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  1. okay so many people think summoner/pet classes are horrible that's because most of them are horrible they are hardly useable at all in most MMOs and I know people will say this game already has a pet class tamer but the thing is the tamer class is kinda crap in regards of how you work with the summoned pet the Korean version confirmed that the tamer will far surpass in terms of power to the summoned wolf after awakening which makes you think why even have a wolf why not just call it what it looks like a monk class so here are a few ideas I have
    1. Necromancer
    everyone whos ever played a fantasy game knows about these guys they tend to summon things that are dead to go off and fight for them but the thing is the player shouldn't let their skeles or zombies run off and die in front of them they should actually participate in the battle and help by doing attacks that could buff your summoned pets temporarily to make them no die off immediately necromancer should have ranged attacks that support their summoned pets
    2. Captain
    an old guard captain from some village town or city somewhere in the world now these guys should be melee and on the front lines to support the troops by buffing them with inspiration no one wants to follow a coward into battle their main weapon could be a halberd since you see almost every guard in every town have one they could have basic infantry as summons like swordsmen and others with halberds or maybe archers
    i know some MMOs had something like this only one that comes to mind in Age of Conans necromancer where he could summon zombies  but never really interacted with their summons summoner classes should be interactive the summoner and summoned pets should depended on each other this would bring a lot more variety that most MMOs have and i think BDO would be a good start for it
  2. this is something I believe can work in this game what about the rest of you?
  3. Post on New class in Classes

    By Hintzeer, posted
    HI Guys i was talking with a friend that plays with and we were thinking about a new class !
    And maybe now you are thinking about that black desert has a lot of classes but this new class it's not typical in mmorpgs! 
    So, i was thinking abou the katara-she control the water- of avatar! or maybe korra -control many powers like fire, water and stone-. 
    What do you think?? 

  4. Post on Class Change Coupon in Suggestions

    By Rae, posted
    Hey, Daum.
    May I suggest you an item to change your characters class. Since nothing other than your weapon and secondary weapon is dependent on your class, maybe you could introduce a class change coupon for ~15€ so people can change their classes later on in the game. Most items in the item shop are class restricted anyway, so you get to sell most stuff again. Let the player hop back into the character editor via the 'Beauty' menu, let them change their appearance and class. After pressing apply you are your new self and the class restricted weapons and outfits you had before are transferred into the inventory. Simple.
    Since twinks are kind of necessary for the economy part of the game, the coupon wouldn't impact the game balance at all and would make other classes for players, who are turned off by the grind, more accessible. I mean killing half the planet for hours and hours again, just to try the other classes out for yourself is not really something that appeals to people. The majority of the people, the casuals.
    Sincerely, someone who wants to spend money on the cash shop
  5. I want to start a new class as of now I have a level 28 zerker.
    What I am looking for in a new class.
    I always play solo I am always doing pve, I like a class that has many different combat moves from early start I know it takes time and levels to unlock different combat moves but by level
    14-18 I would like to have plenty of combat options and it's most important to have combos without combos I lose interest very quick I guess that's why I like the zerk but I have played him out on other servers before the NA release.
    I also like difficulty in a class. I have tried playing sorceress but wasn't crazy about her.
    Please let me know of a class that you think would fit for what I have wrote thanks!!
  6. Post on Best farming/solo class in General

    By lolaina, posted
    Wich class is best in solo questing and/or Just farming alot of mobs.
  7. Post on Best Farming Class? in General

    By lolaina, posted
    Wich class is best in solo questing and/or Just farming alot of mobs.
  8. Post on Blader class in Suggestions

    By Clarence, posted
    Hi players of BDO and Daum staff. I was just wondering if the blader class is to be released anytime soon? I bought the game expecially for this class but it wasn't available at launch. Is it going to be released at the same time Mediah is added to the game? To be honest, I think a lot of people are waiting for both Blader and Ninja so adding these classes now can only benefit all parties. Thank you for your time.
  9. how do i unlock it is it more than the base cost of the game i had to save up 4 a while 4 this game lol
  10. Its a subject that has been around for many Black Desert players since the games launch.
    I myself only bought the game specifically to get to play a badass samurai dude.
    So just to get a Count. 
    How many of you are waiting for the release of the blader or other missing classes?
  11. Post on MALE RANGER! in Ranger

    By Phirewulf, posted
    In a town south of Calpheon there are Male human NPC's with bows and arrows on their backs that would make GREAT Ranger class! lets get the ball rolling on breaking FREE of the Gender locked class system and give the player more choice!
  12. Post on Male Tamer in Off-Topic

    By TinyToe, posted
    I wish there was a male tamer, I just cant play as a girl it doesn't feel right, but the class looks like so much fun.
  13. Post on Female Brawler in Suggestions

    By Helkstadt, posted
    I would really like to see a female brawler type, perhaps a counterpart of the Giant(Berserker).  
    Big Brawny and really in to pummeling a foe as well as heavy throws and submissions.  I would
    love to create that and it would a non dainty looking female.  I know it sounds weird, but I think
    there would be a lot of others who would love to play an unarmed brawler type class.  Something
    similar to this pic I found online:

  14. This thread is about the release of the new class in the game,
    Would like to suggest waiting longer instead of releasing 1 class at a time.
    Releasing all classes together would share every class around the servers instead of having a huge rush with 50% minimum of all player creating a ''ninja'' at the same time, giving all new class all together would let people choose around multiple class and share the class equally instead of in a big rush full of the same class. like it look right now with the archer and wizard. You can see zergs of them everywhere.
  15. Post on DWARVEN RACE in General

    By Phirewulf, posted
    I am starting this Forum post for those that wish for the implementation a Dwarven race In-game. Please Post below! I personally would really enjoy it! I think they would make GREAT 2-handed Axe wielders! what do you think?  
  16. Greetings!
    Not going to ramp up much, i just have to say, i am veteran mmo player since Ultima online, and decided to leave Blade and Soul, and look into Black desert. The more i hear the more i am hyped about the game, even the bad side of the game seems acceptable, crafting, mass pvp and all the depth sounds awesome, but the one thing i cant get trough is : Classes.
    I could also say combat, but this two thing is kind of to intertwined to seperate. Not really the combat, more, what exacly should i pick for the play style i enjoy, and i cant really tell, because i dont really have first hand experiance, just videos i find on the web, and they sort of...dont feel my taste at all. Atleast on class topic. 
    My personal preference is a hybrid class, that is swift, can melee and move around acrobatic, but also has utility spells that help her/him in combat, or some offensive skills to nuke. 
    Looking at the class selection i dont really see anything that fits the description...not even a little bit, and it sort of makes me sad, but then again, i decided on warrior, thinking...i go general fantasy feel then. Play the game with a bit more empathy for the world setting, it sort of feels a little like a second fantasy life, so "making myself" and a general mercenary type of character i could role play...ish a bit, and could even take the sword and shield style in, but then again i seen some info about awekened weapons and stuff, and the greatsword thing totally displeases me. When in fact the other characters suddenly start becoming more "nice not bad, i could take that in", but the problem is, i heart the game has classes to gender lock? 
    So if i happen to want to make a male ranger i cant? Or sorc or wizard?
    Another question is, i am not sure in . Are Wizards sort of forced to wear those robes? I generally see, that most classes are kind of looking the same inside there class (like all wizards are a bit gandalf rip of?). Is this a thing in the game or the game actually forces you to wear stuff that looks like that. Sort of like : Armor types bound to class? Even so the characters themself sort of look the same inside classes, is there also a reason to that? Does the game only let you pick certain choices in character making for certain classes? (to make it realistic or smt? no chibi characters, thats sort of ok to me anyway, but kills the variety?) 
    So how big these awekened weapons change characters, and what classes get what, cant seem to find videos about them. 
    Not sure i would like to play a female, when i get into the game with this much empaty, i just cant "feel like a girls". I only play mmos as woman when they are purely for eye candy, like Tera, or Blade and soul or Gw2.
    Any suggestions? First hand experiances? It would help me out a lot, i dont really have a first hand information source, i can just speculate.
  17. My character template shows in character select (the one I loaded) but when I log in my character looks completely different. Any ideas?
    Image links:
    In Game - https://gyazo.com/d94ff561d4b29e30ca8318ccc32763f7
    In character select - https://gyazo.com/c3833bfa19067e38022253101e89881c
    VIDEO PROOF: https://youtu.be/JlosBeJU_H8
    Edit: Links
  18. Post on Blader in Classes

    By Xorrozz, posted
    Who else is desperately waiting for the Blader to be released? The Blader is planned to be my main character and I'm sure others are in the same boat as me waiting for a announcement. Anyone?
  19. is there any class in black desert like Reaper (from Tera?)
  20. No i'm not trying to flame the class, i really like the potential of my ranger at 50+
    That being said, it was a poor decision on my part to level a ranger as my first character. Perhaps the #1 reason is the monster-knowledge system. At level 25(?) i spent the entirety of the day grinding the Monastery. After about 3 hours i FINALLY learned the knowledge for the Giant Cutlist Warrior, it was a C nonetheless. 
    Last night at level 45 spent 2 hours in a group of 5 grinding Giants map, still have zero knowledge of the mobs there.
    Whys this a bad thing and how does it effect rangers?
    Well for starters, you don't do dmg to monsters you have no knowledge.
    When you can't do dmg, you spend 2-3 minutes, even more for tankier mobs to actually die.
    Meaning you're -----ing kiting for a long ass time to kill maybe 1 or 2 monsters.
    Worst of all your resource will regenerate at an extremely slow rate because you do no dmg to the monsters.
    A lot of this is to blame the npc knowledge system, which imo needs a rework - but that's for another thread.
    Keep in mind i had leveled to 50 multiple times on KR. First character (Tamer) hit 50 under 8 hours. Then got a warrior to 50 in about 6 hours of play time.
  21. Discuss.
  22. Post on Satisfied? in General

    By Veyana Eldunari, posted
    How are all the conq people enjoying their mains? Are you satisfied with it so far or are you thinking about rerolling and if so, to what and why?
    I'm currently about to hit 38 on my Ranger and loving it, however, I'm curious if maybe I should have gone Berserker instead. But since I redeemed the conq rewards for my Ranger I feel like I can't reroll haha . Which made me curious about how everyone else is enjoying their mains so far!
  23. Post on Tactician class. in Suggestions

    By Yakusoku, posted
    Before I begin, I would like to say that I know chances of this being read, or even implemented, are very slim... but suggestions forum is here for a reason! So here goes nothing.
    I like pet classes. Summoners, Tamers, you name it. The more classes the better. I've played everything from the Summoner in FFXI, to the Summoner in DFO with their 20+ pets. Now here is something different. An MMORPG with combo closer to what seems like Vindictus when it comes to combat. I saw the Tamer class, and am excited to try it out... but I'd like to throw another "Pet" style class out there.
    Enter the Tactician.
    The Tactician would play a bit differently from other classes. You would basically have your own "mini team" of NPC summons. What could these summons be? Weaker variants of the other classes perhaps? Tacticians would have a smaller hp pool than other classes, but you wouldn't necessarily be squishy. They could have a "bodyguard" system, where they share damage with their pets if they take damage directly, splitting it off and reducing it. AoE attacks may prove a problem... or pets may have AoE damage resistance to help mitigate the weakness if it proved too strong against them.
    Alright, so how would the tactician play? I was thinking kind of like a Pikmin master style play. Your basic attacks could "mark" an enemy, and cause your summons to attack with their basic attacks, as an example. Maybe right clicking to order an archer NPC to move away from an enemy, or reach a more advantageous position of higher ground. Your combos, on the other hand, could provide things like beneficial buffs to your summons, and perhaps debuffs to enemies. (Maybe even team mates as well when it comes to buffs.)
    Some skills might be implemented to where you can "order" summons to use certain moves for damage/effects.
    With this type of playstyle, you could be just what the name implies. A tactician. You could manage your small team of troops, giving them orders, buffing/debuffing, and avoiding/protecting yourself from the enemy. As an enemy, would you head straight for the one controlling the NPCs, risking whatever plan the tactician might have in that scenario? Would you first take out the troops, and then chase down the leader?
    But wait! What about troop survivability/damage? This would be one of the hardest parts to balance. (Just look at the Tamer pet at higher levels.) You'd have to make the troops scale somehow, but not to the extent that each one was on par with a player. You'd need to make it so with the troops and tactician combined, they'd be on equal footing with another equally geared player in a one vs one scenario. I already mentioned the tactician having a lower natural hp pool, but sharing damage with his troops, and the possible AoE mitigation for troops. Maybe the troops would have their own equipment as well, which would be based on the characters equipment that the Tactician was wearing, including it's enhancement level.
    The other challenge would be balancing out troop "Respawn" rally times.
    Anyhow... this is my suggestion. I will most certainly have more thoughts to add to this in the future, and I hope people will read it and give their thoughts as well. Until then, take care everyone and have fun!
    P.S. Maybe the NPC Troops would also share the style of costume your character wears.
  24. Post on BARD in Suggestions

    By Inzyne, posted
    us musical niggas need our bard
  25. It's ridiculous that skill reset is opptained by Purchasing it with real money (Pearls). Make trainers in all big citys or something like that, that can reset your skills for Energy, silver or contribution points!