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  1. Honestly, one of the largest reasons I haven't bought anything from the cash shop is theres nothing I like, and don't get me wrong.. I like a nice pair of boobs as much as the next person. But honestly I don't see why we are still in the situation where every outfit for every female needs to have some sort of cleavage window, or miniskirt. It's the main reason I made a blader class, because I actually get armour that looks like armour.
    If there were actually more choices I would have probably already sank some money into this game, and I actually have to agree with the saying "Black desert online, the game where the NPCs look better than you" and that sucks because I really am loving this game, I love the world it's in.
    And yes, I know theres probably already a few posts on this subject already but I don't see the harm in adding to the pile.
  2. I am sure this has prolly been mentioned or suggested many times before and I have somehow missed it so if so, I apologize and here it is again lol.
    It would be nice if all outfits/costumes etc that you buy from the cash shop were account bound. This does not mean that you get multiple copies for each outfit (one for each char). This means 1 outfit that you can change your mind about and put in your warehouse to give to a different char on your account.
    Why would this be useful? Well for a lot of reasons:
    1) People often create a char and buy cash shop items then later decide they want to delete that char. As is any cash shop items would be wasted and cant be transferred to a new char or an existing one. No need for countless tickets cluttering the systems for this.
    2) People change their minds. A lot! You may start out with a main char and buy several outfits/costumes like say the fishing costume then later make some alts and decide you want someone else to be your fisher/trainer/etc etc and cant transfer that particular outfit to the new appropriate alt.
    3) Or you might just plain buy something then end up not liking how it looks on one char but you dont really want a refund. You'd rather be able to just give it to another char.
    All in all, the point is that people dont want to feel like they are wasting money by buying these outfits. Making them account bound rather than char bound would probably open up a lot more opportunities and would encourage players to buy more outfits rather than hoping to nickle and dime players getting them to buy the same outfit more than once.
    I, for one, would prolly buy at least one of every costume avail if I could freely transfer them from char to char so they would always feel fresh and I could change my mind freely about what char has what role at any given time.
    That said, please also make it so that no matter which items from which outfit you buy you will get the bonuses when equipping the appropriate number of items. This would open up so many possibilities for players to mix and match outfits and better express their creativity without being penalized for that. IMO it would also enhance clothing sales because people would have more options. A lot of people dont buy outfits because they dont like things at as a whole but they would like it if they could mix and match pieces from different outfits.
    TL;DR: Give us more freedom with outfits. Happy customers = spending customers. Spending customers = successful business/game.
  3. I love events that allow players to accrue clothing without having to spend cash. I like the option of clothing to allow bonuses to trading or fishing or gathering as needed. And with more players prepping for Node/Seige, armor swappning for PvE vs PvP play is also becoming more important.
    But, inventory space and weight are limited. It'd be nice to get a second tab for the storage of clothing/armor along with a weight allowance.
  4. Anyone know where I can craft/buy the processor's clothing because I can't seem to find it in the crafting mill.
    I'm pretty sure it exists ingame because just yesterday I saw someone walking around in it and it's in the bdofasion website.
    Cheers for the help in advanced.
  5. To be plain, i want more clothing variations available as costumes. Dresses, Pants, robes, suits, shirts.
    You can keep it lore friendly, old timey but they had some pretty fashionable stuff back in those times. Or you can make it pay2looksweet and have good looking stuff from modern era clothing.
    My issue is i'm two days into the game now and the only thing separating players from NPCs is shiney hair and mounts. It's a beautiful game, everyone's gorgeously rendered, but their clothes are hideous. The options in the pearl store are lame and outdated.
    I'm not saying i want top of the line gucci stuff, i'm more thinking plain T-shirts (give it a burlap look for old timey, i dont care) and the ability to put guild stuff on them. Long pants with SOME flair to them, like chains/patterns/interesting elements. shorts that look good.  

    My reasoning behind this request is: I used to play the hell out of Perfect World International, and the only reason myself and most of my guild played is so we could keep buying new clothes, whatever they came out with we'd buy. It was as much a fashion simulation as it was a boring ass grind fest.

    This game isn't a grind fest, you can AFK and do most of it automatically, but i'd like to do so in something that doesn't look like i found it in the bargain basement of a 2nd hand retailer who's shop resides in the more fragrant section of a sewer system.
  6. Overall I am loving BDO, the character customization is amazing and the world is huge, with so many different paths to take. However, like all good things, there is always room for improvement. Here are a few suggestions from me and other BDO members, that we have thought up/ been frustrated by, over the course of playing the game, thus far:
    - Please Create a Dating option! I play with my significant other but we cannot share a house and such, though we work together in the game.
    - Please fix the character appearance bug so that we do not have to delete files and re-patch every-time we create a new character.
    - All characters should be able to see the helmets. Why is it that it is a part of the armor, yet we are not allowed to see it?
    - Allow people to craft more clothing for ascetic purposes. They can be complicated to craft but it is discouraging that you have to look ugly if you don't pay even more for clothes.
    - Make armor drop with random stats, so that people are inclined to keep collecting drops/ obtain better loot.
    - Allow Guilds to have capes with their emblem on it. The characters can only keep the cape, so long as they are still a member of that guild.
  7. Most of these cloths (cook's, fisher's etc) are quite nice. I plan on wearing some of them the majority of the time. I know it will be possible to make them into an outfit, but I actually want the buffs from the cloths, not just the look.
    Being able to dye whatever clothing I'm wearing  would be great, I think some would look a lot nicer with dyes, plus just be more enjoyable overall with the customization.
    I now have the trainer's cloths, I like the way they look, but I think I'd like it a lot more with different colors

    EDIT: Also, why can we not add crystals to these cloths? I can have trainer cloths, or regular armor with a trainer's crystal, but not both. Seems a waste
  8. Hello Black Desert Creators and Players, This is for the CREATORS!  please can you allow us to trade Food, Drinks, & Clothing to each other, as it is really important to me to be able to do this.  I did not know the game restricted all kinds of contact with others or your friends or Clan members.  Im not a person that likes to run around doing all these quests and just really wanted to enjoy the wonderful world you have given us in a Role Playing way.  I like only games that offer these environments and with the INTERNET being what it is these days, you have the POWER to ban the users IP and stop them creating accounts to SPAM the in game CHATs.  You can use the Chat Filter to ban anyone placing commercial info in it e.g.: .COM and they are Banned immediately and You Can Send a Msg like you do to inform us of maintenance That this shall happen to anyone using this and then its justified Another thing maybe allowing Clan Members to Trade and use things among each other? And this means FURNITURE and HOUSING using too, cus like its just not nice having furniture that your Friends or Clan cannot also use! I mean what is the point to this! ALL this SOLE thing is not why people play MULTI online games in the first place and its not being interactive but antisocial PLEASE do your best to resolve this as it really is for RP Purposes as last night I made some Cheese for the first time and have been carrying some Honey Wine on me and I could not give it to my Guardian or the Old Man companion that did the mission with me I felt not complete.  

  9. Greetings! (Tl;Dr below.)

    I wasn't sure if this should be posted in suggestions or then here at the roleplay forums, so I chose here instead.

    To preface this, I want to say that the armour in game already is quite beautiful, but there simply isn't a whole lot of styles. There are life skills costumes you can buy (like the alchemist set, fisher set, etc) but they are not dyeable, which is frustrating because everyone who uses those ends up looking the same. There is also a craftable version of those as well that do not have any requirements to equip them. Aside from that, the only lore-friendly clothing we truly have are the craftable noble sets from the tier 2 costume shop in Calpheon.

    As a suggestion, please consider adding some more clothing into the game that reflects what many of the npcs are wearing! Even if it's a handful only of a few different outfits, that would be wonderful. Make them obtainable in the game, via silver or as a craftable item! Perhaps some tunic sets for males and some dresses for the ladies, just as an example. Most of the cash shop stuff is gorgeous, but not everyone has/wants to spend $30 on a costume, and then have to drop cash on the dyes, too.

    Thank you for reading!
    **tl;dr Asking Daum to please consider adding clothing that is similar to that which npcs wear, that is more fitting for the universe, instead of pantyhose and sailor outfits.**
  10. As many have mentioned prior to this post, there is a huge lack of outfits for us to choose from to dress our characters.  However, there aren't actually a lack of outfits modeled/textured in this category — the NPCs wear them!  We see a massive variety of NPC armor and clothing, from faction clothes, to generic clothes, to profession-style clothes.  There are armors bearing the insignia of different regions, clothing all the way from the poorest of the poor to the most wealthy, and cultural clothes not seen outside of their particular region.  Currently, we see inklings of this.  The Calpheon Noble Dress/Suit and the Traveling Player's Outfit (a jester suit) are two examples of clothing that NPCs wear being made craftable for players.  What I'm asking is to see this expanded.  It's obviously unrealistic to expect every outfit in the game, especially considering that certain story-specific characters are going to be wearing unique outfits for a reason, but if we could see a large amount of them, I think it would make a lot of people very happy!  These clothes would obviously be craftable within Costume Mills, which are currently fairly lacking.  They also would not have to include stat boosts of any kind, since they are, in fact, just there for visual variety/choice!
    These aren't quite as necessary, but they'd be nice.  In no particular order:
    These NPC clothes being separated into slots. (Face, Earrings, Mouth/Nose, Head, Top, Gloves, Boots, Cape)  This would allow for a MASSIVE amount of customization if enough outfits were added.Some of these NPC clothes being dyeable.
  11. I was wondering if someone could tell me the real life equivalents of some of the in-game stuff. For example, the Fortuna set for the tamer, looks really cool and I know I've seen something like it before. Can someone tell me what it's called or at least what it's close to? At the very least I would like to know the outer part. Thanks.
  12. After the CBT2 the main thing i am missing is clothing.
    BDO made one of the best character creators i've ever seen, if not the best. For then everyone looking the same because there's practically around 5 possible base costumes.
    I am not talking about prices, cash shop or anything, just possibilities. Paying or not, the clothing customization doesn't match the possibilities the character creator gives you to look different from the other players.
    i think it should have been on pair with the caracter creator development. If not, with higher priority.
    I am not talking about modifying the base costume with a metal chest. Since the character creator gives us the possibility of being an unique design on the server, that being ruined by the limited clothing options, wich imo is the most easy and basic part in this kind pf games, is pretty dissapointing...
    idk, i think this is such a basic thing missing, i have the feeling like if i finnaly found the best car, but lacks one wheel.
    So please, payed or not, we need way more clothing customization options to match the effort that BDO put on creating the character creator. Don't have to be anything complicated, i think at least some simple models to each class start with would be great and it's and easy and fast thing to do...
  13. I have a very simple request for clothing as someone who loves the look of trench coats, and that is Please make Trench coats!! i beg you x3 I have a very simple request for clothing, as someone who loves the look of trench coats, and that is Please make Trench coats!! i beg you x3 Other then that amazing game so far ;D 

  14. Hello Black Desert Friends,
    So the idea behind this thread is for people to suggest what kind of hairstyles and clothing you would like to see, or anything that's related to their characters appearance. This could be ranging from NPC costumes you've seen, to costumes you've seen from other games/movies or even user created content. Personally I would love it if the developers held a competition where people submit their creations, and winners have the item implemented. This kind of interactivity within the community shows respect on both ways, and so far the developers definitely seem to have a transparent kind of attitude.
    Anyway, onto what I would like to see. I've seen two outfits NPC's have worn which I would like available to me. In fact, I'd like all NPC clothing to be wearable, but these in particular:

    I most certainly gravitate towards making my character looking more regal.
    As for hairstyles, I have two primary suggestions:

    Any suggestions would be completely welcome.
  15. So far my CBT1 experience has been good. One thing me and my friends agree on is that BDO really needs a variety in clothing options. The amazing character creation is almost meaningless if everyone looks the same from a distance. We need outfits that can be bought for silver, swapped and dyed separately etc. It would really bring life into the game and give people a better sense of individuality. Its very upsetting to see most people looking the same and is the reason several of my friends aren't even going to purchase Black Desert. Cash shop outfits will restrict most people to looking the same. I think having both cash shop outfits and normal not-so-flashy outfits available to be bought by tailor NPCs would be very beneficial to the character creation experience.
  16. Post on NPC Clothing in Suggestions

    By IA91, posted
    Black Desert clearly hosts an amazing character creator, and seem to have quite a large focus on our appearance.
    This is great, and truly showcases a lot of people's creativity. However (apart from the over the top cash shop items) we don't have access to a lot of clothing. In role playing games - especially an MMO, you would expect that if you see an NPC wearing an item of clothing, that you could manage to obtain it as well. There is a lot of clothing items that I see NPC's wearing (personally the regal ones are my favourite) that I would like to use, and I'm sure I am not the only one who agrees. 
    This may not be important to some people - I respect that, but in a game where you spend a lot of time looking at your character, and for those who role play, are character focused or like a visual variety, it would be appreciated to have NPC clothing available. 
  17. Hello everyone. Im Chiago. I play the Japanese server of BDO, Today im going to be talking about Costumes or "Cosmetic Gear" as some ppl call it. I think this is really important. One thing Ive learned since i started playing mmos' in 2002 is, MMORPG players really like to look good . So i decided to make this post to give players the opportunity to see some of the gear that is offered by BDO, for every class! The info gathered is based off the Japanese server of BDO. Costumes and their released dates may vary by region.
    Allow me to start by saying Cosmetic Gear comes in several pieces. There is a headgear, body gear, shoes( sometimes two different shoes are offered for the same outfit), and weapons skin always offered when a costume is released. Sometimes a sleeve is offered in the form of an arm guard or bracelet etc. Sometimes wings are offered. and also sometimes underclothes are made just to go under specific gear as a finishing touch to compliment the gear, you can however chose to wear these underclothes under a different kind of gear.
    Lets start with my favorite and main class tamer. As you can see demonstrated on Chiago, the clothing option is often offered twice in a row. That is because one of the bundles includes weapon skin and the other does not.

    Here is the under clothes >.<

    Finally accessories. Please not that most earrings appear on both sides of a character, including gauges. that goes for males and females.

    This last picture is of the pieces of s costume. You can buy the parts of a costume one at a time, separately, You can also mix and match costume parts, as well as wear some cosmetic items and regular armor at the same time.

    Next up is Warrior.

    Underclothes (im kind of disturbed there barely a bulge there but ok)

    Accessoriesl i think its necessary to note you can wear more then one accessory at a time in some cases.

    Ok moving onto Ranger i think she has the best outfits she has alot of class specific ones. And a tonf of undies!



    So this post wound up being longer then i anticipated so i will finish uploading the remaining character classes and there gear tomorrow in two new threads!
    Thanks so much for reading! don't forget to vote, and if you think there is anything i can do to improve the post or help you, feel free to leave a comment below! Critiques and suggestions are appreciated!