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  1. Hi! I'm looking to bye some Valkyrie outfits? Mainly the Kylia outfit set with weapons, but honestly anything would work as long as it's both the outfit and weapons ....If you are selling some, please let me know and I'll buy it off you first! I tried asking in game but no luck there...IDK where else to ask? IDK if this is the right place...so sorry if it's not
    Update - I got it!
  2. I managed to determine the crafting material requirements for the new crafted Sailing clothes added in Korean in the latest patch notes there. Also, the enhancements per level. There are also other Life skill profession clothes introduced for Sailing but this just covers the crafted version, which is available already for other Life skills.
    Silver Embroidered Sailor's Clothes - Provisional details
    Craft Materials
    10 x Cotton Fabric
    10 x Coral Piece
    15 x Black Stone Powder
    Enhancement Levels
    DP 16
    Mermaid's Wish
    Sailing EXP +5%
    DP 18
    Mermaid's Wish I
    Sailing EXP +10%
    DP 20
    Mermaid's Wish II
    Sailing EXP +15%
    DP 23
    Mermaid's Wish III
    Sailing EXP +20%
    DP 26
    Mermaid's Wish IV
    Sailing EXP +25%
    +5 (possible values, not actual)
    DP 29?
    Mermaid's Wish V?
    Sailing EXP +30%?
    I believe that the image is the actual crafted clothes though not 100% sure.
    Further details and notes are included on this Reddit thread for more information;
    [Sailing] 'Silver Embroidered Sailor's Clothes' - Provisional details for crafting materials and enhancements.
    The stats should be accurate but the names may well change when localised for our region and all details should be treated as provisional for now. There is no indication when these may be added to our region but should help with the Sailing skill grind, along with the new Sailing quests also added recently in Korea.

  3. Post on Best bug ever (¿?) in Off-Topic

    By POTATOMAN, posted
     Well... When I'm using this new serendia begginer suit, and I'm using any outfit helmet (say fish/shark mostly), it seems my char swaps permanently for some ghillie BDSM mask when I pop my awakening weapon.
    The wolf nose is part of the problem, since when I hide it, the proper head comes back. Makes a neat effect I guess.
     ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. Even though the Korean version doesnt have this, it'd be nice if we could turn the profession clothes into costumes, just like it's possible with "Orwen's traveling clothes". I'm sure there are a lot of people who would greatly appreciate this option even if they gave no bonuses. Easy to implement and I'm sure quite a lot of life skills fans might be interested to buy the cash shop item required to turn them into costumes.
  5. Post on Cheap clothes? in General

    By Hyaeyo, posted
    So we all know clothes in black desert can be pretty expensive. I know you can make a few costumes yourself somewhere in calpheon but does anyone know where to get clothing for a cheap price or what enemy drops certain clothes? Im alil bored of the basic clothes you get from the start. 
  6. Hello BDO players and BDO team! 
    Let's be honest everyone, we ALL love customization options, we ALL love creation and being able to make and mold our characters into our very own. It's like moving into a new shell of what is us, just in a virtual world. Obviously, we all know that BDO is known for it's massive character creation options, sliders, menus, the possibilities are large! But I feel like the character creation screen is lacking ALOT for what it really should be!! We only have a few select styles to work with and modify, which are all really great, but I can't be the only one who feels there should be so much more!! I am also aware that when an MMO is still new all the pretty ideas aren't out on the table, and there's so much more to focus on for the staff, but I can't help but crave and want for more pretty things! Anyone agree? ^_^;; Personally I'd LOVE to see extremely long hair, pigtails, more color pallet for hair, and we ALL know if we had more outfits in the pearl shop with lots of pretty pieces and things, people spend money on fashion, I do ;D LOL. 
    I was thinking of even drawing out and posting my ideas for outfits and hair on this thread. If anyone has anything they want to show and throw in for motivation in hopes the makers will see it, post it right here! I'd love to see it too!!  
    Thanks for your time!  
    -Risa <3
  7. Honestly, one of the largest reasons I haven't bought anything from the cash shop is theres nothing I like, and don't get me wrong.. I like a nice pair of boobs as much as the next person. But honestly I don't see why we are still in the situation where every outfit for every female needs to have some sort of cleavage window, or miniskirt. It's the main reason I made a blader class, because I actually get armour that looks like armour.
    If there were actually more choices I would have probably already sank some money into this game, and I actually have to agree with the saying "Black desert online, the game where the NPCs look better than you" and that sucks because I really am loving this game, I love the world it's in.
    And yes, I know theres probably already a few posts on this subject already but I don't see the harm in adding to the pile.
  8. hey, I want to know if it's possible to take off the clothes of the characters, like World of warcraft, or Gwild wars 2... not only for that's more realistic, what hapens with the tattos? I have to pay for buy a costume with which I can see my body tattos? there should be a way not only for this but also because all players have very similar equipment and are identical ... there should be more freedom in customizing your appearance clothes or not wearing clothes.  THANKS!!!
  9. In a game as immersive as Black Desert Online where you can trek across the land with trade wagons, sail the open sea, farm crops, custom tailor your own house's furniture, and sit down on surfaces across the world, the MMO has attracted a huge population of role-players. (A short guide on which can be found here.) For all the game offers, however, a crucial element has been left out of the game's design; diversity in clothing and hairstyles. This may seem inconsequential for the average player but for the growing group of role-players that call this game, "home", it is of vital importance.
    It is the hope of many role-players and I'm sure many others who can appreciate a diversity in outfits and customization that Daum Games Europe and Pearl Abyss work together to introduce more unique, aesthetic outfits; whether they are exclusively Pearl Shop or otherwise. The following pictures are a few examples of some NPCs that are wearing the type of immersive clothing (and in some cases, hairstyles) role-players would like to see added to the game for players to wear. This topic is open for discussion and I hope many others contribute to help show the developers what type of aesthetic items they would like to see introduced into the world of Black Desert.

    And those were just the ones I found in Calpheon!
  10. Post on Clothing! in Suggestions

    By Mavrics, posted
    Alright, so this game is reminding me alot of Mabinogi, which I played for years.  Only so far this game is 1000x better.  It IS, however, lacking in some aspects.  Now I understand that it's new, and this is probably one of Daum's lesser concerns, but how about some customization man?  Clothes, armors, weapons, how about some stuff you can get in game to make yourself... well... yourself!  When I played Mabinogi, everyone had their own styles, everyone stood seperate with some flashy armor, or a cool outfit, even simple robes were fun!  I feel as this game progresses (levels uncap, more areas, ect.) We need some sort of way to customize ourself to make our characters reflect us. Also allowing more things to be traded will create a whole new market of goods, HOW BOUT IT DAUM?
  11. Hello, I would liek to suggest adding some more varaitation in the way armor looks. I tihnk a fair amount of people would agree that their is not much variation from one set to the other. It would be very nice for people to have costume custimization options so that people around the world don't look like the same bland and boring character with a cute face. Dye's are alright but they don't really let you personalise your character that much.
  12. So there is currently two cooking profession outfits; Cook's Clothes (CC) and Silver Embroidered Cook's Clothe's (SECC)
    You craft SECC but can only buy CC. CC cost 1.5 million and require skilled 10 in cooking. SECC crafting materials are somewhat inexpensive (<200k~) and there is no level requirement. SECC seems better tho. It has 16 DP, +1 move spd, -1 sec cooking time. if upgraded once it gives +10% cooking exp. Where as CC only has +10% cooking exp and only 1 DP. I am unsure of leveling bonus. Also apparently they look the same when worn. 
    So what gives? is CC a trap? has anyone leveled it? SECC seems the clear winner.
  13. Post on Dyeable Life Clothes in Suggestions

    By Kazy, posted
    I'd like to put forward the suggestion to allow for life clothes to have dye panels so that they can become more customisable to the individual, or at least have a fully upgraded version that can be dyed.
    These include outfits like:
    Alchemist's Clothes,Gatherer's Uniform,Calpheon Noble Dress,Cook's Clothes,Craftsman's Clothes,Farmer's Clothes,Fisher's Clothes,Trader's Clothes,Trainer's Clothes.Many thanks.
  14. The issue with costumes is complained about a lot, but I would like to suggest a feature which is basically already in the game. I was looking for new clothes for my character to wear, and seeing the price of the clothes off of the pearl shop I had decided to find something in-game. In the game there are clothes that are used for professions that you can make in houses, one of them I had decided to make because it looked nice, 'Silver Embroidered Alchemist's Clothes'. 
    Picture of clothes

    After putting them on I realised that it took off my main armour. I was expecting a way to use this piece of clothing for cosmetic purposes only and having my armour on all of the time. Currently I wear this when  I'm not going to fight anything, but I would like a way so that I wouldn't have to switch between the armours so often.
    I would like the option to use the clothes for cosmetic purposes only and negate the effects of the clothing.
    Thank you for reading and I hope that this becomes a part of the game. This shouldn't be too hard to implement and pretty realistic to add.
  15. So for some reason the Outfit's I have on my Sorceress ([Sorceress] Calpheon Noble Dress, and Beginner's Merchant Outfit) don't have breast physics, yet my character's actual breasts still do. It looks weird that whenever i move slightly the breasts appear to clip out of the dress/shirt. 
    As a side note my Apprentice Gatherer's Uniform's breastplate looks extremely blocky and gross. It really doesn't look intentional, but if it is I would suggest updating it so it doesn't look like something that would make a good improvised morning star.

  16. Firstly I would like to address some thoughts that I know many others share and which has been posted about before but it cannot be stressed enough so I'll mention it here again. The most important of the changes I will suggest and really hope get through, as a warrior I know the pain all to well and that is the ridiculously exaggerated warrior running animation. The normal run animation is absolutely hideous to the eye.  When playing it feels like you cant relax playing a warrior and or any other class who uses the same animation simply because he doesnt run. The animation is not a running animation, it's a sprinting animation and it looks bad simply due to the fact that the guy never slows down or takes it even slightly easy, it puts you in the mindset of how exhausting it looks to constantly see it. It would be much better to simply have a fairly neutral running animation for the run and just simply keep the sprinting animations for the actual sprint. 
    Secondly I will address the problem with the capes. It's sad to see when a game has so fantastic and beautiful capes like these in black desert online and they get ruined by the fact that Daum hasn't made it work together with actually having weapons. Seriously if we're going to get to have cloaks make it right so that the cloak doesn't just magically pop out of existence as soon as you sheathe the weapons, it should keep showing even when the weapons are sheathed on the back, not disappear. I think I'm not the only one when I say I would like to see this changed. Archeage had the same incredibly annoying issue and these small details may seem small but it is the small details that matter most. Something like this is incredibly bothersome and earns a game quite a few minus points.
    Thirdly I want to address the fact that we cannot actually undress into our undies wherever we want. This is just ridiculous, while such a function holds little actual value for any real purpose it's still a freedom players want. It's especially hypocritical to have this feature locked/restricted when they actually sell underwear in the cash shop. People pay real money for these, and then they cant even show them when they want. That's not right. It's also an unnecessary restriction for a game that is for those of ages 16+. So the game should then be adjusted for that crowd and I can assure you there are next to no sixteen year old that hasn't seen or cant handle or even often sees women/men in underwear. If the game was for audiences around 13 or otherwise early teens then it would be more understandable but since it isn't then it should not have restrictions that are suited to crowds of those ages either. It's a bit insulting that we're being treated like children like that and quite annoying that we're robbed of such a simple freedom. 
    Being able to take your armor on only in your own home is not good enough, and it's not only for the sake of the freedom of choise but also for the roleplayers. There are no doubt numerous roleplaying situations which could call for that the armor needs to come off (and it is not erp activities that I'm talking about). Someone might want to take a swim, or otherwise wounded and armor needs to be removed, or simply hang their clothes up for drying after a downpour. There are numerous events in which this function would be needed. And having it restricted like this simply ruins all of that. A normal sit animation would be nice too as sitting shouldn't be limited to ledges and chairs.
    Fourthly I want to address the walk function. Many thanks for implementing it as I know it wasn't in the game to begin with, but there are a vital change that needs to be made to this function. Walk should not be a press and hold function, it should be a toggle feature so you can walk and type. This is very essential. 
    And lastly I want to suggest making the amount of text you can type into the general chat a lot longer. Being able to only squeeze out 1 - 4 lines is way to small, this also cannot be stressed enough, it needs to be tremendously improved. Speaking to anyone as it is now turns into a spam fest and it's hurting our eyes. Please ease up on this restriction. I understand that the reason it is placed is to prevent gold sellers from spamming long commercial posts but to be honest, it's good that you take measures to make it hard for gold sellers to get through, but doing it like this punishes us players more than them and it ruins the game. Please ease it up and find another way.
  17. I have posted this on some other threads but I think it deserves its own at this point.  There are many costume pieces already that can be purchased individually, such as a top or boots.  This is a trend that needs to be available for all costumes.  This will be amazing once there are many many options in the shop to mix and match.  It goes without saying that the prices are however too high.  I should only be paying about $2.50 for a costume piece and $10 for a full outfit, or maybe $3 for a full piece.
    Personally I'm a fan of more skimpy options for the witch as well.  She looks like a damn  nun or a hobo.
    Last but not least the dye.  In GW2 you had the same rng dye and guess how much I spent in real money on that? 0.   I think it is insane for a company to ask people for money for rng items.  
  18. Post on Fishing Clothes in General

    By Ryuuji, posted
    Anyone know where you can get fishing clothes? I've seen some for traders and such but none for fishing buffs. It's driving me crazy trying to get some.
  19. Heels are sexy and all I guess...but can we please have like SOME piratical footwear for female characters. I'm a guy wanting this, so I'm sure if I see this is a small issue than others do. Nothing bothers me more than when I'm playing in a swamp or dirt or running for MILES (KM) in like 4in heels....just make like 2 pairs of boots please. 
  20. Post on Let us buy FIXED dye in Suggestions

    By Z.chu, posted
    Please allow us to buy Fixed dye. 
    What this means is to allow us to choose the actual color we want and then purchase it, rather than purchasing a random dye box.
    This would be fair and still make you money. Please consider as I will not buy a random item. I will only spend my real money if I know what I am getting.
    Thank you.
  21. Hello Black Desert Friends,
    So the idea behind this thread is for people to suggest what kind of hairstyles and clothing you would like to see, or anything that's related to their characters appearance. This could be ranging from NPC costumes you've seen, to costumes you've seen from other games/movies or even user created content. Personally I would love it if the developers held a competition where people submit their creations, and winners have the item implemented. This kind of interactivity within the community shows respect on both ways, and so far the developers definitely seem to have a transparent kind of attitude.
    Anyway, onto what I would like to see. I've seen two outfits NPC's have worn which I would like available to me. In fact, I'd like all NPC clothing to be wearable, but these in particular:

    I most certainly gravitate towards making my character looking more regal.
    As for hairstyles, I have two primary suggestions:

    Any suggestions would be completely welcome.
  22. Honestly, most people running around with the exact same outfit is pretty shitty, it kind of makes the amazing character creation pointless if most people look the same from a distance. There is no sense of individuality. Variety in clothes and armor with graphics like these would benefit the game a lot. Obviously I'm excluding cash shop costumes. I feel like the cash shop costumes can still remain flashy while having a variety of outfits/armor that you can buy from NPCs that look normal and what every other npc wears (lore friendly outfits). Like the way it is now, except you know, have each piece of armor/clothing actually have its own rendered model. Now I know if PA didn't already have plans for this then it would take quite a while but I really REALLY feel like it'd be worth it the end. It would compliment the character creation immensely and encourage people to customize themselves and probably spike interest in it enough for more people to consider buying cash shop outfits, dyes, etc. People would be even more compelled to screenshot themselves in their own outfit they picked out in different parts with dyed colors. Having these screens spread is advertising the game itself like how the environment screenshots do.
  23. Hallu ^^, mich würde mal interessieren wie die groß die Auswahl an Kleidungstücken/Rüstungen im Spiel sein wird. Wenn ich mir Spiele wie Tera angucke, da gabs ja kaum Auswahl geschweige denn wirkl. hübsche Sachen  
    Ein positives Beispiel damals war Aion, da gabs ne etwas größere und coolere Auswahl.
    Kann mir jmd. mehr dazu sagen ? Vielleicht einer der die jp/koreanische oder russische Version gespielt hat.
    Würd mich auch über paar Screenshots freuen   
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Micha ^^