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  1. Tired of running out of energy? No- ok. Tired of switching alts in the middle of grinding? What?- yes!
    Well alright, then lets examine a solution.
    Knowledge management is one of the more important features of this game. A productive player works towards perfecting knowledge on their preferred monsters, the rewards? Better loot, better damage, prestige- etc. etc. etc. but it comes at a cost. 
    Every switch costs us the security of our grind spot. Every tick saps our energy, and even the loyalty knowledge management solution: Elixirs of Oblivion, simply do not cut it. There just aren't enough to go around. Especially not when more important items inhabit the realms of the loyalty shop, and require more effort to reach.
    The solution? Well, we already have one- but not quite in the right department.
    Many of us are familiar with the beauty coupons available in the Cash Shop: wonderful little contraptions that let us stuff more plastic into the faces of our characters than Michael Jackson, whenever we want- however we want it. These coupons come in the form of both seven day, and monthly variants; both of which are absolute joys to have.
    What I propose is to implement a similar coupon for knowledge management. A 30 day beauty coupon currently costs 1000 pearls. I think that a convenient knowledge solution that allows you access to your knowledge, should be priced similarly and implemented expeditiously.
    I'm sure it would be quite popular, and bound to have a surge in sales with the release of each new area to the game!
    Edit: For clarity: Put simply, "Let us be able to delete knowledge that we want for said period. ".
  2. Post on 0xE019101A Error in General

    By XkiviX, posted
    My boyfriend wanted to come back but he cant get into the game It comes up with after he presses play :
    0xE019101A Error
    Error suspicious program detected.  Something about a virus etc. He doesnt have any cheat engine open, he didnt mod the game, he never hacked and I know because we live in the same house. He scanned his computer with multiple anti virus programs and it still keeps coming up. He restarted the game, restarted the computer he even uninstalled the game... Nothing fixes it, any idea? @CM_Jouska
    People say its Bit Defender he doesnt have it though
  3. was there a change recently with alchemy stones?  I am 0-40 give or take an attempt or two on upgrading to sharp.  Mind you I am Artisan alchemy and a few levels higher than when I made a blue and yellow sharp a month ago.  Just want to make sure they didn't ninja patch a Master requirement for the upgrade, because that would be hugely unfair without notice - I spend a bit of money on stones having sold roughly 75% of the yellow sturdy stones of destruction shown on AH.  
    Confirmation that there has been a change would be greatly appreciated by my bank account.  @CM_Jouska.
  4. Jouska or someone was leisurely grinding some Sausans on their day off and I came and PKed them and took their farm spot. They have since set my RNG stat to -5000. This is the only thing that explains it. 
    Please learn from my situation. Don't shed the innocent's blood. They may be a GM and take your RNG. @CM_Jouska I know you did it, dont lie.
  5. Will anything be done to those people since now they are vastly outgeared because of the TRI Accessories? There are probably entire guilds that are full TRI accessories because of it and that taints the spirit of competition in Node/Siege wars. I would love a fair compromise to this issue if it is possible. Additionally the people that used the exploitation obviously knew it wasnt intended that way and continued to do so until it was fixed so banning them wouldnt be unreasonable.
    I know this issue only affects a small population but that population can have influence over an entire region with castles and gameplay so i think some type of repercussion needs to occur. It's only fair otherwise we're encouraged to exploit whatever we can.
  6. I went to log in 2 days ago and i was greeted by a ban message! I put a ticket in and received only an automated message. Its been 2 days now without any response from CS, It said that i was detected using unauthorized programs but the only programs on my PC are Teamspeak, BDO, and a few other online games please help! I seen a forum topic to post your request # if you haven't received any correspondence in 24 hrs but since that forum topic had been closed by a CM. please move this post if its placed in the wrong section.
    thank you for your time.
    Request #127589
    Family Name: Tesseray
    Server: Uno
  7. -Link and names removed to avoid name&shaming-
    Please CM come drop a ban, occurring at sausan garrison at the node manager.
    Hacker has moved on from channel, stream ended for now
  8. Post on Quest Bug? in In-Game Bugs

    By Pokss, posted
    I can't do the quest for the red battlefield or for the ring and earring of sealed magical power. It has been like this for a good while now and I've just waited and checked if a maintenance would fix it but none of them have. From what I've heard from friends I'm supposed to get the quest for the red battlefield as soon as I enter it but I don't and I have no clue why, I've done the black spirit quests to 30.75% and my friends have less progress on the black spirit quests than I have and they can still do the quest. Same with the ring and earring of sealed magical power and I've looked at guides on youtube and asked people in-game what you need to do before you can get this quest and they say it's a black spirit quest so again, I have more progress on the black spirit questline than some of they do and they can still do it but I can't, is there some quest I need to do before I can get the quest for these quests? If there's a quest I need to do that's not from the black spirit, please let me know in which town or at which node I need to be.
  9. So this probably might have already come up in suggestions but might aswell bring it up again, so i think it would be really cool if daum or PA came up with like a subscription for like 10$ a month or something of the sort and that would include something like , Acess to all dyes and unlimited usage , unlimited appearance change , maybe even add like 10% bonus exp or something, would be cool to keep it purely with cosmetics tho. I think its a neat idea, the fact that dyes are rng is kinda frustrating , i know they have a system in KR for 16$ a month you can use all dyes as much as you want, but i think thats to expensive for just dyes, should throw in appearance change for chars , and horses (once its in the game) and maybe even pets.
    Lemme know what you guys think! 
  10. Look, we know the class needs balancing because it isnt great in korea, and it also needs to be balanced for awakenings, but launching it in JULY is a terrible decision. People have waited for this class from early preorder access, and have gotten nothing but disappointment. All you have to do is release the class as is, and tell people that it will be re-balanced later, people will not complain, and they will be happy. Blader and plum suffered, but now most are happy after these recent buffs.
    By not releasing the class now, you are making the class undesired. When the class launches in two months from now, players will be behind in LIFE SKILLS, LEVELS, TRAINING, WEAPONS, SKILL POINTS, and more. If a player decides to play no class while they wait, they will be behind billions of silver compared to a current level 55 player. There is no way for someone to stay relevant in pvp and guild sieges besides playing a class they do not want to play. And guess what that will lead to? More hackers and botters.
    I know you guys have been getting a lot of negativity, between blader, the servers, patch notes, field bosses, and more. But waiting two months to release ninja/kuno is just going to lose you more money, whether people quit, stop buying pearls (since many items cannot be transferred to another character), or just make posts and rants everyday making the game look bad.
    It is in your best interest to bump up the priority of ninja and kuno to ASAP, even if the class comes out unbalanced, just warn players and they will be happy.
  11. Ok seems this has come back again.
    Can't sell any mob dropped vendor trash or turn in.

  12. 1 of the three successful streamers i will mention here, had an interview with @CM_Jouska not so long ago; PvtWiggles.
    I'll keep my post short because i dont really think Daum Games gives a dam about any "negativity" that they think i'm about to address.
    Docgotgame: A really talented and entertaining Twitch Streamer that spent a long time researching BDO ages before it even came out on NA. He made guides, he helped a lot of people when they first started, he was as excited as you and I were when we started. Here is his video on why he quit once and for all BDO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SwjiJtJYQA
    LazyPeon: A YouTuber and casual streamer that fell in love with BDO since he first saw some game play videos of the Korean Version almost 2 years ago. People subscribed to him and knew him as a BDO Go-to youtuber, but recently he got too fed up and frustrated and took the time to explain why he quit BDO all at once: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7oo33mR-dE
    PvtWiggles: Sadly, Daum actually tried to keep PvtWiggles as their connection with us, the community of Black Desert EU/NA, by taking part in a live stream of his, and answering various questions about the future of BDO. Similar to LazyPeon, and Doc, PvtWiggles is really frustrated 8/10 times he plays BDO. People go to his stream, asking why his not playing BDO, and he doesnt even answer them, so he decided to make a youtube video explaining why it is he will "take a long break" from BDO until they get things together:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kxG2Z0G6FY
    Since i started playing BDO in March just like most of you here, little things that bothered me started building up slowly slowly.
    DCGhilliField BossesAH SnipersHackersPKers1% XP loss when ganked or killed by mobsBreaking crystalsRNG AS F#K - NOW RNG is acceptable in almost all MMOS, but BDO is made out of RNG, and my limits are not.Completely 1 sided when it comes to class balancing. Looking forward for Plum/Blader? Ha! Good one! NO PVP FOR YOU!I work part time at a church, 3 times a week, for 6 hours a shift. That is ridiculous, right? Sooo much free time on my hands to play BDO, but even for someone like me with so much free time, the majority of BDO's player-base is true NO-LIFERS; I really think these people dont even sleep. You want to go and find an Ogre Ring? keep dreaming pal. What about Mark Of Shadow? If you like getting PK'ed by hackers, sure...
    Black Desert in the West is almost 2 MONTHS OLD. Why do i feel like i dont want to play anymore already? Why does grinding feel like a dam chore? Why most people in game are so salty and angry all the time? Where's the fun guys? 
    @CM_Jouska I know you will probably ignore my summon... for the forth time now. Nice communication with the community. 
    Honorable Mentions of MMOs that took a VERY SIMILAR Approach as Daum Games:
    ArchAgeBlade & SoulMetin2 
  13. Atleast on Croxus (EU), the meta seems to be completely shifting towards usage of the infamous 0cd hack. It happens on nearly all world bosses, all large scale wars and even on red battlefield. The game experience is dropping faster than north koreas rockets, and im afraid this is making Daum lose a lot of players recently. @CM_Jouska are you guys going to address this issue and change the cds to server side before sieges and nodewars are introduced? If you introduce them before fixing this, the game will most probably die completely in a couple of months.
  14. Hi. There's been some rumors going around about getting S Rank on enemies.
    Here's a screenshot i found regarding benefits of different Ranks: (view attached)
    For those that cant view image:
    S Rank: Higher rare drop chance
    A Rank: Mob takes more damage
    B Rank: Mob does less damage to you
    C Rank: You can see their health amount
    Keep in mind that you get the bonuses for the lesser ranks as well as the current rank.
    @CM_Jouska @CM_Tytyes It would mean A LOT if you could please confirm if these stats are indeed true, because there is truly no way to find out for ourselves now is there?

  15. Post on Cannons in General

    By Anemoi, posted
    So if my cannon fells to water its gone?
    also gone if destroyed no way to get back?
  16. Berserker's have become a dead an broken class. I have talked to a lot of players that started on Berserker spent real money to use on pearls to buy the in game costumes, weight limit increases, an other character specific items. Then once they discovered the problems with the class compared to playing an different class they switched.
  17. So this post is from  me being salty from trying to snipe a Liverto from AH 30+  times . Some of my guildmates played in JP, and they mentioned about it having a Private Guild Auction House. Can anyone confirm this? And if it did exist; THAN WHY THE **** do we not have it?  I mean its just going to be the same price as the Global AH but be exclusive to your guild only. In a way, this could be a fix to the issue of not having any cooperative element in guilds. What are your opinions? 
  18. Hi, unfortunatly i did a little big mistake. <.< I've got 2 Black Desert Accounts, 1 on Croxus(EU) where i've started playing and 1 on Jordine(EU) where i'm playing now cause of my friends . I've got 2 Accounts because I've wanted the Horse and the furniture items again ect.
    Well, i've wanted to buy a few Daum Cash for my new Account, but i didnt notice that i was logged into my old Account. Now there 4000 Daum Cash on my old Account with no use...
    I've started a support ticket instantly after i realized what happened. BUT over 32 Days later i still did not receive any answer to my ticket ..
    Is my ticket maybe bugged or is it normal that u need to wait so long for an answer?
    i rly rly want the Daum Cash to Chnage the Skills of my Horse...
    Maybe a GM or CM will read this, so maybe i'll get an answer .. <.<
  19. Post on CM_Jouska in Website Tech Support

    By sKs-J, posted
    i have opened a ticket 18 days ago i bought the wrong cash shop item and made a ticket within 48hrs
    i feel really stupid for spending a ton of money on a costume and made it worse by buying the wrong thing.....
    Pm'ed the cms and gms and even opened new tickets... i feel like im being ignored
    Please help me get this sorted out so i can get back to enjoying the game

  20. I have been logged in EVERY day almost all day (either playing active or things like laying in a bed) and i have 9 Maehwa Seals , i have Friends who have 11 alrdy and are about to finish there Box (+12) . i would liek to know why i am missing this many if im 100% sure i have been on EVERY day most of the day and have not been able to claim as many , i have also relogged at least once a day to combat the issue i have seen when sometimes you dont get your Daily reward.
    CAN WE PLZ do something about this ? i have been on for these days and was not rewarded with the limited time event item for some days. While i love this game , with Events bugging like this it is giving me less joy to try to do them.
  21. Saw this item mentioned in the PM Diary back in January under Support/Boost http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/8038-pm-diary-22-cash-shop-and-more/
    I have a few skills on my wizard that I would love to be able to transfer to Musa once this item comes out.
    So anyone know like when the item came out in Korea? When should I be looking forward to this?
  22. I wish that they will add another tab in the guild screen that show who as been taking money out, Just to keep track on the guild funds. If i'm paying people to be in my guild i want to see a statement so i feel like this function is important and i assume other guild master would agree also.
  23. Post on Journal in In-Game Bugs

    By Tazmin, posted
    I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem of their achievements not showing on their journal tab?
    I can see all my achievements like titles and stuff for March but nothing for April, and I know I have received some as I only got the Stone Doctor title yesterday.
    I know this is a minor issue but I like to see my character progression

  24. So once the boss armor is patched into the game, the bundles from the scroll bosses will start dropping them. This leads to a huge abusive problem that RU failed to foresee that people stack up the bundles from scroll bosses since the launch, and after the patch they open hundreds of them and instantly get full set of boss armors. It will break the game balance towards newer players and players that don't know about this (I too admit i have saved all bundles aswell, but I still hope the old ones will not give the armors when opened after the patch.) Please look into this @CM_Jouska as if nothing is done before the patching, the same problem will emerge and the smooth gearing gameplay we are currently having will lose part of its meaning, and things will end up too easy.
  25. i recieved a somewhat strange email this morning from no-reply@blackdesert.com
    it just contained the following text "welcome!
    please confirm your email to preceed."
    and then a link to a website (i havent clicked it yet since i do not trust it)
    is this real or fake? if it is fake this is something to be warned off, if not i'd like to know what this is because i remember i had to verify my email before.

    Edit this is what the link points to