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  1. Good afternoon all! 
    I am starting BDO with a few friends who have played this game previously. I am looking into who i should be playing and my first draw is to the Musa. Now, i am no noob to MMO's and I understand the dynamic created between patches and all of that fun stuff. My main concern is I want to play this character and I am wiling to stick with him during this "odd/off" time BUT I just want to make sure that if I do spend time on this class I wont regret the time spent leveling. 
    My question will be, is Musa a viable choice to play for someone that plans to level up and hopes to be able to participate in end game content. 
    I have been doing a little research and this class seems to be in a weird limbo.  Any advice would be helpful, Thank you! 
  2. I was hoping some BDO veterans could help someone considering buying the game choose a class. After watching A LOT of videos and reading a couple forums I've narrowed it down to about 3; Dark Knight, Maehwa, and Valkyrie. 
    I was hoping some people could give me some pros and cons on each one and give me some advice on them as well.
    In case people wanted to better understand why I chose these three; Valkyrie because of tankiness and surviveabillty plus seems to do well in groups, Dark Knight because it looks like she deals pretty good damage and has some flashy moves, and finally Maehwa because she seems to have a pretty fun play style.
    Also what do people think of Tamers?
  3. Post on New Classes? in Suggestions

    By iLLuminus, posted
    I'm curious if BDO has any plans of introducing a class that uses firearms as weapons, some black powder guns or cannons or anything that goes boom!?
  4. Since there's no male ranger like class and the game has provided many classes easternish oriented lately since the musa, which begins to be a little overwhelming if you ask me, can we expect some western players love in the future as also some guns ?
    I'd like to play a swordman using a rapier and a pistol or a rapier and a dagger with a musket for some skills, in contrary to the musa it could be dedicated to parrying rather than dodging attacks, best attacks could be some kind of artful thrust, awakening weapons could be 2 pistols in dual wielding. It would be great to play as a pirate, a bandit or a jack-of-all-trades mercenary, not to mention it could be the natural male proposition of the ranger, but using guns.
    What do you guys think about it ?
    Example of outfits :

  5. Post on Help me Pick in General

    By Rounic, posted
    I am looking to make a character for the sole purpose of killing other players. I'm thinking DK/Zerker/Warrior. I want to do node wars and openworld PvP. What are you experiences with these classes? Do you have any other ideas of Player killer classes? 
  6. I'm making a sheet to calculate the general dmg of every class just like witch and wizard.
    I honestly do not play every class so I need some people who help me with these kind of sheets to translate how theyr class dmg works.
  7. Hey there anyone wants to hone their pvp skills? I'm creating this post to see if anyone is interested in practicing pvp in arenas.
    My apologies for not being specific It's NA please!
  8. Hello, before i get started if anyone reading this has any artistic skills and would be so kind to draw some concepts for me that would be amazing.
    I have an idea for a class in this game, a male dark magic user kind of like the sorceress but very very different in terms of game play. This class uses a book as a main hand, which he holds open in one hand during combat, as for the offhand he holds an amulet in the other hand. There are as number of possibilities for when it comes to its actual game play. at first i was thinking this class could be some kind of summoner class this raises the dead to fight for him while he supports with crowd controlling abilities from the back line while providing minor heals/buffs to his minions. My reasoning for having this idea instead of a flat out spell caster type of game play is because we already have classes that play like that in the witch and wizard, but we have no class that is dedicated to using minions to fight. The idea i had for its awakening class is for him to have some kind of consistent aura around him and maybe some glowing tattoos/marks around his body, the class could even be made to slightly hover to indicate that he is awakened instead of walking normally.
    There are things i have included about possible abilities but i would like this to be a community creation, so if anyone has any more ideas for abilities, attire, background story or anything at all please feel free to include your thoughts and expand on this idea, with a little bit of faith we may be able to have this creation implemented into the game, if not the devs could take our ideas and make it their own.
    Thank you for your time
  9. First thing to say I do understand that some classes may be only for woman because there has never been a male version in anything... Like the Valkyrie. But the point is that there is 8 Female Classes and only 5 Male Classes....

    F = Female | M = Male
    Warrior - M    (Can Easily be both Male and Female)
    Archer - F    (Can Easily be both Male and Female)
    Sorceress - F    (Can Easily be both Male and Female)
    Berserker - M    (Can Easily be both Male and Female)
    Valkyrie - F    (Understandably to be only Female)
     Wizard / Witch - M / F
    Tamer - F    (Can Easily be both Male and Female)
    Musa / Maehwa - M / F    (Only put them together because they're practically the samething)
    Ninja / Kunoichi - M / F    (Only put them together because they're practically the samething)
    Dark Knight - F    (Can Easily be both Male and Female)
    P.S. On a side note I have played the game and I do like it. So please don't think that I'm having a fit or tantrum or something. Only think they should think about either equaling out the classes or making them shared like how the Wizard/Witch is.
  10. It also seems to be the most popular class.
  11. Hihi! I'll be posting templates here, and hopefully keeping it consistently updated. I will not take requests, but would be more than happy to take suggestions. So if you want to see something in particular made, feel free to post an image and challenge me to do so!
    (While waiting for my character slots to free up, only my dark knight presets will be here!)
    Dark Knight
  12. Post on ADVICE FOR A NOOB in Classes

    By Grimmers, posted
    Hey everyone,  
     I have been struggling with finding an mmo recently and my friend suggested I give BDO another shot. I stopped playing a bit after release due to my internet being too slow. I moved and now that I can have a better internet connection, I'm looking to start BDO back up. 
     That being said, I was only able to experience the game a little bit when it was first released. I've been trying to do some research on classes to play and I'm struggling to pick one. I only played up to level 15 on a valk and a witch. I enjoyed both but I have yet to experience all the classes. 
     I'm mainly focused on PVE and I'm wanting a class that will keep me excited to continue playing. I'm not a noob to MMO's but I am a noob to sandbox MMO's so I'm hoping I can get your opinion on some classes that are fun to play. Please feel free to comment! <3 And any advice on playing the game again. Thanks.
  13. Hey i'm a returning BDO player after a long brake and I want to get a fresh start, I'm wondering which class is currently the fastest at grinding after the Awakening patches? This can also include the Dark Knight if you have some knowledge of how strong the class is in PvE from the Korean servers as I know it hasn't reached NA yet. I'm waiting to log in to make sure the Double XP server doesn't start its countdown till I know what class I want to play.
  14. Post on any new classes in General

    By Lagoon, posted
    so i bought the game on release but none of the classes i wanted where in the game yet so im wondering have the added the rest of the classes to the game yet? 
  15. I think that this class would be cool as a Support class if it was made. The class would use Staffs like Witches and Wizards. But it would have 2 summons like the wolf for the tamer but of course would be undead creatures. Instead of being a lot of damage the class could have Curses that are basically de-buffs and burn damage. Like a spell could be called Graveyard's Call for something like the 100% which would slow attack speed and increase the damage of your pets that are undead extra damage boost. Then another spell could be a buff for your own team which gives Extra damage and +15 health on hit or something like that. This class wouldn't do a lot by itself but with a group it could keep buffing and helping their team. Of course this class would need some solo abilities for them to do some stuff by themselves but not a lot.
    For the awakening the items could be something like a book called Necronmicon which could have some more area effects like for the 100% for the awakening which could be Lich's Touch which would make and area effect and your character is the center of the area and would 10% of the damage would be stolen as HP for the necromancer and slows everyone' s movement speed and attack speed. Also in the awakening skill will also allow them to summon another undead pet.
    For them to summon their pets they would need something like that sorcerer's shard. So for killing some mobs your able to get up your Resurrection Bones which will be like the Sorcerer's Shards.
  16. Hello everyone, I would like to receive a guest pass in order to receive the game before playing it please . I'dd like to try the game out in order to have an avant gout of the game and see if I really like the concept (Because so far the only reviews I've seen are made by youtube gamers who mainly point out the flaws and it's not helping).
    I also can't buy the game on my own at the moment because in my country I am still to young to pay online unless I have a paypall (Altough I'm old enough to play the game, I'm 18.). 
  17. I represent a member of your LGBTQ fanbase in America, and there are many fans who enjoy creating beautiful male characters as much as beautiful female ones.  The fact that this game shows so little attention to detail and quality for male characters is a huge black mark in an otherwise excellent world setting and game experience.  It is terrible to play a game with one of the most amazing character creation systems ever, and be unable to appear as one wishes to appear on each class.  Every female class is classically attractive, and capable of producing a wide range of different appearances.  Only three of the five male classes are (and don't even get me started on the ridiculous gender locking of classes, and the inbalance of male to female characters).  This is a major stumbling block for myself, and also I know for many others like me (both male and female, LGBTQ and allies).  Please address this in a timely fashion, as it seems well within the reach of the technology you have already created for this amazing game to allow for greater diversity of appearance in male characters, both face AND body.  And if you'd really like to make us gay guys jump for joy, consider de-genderlocking your classes (especially classes with no clear story purpose to be gender locked).

    PS:  Attached are some of my characters, including my attempt at a decently attractive wizard.  However, even if the face textures are replaced, the old body is still a problem too.  Please fix!

  18. First of let me say, i am not a Feminist nor whatever the counter part is, i am simply just noting and bringing attention to some aspects of this game that are very unfair (in my opinion) and How there are a lot of aspects that are available for the females and not the males.
    First off we have the obvious gender locked classes, Tamer, Sorceress, Ranger, Valkyrie, And there is no definitive proof but the new Dark Elf race, i will bet money that its Females only too. This sucks for those of us who want to play these classes but cant because of the gender lock, and want to be able to have immersive play that being forced to play one gender or the other break. (now you could say valk is the warrior counter part so that one is iffy)
    Secondly in a recent patch the females got new hair styles, the male characters received none, as well as the females have hair sliders to alter the hair in many ways, the males don't get that either? 
    Females in the pearl shop have more head/face/eye accessories than most male classes if not all, as well as they have infinitely more underwear options, now I am not privy to staring at dudes in underwear but I mean but either way.
    And lastly, recently there was a armor set "Bolyn" This features a 1 piece outfit which i find absurdly stupid in the first place, just like the Aegis set, its infinitely irritating you cant use a different helmet all you can do is toggle it off same with bolyn BUT the female version comes with their form of "helmet" allowing them to mix and match or toggle off and use your mask if your Ninja/Kuno
    Now its not game breaking by any means but its very unfair and i would like to see some of these things changed eventually sooner rather than later because it would be nice if this game could have a little equality in it in some way or another, i mean if you do these things for one class or gender why not the other gender? is it really that hard to give the males new hair or hair sliders when you give the females that stuff?
    Thoughts Opinions? 
  19. Post on Class Specific Pets in General

    By Asterotis, posted
    So I was in Tarif, when something flew by me, I finally noticed it for once when I turned my camera and saw magical pieces of paper forming a butterfly (of sorts)
    and thought to myself "Wouldn't it be neat to unlock class specific pets?"
    Now before you go "Aster, you dumb -----, they're going to put them in the cash shop to make big bucks and give the pets P2W stats or someshit!"

    simmer down, it's just an idea.
    But I'd like to hear what you guys think of class specific pets.

    (Yes I'm amused by the thought of flying paper..)

  20. When can players start buying Herbal Juice equivalent to Mana Potions from the general goods vendor. I am sick and tired of all these "Melee" classes as they call themselves not being able to fight me properly because of excuses like "if I had herbal juice you would be dead" and "you are lucky you can buy your secondary pots", they were more mean about it but that is what they say. I mean my sorc that I have been playing for 56 levels is a "Melee" class technically, but I can't even comprehend what these guys are complaining about.
  21. Just curious how much AP we need to be effective? I'm at 130ap/250 dp and I have a hard time killing people in pvp. I have the combos down. What are you guys running at for AP/DP and how are you getting your AP up? All my gear is DUO and using a DUO Yuria atm, working on a liverto.
  22. I recently found out a good friend of mine has this game. We left it for quite some time, but now that we know we both have it we're thinking of coming back now just to have fun and play together. But I have a few questions about the best way to coop, since it seems everything I've seen is focused more on people soloing than anything else.
    1. Should we start new characters? My main is 25 and hers is 15. Should we just start from scratch or should I help her level up? Would helping her even be possible?
    2. What classes are best for coop? Are there any that actually work well together?
    3. Is coop even viable? Are there any systems in place that let us share quests? Is the loot system friendly for party play?
    Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi everyone,
    What is a good class that is favoured for group play? As group play is the source of my enjoyment, I would like to know some opinions on classes that are valued for any group, whether it be questing with a party, or dungeons, etc...
    I have my eye on Sorceress, Wizard, Warrior and Ninja.
  24. i've always hated when character classes are gender locked. I want to play a fighter because i love damage dealing but I want to play a female fighter, the valkyrie is so...unfulfilling. I'm sure there are others who would love to play male versions of the female characters currently kicking about.
    In addition, I'd love to see a female equivalent of a berserker. Like a girl with two swords; a dervish or similar.
  25. Hey i actually love these game but the 1 and only thing that bugs me the most is how there is a set race or gender for each class wont it be possible to make every single class have multiple genders (boy,girl) and maybe also other races ?
    i don't know if these post sounds silly but i think it would be amazing to have more choices when it comes to class selection instead of just having a pre-made race and or gender
    do not be scared to comment on these post i would love to hear what other people and the admins think of these idea