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  1. Thank you for your interest in joining Arcane_Synergy on Black Desert Online.
    Arcane_Synergy is currently located on Olvia 1 (as it is a brand new guild composed of new players). We eventually intend to move to a different server and have a focus on pvx content (which the move to a different server will be done on a future date and the post updated then). As a new guild, we are looking to recruit social, mature players with a goal to see this guild suceed.
    By joining us you'll join a multi gaming community that expands across multiple games (our sister guilds Not Forgotten in Guild Wars 2, Aequitas Vox in Star Wars: The Old Republic and much more) and has a rich history along the way. We believe that making friendships in our community is integral to our continued success in gaming.
    If you're a new player that would like to join us along the way or a veteran player that would like to help out and offer assistance along the way, we would be happy to chat and see if you are a good fit for us.
    Contact Information
    PM me on the forums Or send me a mail in game (i check often)
    Family Name: Falksheime
    Characters Name: Kamilyyn
  2. I tried to act as a buffer, but witchs are pretty small. Thank you guys for coming out to visit with your RP community for a little while! ♥ You honestly cannot even begin to understand what it means to us as a community. 

  3. So, my friend and I we're dueling over at Mediah castle. Obviously I fell off, cause im a dumba$$.
    Anyway. I was climbing up some cliffs, and behold. The easter egg of the century. I found a dead rooster.
    Just sitting here. Very entertaining. Anyway. I think you guys should make up some lore or something for this Rooster.!

  4. Hi,
    I just felt like I needed to post somewhere about my experience with this games community. So, I'm fairly new player (lvl50) but I've been taking my time to learn some things. I started enchanting my armor today, and noticed that I just couldn't get my +12 Grunil armor to +13, so I checked the Marketplace for the prices for +15 Grunil armor -pieces and they were significantly less pricey compared to what I already had spent on black stones / durability restore. I asked the 'channel'-chat: "Shouldn't I just buy the already enchanted pieces from Marketplace instead of enchanting them myself to save money?" 
    There happened to be some real comedians in the chat just when I asked though. Instead of giving me a simple answer, someone tried their hardest to make me waste everything I had for no reason. This guy tried so hard to convince me that It's better to use all my money to enchant the armor myself so I can get some kind of "hidden master enchanter" -buff.. to always use memory fragments to repair my armor, even on regular +11 armor, etc, etc. (I'm pretty sure they're used on boss armor, right?). Some other people joined him and tried to do the same.. I don't know much about the game, but I can use common sense on certain things on the game, and I have no idea why people take so much time out of their life to be malicious towards others for no reason.
    Few minutes later, I decide to use my failstacks to make a PRI grunil armor, and succeed on the first try, after failing 20+ times on +12 piece. I just say "Lol, why is it so much easier to make a PRI armor than +13 armor" to the chat and someone just goes full savage mode (again for absolutely no reason) and says stuff like "holy shit, I literally hope you get cancer and die from it because you're so retarded", saying stuff like he hopes my family dies too.. .. like what am I missing? Did I say something so stupid I deserve that? I don't get it at all? I'm so confused I'm thinking maybe I am retarded?
    I'm just trying to learn the game and I (other people as well) just get this shit constantly in this game. And I know some of you might be like "So what, get over it. It's the internet and people are trolls and don't think about what they're saying." I get that, because I used to be like that too. But you DON'T know who the person you're flaming is and in how bad of a shape they're in. This isn't like 'pity me thread' but I personally have diagnosed depression and stuff like this makes me feel like shit. I'm just trying to socialize and have fun and I get completely ass-blasted for no reason.
    Honestly the few days I've been playing Black Desert has been one of the most toxic gaming experiences I've ever had, and I've played some games that are widely known for their toxic player bases.
    Like, I noticed from the start that there's a lot of elitism, and people being way too overly defensive of the game when someone gives the slightest critique about the game.. but come on. Is this kind of behavior normal for this game, or have I just been extremely unlucky with the people I've met so far?
  5. Xpire is looking for new members ! 
    We are a very laid back friendly PvX guild and our aim is to have fun, we are super active on discord and in game.
    We don't have many rules as we like to let people play the game the way they want it, We like people to be as active as possible and if you can do some guild quests. We do many events such as PvP and guild scrolls. We would like new members to be 56+ but this can be negotiated
    If you are interested please message : Kippllerr, ZeoXP or ZeoWiz. you can also leave a message in the guild guestbook/page. guild name : XPIRE 
    Hope to see some of you soon 
  6. Welcome to Celestia! We're a new, diverse, unique gaming community that specializes in PC gaming, console gaming, and anime. We have members of all ages from all around the world, so you'll fit right in! Whether you're looking to meet new people, to play games with others, or just have people to converse with, you'll be able to find it all within our community. Give us a try today here discord.gg/hbyFHq5 and find your forever home!
  7. Hey there, I have been a black desert player since it's arrival in NA and I would love to say something.
    I am very great-full to the @GM Creat0r, @GM Creator, @GM Felaxus, @GM Kaiji, @GM Moose, @GM MWallace, @GM Neevachu, @GM_Axion, @GM_BBrilliant, @GM_Bytesize and all the other GM's( i apologies i don't know the gms personally so i dont know all of the names!) for their work.
    You guys rocking and doing good job. Please ignore all the whiners that always complain left and right unreasonably.
    PS. I am a Ninja!
    #1 EDIT : @GM_Jouska added to the list just found him >.<
  8. Hello!
    I have been playing BDO for a while now and am really enjoying it. I think it has the potential to be one of the greatest MMOs of all time.
    I would love to see the ability for players to send each other offline messages. Here is a scenario;
    I'm trying to join a guild, and after looking at the guild listings, I see that I should contact the player named 'LordSirGuildMaster' for more info. So I open up the chat menu and whisper this player, but he is offline. So I try again later, and the message goes through; however, LordSirGuildMaster didn't notice the private message because he was in a fight and the message got hidden by other notifications. So I try again later, but LordSirGuildMaster went AFK for a few minutes and when he came back, again the message was obscured. At this point the person sending the messages is likely not as motivated to take part in that community. They don't know if the person is ignoring them intentionally or if there are other factors. And the guild master might have lost out on a potential recruit because they were simply busy enjoying the game.

    The ability to send private mails to people, whether online or offline, would greatly improve the communications and community building in the game. Most people start a new game because of the features, but being part of a great online community can keep people in it for years after the shiny-new feel has worn off.

    Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

  9. Community
    Flux is a Gaming Community that was founded in 2013. Since then Flux has been constantly growing and changing. At our core, we are a multi-gaming community currently serving PC gamers across various titles. Our group consists of casual, semi and hardcore players who have gathered together under a single banner to game together and build a name for ourselves! Each of us has a passion for gaming. We work together to make experiences enjoyable for all and radiate a positive vibe to players outside of the community. We are always looking to expand into other games to build and maintain solid teams which will intertwine itself in the gaming world. 
    Black Desert Online
    Within Black Desert Online, we originated out of Orwen server with no ties to any particular channel. We are a PvX guild with a much more heavy emphasis on player vs. player combat. Our members have competitive attitudes within our relaxed atmosphere which simply means we like to have fun and kill people along the way. Currently, we participate in node wars twice a week and maintain a healthy, competitive environment for our members. Our members are active on discord daily and happy to set up grind groups/answer questions that new BDO players could have.
    We typically ask our members to be 57+ with an awakened gearscore of 415+, and commit to at least three of the eight node wars we participate in per month. However, with the new surge of returning and new players, we are willing to accept anyone that is below the level/gearscore requirement as long as they are social, committed to leveling/gearing up, and meet our node war minimum requirements. Discord is obviously mandatory for all node wars.
    Information on how to join can be located on our website: Here  - OR -  You can contact any of our officers below in-game for more information!
    Guild Master: House_Osiris / TheodoraMember Management: DivineSpark / Valkyrior
    Recruitment/Relations: RedTape / FearsomeTyrantPvP Event Coordinator: Reynx / Reynz
    PvP Officer: Fire_Fist / Florrin
    PvP Officer: Neee / Tokiii
    PvP Officer: Vren / SuperEdgyElf
     Thank you for your interest in joining Flux and we look forward to seeing you in Black Desert!
    Website: www.fluxcommunity.org  -  Discord: discord.gg/flux
  10. Do you like Lantern? Do you want to raise your lantern to the sky?
    Yes? Let's raise together!
    When: 29.January 2017
    Time: CEST 19:00 start (meet up)  https://time.is/CEST
    Lantern start: Ingame Time 22:00/PM10:00
    Where: Heidel - east storage
    Server: Velia 5
    Why Heidel?
    Cause its kinda zentral and also low characters are able to reach heidel.
    18:00 CEST? What happen if its isnt dark ingame?
    Sry to say, but we will have to wait. (I consider some ppl will be late anyway)
    The Lantern start will be @22:00/10:00PM - Nighttime
    P.S. if anyone know the correct time pls let me know, thanks
    Lantern? Whats that?
    Little Lantern for your character. You can let them fly ingame.
    How to buy those lanterns?
    You are able to buy two kinds of Sets: A and B. Each Set contains 5 different Lanterns each 10 times.
    And the buff?
    You will get +1 Luck for 4 minutes. The Items will be gone after 1st of February.
    But i wanna use the buff to farm ingame. I dont want to waste it on my character. But i still want to be part of the Event. Any solution?
    That's no problem. You are able to purchase those sets for EACH character you own. Just log on to ur twink (2nd character) and join the event.
    Ill be happy bout everyone whos willing to join.
    I also hope we will not wait endless to enter nighttime. (rly sry if i failed at that point)
    Log in @18:00CEST and check if it takes some time to server nighttime.
    Keep inmind of the traveling time.
    If theres any questions left or some advices, let me know.
    Hope the english was understandable.
    Edit: Time change from 18:00 Cest to 19:00 cest ^^ (nighttime @ 19:40CEST thx @yssi)
  11. Ihr mögt die Ingame Laternen? Ihr wollt sie gern steigen lassen?
    Ja? Dann lasst uns doch zusammen den BDO Himmel verschönern!

    Wann: 29.Januar 2017
    Uhrzeit: CEST 18 Uhr Start  (versammeln) https://time.is/CEST
    Laternen Start: Ingame Uhrzeit 22 Uhr
    Wo: Heidel - östlichen vom Storage
    Warum Heidel?
    Es liegt sehr Zentral und auch niedrige Charaktere können schnell von Veila dort hin kommen.
    18 Uhr? Was ist wenn es dann nicht dunkel ist?
    Dann müssen wir solange warten. Ich gehe eh davon aus, dass einige zu spät kommen würden.
    Ab 18 Uhr warten wir bis 22 Uhr Serverzeit, um die Laternen zu starten.

    Laternen? Was ist das?
    Das sind kleine Lampion die man in den Himmel steigen lässt.
    Wo kann ich die Laternen kaufen? 
    Es gibt zwei Sets: A und B. In beiden Sets befinden sich 5 verschiedene Laternen zu je 10 Stück.
    Und was ist mit dem Buff? 
    Dieser gibt dir +1 Luck für 4 Minuten. Nach dem 1. Februar verschwinden die Laternen jedoch im  Inventar. (Und Shop)
    Ich möchte den Buff gern nutzen und daher die Laternen auf meinem Charakter nicht verschwenden, wie kann ich trotzdem teilnehmen?
    Ganz einfach, du kannst dir die Pakete mit JEDEM Charakter 3 Mal aus dem Shop holen. Log dich zum Event einfach auf einen Twink (Zweit-Charakter) und schicke mit diesem die Laternen in den Himmel. 
    Ich freue mich auf jeden der bei dem Event dabei ist.
    Ich hoffe, dass das mit der Ingame Zeit ungefähr hinkommt und wir am Ende nicht ewig warten müssen. (Ansonsten tut es mir schon mal Leid.)
    Ich empfehle um 18 Uhr einzuloggen und zu gucken wie lange es bis zum Nachtzyklus dauert.
    Vergesst nicht Reisezeit bis nach Heidel einzuberechnen.

    Falls Fragen oder Verbesserungsvorschläge vorliegen könnt ihr diese gern hierdrunter posten.
    Ich werde mich die Tage um einen englischen Thread bemühen.
    Kann den OP nicht mehr editieren, kommt leider ein Error. Hoffe das behebt sich noch.
    Kann den OP nicht mehr editieren, kommt leider ein Error. Hoffe das behebt sich noch.

  12. Disposable Heroes
    Disposable Heroes first and foremost is a gaming community that values its' players as individuals rather than their gear score. Our first objective as a guild is to find players who enjoy each others company as well as providing a fun environment taking advantage of all the different aspects BDO has to offer. Here at DH we like to say that we are all a--holes but we aren't bad people. We use teamspeak as our primary VOIP and use discord as a forum hub for information and posts. Our teamspeak when not being used for node wars is more geared towards a mature audience while guild chat will have more casual conversation.
    Code of Conduct
    Teamspeak is not required on an everyday basis however it is highly recommendedWhen handling open world PvP we urge our players to defend themselves whenever necessary, if contesting a grind spot or being contested upon attempt communication first before flagging.We do not trash talk, if another guild wishes to talk trash then we laugh it off.If you have a problem with another player we are all adults, handle it respectfully. If the action does not change contact an officer before carrying the issue further.Be an active member within the community. At DH we don't have strict requirements of playtime or contribution, we do require that our players be active within the guild in one form or another. If long absences are known before hand contact an officer and a course of action will be determined at that juncture.Have fun and enjoy the community.History of DH
    Creation and background: Disposable Heroes was founded in 1999 by a family that resided in Texas while playing EQ. That family created the DH Community and carried its name through other games such as counter strike and World of Warcraft where they had many server firsts. From there it went on to become a community that branched from different steam games as well as Minecraft [Google HeroCraft]. DH continued on to Archage where it held it's ground against some of the top guilds on their server.
    Black Desert Online: Disposable Heroes came over to Black Desert from Archage with a handful of dedicated players to get the ball rolling. With quick growth and a great community Disposable Heroes was a formidable opponent on the Orwen server with many great allies such as Sarcasm and Acolytes. Once node wars became live DH was one of 3 guilds left standing at the battle for Elders' Bridge, a 9 guild node war debut. We learned and shared a plethora of knowledge with top tier guilds educating them and ourselves on all things node wars. We were quick to put that knowledge to use gaining ourselves the ability to fight out manned/out geared wars and win tier 2/3 nodes. Before long Sarcasm merged into DH allowing us to solidify our standing in the tier 2/3 fights. Coming into the server merge we made the decision along with Acolytes to merge creating a mega guild. After some castle/tier 3 sieges we decided to go our separate ways returning back to DH to get back to our original goal as a guild, to create a community of gamers that just enjoy playing together.
    Screen Shots
    Peak Hours
    While we have many players from all over that play throughout all hours of the day our peak hours are
    7pm-12am cst Mon-Sun
    Ps. We also have ocx players.
    GM: Keltzer
    Officers: Mr_Bread, FuryofRage, Merlina, Rylinn, Matrim_Cauth, Iounn
    These are character names not family names so whisper them in game or comment below for more information.
    Please leave your family name and character name in your post IE: (Family Name) Character Name.
  13. The Baffling Black Spirit Podcast is an unofficial BDO podcast aimed towards members of the BDO community!
    We will be Live! Today 1/8/2017 @ 6:00PM EST
    Stream can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/BafflingBlackSpirit
    Topics: Siege & Node War/ Special Guest's / Various Topics
  14. Hello Everyone!!
    So, I played this game for a bit before it was released for the West and I loved it to death, so much so that I'm considering buying it for me and a friend for X-mas....however before I do I was hoping you guys could give me some honest feedback on the state of the BDO community.
    I know it's unfair to expect any other MMO, especially a new one like BDO, to be at WoW's level of population, but I am curious how populated BDO is and whether or not it's at least on par with say - TERA.
    How's end-game? Is level still open-ended or is it capped now? If capped, Is it boring at end-game? Is it impossible to play at end-game without spending irl money for a vip subscription or to sell cash shop stuff in-game for currency to get gear(like TERA)? Are there a healthy number of guilds? Which language/country is the most popular in-game? I assume English but I figured I'd ask just in case another language/country was overly popular in-game.
    How is in-game chat? Normal F2P MMO crap, or like BnS (before it hit the West) - bots/advertisements every half a second? Or is it dead?
    It's stuff like this I want to know before I get the game. I really don't want to put the money into a game that might vanish in a year, or that's completely unplayable without spending a lot of money. I'd love to hear honest opinions on not only the questions I asked but on whether or not you think the game is capable of lasting, and anything else you might think I should consider before getting the game.
    Thanks a lot for any help here <3
    Oh! I thought of another important question....
    Is there a casual lane for BDO? What I mean by that is I've seen stories that BDO takes so much time now that you'll never be able to play anything else. I'm a big gamer, I just got my ps4 and I plan on playing that a lot on top of Overwatch, WoW, and a few other PC/MMO games. Can you enjoy/advance/participate in BDO fully while playing other games?
    Thank you!!
    P.S.:: I understand if you don't want to, or can't, answer every question I had....but I'll take answers/feedback on anything!! So please respond if you can <3
  15. I have a suggestion for a balanced voip system. My idea consists of a few key points to make it work in a game like this, and then ill list the reasons why this may be a good idea.
    Like many games ive played, this game only supports text chat, ive never played a decent mmo before, that had a properly implimented voice communication system, much less an mmo that supported voice at all.  The first point that removes most problems from this would be to have voice chat be optional, and off by default, so noone can complain about voice chat, since they would have to know if it in order to set it up. and secondarily, it should only be proximity voice chat with volume range, and over peoples heads there should be a new option present for those with this option toggled, mute voice. The reason behind that being, adding a clan voice and party voice may help, but it only complicates things and many seem to argue against it. There should be many settings available with a system such as this, but im not covering that, if there is any interest in this the general concept, than key factors should be enough detail.
    The reason this would be a good implimentation of voice would be due to immersion, many may argue against that, as people shouting random things can be immersion breaking to some or many, as this would be off by default, i cant imagine any complaints myself though. The reason i feel as if it would be a more immersive experience for players is due to the idea that immersion is more about how "alive" an mmo world feels, and this game does that marvelously. But i find npcs repeating lines constantly, and players standing around silently VERY immersion breaking. There is also hardly any communication in local channels on mmos inworld, this feels dead and sort of,(atleast in my eyes) defeats the purpose of an mmo experience. if players have the option of voice, perhaps youll hear people talking in open world, as traversing with friends, on horse, or war elephant can be quiet, voice only being public and optional forces players who wish to use this feature to speak in open world, and opens the game up to (perhaps lazier people) but thats never bad for pvp, or buisiness, as squishies tend to make good fodder. To cover why its good to force people to speak in open world, it forces people to interact, as you cant exactly ignore someone you walk up to having a conversation as well as you can with chat, unless you dont wish to hear others of course. those who do, may find more life, and become more attatched to this game. who can argue that voice communication can bring people together better than any amount of text possibly could. i can see this bringing a new type of life to a game such as this, adding better social communication in with all the amazing features this game already offers.
  16. The Hurrian Order

    We are an active Guild that focuses on helping each other and the Order. Our philosophy is "Improving the Order, while Improving Ourselves." We work on Guild Quests, Leveling, World Bosses and more. Eventually we plan to focus on Node Wars, but we will need more interested, qualified members. We enjoy helping others and being socially active!
    Here's how we work the Contracts:
    All players are recruited on 7 day contracts. This puts them on a "Trial Period" where they can leave after the first week with no penalty, and they can be kicked after the first week with no penalty.
    The more helpful a Hurrian is, the more contracts they will be offered. Helping with Guild Assignments/Quests will give a 7 day contract. This means you can claim more funds from the Guild daily. More active members will also be more likely to have their contracts doubled!
    Hurrians who have been consistently helpful may be offered some sort of job or position within the Guild. They will be offered 30 Day Contracts. This means that they can claim 30,000 silver from the guild daily.
    We are looking for players who are not solo players, instead that want to be a part of the growing Hurrian community. We have no level or gear score requirements, only that you be active and join our Discord server. A microphone is not required. Most info is put out on our website, such as events on the calendar and the likes.
    GM: Androtar
  17. Hello fellow gamers, i just started a gaming community called Therion Gaming Community, (international English speaking)

    My goal is to make a community where nobody has te game alone and can Always find someone in our fun group to play with, We dont play only one game and are open to other games we have never played, we currently have a discord server and are setting up a website and forum, we play pc based.
    the games we play the most at the moment are: Mediëval Engineers, space Engineers, Black Desert Online, Rift, Ark Survival Evolved and GTA 5.

    we are looking for people who behave as adults, people who want to make friends and want to belong in a tight community, People who speak english preferably with headset and mic.

    So, Are you looking for some fun people to play games with?
    Send me a message or leave something in this Thread, suggestions are also welcome!

    have a nice day,

  18. Post on Game population? in General

    By Endimyon, posted
    Recently i didnt really had time to play, so when i came back ,i browsed my list of games, and after my friends convinced me to play Blade and soul (again) with them, i got utterly bored with it. Its just....bad. 
    Been considering FF14, since ppl say its a game that has a future, and devs actually care, and that its a good trinity pve game (and man i been missing trinity for some time now), but still, i keep thinking on BDO, i do have an lv 45 warrior and thinking on rolling a Sorc or Wizard...not ot mention the upcoming Dark Elf sounds cool in itself, but is it actualy worth "sinking" time on the game?
    I mean, Pve is basically just grinding mobs, and crafting things, and trading (that is fun for some time...till it takes days or weeks to get anything done), not to mention you might as well do it alone, since there is no real diff in playing with friends or not. For PvP i cant talk, but i assume!!! its a shitfest ...sorry, but Lineage 2 sieges are the baseline for me, and simply cant imagine battles like that, without utter megsuper lagspikes and stuff. Or more like...cant imagine so many players in BDO at all. 
    But most important...are there any players left at all? I keep hearing on media channels ppl keep leaving the game, and think that the game is getting nowhere...trough it gets content..the things that are making the game bad are not changing anyway.
    So my question is : What is your opinion on this topic? Is it "worth" sinking time in the game, at this moment? Will players stay or the game gets deserted within a year or so? Anyone first hand Experiance?
  19. Hallo werte Abenteurer der Schwarzwüste
    Als großer Fan von Rollenspielen in Black Desert Online oder allgemein MMO's, wollte ich eine Idee verwirklichen. Es soll nichts großes sein, nur ein Ort Gleichgesinnter die sich nach so etwas sehnen, eine Gemeinschaft halt.
    Also habe ich mir überlegt, eben genau das zu machen und dabei kam der Discord raus. Lasst uns versuchen etwas aufzubauen.
    Ich darf euch vorstellen: 
    Edan's Freudenhaus
    die deutsche BDO Roleplay Community
    Falls ihr Lust habt, einfach mal dem Discord joinen : https://discord.gg/EFWM4Nx
  20. Ich würde wirklich wollen, dass eine GM-Antwort auf dieses Problem, dass viele von uns wurden über alle Server. @CM_Aethon
    Es gab stark spürbare FPS-Tropfen und verrückte Desync in BDO vor kurzem und das Spiel hat sich sehr träge gefühlt. Dies hat nur nach dem letzten Patch aufgetreten und ich denke, dass dies muss jetzt behandelt werden. Dieses Problem ist auf der ganzen Welt bekannt, von EU, Australien, Kanada und den USA. Ich habe noch eine offizielle Antwort oder Bestätigung, dass ein Fix auf seine Weise ist zu sehen. Ich habe nicht in der Lage, pvp oder pve effizient, da dieses Problem gestiegen ist und möchte, dass die Gemeinschaft das Bewusstsein für dieses Problem zu erhöhen.
    Beitrag Verfasst am:
    Ihr Server und Kanal
    Ungefähre Datum / Uhrzeit, die Sie eine Menge desync erleben
    Dein Land
    Ihr ISP
    Edit: GM_Dew Antwort auf Seite 2: https://gyazo.com/73238f62d2c3b97e83900f10bb6b110e
    Reddit Thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/57kekl/please_bring_awareness_to_lagdesync/
    Screenshot der Spieler diskutieren Problem: https://gyazo.com/49619729cc8821b9544fa2e8b93fe0fc
    Beispiele für dieses Problem:
  21. Hello BDO community, Im T3STYOURMiGHT3 from the (N/A) eden server I would like to start up a black desert online series, an I NEED YOUR GUYS/GALS HELP!!! I am a growing you-tuber/Twitch streamer. All i need from you guys is some love, support, and also your clips!!! Of pvp, cringy enchanting, funny bugs,night vender screen shots, well lets just say just about anything... send me clips an be featured on the first episode of (BDO LIFE) Send the videos/screen shots to my email: backc.qt@gmail.com in the Subject line type "BDO LIFE"  Do include the following.
    -Server(your server)
    -Family/Character(your name) Guild (optional)
    -Short Description
    -The Video

    TL:DR Currently accepting small guilds and groups looking to experience node wars or be part of something bigger.  We expect groups who join us to acclimate themselves and not hang out in their own cliques.  Be active in TS and events and you will surely enjoy your time here.  Olvia and new players welcome, we want active and engaged members who want to play this game for years to come.  Have room to take in ~20 active members.
     Recruitment Status: OPEN - Apply Here
    All Classes: Current Emphasis on Frontliners
    Message: IronjawXoO or MinaAkira in-game, shoot me a message here or on discord
    Accepting small groups and guilds looking to do all the content BDO has to offer.
    We also need: Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Streamers, and more for Community based positions

           Xen of Onslaught has been active in BDO since early beta and we have seen the shifts in population in game and have persevered and even grown with every single significant drop off the game as seem to date (3 month fall off, p2win, awakenings, server merge etc).   We plan to have a significant presence in BDO for the next year+ and are looking for people who want to join a community of like minded individuals who want to login, get stuff done, progress, and have fun while executing.  We are also forming up divisions for upcoming games including Crowfall, Star Citizen and Chronicles of Elyria (and Camelot Unchained).  If you want to see our "brag sheet" for the past 15 years feel free to click Accolades or XoO Old Post 
           I have been a member and an officer in XoO for 9 years in games such as Warhammer, Rift, GW2, and ArcheAge and we have had a division in almost every single MMO in the past decade.  Each division in XoO is a totally different animal, in past games we have ranged from very hardcore to more on the semi-hardcore/casual side and yet in every game we have a strong focus on camaraderie, personal responsibility, and execution.  We have server firsts, we have world firsts and are now starting to get into our second generation of gamers.  Its a special thing to see players join who's parents played with us in the past and in each new game we join we have people posting and applying to join us from past games and opposing guilds because they remember us.
           At XoO we know we have a lot of work left to do in BDO to be where we want to be.  We know exactly what our identity is and what we need to do to get there.  If you are looking to be part of something that's a little bigger than a one game guild or just want good people to fight alongside with we may be the place for you.  
    What we do:
    T2+ Node wars at least twice a week ( Generally Sun and a mix of Wed-Fri)pvp practice one-two nights a week  (privated RBFs and class training)hunting and boss scrolls parties as well as other guild activities. 30+ active in TS every night, we also have forums with guides, and guild DiscordLogin and get shit done, we know people have RL so we want to maximize our in-game timePayouts based on node war activity level and guild contribution 
    Please check us out at Xoohq.com and drop an application or message myself IronjawXoO or any of our officers for information.  We are also looking for people with skills that transcend gaming including streamers and designers and writers. 
    Recruit Requirements:
    Being Active! We understand life and there are AFK forums if life happens. So trust us we understand. But when you are here we expect you to attend Node Wars and to constantly be improving.TS3 When doing Guild missions, Guild Wars, Node Wars.  In this type of game our raid leaders cannot type out what they want you to do. So being able to hear at least what needs to happen and when it needs to happen is important in our community.Support the fight, We have many organized days/times for everyone to get involved. Also we do guild missions daily and you should assist when online for it.  All guild missions are now optional, all buffs have been acquired.Be a team player!  I don't care how good your GS is, who your friends are or what level you are, if you are a malcontent or cannot follow directions you have no place in our community.Be dedicated to the game and community: be willing to stick it out for the next two months for new content to be implemented.  We want people in BDO for the long haul and who are interested in playing other games with us in the future.Currently looking for members 58 with a 420 GS.  Newer or lower members will still be taken in as long as you understand our expectations and strive to reach them ASAP.   
    TL:DR Currently accepting small guilds and groups looking to experience node wars or be part of something bigger.  We expect groups who join us to acclimate themselves and not hang out in their own cliques.  Be active in TS and events and you will surely enjoy your time here.  Olvia and new players welcome, we want active and engaged members who want to play this game for years to come.  Have room to take in ~20 active members.
  23. Hey everyone,
    just as a quick info: the old BlackDesertEU discord (secretly Jordine-only ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) will be moving to a new, restructured server.
    Here's the invite link for the community discord: https://discord.gg/6ccy5Tm
    The integration of the boss-channel will be done by the International Hunting Association (EU).
    You can find the IHAEU here: https://discord.gg/MnruptX
    Read through #welcome upon joining on either of those please, you'll figure out how the rest works. 
  24. Greetings,
    some of you might able be part of the International Hunting Association of your respective server, and/or they already using the connected servers World & Field Boss Timer for their hunt. That is why I am proud to present you the newest member of our team - the IHA Relay.
    tl;dr The IHA Relay will forward confirmed boss spawns to your very own Discord Server. The integration of her is fairly simply as well!
    You can find the Link to invite her to your Discord as well as a guide on the integration here.
  25. <Webshrouds> 

    Webshrouds has been here since the beginning. We've adjusted throughout the history of BDO starting as a smaller guild, growing larger and then decreasing in size to keep activity, unity, and a non-toxic environment (We do trigger one another at times though in a loving way). 
    We're a well rounded guild (pvp/pve/grinding/scrolls/ etc). 
    We house a medium sized guild and are not looking for hundreds of players only those who are unique, and dedicated.
    We may not be the best but aim to be one of the best through humility and ambition.
    If you're needing a home are 18+, level 57+ and have some thick skin contact