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  1. IMPORTANT - Le patchnote du 26.04.17 a modifié le fonctionnement du magnate debuff.
    Une vidéo follow-up est prévue ce week-end, je devrai tester pour voir si la méthode des roulades est de nouveau 100% viable pour un master 2 en 70-90h.
    Introduction au buff maître 2 en commerce. Comment, quoi, pour qui ?
    Twitch : http://www.twitch.tv/Karmek
    Discord : https://discord.gg/7zQzFjj
    Twitter :  https://twitter.com/KarmekTV
    Introduction au buff Maître 2 Commerce
    Liste des buffs Lifeskill XP et post Reddit (EN) :
    Musique : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPTYlomyo3s
  2. Bonjour, j'ai démarré BDO hier et quelque chose me gène vraiment c'est la barre qui s'affiche en haut de l'écran avec des offre commerciales,
    par exemple "file d'attente pour l'inscription du marché : Anneau de gardien du croissant 3800000000000000 pièces d'argent".
    J'aimerai vraiment cacher cette barre d'info qui en plus de cela fait un bruit insupportable, merci de vos réponses

  3. Bonjour,
    Je Rush le commerce Maître 2 pour le bonus de vente et je souhaite savoir a part le costume de marchand ( +2 ), il y'à quoi d'autre pour gagner de l'xp plus rapidement en commerce ?
  4. bonjour, 
    je cherche actuellement les bonus de chaque compétence de métiers que l'on peut acquérir en le montant, par exemple le commerce en maître 2 le bonus est : 200% sur chaque vente je crois .
    je cherche pour les autres métiers et commerce également mais je ne trouve pas, pourriez vous m'aider ?
    merci a vous 
  5. Bonjour,
    Après avoir monté mon amitié avec Bahar a plus de 1000, celui-ci me conseille de trouver - un objet de commerce - " l'elixir bleu d'Alustin "  .
    J'ai recherché dans la liste des objets de vente sans pouvoir le trouver.
    Est-ce un problème de traduction ou bien ... ?
  6. Delphinus
    Dephinus is a new skilling oriented guild, on the North American Uno server, Serendia U1 shard. Casual or a hard core player we have a place for you. We aim to be a well rounded, knowledgeable guild. For those that enjoy a laid back atmosphere, enjoy the skilling grind, and want to meet new people Dephinus may be the perfect fit.
    Recruitment is open, spaces limited.
    We are currently looking for a few 40+ like minding individuals that enjoy skilling and have an interest in 50+ bossing.
    A few little bits:
    We do have a discord server, but this is not necessary.
    I will strive to keep Delphinus as drama free as possible.
    Fun and games are great, but please strive to maintain a mature attitude.
    Tolerance of others is a virtue.
    Blatant hatred, racism, and malicious intent towards any other member will be swiftly dealt with.
    If you think Delphinus is a good fit for you please send a friend request to and or message Xylianna.
    (If I am online and do not respond send the friend request and I will try and get back as soon as I can)
    Guild Master
    Westpaw, Xylianna
    (family name, character)
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    The Delphinus
  7. Bonjour à tous,
    J'ai créé un calculateur de commerce
    Celui-ci permet de :
    Voir les objets disponibles à un chef de commerceDe voir les objets correspondant à notre level maximum de commerce (car ceux-ci xp plus)Avec le noms d'un objet, il est possible de connaître la quantité disponible maximum, le prix unitaire à 100% et où l'acheter.Les îles ne sont pas encore renseignées. N'hésitez pas à me donner le nom de l'objet avec son prix "original" et sa zone si vous passez à coté !
    Toutes les quantités ne sont pas renseignées car nécessite d'avoir acheter le node !
    Certains points de commerce n’apparaissent pas dans l'option "prix du marché" et d'autre me sont inconnu.
    ex : Col d'oze semblerait correspondre au chemin de traverse de la carrière  terre abandonné correspond à poste sentinelle isolé / Terre des cyclopes à crioville
    Les marchés de Calpheon n'apparaissent pas.
    Chemin de la colline est un mystère
    Si vous avez des idées faisables ou des informations pour compléter merci de m'en informer à la suite du post
    Faire une copie du document si vous souhaitez l'utiliser
  8. THanks to all who have had interest. We are currently no longer in open recruitment.

  9. Bonjour à tous, la guilde Québécoise Pure Insanity recrute désormais des joueurs. Nous sommes une communauté de joueurs accueillant provenant de divers autres jeux. 
    Nous sommes sur le serveur [Edan] principalement sur le channel [Mehdia 1]. Actuellement 51/55 avec certains joueurs n'ayant pas encore transférer sur BDO de d'autre jeu mais cela ne va pas tarder. Nous avons des points disponible pour augmenter la limite de joueurs également. Plus on est de fou, plus on rit!
    Nous sommes des joueurs investis voulant faire du PvP late game tel les sièges et tout les GvG. Nous sommes très actifs et ils nous fait plaisir d'aider les gens aillant moins d'expérience. Certains de nos joueurs sont des vétérans provenant de BDO Corée et se feront un plaisir de vous partager leur connaissance. 
    Bien que nous nous concentrons principalement la dessus, nous effectuons également tous les autres aspects du jeu!
    Tous ce que nous demandons à nos membres est d'être investit dans la guilde, c'est-à-dire de participer au quêtes de guilde, jouer avec nous, mais surtout, BDO reste un jeu donc d'avoir du plaisir avec nous. Ne vous inquiétez pas si vous n'êtes pas aussi actif que certains autre membres, nous ne kickons que les joueurs ayant un temps depuis la dernière connexion de plus de 2 semaines et qui n'ont pas averti aucun officier.
    Nous avons un Teamspeak, non obligatoire mais fortement recommandé, ça l'aide à créer des liens et des amis.
    Nous avons également un site de guilde
    De plus, nous créons des événements IRL afin d'avoir du plaisir et des nouveaux amis.
    Pour un invitation ou des questions, vous pouvez demander ici sur le forum dans le topic, en message privé sur le forum ou bien in-game.
    Nom ingame des officiers et GM : Prenom du main (nom de famille)
    Akamme (Albarn)
    Aldaene (PatientZero)
    Lapinette (Illinichina)
    QcShadow (Honourable)
    Shikossu (Mavericks)
    Au plaisir de vous voir en jeu!!
  10. The Trade Guild
    The Trade Guild, the only guild dedicated to trade and commerce, generic leadership, and profits, has open positions available.  Below is a list of our current openings.
    Project Manager Trade Division
    Specialize in commercial ventures and industrial projects.  Participate in route negotiations and margin mitigations.  Logistics experience required.  Transportation expected.  Amount of travel: 100%.  Independent contractor status required.
     Fisheries Supervisor
    Oversee the operations of commerical fisheries in your designated territory.  Negotiate supply chains and maintain top operational efficiency.  Vessels are not provided.  Accidental drowning insurance required.
     Risk Mitigation
    Mitigate risk by securing vital trade routes between interested parties.  Provide security detail and protection as well as active intelligence on the security of the route.  Bodily harm waiver required.
     CDL Drivers
    Drivers must provide own transportation.  Cart & Donkey Licenses' get commission based on routes planned and distance as well as personal hygiene.  Bodily harm waiver required.All positions are on a 7 day right-to-work employment contract.  Read the legalese of your contracts before signing them.
    Interested applicants can visit one of our two central locations in Heidel or Calpheon.  Remote applicants can send whispers to SirCutsAlot, Galimae, or Kallidor.  Friendship requests to be made to the Korlu family.
    La Communauté Multigaming HYDRIUM recrute!
    Présents depuis les Beta (Europe et Russe pour certains) sur Black Desert Online, nous avons décidé de nous y implanter durablement considérant le potentiel important de ce jeu pour le long terme. Notre Communauté va donc compter 3 MMORPG à son actif en simultané, les deux autres étant TESO (sous le nom de Vindicte sur PC) et FF14 (Hydrium), ainsi qu'une Section FPS variée.
    Nos objectifs ne diffèrent pas selon les jeux et sont donc toujours les suivants:S'amuser, s'entraider, profiter du contenu de jeu dans sa totalité en se respectant les uns et les autres tout en conservant une bonne ambiance détendue. Forts déjà de plus d'une Dizaine de Joueurs Actifs, nous sommes désireux de recruter de nouveaux camarades ayant la même mentalité que nous.
     Nous acceptons donc tous les types de joueurs, que vous débutiez ou que vous soyez un vétéran du MMO, que vous ayez clean du contenu ou que vous commencez juste à l'aborder, tout le monde a sa place chez nous sous la condition que ce ne soit pas un profiteur, un escroc, un PGM Hardcore, un stressé stressant, un hypocrite ou un assisté (on aime aider mais on est pas des buses non plus). Notre système de recrutement fonctionne de la manière suivante (plus long à lire qu'à subir):1- Un entretien Vocal avec deux membres de notre staff sur notre TS2- Si accepté par le Staff, vous devrez aller sur notre forum poster votre candidature (un formulaire est à utiliser, 12 questions, rien de méchant)3- Ensuite vous subirez une Période d'essai d'une à 2 semaines (selon votre temps de jeu, moins vous en avez, plus vous aurez de période d'essai) durant la/lesquelles les Membres jugeront votre comportement et votre personnalité, votre capacité à respecter notre Charte et les autres joueurs.4- A la fin de votre période d'essai, les Membres et les autres Recrues en période d'essai voteront pour ou contre votre admission définitive dans notre Communauté (ce qui implique que vous pourrez jouer à tout autres jeux dans la Communauté sans plus jamais avoir à refaire de candidature) Ce système de recrutement a fait ses preuves et nous permet de conserver notre ambiance, d'intégrer au mieux nos recrues et d'éviter les joueurs à problème. Prenez cela comme un gage de Sérieux de notre vieille structure existant depuis 2012. L'adresse de notre forum est la suivante : http://www.hydrium-m...gaming.fr/forumNotre Charte à lire obligatoirement : http://www.hydrium-m...unauté-hydrium/Notre Formulaire de Candidature : http://www.hydrium-multigaming.fr/forum/index.php?/topic/1331-formulaire-de-candidature/Notre Organigramme : http://www.hydrium-m...-la-communauté/Notre Histoire : http://www.hydrium-m...ui-sommes-nous/ Vous pouvez contacter Belaya Smert ou Henri de Owl en jeu pour plus d'information ou pour le recrutement.
  12.  Ahoy there scallywags and land lubbers!Lookin' for a place to rest ye weary bones?                    
     Lookin' to make a quick deal with reputable traders from all coasts?Or perhaps just lookin' to enjoy the best rum along with music and entertainment?
     Make yeselves cozy at the Salty Bones Inn at Epheria Port, home to the best grilled fish ye can find and to the friendliest folk this side of Calpheon!

    We offer food, drink, and lodging along with stabling and fodder for your weary beasts.

    Come join us for a pint! Lookin' for musicians and performers now! Apply within!  IC Information: OOC Information:  
  13. Bonjour a tous, 
    j'avais plusieurs questions concernant le commerce ingame de Black Desert Online. 
    J'avais entendu dire que l'on pourrait avoir des charretes et devenir commercants itinérant et vendre de ville en ville. 
    Que l'on pourrait aussi louer les services d'autres joueurs pour securiser nos convois .
    Acheter une maison et y installer un pnj qui se chargerai de vendre a notre place...etc.
    Pourriez vous me dire premierement ce qui fait part des rumeurs et ce qui sera vrai ? 
    Est ce qu'il y aura d'autres metiers développés dans le meme style ?
    Merci d'avance pour vos lumières
  14. So I have mentioned player shops as part of another topic, but that topic included a lot of other things with it as well. right now I just want to talk about player shops and their rather bleak future. 
    Running things like an in game restaurant, shop, repair station etc. seems like it won't ever be a thing in Black Desert period. due to the very strong opposition to player trading, and the games build away from it...... as far as silver in concerned. 
    Player Run shops off a variety of decent opportunities to encourage commerce and economy, player to player interactions, role playing, currency gain, resources gain, as well as possible added benefits. Few problems with using silver for this save for black desert's insistence on avoiding player trade, would be inflation and being online to run the shop. To solve these problems or find a way to allow player shops in BDO i would like to brainstorm on the idea. So any thoughts on how it should be implemented if you agree would be nice.
    However there could still be a way to implement player run shops, this is a quick draft of what i think are possible options.
    Firstly, manning the shop:
    having the player, npc workers, or other players under contract man the shop works imo. it can also work similarly to the way afk fishing is done. as for having other players work for you and run the shop, we can use a similar contract system that guilds use, but with reduced time constraints and different rules of engagement once the contract is taken up and after it expires.
    Supplying the Shop:
    The shop would have to remain supplied by trade runs by the owner, other players under contract, or npc workers gathering resources for the shop, in order to continue its service, depending on the type of shop
    Benefits of using Player shops over NPC shops:
    I honestly don't know where this one could go. it could involve small temporary buffs. a different currency or a cheaper currency use.
    Types of Player shops:
    Any involving life skills, and/or  NPC worker skills. EDIT: Player cannot own more than a certain number of shops, I'm not sure if should be limited by type, or by sheer number. (should also require proper investment into the shops level).
    going to avoid silver for obvious reasons.
    contribution points; that will work similar to houses, nodes, and so on. where you pay a set price (by the game based on shop level) to the player. from there you can freely use the shops services, given the need to keep the shop supplied there would probably be a limit on how much you can get or how often you can use the shop.
    Milage points: simply because as an alternate currency we obtain as a login reward it would provide an efficient use in a market like this, however main problem is that it completely falls out of the frame the Devs were aiming for.
    EXP crossed my mind as well, but i don't know why or how that would work,
    Energy as payment, however that would need some serious experimentation to ensure it doesn't become a runaway system. its very possible for this to work, give certain rules and limits, but it's also possible that it can be abused if not properly tested, but i guess that exists in any system.
    what do you guys think. I'm not asking if you agree and want this system for the shop or no shops at all. rather i want to know whether you think player shops can work at all and what system you think would make them work for black desert.
  15. Not really sure what it should be called, or anything, but I want a guild that focuses more on crafting and trading, and economy, etc
    I'd like to do trade runs and travel in groups for safety. I want friendly people to chat with while doing tedious things.
    Mostly just a PvE and trading guild. I very much dislike PvP but am willing to do it to protect myself and my friends. 
    I already have a couple people who I know will join but I'd like a community big enough to support itself in all aspects and still be very laid back when need be.
    Don't be mean. Nobody likes that.
    Passive aggressive people are mean. Refer to rule one.
    Be accepting of other people's situations and understanding towards them.
    You don't necessarily have to be active but it'd be nice. I guess.
    Participating in guild trade runs and events would also be a good thing, but if you're busy that's also okay. I mean, as long as you do it sometimes I'll be happy.
    Be nice to new people. This doesn't necessarily mean help them but answer questions if they're asked, etc.
    Some things are guild secrets so talk to our members before sharing it. Keep secrets, man.
    Don't grief other people/ kill for no reason and it'd be nice if you were going to kill them for something like harassment if you also submitted proof of that, then we can know that they're a bad person and everyone will know to be careful of them. Possibly even putting them on a blacklist to not sell to or help them if they're giving everyone a hard time.
    Age restriction: 13 and up. We swear here. Mature audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.
    If you have any suggestions for names, that'd be nice. Also if you want to join there are basically no restrictions as to who can join as long as you abide by the rules. And aren't 12.
    >Server hasn't really been decided yet but I'm very flexible in that regard.

  16. Les GriffesduPhoenix
    Guilde familiale / PvE / PvP / Artisanat / Commerce / Housing / ...
    Nous sommes un groupe de joueurs(ses) matures.
    Nous recrutons à partir de 18 ans.
    Francophones, nous venons de tous les horizons.
    Notre but principal est de prendre plaisir à jouer ensemble dans la bonne humeur.
    Nos objectifs :  
    - profiter un maximum de notre loisir favori,
    - prendre le temps de découvrir et d'évoluer dans le monde de Black Desert Online, 
    - aider les membres à progresser quelque soit leur disponibilité,
    - avancer à notre rythme pour arriver au sommet.
    Si vous souhaitez de plus amples informations, n'hésitez pas à prendre contact avec nous :
    Notre forum est disponible à l'adresse suivante : http://lesgriffesduphoenix.forumactif.org/
    Nous utilisons mumble pour communiquer in game et en d'autres circonstances aussi : srv16.serveurmumble.com / port : 50159 / mdp : lgdp137
    Hawkmoon Thorgald
    A la vie, à la mort, fidèle et fraternel !
  17. Okay, so some of it is stuff I just really, really want, but I'd just like to start out by saying that I am a huge fan of this game, probably having spent significantly more time researching it than many of the people who play on the beta. I'm barely able to stem my excitement enough to keep from jumping on the beta... Even if I really want to experience it for the first time in it's official release, preferably with some friends. (And with any luck with the Blader class.) In the time I was unable to post, I spent a lot of time learning the more crucial elements of the game through tutorials, and compiling what from my perspective seemed the most reasonable, and yet most crucial changes that people suggested. (With more than a little input of my own) Now, bear with me here, as this is going to be long.
    Quests - Most complaints about the leveling system seem to fall into the same category; it's too fast, too easy, and doesn't inspire exploration. I've also noticed a lot of people who have difficulty grasping the more complicated skills in the game. Now, the most effective method to deal with both is to increase the incentive to do quests, and therefore more incentive to acquire all the information the game has to offer. You could do this by increasing the experience gained through quests, while decreasing the experience gained through mobs. Perhaps you could even add experience for discovering a zone, or a little buff to gain additional experience when first playing in a new zone. 
    Parties - Another thing I've come across is that parties don't gain enough experience to be worthwhile, which would at least be less noticeable with the new method, but the addition of another factor, such as a 10% buff to mob experience (Per each additional member of a party.)
    Monsters/Knowledge - I saw this one pop up a few times in other threads, and found myself agreeing with it. I think the current knowledge system could us a bit of an overhaul, changing the RNG-based spam reseting until it works out into one where killing a certain mob will slowly build up the knowledge level on it. Something like 25-50 kills for C - Rank, 100-250 kills for B - Rank, 500-1000 kills for A - rank, and 1000-2500 kills for S - Rank.
    Field Bosses - I saw one person post about the possibility of stronger guilds gaining an early edge by controlling the spawns of major field bosses and steadily building a lead. Their suggestion was to implement a more RNG based respawn timer. Instead of a boss respawning at x hours, it could spawn at n - y hours, keeping an element of randomness to it. 
    Guild ranks - Guild ranks seem a little lacking, with only 3 categories. If we can't get fully customizable ranks, then perhaps adding at least 1-2 more with something along the lines of "Veteran" or "Newb/Probationary member."    
    Guild Invites - The idea of being able to invite people to your guild without being face to face at the time was expressed a few times (If it was in hopes of avoiding invite spamming, you could always throw in a safe guard like only being able to guild invite people who have you on your friends list in that manner)
    Chat system/energy - I find this complaint a lot, and find the whole concept a little silly, it doesn't really stop people who are going to be spamming while afk, or botting, it stops people from being able to communicate freely while playing the game. A simple chat timer, or spam restrictions would be more effective imo.
    Emotes - I think the current restrictions on animated emotes should be altered or removed, because as somebody so brilliantly put "Why the hell do I need to be level 45 to cry?" Another addition that would be nice would be custom chat emotes for roleplaying, because with a game as beautiful as this one we all know it's going to happen. A lot. To that end a simple /e or /em would be good.
    Player Trade - This ties a bit more into my next category, commerce. I find it silly to disable player trading on anything but enchanted gear for a multitude of reasons. Sure, there will always be players trying to make a quick buck by selling ingame currency, but they'll also offer to play somebody's account for them, or sell them an account. These people exist, and yes, they suck, but I don't think normal players should have to go without in a feeble attempt to stop that. It also helps with immersion (Which I adore this game for) it seems stupid that I couldn't hand somebody standing in front of me a sack of flour, or some mining materials. Maybe their pickaxe broke and I have an extra one. Regardless of the reason, I think trading should be an option.
    Auction Houses - The big one, Auction Houses. This one cropped up a lot, and I have to agree with the majority on this, get rid of the Worldwide auction house and bring back one that is tied to a single city (I mean, how else are guilds who control that territory supposed to get their taxes?) Another popular demand was better bot detection, and anti-bot system, because bots will control the market like nothing else. Now toward that (As well as toward a little more financial liberty) I propose removing the limiter on AH prices. I hate the thought of being told to sell at a specific price, making some items impossible to sell, and others impossible to procure past a wall of bots. What would removing the limiter do? Well bots wouldn't be able to just instantly buy whatever showed up, since I'm sure the person running it doesn't want to pay 10x market value for an item. It would also stimulate a popular element of other MMO's I've seen; people being undercut.... And well, people being conned. It ain't pretty, but it's reality. Now you're probably thinking "That's ridiculous, everything will cost a bajillion silver!" or some such but fear not, there is method to my madness. You simply have to add a fee to placing an item on the AH, you pay the tax upfront, and if a player buys your item, the tax is transferred to them and you get your gold back... If not, well tough shit, sell for a better price.
    Taxes - Now, let's pick continue on that little tax tid-bit I mentioned earlier. I'd heard mention that the taxes on the AH were some ridiculous amount like 35% which to my eyes is pure lunacy. I think something more along the lines of 5% base tax, with a 5-10% guild tax rate makes much more sense. (And that way it makes less sense to try and find player trades just to avoid it.)
    Economy - As you've probably noticed by now, I'm very for a more "hands off" approach to the economy. Sure, it might fail, but at least it will be our failure. In the worst case scenario a more forceful approach could be taken later, but until such a time, I think you should just let us dirty capitalist consumerist pieces of shit do what we love most, throw our money at people.
    Player vs Player: A lot of these tie together, making most of it just this concept that I've always had dancing around in my head for what in my eyes would be the perfect MMORPG.
    World PvP - Alright, I know I said that AH was the big one, but my heart will always be on the battlefield. To that end, I have quite a few things I'd absolutely love to see, and have seen a few people mention several of them, and a few more that are more original.  To start with, I'd like to see world PvP offer a few more rewards, (For a multitude of reasons that I'll tie into later) but with greater reward comes greater risk. I'd like to see more items drop from dead players, as well as from their mounts, carts or wagons. According to a majority of players, virtually nobody on KR servers PvP's because it's just not worth the risk. I know that you're already working on that, but I think that additional drops would be cool in a few ways. 1: You wouldn't need any bandits, players would be more than willing to fill that role, and much more effectively at that. It would also open the path to something like people who either A) Hunt the criminals B) offer to protect players transporting goods for a fee. 
    Karma - As it is, Karma isn't going to work for world PvP, and though you've changed it, I think we could do a little more with it. As I mentioned earlier, player bandits would be a very possible outcome of increasing the drops, but then if they didn't stand to lose a little more, then what would be the point? I think players should lose karma for A) Killing mounts/wagons. B) Looting players, and C) Looting mounts/wagons. Along with this, you could increase the punishment for negative karma, restricting, and even increasing the loss of experience, sockets, enchants and item durability on death to those with negative karma. 
      Karma modifier(s) - I think that a blanket amount of negative karma for attacking and/or killing a player just doesn't account for the real world. If you just reduce it evenly, then you will have people hunt down new players, or players they don't like just for fun, effectively harassing them, and likely ruining the gaming experience for them while they do. I think that a level modifier should be the first thing added, killing somebody who's stronger than you is quite the feat, and even if it is 'murder' it's also impressive.... And on the other end of the spectrum, killing somebody who is so much weaker than you they couldn't even begin to stand a chance is despicable. This should be reflected in karma loss. Anybody 10 levels or more lower than you should deplete your karma completely if you kill them. (Though that might be a little too harsh) 
      New Karma systems - A) "Anti-Bully" System - Now the first part of this would be the modifier for killing lower levels, and the other part would be a second modifier for killing somebody repeatedly. I've seen this play out on other games, and admittedly been a part of it.. Being on the receiving end is anything but fun. Karma lost should double, or increase by at least 50% for every time you kill the same player.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   B) Self-Defence system - The previous system would have one flaw... That somebody who had nothing to lose could keep charging you until your karma was well into the negative in hopes of finally killing you, or that somebody else would finish you off for him... Unless of course, you didn't lose karma for killing somebody who attacked you first. I mean, it seems silly to begin with, what happens to the people who are attacked for no reason? Do they have to meekly run from their attacker? I think that if somebody attacks you, then they should be completely ready to face the consequences of their actions, which just might be finding themselves on the point of a sword.
     Flagging - Flagging is another feature I find important, as a sort of fail safe. To avoid being manipulated into accidentally attacking another player to trigger the 'self-defence' a player should only be able to attack another player if the player has engaged their own PvP, or the enemy player has engaged them in combat.
     Marking - Given all the changes that you guys have already been making to world PvP, and the ones I propose something like this might make sense. Players with negative karma should be regarded as 'criminals' and perhaps have an icon by their name, like a jolly roger or some such. Maybe in extreme cases appearing on the minimap, or even the full map.                          Bounties - Sort of a subcategory for 'marking' it could be cool to be able to place a bounty on a criminal player. Somebody been hounding your favourite trade route or farming location? Put a price on his head, and wait for somebody to collect. I'm not sure how viable this actually is, but it would certainly be fun. (It could even be the reason that a player appears on the map as a 'bandit') To avoid people abusing it, or skimping out on the bill, I think there should be a system in place, such as a bounty board that players can interact with to either check or issue bounties, as well as a minimum price, but no maximum. How much would your head be worth? The player pays up front and the duration of 'marking' and possible payout is determined by the amount issued. Could add to the realism by allowing the player to add a description or reason for the bounty. (Though maybe from a predetermined list of texts to avoid colourful word choices) In the case of a bounty board, I'd also suggest that rather than losing karma, players who collect on a bounty gain some instead. 
    Lanterns - The darker nights feature that roleplayers fought for isn't wrong, in fact I think it's pretty awesome, and could even bring the possibility of 'ambushes.' But what is a problem is the current lantern, which simply doesn't work as intended. Increasing it's range would be a good start, and many people have called for being able to see it on your belt. Now I know that that would probably be quite a bit of extra graphical work, so maybe if that's not possible either making the lantern an 'orb of light' and having it float alongside you casting its light in a wider range. I guess it could just be called 'spell of light' and given a scroll item icon.
    Accuracy and evasion - I've heard quite a few complaints about this one, and frankly I agree with what I've heard so far. It's just another RNG effect... And RNG is pretty much never a good thing. It's also one of the major issues with the warrior and giant classes, so I'd like to see it either removed, or significantly reduced. We can already dodge and block through our own ability as a player, we got dis.
    Potions - While they're not killing anybody (heh) the potions could use a little more work. I do like the addition of a cd to them, but it doesn't quite get rid of the problem, making people very capable of turtling up. I would propose adding a stacking debuff, called something like 'Metabolic strain', 'Toxicity', 'Rejection', or 'Immunity', etc. That reduced the amount of health returned by a potion by 15% per stack (up to 75-90%) and lasting 2-3mins. In that way you wouldn't even need to worry about a cd on them, it would just sort itself out.
    Worker Autonomy - Somebody mentioned the addition of a queue (even if it was only of 1 additional task) for individual workers to carry out after they'd completed the first. While I don't think this is game-breaking, I did think it was worth the mention.
    Work Points/Energy - I almost forgot about this one, as a few other people have pointed out, the system seems a little slow, more so without the addition of pay2win items on the cash shop, so maybe increasing the rate that it regenerates from 1 every 3 minutes to 1 a minute would be appropriate.
    Afterthoughts: These are the things that sorta came to mind, but didn't really merit too much attention.
    'Protection' or 'Territory' System - I thought something along the lines of guild owned territories being under their 'protection' or 'jurisdiction' and so maybe the guild owning a territory would get a notification whenever somebody was attacked or PK'd in the area surrounding their town.
    Costumes - I don't think it's surprising, but we want more! Let men's underwear rain down from the heavens!
    More customization - Even if it's only in the form of a few more hairstyles or tattoos. No such thing as too many options.
    Community contests - In particular Player art contests. These always boom from what I've seen on other games (In particular Tera, which frankly you're going to be taking most of the players from) You offer small vanity rewards, maybe a title or mount and people will be drooling at the chance to give you their artistic talent... Some of which is good enough to warrant a second look. (Another example being the Tera fanarts that were later turned into costumes.) And yeah, you didn't pay anything for them to come up with it, but the fact that it was implemented into a game they love will make their world. Any form of player projects are free advertising and promote a good community.
    Negatory Ghost-Rider: Another suggestion I saw bumping around that seemed to have a bit of support was the idea for a "PvE only channel" which IMO would ruin the market and the whole PvP concept of the game. I get it, some people don't like PvP, but if something is PvE specific it should be an entire server... And in the case of Black Desert that just doesn't seem realistic. The game has a strong PvP system that I think should be enjoyed (Well okay, I think it could also be enriched, but honestly can't wait for the real deal)
    That's about all I've compiled so far (Or come up with) I would love to see some of it make its way into the game, but in my opinion the game is pretty fantastic as is. So don't let people convince you it's too complex! 
    P.S. - I would really like to see the rest of the classes make it into the NA release.. Or at least the Blader. I know a lot of people are just as interested in the Blader as I am, and I just really don't see any reason to artificially reduce the content in your version of the game. Especially when it forces men to play female characters in order to avoid being either a tank, a titan, or Gandalf. You've got so much content to work with, and pacing the release stand to be able to keep the game feeling fresh and new for months, or even years to come. I support the current level cap, but I would really love to see the Blader available on release, so much so that if it is added I'll be upgrading to conquerer's package to get my 'main' up ASAP. Anyway, I've ranted quite enough for one night.
  18. Salut à tous et à toute, un sujet qui met tien particulièrement à coeur, le commerce ! Je vous propose un résumé/traduction du post anglais avec un vote pour faire entendre votre voix sur le sujet.
    Sujet original:
    J'ai demandé à Daum et Peal Abyss de reconsidérer la réintroduction des marchés locaux et retiré l'hôtel des ventes globales.
    L'un des changements majeurs dans le jeu à était pour moi le concept du commerce où je devais parcourir le monde et chercher la ville où je pouvais acheter/vendre au meilleur prix les biens que j'ai ramassés, crafté ou acheté à un autre joueur, risqué ma vie et mon convoi** contre diverses menaces (autres joueurs pouvant me dépouiller) en parcourant les régions pour gagner quelque pièce dans une économie entièrement dirigée par les joueurs et le système politique**. Voyager avec un groupe d'amis, ou payer des mercenaires, avançant avec divers moyen de transport**. Les connexion faites au travers du commerce, des discussions et des services demandés (escorte, mercenaire), avec une économie vivante et pouvant faire naitre de nombreux services, le sentiment de menace avec le risque de perdre ma cargaison des mains d'autres joueurs, être ce joueur qui risque sa vie et son karma** pour piller la cargaison d'un autre, avoir un réel impact sur le monde et comment les autres progressent et jouent, dans ma tête le plus grand attrait dans BDO.
    Aucune de ses features ne peut avoir lieu en l'état actuel.
    L'hôtel des ventes global a complètement tué les joies du voyage entre les villes pour trouver le meilleur prix, le remplace par un système inintéressant où les prix sont arbitrairement attribués par des NPC. Il n'y a aucun fun à participé dans un système qui devrait être construit autour de l'interaction entre joueurs, mais qui au final de l'est pas.
    Je peux seulement demander à DAUM et PA de reconsidérer ce système qui était disponible dans les premières versions du jeu. Et j'ai espoir que l'on va se préoccuper de la perte de cet aspect fascinant comme il en était le cas au Japon, en Corée et en Russie.
    Convoi : système qui permet de transporter ses biens d'une ville à l'autre, au début du jeux il pouvait être pillé par les autres joueurs (en totalité) aujourd'hui contre une grosse perte de karma on peut loot 1 objet ou 2.
    Politique : Chaque zone peut être contrôlée par une guilde qui y applique des taxes.
    Karma : Chaque vol/victimes (hors GVG, bataille, etc) applique une perte de Karma, un karma négatif vous rend hostile envers les gardes, vous donne une "chance" de perdre divers objet lors d'une mort, peut vous envoyer en prison, vous donne accès à une ville pirate (peut être pas dispo à la release), le tout selon le niveau du karma (plus il est négatif plus vous risquez).
    Aujourd'hui :
    L'hôtel des ventes a des prix fixes :
    A. Tu peux voir, vendre et acheter  n'importe quel objet, de n'importe quelle ville où que tu sois..
    B. Quand tu vend, tu as un range (30%+-) ou tu peux choisir le prix de ton objet, il n'ya donc aucune fluctuation dans les prix, tu ne peux pas mettre bien plus bas pour vendre, etc
    Les échanges : actuellement impossible tout passe par l'hotel des ventes pour "bloquer" la route aux goldseller entre autres.
    Solutions :
    Premièrement les dev/éditeurs devrait ban les bot/goldseller régulièrement, peut être diminué le karma pour pouvoir les tuer dans de grosse pénalités. Limiter leurs actions sans diminuer celle des joeurs (compliqué je l'admet).
    Autoriser le trade entre membre de guilde/friendlist, par exemple si on est dans la friendlist/guilde depuis 2 semaines. Maintenant vous pouvez aider vos amis et rendre la vie dure aux bots
    Pour l'hôtel des vente retirer totalement les prix fixes. La seule chose qui devrait être autorisé par un prix fixe c'est l'équipement haut level, les goldseller et autres bot ne pourrait pas donc s'en servir pour booster leur méthodes.
    Retirer l'hôtel des ventes global et réintroduire les hôtels locaux dans chaque région. Par exemple Valencia, Media, Calpheon ont un hôtel différent pour chaque zone. C'est une méchanique intéressante. Une ressource peut être seulement trouvé en Calpheon, vous avez deux alternatives, vendre en Calpheon au prix normal ou tout transporter à Valencia pour pouvoir le vendre plus cher. C'est comme ça que l'on rend le monde plus actif et vivant ! En plus cela permet aux bandits/pk/chasseurs de primes d'exister et pourquoi pas du Guild v Guild drama entre bandit et "héro".
    Voilà c'est à vous de faire entendre votre voix sur le commerce dans BDO en commentant/votant !