boring...even deleted my Musha. So i been wondering to start going to pvp maybe? We are basically a Dual guild : Meaning we have a brother guild that is the pvp Guild War-Node War side of the guild, but not sure, what class would be good for a beginner pvp er. 
    As i hear a lot of ppl say Zerker-Warrior-Sorc and some say Ranger. So i been wondering to play a Warrior, i deleted my lv 50 back in the days pre lv 55 cap. But sort of looks boring even awakened basing on vids, my alternative idea is to play a Kuno (since i have a tri liverto for her in my Warehouse anyway), but not sure...looks like the same boring shit like Musha ? ? Spin to win? ? Or is it actually more fun? How viable are they in Node wars? 
    More like how wanted, and usefull they are. 
    What classes are good-Ez to play for beginner pvp ers, and are wanted or helpfull for the guild in Node Wars right now?
  23. Post on Best time to reroll? in General

    By remymaes, posted
    So with the frame system being added to the game. Having multiple alts is more rewarding for sure. Are there people who are going to take advantage of this and change their main spec? I'm thinking about it but the loss of all my inventory space and life skills is holding me back for the moment. Do you think this would be the best time to change main class? If so are you going to? I'm changing from Valkyrie to a Wizard. But how do you guys deal with the fact you lose practically everything. You just grind trough those life skills again to get to the same point where your other toon is? 
  24. My friends and I have been looking at this game recently and are thinking about getting it. We would most likely just play together with questing and grinding and will probably not touch PvP all that much. So my question is: What is a good class for PvE and maybe also do some classes work better with others? There will be at least 3 of us.
  25. Post on Ninja or Kuno or Tamer? in Ninja

    By Endimyon, posted
    Since i heard we are gonig to get ninja as class i wanted one, but after i rolled one, it didnt really feel good, so i even took a half year or so from the game to improve my drawing skills ect...But i came back with 3 friends to play the game, and after leveling up a Sor-Ranger-Valk to 56 a ninja to 55 a Tamer to 40, a wizard to 55, i still feel...lost. I put up all my weapons on Market and now i am waiting for the money...
    just dont know what i should do with the tri liverto shortsword. Been wondering if i should stick to Ninja and see how is awaken, or Reroll to Kuno...maybe stay Tamer.(it feels boring spamming roar all the time...might be more fun awa, but i keep hearing its really shit endgame and pvp). 
    Not sure in Ninja and Kuno.  Swords look boring...already leveled a Blader to 56 and deleted it. Not sure if its any better. I personally felt the ninja to get sluggish at 55, after i blitzed trough mobs till 52 ish, and was fun.  In other hand Kuno seems boring after 56, spin to win i guess? But have no personal experiance, so could anyone give me some first hand experiance?
    Also, what is better in pve? Kuno-Tamer-Ninja? And in PvP? Trough, might be silly to ask this, since most ppl just take classes by general opinion and ignore personal skill and gear and say : Ranger-Wiz-Warrior-Zerker (i assume)