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  1. Post on Armor Glitch in In-Game Bugs

    By Warshade Z, posted
    I have this issue where, for whatever reason, my screen will go black for about 5-10sec and then afterward my skin clips thru my armor - and if I swap any gear after that, the dye will go back to its default color.  The only thing that I can do to reset it...is restart the game.

    Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Bonjour BDO'S GAMERS! j'ai rejoins avec le plus grand plaisir votre communauté pour ce jeu qui me tiens en haleine des heures durant.
    Il est tellement beau que je veux le pousser au max!
    Question graphiques, je peux le pousser plutôt haut, parcontre niveau FPS je pleure (30 environ c'est pas fou).
    Ma configuration;
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M 8 Go de RAM Intel Core i7 écran full HD (je n'ai pas la cadence sous le nez).
    J'ai beaucoup de clipping et des chutes de FPS, ce qui gâche un peu cette atmosphère de folie.
    Des astuces / infos que j'aurais oublié (ps: je n'ai pas modifier ma config PC pour booster quoi que ce soit, et je joue en WIFI).
    En espérant vous lire bientôt
    A bientôt IG.
  3. While out questing, saw a gap in the rocks & when looking underwater, it looked like it may be a secret entrance to a cave.  After swimming underwater at it for about 2 seconds, it popped me on the other side where there was a small room but no way to get out.
    Exact location will be shown in the attached screenshots.  1st inside of the glitched area, then a close up of the entrance & lastly, a screen shot of the map for exact location.

  4. Im not sure if this has been addressed But there is a huge problem with the Wizard Kibelius sets both armor sets are broken as in poorly made the 3d mesh models clip terribly with the character. this does not happen with other classes.  the A chest armor and boots clip into the character model. The B armor set boots clip into the character model.

  5. Observation - When I'm at the shore and a boat comes to park It makes my character get put on the boat.
    Sometimes i disconnect sometimes I don't. Please look into the collision aspect of this game and see if this
    is causing a disconnect from the server. Also make the road 2 way and only collide with people going the same way.
    I also a lot of clipping and snagging with afk running or trading. I see people getting caught on a lot of stuff from stairs
    to walls. I don't want to waist electricity afking if I'm going to get disconnected.
    please keep up the good work and i hope you can fix the disconnects.
  6. [Witch] Archer Guard Helmet clips at the ear.
    Slider-customized witch:

    Default witch model:

  7. Am kinda bad at wording this, but you guys know this moment when you are jumping around as Ranger and then your camera gets pushed in front of that obstalce.
    In a modern game, shouldn't the stone/wall/tree become transparent instead?
    Anyone knows a fix?
    Wrong Forum...sry
  8. So I noticed a small clipping issues with the Tamer's Puff Mini Armor. 

    It's the small grey area. This is a default character body model.
    I tried lowering the torso area, and the clipping disappears completely.

    However; while it's hard to tell on the black, once you try to dye the armor is a lot more noticeable.

  9. Hello, theres a really annoying bug with the new outfit, the sleeve clips thro shields while you equip it, this outfit can be used in combat and i dont think it should be this way D:
    Please fix this.

  10. Post on Cape disappearing in Suggestions

    By Clasius, posted
    It's pretty annoying when I sheath my weapon, the cape disappear.
    Yeah, it's a solution to avoid clipping. There's already clipping with the cape and it's nothing horrible. For those who can't stand it, there's a button to disable the cape.
    I'd be glad to have an option to show my cape and weapon+shield on my back together.

  11. It's somewhat minor, but it bugs the hell out of me that if you make a character of a certain height, the char-select is clipping half the bloody character!

  12. It's pretty annoying when I sheath my weapon, the cape disappear.
    Yeah, it's a solution to avoid clipping. There's already clipping with the cape and it's nothing horrible. For those who can't stand it, there's a button to disable the cape.
    I'd be glad to have an option to show my cape and weapon+shield on my back together.

  13. Ich bin vom Spiel so begeistert das ich sogar einen Fluss entlang laufe um zu sehen wo er sein Ursprung hat.

    Ich hab mich in die Felsen geglitscht.

    Was ist passiert.

    Ich bin den Fluss entlang bis zu seinem Ursprung. Dort habe ich mich ins Wasser gestellt..
    Tauchanimation - Wurde im Fels eingesperrt. Es ist möglich auch durch die map unterhalb zu laufen.


  14. I know it's minuscule, but IMO there is a lot of clipping going on, hairstyles through armor and hoods on robes, cats through faces, hands through all kinds of stuff , players through objects, I mean a lot of clipping.... If this could be looked at and cleaned up would make things so much cleaner looking... I saw my toon do a emote and put her hand inside her face