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  1. Greetings.
    Recently i started playing BDO again, because some of my friends started to play, and i want to start a new character, and i really want to help my firends in the general gameplay experiance.
    Sure knowing is really helpfull, i been asking a LOT when i started the game, but to be helping in combat is another topic. I am also sure we are going to make a guild or something later, and want to be as much as helpfull there to. I am not sure what class would be the best? Since there is no trinity, or actuall class roles, not really sure. 
    Some say trough, some classes are better at farming, others at Sieges, others again at node wars or ganking. Could anyone drop me some tips in this? I already have an lv 55 warrior on a server and i want to start a totally new server....also not fan of alting, because i HATE leveling crafting from 0. I been thinking no Ranger because i hear its sort of good in Sieges, and also feels a bit like a Guild Leader tipe character. Trough for sure when the dark elf hits ill main that. Any suggestion till then? I am not really that experianced in the game upto that level.
  2. Greetings BDO comunity!
    Recently i neglected the game, and i came to wonder why. The conclusion was, that i mained a Warrior till Ninja comes, but its a bit frustrating me, that i barely have any "ranged" class selection, so basically i am forced to play some other melee, instead of having some variety in my game experiance.
    Dont get me wrong, the Wizard is so well made, not only can it slightly support, but effects and gameplay feel ok to, the problem with it is : I dont want to play an old man, or a woman (i am sure many have this problem), but the most irritating thing is, that you dont really have much of a spell variety (or lore if we are at it) 
    I personally favor ranged classes, but realized what a poor selection BDO offers. You see, i prefer ranged support classes (not healers exacly), like lets say Shiroe from Log horizon is an enchanter, or like a Bard in Everquest. As i mentioned above, its not only about spamming nukes, i kind of miss skills that manipulate the environment in the game as whole. Its an amazing living breathing world, but still feels so extremely static in this way. 
    I am not sure, if i should mention a few examples to sping your mind of ideas you yourself can come up with, but i will just so that its clear what i am thinking about : 
    Turn the ground to mud in a zone (making it slippery). Creating environment that effects the zone (like healing, speed boosting brush or grass zone, or a Wall with Hp to block ppl). Or things could even be combined : Summon a cloud of rain in the zone, making sight blocked by fog of war, boosting electric dmg (or some kind of dmg), and after its gone, leaving the terrain muddy. 
    I dont really want to ramble on the topic to much, so as final words i would like to take the topic on the missing lore for a bit. 
    As strange as it is, there are "lots of mages" but there is nothing that is reflecting this in the game. Aside from the "epic" quest line, there are no mage towers, or academy. No mage alchemy labs you can actually visit, or get involved with (not talking about the chimera zone).  Dont see any scibe quarter, where monks copy grimoires ect....Or to go further,i dont actually see mage or caster npc-s . Not quite sure how the game is actually trying to fit in a Wizard -Sorcerer class if there is no "magic" in the world.  (just a personal opinion trough)
    So anyway, this is my suggestion,as i see that the upcoming plans with classes, still keep pushing melee classes on us, to expand the offered ranged class repertoire. BDO really is an amazing game, i really dont want it to get wasted away on "small" things like not having classes many would be players want, or many existing players would stay in game for. 
    Thank you for reading in advance, and sorry for the terrible english.
  3. Post on New class in Suggestions

    By Terravian, posted
    can you create a character with transformation to a werewolf or something similar ??
  4. Alright its no shock that most patches lately have been bugged in some way or another, ranging from class ability's (looking at you Resurrection) to siege times being wrong or changed. A PTR in almost any game is a good thing not just for players but it really helps developers in the long run to see most issues before releasing it into the patch. 
    So if you deiced to have a PTR here are some useful guidelines to follow so you don't end up screwing with player numbers in the live game:
    Not everyone and their sister should be able to play the PTR only have a handful from EACH SERVER be invited through EmailDo not give players rewards for playing on the PTR because then why would they play the live versionLet players share the experience of the PTR on you tube twitch ect. Mainly as a way to help show what you are releasing in a patch (cause you tend to not place everything in the patch notes.... that's not good Do not try and make the PTR perfect because that is wasted time you could use on the live server (buggy is good players can report it)IF you are heaving issues finding a bug in a certain area use the PTR as a mass stress test over that topic for example: (zarka drops percentages may be off or not but you wanna test it. Send a notice in game that you will be spawning multiple zarkas for players to kill to test drops. 10 minutes  later boom instant data on boss drops. Applications to this kind of tactic are endless so use it...cause it worksTEST PATCHES ON PTR A WEEK BEFORE LIVE so you don't end up with the current issues you have now or change how long you need till its done right.Look the bottom line is up until now the way you have been handling the patch's is gross like maybe even vanilla wow days gross this is 2016 you have a loyal player base who love this game USE THEM.  The players you want to play your game will always take content that's DAM NEAR perfect over what we have been getting these last few months. The siege delay is bad but if you fix it fast enough a few weeks tops you can still retain a player base, not saying systems where fine the way it was but as a company you need to stop with the bad patches and focus on quality not speed of content.
    NO HATE AT ALL  to the game or the dev's  just want to play a game that's enjoyable
    Please answer the poll to show interest
    Thanks for reading.
  5. Hello everyone! So @CM_Jouska and @CM_Tytyes have been an excellent job in getting our responses to us about recently found bugs, however I notice a lot of people are reporting bugs on separate threads that might go unread which makes them feel like Daum is not paying attention to it. An solution that came to mind is perhaps gathering together all those same reported issues into one, united thread to help see everyone see the fixes wanted. I don`t personally know about all of the ongoing bugs currently, but one of the ones me and many Sorcs have provided data for in getting Daum to send word to Pearl Abyss about is the skill Dark Flame being bugged. First three hits don`t register/love tap for low dmg/acc from maxed geared folks on equal geared standing still targets and even naked gear standing still targets and so forth. I`ve been hearing something similar has been going on with rangers? Also warriors claiming they have not gotten their patch implemented for them. Hope we can all come together and see these things fixed. Please if possible, provide screenshots/videos or quotes of any bugs on any class or any game mechanic that might have become broken from the patch on 6/17/16 to make the game experience excellent for everyone! I will do my best to keep the gathered list up to date. 

    Note: I know there`s a fair number of things players are mentioning but I can`t put it down without being crystal clear as to what. Please provide input and Ill update the list accordingly. For example, I need to know what on Warriors did not get patched properly so I can list that. Cheers!
    Many warm greetings @GM_Dew and thank you for taking the time to respond and showing us things are being worked on for a greater gaming experience. I will respond to the best of my ability on each part. There are some things that other players whom have personally experienced some of these problems can elaborate on better than me so hopefully they can cover videos on the parts I`m unable to.

    Known Class Bugs:
    - Sorceress Dark Flame skill hits do not register. Overall Damage & Accuracy not functioning as intended off cooldown.
    All information and videos have been collected and forwarded to PA. We are awaiting feedback from them.
    ^ Thank you. This is great news! Hopefully PA can have feedback and a solution for the skill in the near future. Getting through Valencia is going to be rough.

    - Sorceress Shadow Eruption damage buff missing along with tool-tip.
    Most likely it is just the tool-tip that was not updated yet. Forwarded to our QA team.
    ^ Checked in game. Can confirm Shadow Eruption damage buff tool-tip was updated, although Shadow Eruption Ultimate multiplier remains the same damage as before. Could be that the patch did not apply to it or the tool tip was not yet updated. 

    - Ranger Ultimate charging wind and SP charging wind Damage reduced. Not included in patch notes. Possible bug. Intended change only spoke of cooldowns.
    - Ranger Penetrating Wind missing crowd control function.
    I've forwarded the above 2 to PA and requested clarification.
    ^ Thank you, some ranger friends and I`m sure all whom play Rangers will be very happy to hear about that. Cheers!

    - Ranger Accuracy tool-tips not updated. Skill awakenings not applied.
    Please specify on which skills.
    ^ Charging Wind and Ultimate Charging Wind according to one of my good friends who mains Ranger. 

    - Berserker's Fierce Strike skill does not give HP on hit as indicated in the patch notes. Heals 30 HP per hit instead of the stated 60 HP per hit.
    I've forwarded this to our QA team.
    ^ Thank you kindly, hope for the best.

    - Berserker beastly wind slash skill tool tip does not read properly applied buff. 
    I've forwarded this to our Localization team. The values from the patch notes are correct, the tooltips just need to be updated.
    ^ Awesome, glad to hear it. Personally, I felt like the buff was present when testing with some Berserkers so this is good news too!

    - Warrior & Valkyrie promised buffs from Patch note applied yet.
    - Warrior Changes from patch did not take place. Double Take-down does not CC the target and allows them to stand up quickly. Down Smash Modifier does not work reliably.
    Can you please specify or link me to a topic where this is discussed in more detail?
    ^ Sure thing! Here is a video link from a warrior doing a test after the patch on June 17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J1NF_N5p6M and here is the thread I got it from off the forums. http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/93959-warrior-damage-change-hello/ Hope this helps. Both pages of that thread have several people whom have played warrior also state the same result. Aside from warriors, there are some rangers and musas talking about their classes having their own issues which I mentioned either above or below this response. Also one more thread about the patch affecting warriors, although it seems to me the video and first thread might be enough. http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/63422-warriors-buggedtrash-class/&page=1

    - Musa Chase I & Chase II identical with no known difference. 
    Clarification requested from PA.
    ^ Movement speed increase when using chase with blade and tiger blade stance seems to not be working as the change intended. Still appears to be working the same as before the patch, according to those that do mention this. Also seems to bug out Tiger Blade. Source found here http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/95149-tiger-blade-bugging-out/

    - Musa / Maewha offhand durability still does not register.
    What exactly do you mean with "does not register"?
    ^ This one I had a hard time understanding myself. I think this applies to durability loss. I have not heard further claims or test results on this as of yet. Hopefully some Musa/Maewha players can clarify this one further.

    - Musa multiples not buffed from patch, much like warriors and valkyries.
    Please specify in more detail.
    ^ The thread link and video for warriors posted above has people talking about Musa`s multipliers not being buffed after the patch as well. The damage buffs for Carver, Wind of Cyclone, Divider specifically were the ones mentioned on the forums and in game. 

    - Musa: After a Gale knockdown on the target, Rising storm hits do not register.
    - Musa can hide his weapon if he RMB warps right after pressing tab. It can attack with an invisible sword basically.
    - Maehwa chase not as fast as Musas. Holding right click leads to animation cancel instead.
    - Maehwa chase super armor not applied.
    - Maehwa red moon doing lower damage than usual in PvP. Accuracy off or intended reduction in PvP.
    - Wizard/Witch Concentrated Magic Arrows damage not functioning properly. Regular Magic Arrow does more damage.
    - Wizard/Witch Resurrection skill does not function properly. Cannot revive dead party member often times. Works sometimes, not all the time. Not working as intended.
    - Wizard/Witch Spellbound Heart tool-tip missing x Minute Movement speed buff also granted.
    - Wizard/Witch Magical Lighthouse missing tool-tip of targets Magic DP being reduced.
    - Wizard/Witch Mana Absorption targeting bus on occasion with short/low targets.
    I've forwarded all of the above to our QA team. If there are any videos showing the above issues please do link me them as well.
    ^  I can personally confirm Multiple Magic Arrows being spammable, Resurrection not working properly and mana absorption targeting not functioning properly when under laggy terrain such as 60+ man Kzarka runs or on low/short targets as I have tested these on Witch/Wizard first hand. Thread sources; http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/95921-mmaconcentrated-magic-arrow-now/ this should be able Concentrated Magic Arrows being avoided due to not functioning properly, and Multiple Magic Arrows being the go to skill due to being spammable. Unknown if intended or not. Also drains Durability really fast. Source here http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/96576-multiple-magic-arrows/ about that. Also video for concentrated magic arrows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXD9Q1r7QCs there. Let me know if you require more videos or threads for the above content. Ill keep an eye out.

    - Tamer Fearful Trembling 5 & 6 skills do not work with holding shift.
    - Tamers pet Heliang invisible to other players sometimes and does not do damage as a result.
    The above 2 have been forwarded to our QA team.
    ^ Thank you, hope to hear about this being fixed or working properly in the near future.

    - Tamer can be hit mid-Iframe hop and damage not scaling properly.
    More information needed about these.
    ^ Desync causes the hop on tamer to allow them to be hit during a time they should have an iframe. Damage on Heliang not registering sometimes.

    - Tamer & Witch hairstyles have some styles now locked to the beauty shop/not avail on character creation. Intended or bug needs confirmation.
    Forwarded to our QA team.
    ^Very cool to hear!

    Other Known Bugs:
    - Ghillie Suit Names still hidden in Red Battlefield. Promised to be revealed in that area.
    Reported to PA.
    ^ Thank you.

    - Bidding system not functioning properly unless intended. Items like Ancient Relic Fragments now have the purple B on them.
    Please check if this is still happening since June 22nd.
    ^ Confirmed, whenever an item is freshly posted regardless of what it is, there is a bidding stage now. Ancient Relics still get this. Screenshot taken last night if needed.

    - Player collision causing players autolooping to run into walls or dismount or even halt to a stop.
    Please follow this topic for updates on this: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/94082-horse-auto-loop-feature-broken/&do=findComment&comment=1293123
    ^ Glad to hear, hopefully we will see this resolved in the near future ^_^.

    - Serendia Special Accuracy Food Buff not functioning.
    Forwarded to our QA team.
    ^ Thank you, further information on the Serendia Special is the icons for the buffs will appear, but not be applied. Currently, many players use Ham Sand-which as a substitute until this is fixed. 

    - Cannon Workshop in Hidel removed but CP not returned to some players. Materials invested also missing.
    Already forwarded to PA. Missing materials should be in the mail.
    ^ Very good to hear, thank you kindly!

    - Guild Trade Missions tool tips context needs fix.
    Can you be more specific?
    ^ I have not been given much information on this one. As far as I`ve been informed the trade in tool tip suggests the wrong NPC. Hopefully players that actively do trade missions can elaborate on this one.

    Quest Bugs:
    - Quest "The fish for the Villagers taken by Abelin in Velia lists different fish than what the said villagers will accept. Grunt fish is the only matching fish from what is requested.
    Unfortunately it seems that multiple fishing quests have been changed again. I've forwarded the issue.
    ^ Ah, very interesting. Thank you, hopefully they resolve it soon.

    I will get back to you on these later:
    - All Classes Down smash attacks don`t have 100% crit chance.
    - All Classes Flashes during critical need to be removed or turned off.
    - All Classes Actions preformed have a delay such as gear swapping in inventory or hotkeys on all classes. 
    - Extra Hotkeys cannot be deleted like before.
    - Clicking on items in Regular Inventory, Pearl Inventory or Hotkeys have a delay. Intentional or Bug.
    - Ancient Magic Crystal Addis tooltip states +1 Attack Speed instead of +1 Casting Speed as promised. Another gem already has this role.
    - UI shifts higher whenever "you have entered a safezone" message appears. Also occurs with rare drop announcements and so forth.
    - Logging into the Server comes with lasting lagg. Cannot see where loot bags really are. Delay in movement upon logging in as well.
    - Overnight crashes during Auto Looping on Horses/Wagons/Strength Training. Applies to the game if running on full screen/windowed/tray modes.
    - Quest and Regular NPC voice overs have gone mute. Lorenzo Murray whom is the Velia Horse Master is one.
    - Failed to receive transport items when Wagon or Ship NPC are long past their target.
    - In combat the mouse cruiser becomes active even if control is not held down.
    - Allied guild names do not show, despite having options set to correctly display all names at all times. 
    - Pets & Horses appear to disappear or go invisible from time to time for some players. Be it due to logins or running around calling their horse to them.
    - Memory Fragments not dropping 100% anymore. Intended? Seems a lot of NA players don`t agree with this change being something that should apply. 
    In the meantime, any additional information on these, or links to their respective topic are most certainly welcome.
    ^ Thank you will continue to encourage other players to provide feedback via the forums and in game through megaphones. So far at a glance someone has provided a video about the Down Smash Attacks and the 100% crit chance not being applied.

    Edit: Removed anything that has been fixed or confirmed to not be a bug. Please Refer to Page 7 if your wondering about what was fixed or removed from the list.
    Also included some found bugs as of 6/29/16

    6/29/16 Bugs:
    - Client relog animation when riding horse too quickly through an area. Seems pretty random and hard to explain how It occurs but it appears to happen fairly often as of late. Suspect it may be something going on due to the recent ddos attack. Not sure personally.
    - Cannon Workshops that were used still have not yet refund invested CP & Workers that were on work cycles there.

    7/13/16 Update:
    - Multiple Magic Arrow tooltip update properly display correct cooldown effects.
    - Berserker beastly wind slash tool tip fix.
    - Tamer & Witch hairstyles fixed.
    - Sorceress Shadow Eruption tool tip fix.
    - Tamer & Witch hairstyles have some styles now locked to the beauty shop/not avail on character creation. Should be fixed.
    - Sorceress Dark Flame bug fixed.
    - Ancient magic crystal Addis display should show + 1 Casting Speed & + 1 Critical Rate fixed.
  6. It's ridiculous that now any other class have more burst damage or damage in general than the sorcerer. It's suppose that it is an assasin. The DF is bugged it do the same damage in CD and with out it. All classes have their fortress and weakness, in the sorcerres the fortress was the burst dmg and its weakness is fragile. If you need to nerf something in my opinion is the tp not the damage of the principal skill with out awakenings. Other way if it's finally a bug, I suppose so, we only need to wait but if it isn't the have broke a class and the reroll it's a very big option.
    To end I'll remember to you that sorcerer is a class designed to be an assasin, so it's an insult that all the classes have more burst than the sorcerers.
    Thanks for your time, and think what are you doing and what are you saying, the hate that the other classes have to sorc are comprensible it needed a nerf, but not in the dmg (although I'm still thinking that it's a bug).
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvRYkYx3Rwo at 6:00 min
    What exactly does that mean? Shouldn't it be released just after Valencia I, in July?
  8. With one patch ranger has become utterly useless. Seriously. The worst CC in the game. The worst survivability in the game. And now, the worst pvp damage in the game. I have played a lot of mmorpg's, and I have never seen a class in a worse state. There simply is no point to ranger at the moment. Sure you can sit in melee range as the squishiest class in the game and wotw spam a target that someone else has cc'd for you. But really, why not just replace every ranger with a witch/wiz- better damage, better cc, better survivability, group buffs, and group heals. In a game where there are classes that excel at everything, ranger has been reduced to complete shit in all facets of pvp. 
    Daum, what the ----- were you thinking?
  9. Salut à tous,
    Si des personnes ont une expérience récente de la version KR ou sont au courant de l'évolution du jeu la bas, est-ce que vous pourriez donner une sorte de classement des classes awakened ? Bien entendu il n'y a pas encore le ninja/kuno et wiz/witch mais juste pour avoir une idée de la situation actuelle.

  10. Post on Seizing fear in Berserker

    By Gotcha, posted
    So I'm 52 and I don't have any points in this yet. I figured it's a late skill to dive into. Question does the crit stack per rank or does it take that many points just to get 5%? is it really worth it?

  11. Anyone care to discuss here as well?
  12. Suggestion: A new class that is about using electricity. This class would be a great addition to Black Desert Online. It would be a ranged class focusing on using electricity for single target high damage combat. The class would be high damage however without  abilities or depending on the play style, a glass cannon.  Some abilities thought of could consist of:
    Electric Pulse- A shot of electricity that does a small amount of damage and a chance to slow the enemy.Electric Current- A current of electricity that does a small amount of damage causing a slow for 1 seconds after cast.Electric Shield- A Shield made of electric energy used for blocking some damage.Lightning Storm- Black Spirit Ability. A lightning storm that is summoned causing damage to the area it is summoned.Railgun- The Electromaster's signature move. Launching a small piece of metal at a high velocity using electricity to deal substantial damage to the target with a medium cooldown(30s) and long cast time(1-5 seconds).These are some suggestions for the main moves. The Main reason people would want to play a ElectroMaster would be for the rail gun. The same reason people choose most classes
    EX: Musa-TigerBlade, Ranger-Shotgun, Sorcerer- Nuke, Wizard- Meteor/Blizzard, and so on.
    Reason: Why add the class? For a new style of PvP and PvE. The class would be a great way to add a new play style in the game. I Believe people would enjoy this class and would be a great way to expand BDO's amazing play style farther than it is.
  13. Bonjour all,
    Bon... je sais que j'étais parti sur Sorcière mais en fait .. non,
    Le gameplay ne me plait pas, j'accroche pas du tout ... au début ça allait et plus j’avançais plus ça me disait ( non, arrête toi là, c'est pas pour toi cette classe ... )
    enfin bref .. voilà,
    Donc, j'aimerais avoir vos ressentis sur le PVE et PVP/PK et GVG;
    J'aimerais avoir vos retours sur les classes en général, laquelle se débrouille bien ( stuff et skill à niveau égal ).
    Je ne veux pas une "god" classe mais ... juste vos retours d'xp,
    Moi j'ai eu des retours comme quoi le Tamer est useless en GVG et moyen en PvP , très bien pour le PVE mais alors le reste ... bof bof,
    Le rôdeur et la sorcière sont OP apparemment, mais j'accroche pas du tout; et oui again x) )
    Le guerrier et la valkye je n'en sais absolument rien, je sais qu'ils sont beaucoup demandés au niveau de la recherche de guilde mais .. voilà, rien de plus.
    Merci d'avance et bon jeu à vous
  14. Hello, I recently leveled ranger to level 50+ and the MP potion spam is REAL.... I'm wondering is there any class similar to ranger (mobility=survivality + damage) that have so good damage to mobs like ranger or at least close one without Potion SPAM ? I'm guessing that Kunoichi/ninja will be similar, but for now is there something good as ranger for grinding PvE without potion spam ?
  15. Bonjour all,
    Je suis un nouveau joueur et après ( pas mal de création de persso etc) j'ai enfin trouvé un persso qui me donne envie d'en apprendre plus ! ( lire mes sorts, comprendre les combos, faire les quêtes , le commerce, grind et j'en passe ... )
    Donc j'aimerais savoir pour ceux qui ont un peut d'xp a ce niveau,
    Comment bien débuter au niveau du stuff ( Taritas, Grunil ou autre, les colliers, les bijoux, arme etc )
    Donc en gros, quel stuff choisir " de base " avant d'avoir tel ou tel armure, ce que je devrais viser, ce qu'il me faut,( ou si quelqu'un a un bon guide à me link ) je suis preneur j'ai déjà cherché de mon coté mais je n'ai rien trouvé de sûr...
    Juste pour avoir une base de jeu quoi,
    Donc je suis une Sorcière, de niveau 10 actuellemennt avec 3millions ( pour vous donner une idée de ce que je peut acheter )
    Merci par avance et bon jeu a tous !
  16. Did they drop off the map?
  17. This is a heartfelt personal request, because I love this game, and this one thing would make it infinitely better for me. It's kind of a selfish request, but I'm sure there are other people who wouldn't mind being some sort of big, scaly badass.
    I'm a long time table top gamer and PC rpger, and MMO player. My favorite races in any circumstance are always the lizardman or dragonman races. 
    Examples include Lizardfolk, Dragonkin, Draconians, and Dragonborn from D&D; Argonians from Elder Scrolls; Amani from TERA; Lizardmen from Warhammer Fantasy; Au Ra from FFIV. There is dozens more, but that's just off the top of my head.
    There is something just awesome about getting to play a massive, literal beast of a fighter.
    As far as what I would like to see in the game, I'm pretty open, but here's a few different suggestions...
    They commonly are depicted in dark fantasy settings, like BDO, as appearing primitive and tribal, which adds to the intimidation factor, and makes them look even more metal. They wear bones, hides, crude, but effective, armor. They usually use primitive weapons, like spears, huge clubs, axes, swords that amount to being giant hunks of iron.
    I could see their fighting style being vicious, visceral, making use of their natural weapons in their claws and tail (like a huge club/whip), and whipping their heavy weapon around with frightening speed. Maybe even throw in some biting. For something more than a simple fighter, they could make use of totems, meaning they invoke the power of their tribal gods for buffs, healing, debuffs, etc. Or even breathing clouds of fire, acid, poison. The totems could be things they carry around on their back. A secondary form of it could be animal/monster skins and bones, like an old school berserker.
    Appearance-wise, I'd want to see them be imposing, like the giants. Spikes and/or horns, and a tail. Some variety in color options would be cool.
    I know this might be asking a lot, since virtually all the other characters are basically the same shape, and thus way easier to animate. The fact that the Shai and Dwarves are there, and being considered for a player character, plus the Demibeasts being there for future possibilities, I feel like this is not so far out of the scope. This is what I would like to see in Black Desert.

  18. Hey, so ninja is "Coming in July" now and has been delayed once again. Are you guys planning on releasing the class as soon as they get their awakenings? (Let's be honest, thats when they will be "Balanced", not before, Not after). 

    How long are we talking? End of July? start of July? Mid July? Yes i get it, you guys can't do anything since its PA's decision, But a lot of the community that Wants to play Ninja will be happy even if it's a bit broken, Chances are its gonna take around 1 week for a lot of people to catch up and farm SP and level to 55. And within that time frame the awakening should be out and then you can transfer the balance over. 

    The events that are going on now are Perfect for the Ninja classes, you already know this (At least i hope you do). just imagine, 30% more exp (Not including other sources such as Food EXP Buff, Costumes, and scrolls). This is perfect for catching up. Yes you guys have been giving us alot of content really fast, But please just give us ninja.

    By the time we farm EXP and SP, the balance will be out in korea and you can transfer it. 
    with the events that are going on and the new stones, I don't think PVP for Ninja will be a main priority until Valencia Anyways, So there's no reason to wait for the Balance.

    Anyways, if you could confirm the release date that would be great. Thank you (For those that might get annoyed about the random Bold text, I use Bold instead of capital letters when wanting to Emphasise on something)
  19. Look, we know the class needs balancing because it isnt great in korea, and it also needs to be balanced for awakenings, but launching it in JULY is a terrible decision. People have waited for this class from early preorder access, and have gotten nothing but disappointment. All you have to do is release the class as is, and tell people that it will be re-balanced later, people will not complain, and they will be happy. Blader and plum suffered, but now most are happy after these recent buffs.
    By not releasing the class now, you are making the class undesired. When the class launches in two months from now, players will be behind in LIFE SKILLS, LEVELS, TRAINING, WEAPONS, SKILL POINTS, and more. If a player decides to play no class while they wait, they will be behind billions of silver compared to a current level 55 player. There is no way for someone to stay relevant in pvp and guild sieges besides playing a class they do not want to play. And guess what that will lead to? More hackers and botters.
    I know you guys have been getting a lot of negativity, between blader, the servers, patch notes, field bosses, and more. But waiting two months to release ninja/kuno is just going to lose you more money, whether people quit, stop buying pearls (since many items cannot be transferred to another character), or just make posts and rants everyday making the game look bad.
    It is in your best interest to bump up the priority of ninja and kuno to ASAP, even if the class comes out unbalanced, just warn players and they will be happy.
  20. Hello, my name is Master Paragon. I was looking into Small Scale PvP. There is a lot of fine information out there on GvG and even descriptive feedback on each class but I haven't found too many sources of smaller groups in PvP. I believe that Wizard/Witch, being quite the supportive role, synergizes great with absolutely any class because of what it offers, no question there. But I'm wondering what people have found that works well or combines well with other class abilities.

    Roles are kind of easy to look at. You can easily take like the Berserker and Ranger, say, harass with the bow until lured and kite to the berserker to be annhilated with crowd control. Or a Wizard/Witch flaring the battlefield with AoE harass and then once targeted letting their Sorceress friend pick them off as the Wizard/Witch falls back to support role. Pretty neat things like this interest me. What have you guys have done or tried? What kind of unique styles have you guys put into practice that seems to work well? Even just a certain tactic that only counters one particular style of play is cool.

    Whether to share a unique playstyle or to discuss and debate what works or doesn't, it is all welcome. I like finding new ways to play and trying them out as well as random (usually failure attempts) at my own ideas too. Thanks!
  21. Just curious as I keep seeing people mention a Dark Elf Race. What Class/classes are going to be associated with this race, if/when/ever it is added to the Game.

    Orwen Server
    Naelyn Mawr L50 Warrior
    Girlscouts Mawr L32 Ranger
    Naelysa Mawr L34 Musa
    Nox_Fatalis Mawr 20 Sorc

  22. Hi Guys,

    I'm actually a bit undecided on which class to main.  I purchased the game about a few months ago and played during the launch date, however, I hardly got the chance to continue through the game.  I did make a Valkyrie but stopped playing after I got to Heidel.  As of right now, I want to start off new again and decide on a particular class that I would personally enjoy. 
    The choices are between a Warrior, Valkyrie, Musa, or Maehwa.
    A little background on me, I played games such as:
    Guild Wars 2: Warrior - GreatSword & Axe/Shield ; Thief - DualDaggers & Shortbow
    Vindictus: Lann - TwinSpears/TwinSwords ; Hurk - GreatSword
    Tera: Warrior - DualSwords ; Slayer - GreatSword
    I have strong preference for primarily melee based class and not so much on the range and magic oriented classes. I also prefer playing a class that would keep me actively engaged and continually playing on the edge. i.e. SpearLanns from Vindictus and Warrior from Tera.
    However, at the end of the day, aesthetically I prefer giant weapons of destruction such as a greatsword but still would like a very agile and dexterous oriented class.
    If you could list the pros/cons and things such as taking into account gear dependency, that would be great!
    Comment: Well so far, it seems like it's leaning towards Valkyrie; I am actually considering Maehwa for aesthetic reasons and the cool animations it offers.  However I'm beginning to see a lot of complaints regarding the musa/maehwa class based on the forums.  The awakening for those two classes do look pretty insane, though I'm not a big fan of using spears and polearms.  Warrior awakening looks very tempting and the Valkyrie awakening isn't so bad either resembling the lancer class in Tera. 
  23. I LOVE this game. I LOVE the Valkyrie and other lightweight, quick classes. But why, praytell, do they all have this stereotypical female "no protection" armor (with some minor exceptions)??
     Most of them MUST wear those aweful looking highheels with EVERY outfit, no way around it, its part of the class. Furthermore many of the Valkyrie and other classes outfits are either dirndles or short dresses. That gets boring very quickly and leaves much to be desired. Also why arent they allowed to have any kind of visible helmet... why is there even a hide funktion if its even there in the first place?? I dont get why the players get so limited on how their character looks. I mean, there ARE nice female armors in the game. Look at Maewa.... the charater is great, well balanced and quite customizable. I feel like there should be more cosmetic options, especialy more and differing outfits. I mean... its a 30€-50€ game. And the stock underwear is made extra plain and ugly, to basicly force you into cashop? Thats no fun and not fair at all. Please dont run this game into the ground with cheaping out on the players. I love it way too much T~T ... and give me my strong female valkyrie O__O i neeeeeeeeeed it
  24. (This is in suggestions because it is from the community to suggest ways to balance out the classes, I just found it easier to make a thread to compile issues)
    I was playing around in the arena with random people over the past few days, watching others, and trying different builds/asking others to do so as well to find what is most efficient on what. There aren't terrible balance issues in this game. The biggest problem I see is viability on -this or that- situation.
    I am making a thread calling out to any experienced PvPers out there that would like to help find what the NA/EU community could use in terms of balance for their favorite PvP classes. 
    Please DO NOT post anything without explaining why the change is necessary. You can make counterclaims to other peoples posts, but please be mature about it.
    If anything is largely requested on this thread as a high priority change I will list it in red, low will be listed in green. (To get priority the topic must be discussed often)