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  1. Post on Community :^) in General

    By Skullcatron, posted
    Communities tie people together. To define rather,
    'A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.'
    Community is frequently in state of conflict. With opposing opinions, and the likes. Everyone have their own stance, and well. It's simple to explain by sections.
    Community's stance on P2W
    Community's stance on PvP
    Community's  stance on communication with publishers
    Community's stance on RNG
    Community's stance on Awakening
    Community's stance on Classes
    Get in here, get comfy, and stop trying to create more threads. I'm surprised we didn't even make a mega-thread about many discussions. So come on in, and get comfy. :^)
    Let be honest, we have too many threads. Let just reduce it down to maybe this thread. I dunno mate. :^)
    Skullcat is an ultimate moron of the internet, and we all hate him for it. 
  2. Greetings Hunter, welcome to the IHA!  
    I am happy to announce the release of the IHA for Croxus, including a world boss timer for the Croxus spawns.
    Basically the IHA is a community of people that are interested in Field/World Boss Hunting - including Whale Hunting and other upcoming Hunting Bosses. On top of that every IHA offers their member socializing and a place to simply chill & talk to other people. 
    We offer to anybody who is interested a great coordination tool - the IHABot - which allows people across all servers to coordinate their attacks to get the maximum out of a single spawn, even with different Bosses alive at the same time. In addition to the actual communication & coordination on the Discord the IHA is also providing a website based Boss & Spawn Timer that allows people without access to Discord to still track the Bosses.  http://puu.sh/qNXWZ/91a54b3117.png (Bot in Action)
    Currently the IHA World Boss Timer does only provide 100% confirmed calls for Alustin and Croxus.
    Future Plans:
    Our plan is to integrate Jordine as last EU Server next. - You can find the IHAJ here.
    We know that a fresh start is a little bit rough but we are certain that people will agree that the quality of IHA is exceptional! Once we are done with integrating Jordine into our community the next step of the IHA will be the integration of Edan, Orwen and Uno. I want to mention that the IHAs for Edan, Orwen and Uno are already up and ready to serve the community, we also have a team of moderators ready to help new people from NA that are interested in case the NA community wants a faster integration of their servers into the IHA
    Everything left for me to say: **Good Hunt!**
    This is a short guide video about some of the IHA Features & the control:  
    For more information about the IHA click here.
    For your Servers World Boss Timer click here.
  3. To whom it may concern,
    I am writing this letter in the hopes that it will have some sort of positive effect in relation to the current turn of events. I will attempt to keep this letter as objective as I possibly can, but I fear I will not be able to as this situation is very personal. As we are all very aware Kakao as well as Pearl Abyss have chosen to implement the ability to sell cash shop items via the market place. Understandably this has generated public outcry from the community who have, in large, been against such practices that would enable the ability to pay-to-win. Now while I do not speak for the entirety of our community I do believe it is my obligation to voice an opinion on this matter as many others have already.
    Throughout the short lifespan of our version of the game we have experienced many changes, all of which are subject to opinion as to whether or not they were beneficial. As a community we have in large clashed with Kakao’s predecessor Daum EU over such matters both trivial and significant to the welfare of the game and its community. Time and again people have launched assaults against these events, both in a constructive and abusive manner; the same cycle can be witnessed during this time. Many have begun mounting protests against this upcoming change both within and outside of the game. Now while I do not agree shouting at them calling them names and vocalizing abusive comments is intelligent I do understand why they have chosen to react in such a way. As a community we had been led to believe there would be no P2W feature within our game; now this may be argued by those who deem the ghilie suit, value pack, sellable dyes, etc. P2W, but I have personally never found those to be that way and this particular discussion does not pertain to such matters. The addition of the ability to directly channel real currency into in-game currency, via cash shop items, is indeed P2W and is not what we want to have happen at all for a game many of us truly enjoy, despite its flaws. This change will severely damage the game as a whole and its effects can already be seen in game; players have begun offloading their most valuable gear onto the marketplace or even destroying it on purpose because they plan to leave the game and see no further reason to play. Now while I’m certain many will say “Good riddance.” I do not believe this to be a proper reaction to such things. These people are players who have put effort into this game to achieve what they believe to be important. They enjoyed the game for what it was and strived to become top players. I myself am not amongst these top players, but I do strive to meet personal gear goals to one day compete against them on an even playing field. Many can and certainly do claim that there is nothing to “win” in this game, but that statement can be applied to nearly any facet of life. As an analogy consider the following: You and a fellow coworker work the same job with the exact same qualifications, talents, etc. and each of you aims for a promotion. Now assuming you both put in the same effort would it be fair if your coworker could simply buy their promotion? No, of course it wouldn’t be. Even though there is nothing to “win” aside from what we perceive to be important in such situations, you put in the effort to try and achieve that goal and to have someone supersede you in such a manner is both upsetting and unwarranted. Should we examine such an analogy we can see it’s like within BDO should this change come to pass. Players will be able to acquire the best gear near instantaneously via selling cash shop items for silver and either purchasing the gear via the auction house or the night vendor. This will have a direct impact on the games health as it is primarily a PvP game in which the player with the stronger gear will usually reign supreme and the player willing to pay real money in such a manner will have most likely have the stronger gear. Even the RNG presented in the enhancing process will not deter such events as you can easily purchase items to continue the process until you are able to achieve the results you desire should you be able to offer enough silver in exchange. Such a situation cannot be allowed into the game as it will and already has driven away players who had been told such a model would not be in our version of the game. Now while I do not fully understand the business decision, as I clearly was not present for such discussions, it seems to be such a disappointing and shameful business decision.
    People have begun issuing chargebacks over this event because they feel it is a bait-and-switch in regards to earlier comments and promises stating such things would not be in our game. Now many have come forward saying that Daum originally stated that there would be no P2W model at the launch of the game, but does that make it acceptable to simply shift over to it once the game has been out for a few months and many players have acquired gear that is deemed best in slot? I believe this to not be justified, even if it is purely a business decision. Despite saying that I do not believe the people willing to issue chargebacks are entirely justified, but that is not for me to claim superior knowledge on either as it is, once again, a subjective matter. These turn of events have players on both sides of the aisle claiming their arguments to be the superior and many on the fence about it as well. The argument that it is unwarranted, unjust, etc. are valid to those who perceive them to be; just as the arguments that the “No-life children” or “Unemployed” are the only ones complaining are valid by those who perceive it to be so. Personally I fall under the former and disagree with the latter as many, who work, have a life, etc., do indeed play this game and would rather not see this game end up in such a state.
    You can see such public outcry in the following forum posts:
    As well as an article on PC Gamer and other such websites noting such protests:
    And even a petition hoping to stop such events from occurring:
    Now while I have tried to point out both sides of the argument and tried to restrain myself from being too heavy-handed in my opinion I fear that I have been unable to do so. As I stated at the very beginning of this piece this is a very personal issue for me, I do not wish to see this feature implemented into the game in any form. While I understand our thanks and good wishes do not pay your bills or feed your families I do not believe this the way to handle such matters. I urge you to reconsider this decision Kakao, Pearl Abyss, and all other participating entities. As for my fellow members of the community I urge you to not act in such a childish manner with slander, but instead condense your thoughts into a more constructive form so that they may be taken into account should they truly be listening to us. A thousand different posts on the topic do not carry as much weight as a few piercing voices aligned as one and we already have the platforms to make such voices heard. I wish you all well, no matter who you are or how this unfolds, and ask that this matter be handled in a professional manner if possible. Thank you for your time if you have read up until this point.
                            General Mors 
  4. This is what I said about the new update for the Cash Shop and further down explains my thoughts as a community how we can improve the game and not by saying "p2w" all the time like how a pokemon speaks or Hodor.
    With this change to were real money items can be sold on the market for silver should not be implemented because there is no work in-game to get silver then. If you have a job with extra money, spend a ton of cash shop items then sell it on the market. You just gained a shit ton of silver without playing the game basically. Keep how the cash shop how it is. Traveler package is just a mix of shit already on the cash shop in one bundle. I don't see this as pay to win since it is not giving you silver right off the bat. Now all items can if you sell them off the market. Tera did this and if you are going to keep this new system just do not have it were people can trade silver for items outside of market place. There will probably duplication of those items, trolling other players out of their money, and many more issues. After looking back at Tera with the similar system, it was alright but keep restriction to it or it will be a broken mechanic and the game would truly be pay to win.
    Please have major limits on it or if it fails just remove it because it is just fine without that.
    People just assume it is pay to win when they here real money and items in the same sentence but give no reason for it. For the community, if you think it is a pay to win mechanic, explain thoroughly on why it is pay to win so the company can take that into consideration. People complain how it is pay to win and what we got is this system where the cash shop items can be on the market for in game silver. This was the ones who cried p2w and this system adds where the cash shop items can be bought with in-game silver so not everyone has to use real money to buy a costume...
    Seriously, again community explain on the reasoning if it is pay to win and solution to it. Subscriptions will not change anything but have us pay more. Paying for the game itself then a sub on top does not bring more players but make players turn away from it however the ones who dedicated their life to it will stay, just like wow. Even WoW has real money cash shop and has an item that boosts players to max level. I am just saying that the iconic mmo everyone knows, you will need to buy a copy of it with subscription plus there again real money cash shop with legitimate p2w items like i said about the max level boost.
    Explain your reasoning on why you think it is bad, good, p2w, etc, and explain how they it can be better. No one is doing this so they are trying to get a gist of what people are saying and again they came up with this mechanic so everyone can have cash shop items through in-game currency. They are listening to us but we are giving shitty responses were they have to interpenetrate what we are complaining about and guess how to fix it. 
    As a community lets give ideas for improvement by not saying "it is p2w" and hope for the best, that won't fix anything.


    Us with Black, PTX, Lupinotuumes, and Get_Out after the victory on (7/23/16)

    Us after our first castle victory.
    Website: Luciform.net (new website coming soon)
    Short About Us
    We're a hardcore guild of like minded individuals who are looking for other people who want to PvP, get territory, and generally have fun as a community. Illuminant is an extension of Luciform and will be treated as an extension of Luciform rather than a separate guild.
    What Luciform Wants
    Luciform looks for highly skilled yet committed gamers that want to add to our guild and community as a whole, both in-game and out. 
    We look for: players that can play with and as a team, small or large; people that can follow directions in and out of game; gamers that define and push the boundaries of performance, skill, and efficiency; and finally, individuals that can communicate well (in English) in a multitude of situations. If this piques your interest, consider reading more and applying at Luciform.net!
    We're currently recruiting people who are level 57 or above and have a total combined AP/DP of 390. We expect all people to gear up and level quickly. There may be exceptions for witches or wizards. 
    What Illuminant Wants
    Illuminant is looking for a class of player that has the skill to compete in the big leagues but isn't quite there yet. Gear and whatnot is not a major concern here. We want people who want to play the game a lot and participate in our community.
    Illuminant players will be fighting the largest guilds on the server toe to toe, and participating in all the sieges. This will definitely not be a guild for the faint of heart. In all likelihood Illuminant will score more fights than Luciform as the word gets out about it. All of the rules for both guilds are the same. There is a different set of expectations, however. 
    Illuminant will take most people who'd like to join it. They're looking for people 55+ that have an active desire to participate in node wars. Illuminant will be recruiting for personality first. 
    Our rules are posted on our website so please give them a look!
    Schedule and Attendance
    Our base schedule is tentatively set at M-Th ~9-12 PM EST, though specific days and times may be added or subtracted as needed. We have two required days per week, one day which you will pick for a day to do Guild Quests and a mandatory PvP day on Saturday starting at 8pm EST.
    Regardless of our listed recruitment needs, we will always consider exceptional applications. If you feel you really want to join us, show it by taking the time and effort to put in a serious application. We have always been selective with our recruitment, preferring a smaller skilled and organized group to mindlessly accepting any application like some other guilds.
    Our recruitment process is a very simple application form. Basically follow the instructions and you'll be good, don't follow them and you'll be rejected on the spot.
    A Few Of Our Other Videos
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFy7vIDrfmA - Us in Tera doing GvG.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRBAUx7xR-8 - Us in Tera being led by our glorious leader Mizugami.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU0shyau24Y - Us in GW2 MESEMERIN'
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tb_Vi7COc3E - Another of us doing WvWvW in GW2

    Some of our wars in picture form using my poor mspaint skillz. The pics are not exhaustive.
    Thanks for reading our post! I hope you guys check us out and if you meet the requirements I hope you throw in an application.
  6. hello players of bdo
    i like to join an guild but i play 8-15 hours every day
    usually i work and i am in an +1 time zone i need an big family and cummunity
    also it gonna be about social and i prefer an microphone it is lots easyer to help 1 anther
    and i need sometimes help we need all help power to the ppl 
    gr Kurumi
    [Drelexius Alexsandrios]
  7. Primal_Eclipse
    A guild in BDO looking to soar to new heights! (Cheesy but true). We are a guild operating from SuperiorServers.co hoping to expand into this game to as well, to grow the community of SUP.
    What we offer:
    A community of friends.TS3.Forum.Contracts dependent on activity.Raises according to activity.PvX.Boss Scrolls.Daily Guild Missions.Freedom.Node Wars (When we get enough active players) 
    Guild Info/Rules:
    Follow the SUP community rules.Follow the SUP TS3 rules.Don't be an ass.Activity is not required, real life comes first.TS3 and Forum is optional but it's good to keep up to date with news/events and just generally hang out with us.Any questions/concerns direct them to Veridian Phantom regarding SUP community stuff, anything regarding in-game speak to a guild Officer.There is no requirements to join this guild. 
    Contracts information:
    When joining the guild we will give you a 1 day contract trial, after it expires if you wish to stay it gets bumped to 7 days. If you're loyal and stay we will discuss either a 14 day or 30 day. Once you've reached 14 or 30 days contract you will be considered a full-fledged member.
    We offer raises to those who show true dedication and loyalty, as well as those who have high Activity. Typically the 1-3 highest people will get raises with the renewal of their contract.
    Boss Scrolls/Guild Missions:
    Typically get a group together and do these, we try to do at least one GM a day but that isn't always the case due to some factors like real life and size of our guild. Same with boss scrolls, get a group together and go ahead, but the boss scrolls are not something we will be farming or doing events for just yet, not until we're bigger.
    Node Wars:
    Placeholder until we get bigger and have the ability to do it.
    How to join: Contact Galavance, Quanbonchib, or Infurni in-game. Send an email, or contact me on Superiorservers.co website. Name: Veridian Phantom
  8. Er du Dansker?
    Er du træt af Fransk og Russisk og andre volapyk sprog på TS/Guild chat  så er vi løsningen!
    Join den nye Danske Guild
    Vi er en ny Dansk Social 18+ guild hvor vi hjælper hinanden og hygger.
    Alle er velkommen, kom og vær med allerede i dag.
    Skriv her på forum hvis du er interesseret eller kontakt en online officer.
    Kakedu (Fermion),  Dragonbow (Zanka), Skyefall (Nazakee), Fenrisbane (Skyggefaxe), Brainfreeze (Fizzlefart)
    Server: Jordine
    Channel: Serendia J2

    Permettici di presentarci. Noi costituiamo la Sanctum Multigaming Italia, un gruppo di amici che inizialmente voleva creare un' Alleanza forte tra i pochi giocatori italiani di WARFRAME.

    Abbiamo deciso di estendere i nostri confini non solo a quel titolo, cambiando la nostra Alleanza in una Community mantenendo il nome originale. Siamo molto attivi e stiamo crescendo molto velocemente.

    Il prossimo potresti essere tu o il tuo Clan!!!

    Ecco cosa possiamo offrire:

    TeamSpeak 3 da 1000 slot ESPANDIBILE: Questo programma permette la comunicazione delle persone attraverso un microfono e promettiamo posto per 1000 persone con la possibilità di aggiungere slot in futuro.

    Gestione completa di una sezione su TeamSpeak 3: Diamo la possibilità ai Clan la creazione di una sezione tutta loro con canali, icone, gestione dei poteri permettendo autonomia ai gestori dei Clan.
    Eventi Community: Organizziamo eventi a cui possono prendere parte tutti gli utenti della Community dove poter vincere ricchi premi!

    Social: Abbiamo Sito Ufficiale un gruppo su Facebook e Whatsapp dove poter pubblicare notizie, comunicazioni ed eventi Community.
    Tanti Giochi: MMORPG, FPS e MOBA ecc... questi sono solo alcuni dei generi a cui giochiamo. Se giochi a qualcosa non in Community non preoccuparti, sei il benvenuto!

    Sembra tutto molto allettante ma perché dovresti scegliere noi?

    Oltre ad offrire amicizia e ospitalità, abbiamo una forte unità e un grande obbiettivo:

    Dare un posto a tutte quelle persone sole nella Community italiana di qualsiasi gioco. Faremo del nostro meglio per riuscirci.

    Che aspetti, ISCRIVITI!!!
    Qui sotto troverete tutti i link per richiedere il reclutamento nella nostra Multigaming:
    Unisciti con il tuo Clan alla Sanctum Multigaming Italia: Link
    Facebook Sanctum Multigaming Italia: Link
    Per maggiori informazioni vieni a trovarci su TeamSpeak 3: sanctum.crystalgaming.it
    Grazie per la vostra attenzione, vi auguriamo un buon gioco
    Sanctum Multigaming Italia
  10. Hello forum,
    I just wanted to put forth an idea/suggestion that would help both we as players and Daum as a whole. Let me preface this by saying that my career in life bases itself on heavy communication and interaction with different types of IT products and people, from development to QA, but this does not mean that I somehow miraculously understand the situation at Daum nor do I understand what it's like to communicate with PA. 
    Weekly Reports/Status Updates
    Having some form of a weekly report or status update would not only help in easing a lot of the frustration in the unknown but also (in hopes) help alleviate the hostility toward Daum and PA, even if ever so slightly. My recommendation is a frequently updated status page on various content pieces that we do/don't know about. Questions are always flying around and threads are constantly being created asking the same things over and over again. If there were a centralized location for this information, we would hopefully see less hostility on the forums as well as reduced redundancy in questions being asked. Having a page that is updated frequently or maybe even 2-3 times a week, just to keep the "Last Edited On" date fairly current, would keep things fresh, and also have a well known "go to" page for people to reference. 
    It is known and understood by me and others (though some tend to ignore this) that Daum is extremely limited in their ability, especially in communication with PA. Prime example is the Valencia release, as it literally hit with about 10 hours advance notice. Daum is unable to report what they don't know just like every person on the planet. The people at Daum are just as human as those playing the game and would prefer to only comment on things if there is knowledge on the matter. The overall issue though is that the singular replies of "We do not know when this will happen" are generally buried in random threads across the forums with no real way of finding them. Having a status report or outline that's frequently updated would centralize these responses, even if there is nothing known about them. Something as simple as "At this time we have no knowledge on the subject but will continue to update the moment we have something to share" in a centralized location is far more weighted and valuable than a small reply to a random thread that not many will find.
    Further more, items could be added to the list depending on the prevalence of the matter (Such as class adjustments from June 17th). As an example, we have seen multiple threads with complaints toward those changes with very few yielding a Daum reply stating the same thing "We're looking into it and are still waiting for a response from Pearl Abyss regarding the matter" (Not verbatim). Having that report/status page as suggested above would help lower those redundant threads but also remove the burden of, potentially, replying to each thread just so people can see. I highly doubt any one of our CMs/GMs wants to sift through every repeat thread replying the same thing over and over.
    As for the weekly report, any communication each week about what Daum has worked on or what responses PA has given, would also be very welcome. Transparency is a double edged sword in most cases, however, but I believe if does more good than harm overall. The report could be released around maintenance day each week to give players a general idea of what is going on with current concerns, issues, or just general content to be expected in the future.
    By no means am I saying that release dates should be given but even the smallest amount of information such as "We've recently been working on Valencia Part 2. There is no release day known yet but this week we worked on testing and localization". I feel that if that level of communication were achieved with the community, we'd see more excitement regarding content rather than general annoyance/hostility.
    This would also give Daum a chance to communicate regularly with the community and build a relationship with the players, hopefully having some fun with us along the way, rather than simply being a punching bag for people's frustrations.
    Conclusion (TL;DR)
    Communication is paramount in any form of work, business, community, etc. Having a centralized status page for issues, content, and concerns, could really help both the BDO community as well as Daum, in the hopes that hostility remains low and general communication satisfaction raises.
    It goes without saying that not everything can be added to such a status page or weekly report but any and everything that could feasibly be spoken of is always welcome.
    There will always be hostilities and angry customers as well as tired CMs/GMs who are working hard to help the BDO community. It just cannot be helped. We can however help lower that recurrent amount of negativity toward both Daum and PA, and have more fun along the way.
    Thanks for reading,


  11. http://www.thesoulslayers.com/
    EU Jordine
    Hello all, welcome to TheSoulSlayers recruitment post for the EU Black desert server of Jordine. We are an active PVP guild on the server Jordine and looking to recruit like minded people into the SLAY community. We are a community that prides are self in putting community first before everything else. We have a wide variety of players with a varied amount of play times and like to consider ourselves a semi-hardcore guild. As said before community is the most important thing to SLAY and by joining SLAY you will also be joining a wider community of people from other games such as; Guild Wars 2 / Skyforge / Archeage / ARK: Survival Evolved and many more. Whether you are looking to join SLAY just for Black Desert Online, or because you want to join SLAY for more than just Black Desert Online, than you will be welcomed into our community. Although we consider ourselves a semi-hardcore guild it does not mean we do not welcome people with all play times. We know players have real life (Well some of our guys dont...), but on a serious note we have people here with full time jobs, no jobs, husbands, wifes, ect and they are still valued members of the SLAY community. TeamSpeak is a mandatory requirement for all members of SLAY as communication is so vital in games plus we like to get to know our members of the community and have a laugh! So please make sure you can commit to this before applying.
    SLAYS objectives in Black Desert Online is to maintain and grow it community, while we enjoy all aspects of PVP and PVE content that is brought to the game. This includes World Bosses \ Boss Scrolls \ Siege Wars \ Node Wars \ grinding \ farming \ Guild Wars and general PVP aspects of the game.
    We currently have an active roster of around 40 people and looking to grow this to a much higher level, so we can be more of a presence in the more PVP aspects of the game.
    What we are looking for:
    Level: 50+ / English Speaking  / TeamSpeak / Good Sense Of Humor / Team Player / Active Player
    How To Apply
    To apply for the guild please visit http://www.thesoulslayers.com/ and fill in our short application form, A further TeamSpeak meeting will be required so we can get to know you and see if you are SLAY material in the making. Alternatively you can speak to any of our officers or members in game about any questions of the guild and community. Officers contactable via in game: Kellogz / Yautja / Daan3287 / Brute
    Thankyou for taking the time to read the above, see you in game!
    Some Slay Community Videos from all games:
  12. Gday,
    I have noticed that the Bid system is not at all functioning either that or people are putting absurd bids for menial things. My question is: Is the system bugged at the moment or can you give a rundown of how the system works?
    This seems to be creating a bit of friction with the community as we all saw this as the system to beat marketplace botters and scripters and to even out the disadvantages of having poor latency.
    some clarity on this subject would be appreciated.
    Thank you
    Vi består af 2 guilds på serveren Croxus.
    Den ene er <Danmark> som er en semi-hardcore guild for alle de meget aktive medlemmer, hvor der bliver stillet krav til de enkelte medlemmer. For at komme med i <Danmark> skal man b.la. være 18 år + minimum level 55, 250 AP/DP Combinded og have lysten til at deltage aktivt i guild quests og PvP kampe.
    Den anden er <Danmark2> som er vores casual guild, hvor der ikke bliver stillet krav til at medlemmerne som sådan.
    Det er dog vigtigt at forstå at begge guilds hænger sammen, bare under 2 forskellige navne.
    Lige siden dag ét har vi gjort det til vores mål at komme blandt toplisterne i spillet og har netop fået gjort dette mål til en virkelighed.
    Vi går meget op i teamwork og det kan man tydeligt se når vi går på guild bosser og er i krig mod andre guilds.
    Vores store fordel er, at vi alle snakker dansk og derfor kan kommunikere meget bedre sammen.
    Skulle du have interesse i at komme med i en af vores guilds, så skal du være mere end velkommen til at sende os en ansøgning.
    Vi kommer 100% Til at lave Nodewars og Seigewars
    Vi benytter os dagligt af vores TeamSpeak server når vi laver guild quests og guild bosses. Derudover har vi også en hyggekrog hvor man kan snakke frit om næsten alt.
    TS3 server info:
    Server Adress: ts.blackdesert.dk
    Nickname: Dit character name.
    Vi har en Hjemmeside hvis du skulle være Interesseret. Blackdesert.dk

  14. Finaly we have it - the forum progress poll so everyone can stop or finaly start to feel uncomfortable.

  15. Post on New Discord in Art & Media

    By LiviusCat, posted
    Hello, Everyone! 

    I've been a part of many different communities for years, yet I haven't seen it so distant and quiet as it is right now. I have decided to share my Discord server with everyone who wants to play old and new games together, regardless of any server or niche you are a part of. I know we have used Ventrilo or Teamspeak in the past, but every single time I go there, it's empty or non-existent. So come join in on the fun in Discord and see what all we can discuss and accomplish as we do more than just level together.

    Why did we use Discord? 
    Discord has high quality text chat, drag-and-drop image embedding, low latency, super cool different colors for our names and amazing avatars of our pick all with great support and amazing voice quality. If you need help or if you are new to Discord, their tech support team is really nice and responsive.

    Personalized bot (UB3R-BOT/RubyX) for your daily needs. 
    Multiple/exclusive channels. 
    Custom tags for different roles. 
    Friends list. 
    And so much more! 

    How do I join? 
    Please, click this link! https://discord.gg/0uj2k1WwtSe8SWbL You will be greeted in the #welcome_desk channel. From there, we will take care of the rest. 

    Games we play: 
    -Tree of Savior (our current main interest at the moment) 
    -Path of Exile
    -Ragnarok Online 2 
    -World of Warcraft 
    -Final Fantasy XIV 
    -Black Desert Online
    -Diablo 1-3
    -And many more games
    If you have any questions or suggestions, don't be afraid. Post them here! 

    At your service, 
    Livius Cat  

    PS If this post is violating any terms of service or any forum rules, please let us know instead of flaming/trolling in here. Like I said, this was an attempt to unify our community since it has been so long.
  16. With new patch released I saw entire hordes of petulant children complaining cause players don't loose anymore 1% of exp. The excuse was: "they will grief our farming spot", when this game have a colossal map and dozens of spots in 10+ channels for each server.
    The main point is: this kind of "players", if we can call 'em like it, find joy in their twisted visions about "risk/reward" . But that literally means pk-ing other players doing their own stuff in open world. And after this patch, lot of them are doing this ON PURPOSE, only cause they cannot get joy anymore in making other people frustrated.
    The PvP in this game need more balance? For sure
    This game needs more gankers and crying children only interested in ruining other people's experience? NO.
    An MMO should be based on cooperation and sharing, not about stealing stuff and insults all the day. "defending" a farm spot isn't fun for 99% of players, it's just a waste of time and resources. Everyone needs a chance to reach higher levels and Top Guilds have no rights on lower lvl guilds/people. The world doesnt exists to pleasure their twisted dreams. Dont talk about risk/reward, cause there's no risk in killing people that cannot defend themselves. Leave the monopolism out of this game, it already broke too many games in my experience.
    I think PvPer people will agree with me that a good PvP is when 2 (or more) players are facing each other with almost same gear and same level. That's how you understand who's stronger and who's weaker.
    I hope this game, with time, will form a solid community with brain-mature players, players that really enjoy the game, instead of whining/crying every day cause game doesnt fits their wishes.
  17. Hey Black Desert Online Players are you looking for a fun, friendly, and active community?
    We have a variety of different people and channels for hanging out/playing games! You can come to just hang out and meet new people!
    We Also Offer Daily inhouses and events on the server for a multitude of games.
    If this sounds like the community you'd like to be apart of then join us on our TeamSpeak: ts.absgaming.net.
    We have specialized rooms for guilds and other in game factors as well, even specific staff members to coach/teach other players!
    Come and be with people who enjoy doing the same things as you!
    - PrincepsAeternus : Absolute Gaming Staff
  18. Post on Hot springs system in Suggestions

    By Galten, posted
    As I was playing the game, I was thinking that the game is too much like a regular single player game and was trying to think of possible ways to make it so that players can interact with each other more. That made me think that there are not enough areas to simply let players just "hang around" to converse. So what if there was an addition to the game such as a hot springs/bathing system? I feel as though it would be a nice little niche to the game in order to enhance the amount of immersion and improve the player community. Of course in order to ensure players would actually use it, perhaps the hot springs would provide a nice "cleanliness" buff that lasts for maybe an hour after staying in the hot springs for a certain amount of time. Or it could be the opposite where players get a small debuff where their poor hygiene ends up slightly decreasing maybe movement speed, amount of weight able to be carried, or just make their character visually dirty. In addition to the hot springs, placing items to make it more interactive such as toys, water guns, or a fun mini-game would be nice too. Of course this is just a suggestion and I'm just a casual player who likes being able to spend time away from combat and crafting/fishing. Please let me know what you all think and if you like the idea, put in your own to improve it!
  19. Hello! Looking for people to play games with? Pandorum Gaming is recruiting for Black Desert Online, we already have a handful of people that play this game, but we would like to grow and see more. We have a ton of other games that we play too, so there is never any shortage of games to play. We have all kinds of people! We have people that hop from game to game, and we have people who play one game, and some that play a few games. We are a very relaxed and laid back community, that believes in equality for all gamers. Always a lot of people online playing games within our community!
    We have our own website (www.pandorumgaming.net) along with a Teamspeak 3 (ts.pandorumgaming.net) we provide to our community. We also do host game servers, along with setting up servers requested by our community members. We do everything in our power to make our members and guests happy. 
    So if you want to check us out, feel free to connect to Teamspeak3 and hang out with us before you join! Or if you are a real go getter, then sign up now! Everyone is welcome to come hang out and play video games with us! 
    --Note-- When connecting to our TS3, you will be required to wait for an admin to contact you, as we do this as a anti-troll filtering measure, keeps out music bots and other hot mic things, to make sure our guests and members have the best time with us.
  20. Affliction is a thriving PvX guild with 35+ very active members. We are recruiting PvP enthusiasts and others for node wars and No matter what your interests, there are groups within Affliction that will welcome you! We have avid traders and craftsmen, altaholics and bloodthirsty pvp’ers. We have folks who love to grind and those who prefer hanging out fishing and drinking beer. We are part of the Digital Affliction gaming community and have a core group of players who bring decades of MMO experience to BDO. We are a welcoming, helpful community that supports all facets of the game. We are currently expanding our ranks to build toward competitive PVP, Node Wars and Sieges.
    Requirements: Be mature, have a sense of humor, don’t be an asshole! We don’t have an age requirement but most of our members are age 28+
    VOIP: Discord
    Typical Playtimes: We have members active in all NA/OCE time zones.
    Activity: We run multiple guild missions, gathering, trading, fishing and leveling groups, boss scrolls & more throughout the day. We reward significant participation but understand some members have limited playtime.
    Apply: Apply at our website https://digitalafflictiongaming.com and hop in Discord or message on of the following people in game:
    GM - Kerosin
    Officer - Kynkii_Toy (Recruitment & Events officer)
    Officer - Keidii (Recruitment & member management officer)
    Officer - Dallas_Korbin (General prime-time officer)
    Officer - Shinoshi (General graveyard officer)
  21. First the Story:
    So I am doing the 200 contribution quest at the Manshas, like kill 100 or whatever of them. Then a random sorc comes up to me close and i thought he wants to invite me to a group, so we can do this quest together and faster. All of the Sudden his Name turned red and he threw everything he got at me and i was dead. I just came into the forest and already pk.
    Next i went to the Abandoned monestary for the token quest. As i went down the ladder there was a wizard in a ghillie suit coming already towards me and shooting and telling me to leave because i cant be there. Boom
    The pvp in this game is so weird, sometimes people want to make a group and sometimes the name turnes red and nuke you. Often they just come from the back of my camera angle and throw their ultimate. It always says i got unfairly killed by....   Just wtf at this pvp concept and wtf at the MasterPvpElitist-Ghillie suit people
    Everyday all day i get in those situations while my guildmembers dont so much only when they are fishing maybe. Maybe my char looks weird
    But srsly i wanna enjoy the game and do my quests and also would like to play toegther with others in a group with people i find in the open world and make friends etc etc.
    This is a multiplayer game and people seem to forget that and want to play on their own and see it as an unconvinience that other people come by. Why is this game not offline then, so you can have all for your own.
    SInce its the forum i expect people to be toxic now so i say inb4 : Pvecarebare, cry, SJW, Veganism, Religion, Abra Kadabra, undergeared casual, leave BDO then, etc.
    But isnt there a concept to avoid such and just play together with people you meet in the open world and that the stronger ones are helping the weaker players insted of nuking them and calling them noob wich is really idiotic.
    And if a GM sees the post, why does this game focus so much on the MasterPvpElitist-Ghillie suit people while i am the one who has the potential money to spend because i work more then playing

  22. BDO-Roleplay is a new community site for roleplayers of Black-Desert Online. Both the NA & EU communities are coming together to build a community that is supportive and welcoming of all RPers. To build this community we are reaching out to all who would like to be apart of building something special not just for themselves but the community at large.
    Somethings to note about BDO-Roleplay are the following
    Both NA and EU communities will have equal representations on the site. (2 NA & 2 EU mods along with 3 assists each)There is no site leadership beyond moderators, and moderators will be held to the same if not higher standards than membership with their own conduct.We are building our site lore, citing sources, and gathering an accurate representation of Black-Desert's Universe. Looking for those interested in helping out as Lore Gurus.   We are a respectful community of individuals with differing opinions, and we do not discourage that. We encourage transparency and openness and no one will be punished for that. 
    If you have any questions about BDO-Roleplay you're encouraged to PM me, or visit our community @http://bdoroleplay.enjin.com  

  23. BDO-Roleplay is a new community site for roleplayers of Black-Desert Online. Both the NA & EU communities are coming together to build a community that is supportive and welcoming of all RPers. To build this community we are reaching out to all who would like to be apart of building something special not just for themselves but the community at large. We are a small community of roleplayers hoping to grow together. We have extensive forums,an Inter-region forum that combines our NA & EU communities to discuss game topics, weave stories, and make introductions! We also have respective NA & EU forum sections so that each region can post their own character profiles, events, and associations or player networks and businesses. We are building a Lore Wiki, it will serve as a comprehensive cited guide for BDO lore that everyone is welcome to use and volunteer information. 
    Somethings to note about BDO-Roleplay are the following
    Both NA and EU communities will have equal representations on the site. (2 NA & 2 EU mods along with 2 assists each)There is no site leadership beyond moderators, and moderators will be held to the same if not higher standards than membership with their own conduct.We are building our site lore, citing sources, and gathering an accurate representation of Black-Desert's Universe. Looking for those interested in helping out as Lore Gurus.   We are a respectful community of individuals with differing opinions, and we do not discourage that. We encourage transparency and openness and no one will be punished for that.If you have any questions about BDO-Roleplay you're encouraged to PM me, or visit our community @http://bdoroleplay.enjin.com  
  24. Post on Delete in Roleplay

    By The_Elusive, posted
    Please delete 
  25. We are DragonLore, a gaming community founded 10 years ago. For an overview of what we do please visit our website at dragonlore.eu or join our forum’s.
    In BDO we are an all aspect guild playing on Croxus and we offer an active community. We do weekly guild events and missions. We are looking for active players with no extra requirements. Teamspeak is recommended but not mandatory.
    If you’re interested you can find all the info you need on our website. Join our forums or join our Teamspeak now! You can also just reply on one of our frequent recruitment massages on Mediah C1 or whisper me in-game (Helyan)