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  1. <Bloodletters> is recruiting all class of 'all level'. We are now  27 of all level (including 7 level 50+) and are looking for more. If you would like to participate in to the creation/building of a guild and a new community this could be your chance. We reward activity and revise/raise your pay/contract often. We also vote guild skills.
    **So by being bigger and stronger by the days, we make friends but also enemies. And im looking now for some more man power !! **
    - We also have one of the best cook and one of the best alchemist, Both on leaderbord  ! And guess what we can trade in this game ? ... Food and Potion ! Charue and Celisma are   always happy to distribute some, almost every day , to help everyone in the guild. We also have a Trader on leaderbord ! 3:D
    - We are not grinders and Super power player who need to go fat fast fast, and must have everything wow now now ... But don't think we don't aim to be strong and fierce ! 3:D
    - We really like betting and investing on people instead of just on high level characters.
    - We have a professional quality TeamSpeak server.
    - We are on server NA/ Uno, Chanel Balenos U2.
    SO, seriously, if you want to create a all new gaming community and make new Friends we invite you warmly !!
    You can talk in game to Khorne, Celisma, Poklonskaya, Paulyne or Charue
    *Don't be insulted if we ask some question, it is normal after a certain number of members
    Some lore about who we are (optional) :
    Khorne, also called the Blood God and the Lord of Skulls, is the Chaos God of Blood, War and Murder. His domain covers the most basic and brutal of sentient emotions and actions, such as hate, anger, rage, war and killing. Every act of killing or murder in the material universe gives Khorne power; the more senseless and destructive, the better. However, though Khorne is the God of bloody slaughter, he is also the God of martial pride and honour, of those who set themselves against the most dangerous foes and earn victory against the odds. A devotee of Khorne is as likely to be an honourable champion in combat as a blood-crazed slaughterer.
    Quotes and calls :
    - Blood for the Blood God !
    - Skulls for the Skull Throne !
    - "Prepare the Dreadclaws and unchain the Mad Ones! Glorious battle awaits us today, for the world below has refused to surrender! Let us descend upon them with fury and rage, giving no quarter and sparing only those warriors who fight well enough to earn a place among us. As to the rest, their lives and possessions are ours, but their skulls are for Khorne!"
    - "Though the gates that stand between the mortal world and the immortal Realm of Chaos are now closed to me, still I would rather die having glimpsed eternity than never to have stirred from the cold furrow of mortal life. I embrace death without regret as I have embraced life without fear."
    ** Chaos 'rules' philosophy ** :
    1. Discipline leads to Victory
    2. It is Victory in War that brings Immortality
    3. Immortality is the Gift of Chaos
    4. In exchange, Chaos demands Blood
    5. Thus, Blood must be ever spilt
    6. Therefore, Eternal Life demands Eternal War
    7. Eternal War demands Eternal Discipline
    8. Chaos will always have Blood: Yours or Theirs
    Bloodletters :
    Bloodletters, also known as the Chosen of Khorne, the Warmongers of Khorne, Slaughter-kin and the Crimson Death, are Daemons that serve as the eager daemonic soldiers of the Blood God Khorne. As a host, they march as one, in formations with supernatural precision, but in battle, they try to outdo each other in ruthless acts of cruelty and savagery.

    In to our Role play of 'Warhammer vs BDO', the story is simple. In warhammer 40k all other system or games or worlds are just a planet in WH40k universe ...
    So the Blood God make us reborn, as humans, in the BDO planet to prepare the 'incoming' invasion and rules these lands ! And i don't pretend to be the Blood God itself but just his Avatar.
    *Note that RP in the guild is optional

    In this picture you can see the real blood god in he's plane, with he's Bloodlettres Troops
  2. Welcome BDO Players,
    The DevilDogs Gaming community has established its own division for Black Desert Online.  We invite you to join our community and our Black Desert Division.  You do not need to be part of any specific guild, or clan.  You do not even need to be any particular level.  As a community we want you to play the game your way. 
    If you are looking for structure and organization, and even a community to play other games with, the Devil Dogs boasts a large number of mature members to make you feel welcome.
    We do have a Community Affiliated Guild for those that would like to join and represent.  But most importantly, welcoming you to a 14 year Community with over 1000 members is what makes this worth it.
    You can apply whether you wish to join our division or if you just want to join the community.  http://thedevildogs.org 
    TeamspeakSite Registration 18+ Mature members 
    Our Black Desert Division Guild - <BlackHeart>
    Focus: Well Balanced
    PVX - A good combination of PVE and PVP allows us to maximize our efforts in the upcoming conquest and node wars.
    Daily Guild missionsWeekly meetings to discuss Guild BusinessEventsContestsGiveawaysSummon ScrollsElite Mob GroupsConquestBattlefieldGroup LevelingTradeCraft 
    You can ask for any BlackHeart Officer for an invite.
  3. Post on The current PK system in General

    By Nanners, posted
    Hi all,
    I would like to ask for some help about this PK system cos im really confused atm.
    Maybe its cos I have never played a game with a PK system, whats the point having to press alt+c to flag up for PVP when everyone is basically flagged for PVP after lv 45. For me it seems that there's no what traditionally perceived as "PVE" aspect in this game because of gankers. When u go grind in an area or even just want to do a daily kill quest, instead of helping each other or party up, I often receive hostile message upon arrival in say chat: "leave or die"  "spot is taken gtfo" etc, I'm sure u all have experienced this now. So help me out here, is this what BDO all about? not to encourage a healthy friendly community but a massive toxic one full of drama?
    I expect this in PVP aspect in a game and I'm perfectly fine with it. However If ganking/competition/cluster----- even in PVE is the purpose of this then perhaps im playing the wrong game after all. What would PVE players do here? Imo ppl who have the PVP mode turned OFF should not get involved in PVP at all but that's just how it makes sense to me. Advice please?
    Thank you for your time.
  4. Hallöchen erst einmal an alle
    Über den Chat innerhalb von BDO bin ich auf ein PVP Event gestoßen von einer Gilde (wer sie jetz unwichtig).
    Danach habe ich versucht andere Events dieser Art zu finden, also von der Community für die Community - da sicher der eine doer andere aus meiner Gilde interesse daran hat.
    Ich konnte keinen eigene Abteilung dafür finden geschweige den einen Tread.
    Habe ich nicht lang genug gesucht oder gibt es dies bezüglich noch nichts?
    Es wäre nämlich echt awesoem da schneller im Bilde zu sein als "Generel Disscusions" ,oder das deutsche gegenstück dazu, zu durchforsten.
    Sollte so etwas schon mehrfach gefragt worden sein entschuldige ich mich
    Grüße Makoto
  5. Hello @CM_Jouska, 
    As many people have pointed out on the News and Announcement forums, there really needs to be better communication with regards to updates and patch notes. 
    Right now you guys don't release patch notes until after the patch.  While I am sure you are doing this because there may be updates made on the fly during the actual maintenance window, the vast majority of the patch content is pre-planned.   Also as many people have suggested you should layout a road map for future updates so that the community can prepare for them.  Video game players are not patient people in general.  If they don't have a reason to wait around or keep playing they will move on to another game.  As several players have stated if the blader doesn't come out in this patch they will be quitting because they've known about the class for a long time and that particular class is the main reason they want to play the game.  Often players feel slighted or manipulated when they know that content has already been released in other countries.  They feel it is intentionally being withheld from the game to create a sensation of "suspense" or the false impression of "regular content updates"  AKA, they know that you are withholding that content intentionally as those classes could have been localized when the rest of the classes were localized. (Many of us work in digital production environments so we know full well that it is more efficient to work on similar content at the same time)
    To help mitigate community discontent I recommend you do the following:
    1)  Whenever you do a patch post the planned patch notes as soon as you take down the servers or even a few hours before.   This prepares the community for the upcoming patch and based upon how complex the patch notes are the community will understand the longer down times.  Should there be any additional patches made on the fly simply add an <Edit> section at the bottom highlighted with a bright colored heading saying "Additional Patches" that list the changes not covered in the original patch notes for that update. 
    2) Layout a road map for the next 3 content updates.   While I know for various Marketing reasons you want to build anticipation and have the "wow" factor happen when releasing new content, but the problem that most Marketing execs fail to realize is that tactic only works with NEW content... NOT content we know has been out for over a year in another Market.   You will find it is MUCH more effective to simply be up front and honest with your community and lay out a realistic timeline when pre-released content in other zones will be released in the NA/EU market. 

    I know you guys are planning to do "Monthly updates" but you should simply lay out those updates in a timeline so that players can plan for them accordingly.  At the very minimum the next 3 significant monthly updates should be laid out in a timeline for the user base to plan their expectations around with maybe one BIG update tentatively discussed for say 6 months down the road. 

    3) Weekly or Bi-Weekly Twitch Q&A streams.  One of the MOST effective things that Trion did with Archeage is to bring in a community manager team to do regular twitch livestreams nearly every Friday.  Trion is a horribly abusive company with their greedy pump and dump cash shop, but by just having those regular twitch streams they were able to mitigate the damage/Perception of their abusive practices and maintain their community by holding a virtual carrot out for the the players to look forward to week after week and keep playing the game.  
    Please don't ever copy their abusive cash shop practices, but those regular twitch streams with friendly "Devs" just goes to show how effective regular face to face communication is at maintaining your player base. 
  6. Warriors of the BDO, Crusaders of Rightousness, we want to share our Military Gaming Community with you! Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage are the guiding principles of Black Desert Online's Joint Services Operations Command Army aka JSOC. From the ground up or in the game, on our Teamspeak, and our daily lives allowing for a community environment based on a military structure that allows for a purposeful advancement in an ever growing group of Active military,Reserve,Retired,Civil Serivice and many Civilians who comprise our membership base through 7 different games.
    We offer Training on all different subject matters, Including leadership,Website,Teamspeak and ingame Knowledge so that you can be the best player and member you can be and we also  have players working on leveling up our Guild and guild member's so that we can all participate in guild events and pvp. we also  enjoy regular Scroll bosses and boosting the guilds Economy players to take over BDO aswell, and much more! We are looking for good, loyal adventurers who will stay and continue to help us develop to get better, stronger, and closer as a unit and brotherhood. We are people you want to hang out with, group up with, and to share and expand not only your knowledge, but others as well. If this is not what you are looking for, or just want that shiny equipment/Blackstones before you leave, then this Guild is not for you.
    If you have questions,comments or concerns or just want to join please do so through the following ways:
    Visit us at our website at: www.JSOCMGC.us (Our Enjin website)
    or on our Teamspeak 3 Server at: JSOCMGC.enjinvoice.com
    If you have any questions, you can P.M. the following player in-game
    Come around and poke around a little bit, this may be a home you've been looking for! Apply Now!!!
    God Speed and Good Hunting!
    Major General K.Allison(Xandaran) & All JSOC
    Strength & Honor
    Come check us out and talk with us on our open Ts
    Check us out come join us on TS which is open to everyone


    The Darkness Clan (DPRD) is a gaming community that was formed in Lineage 2 just over 10 years ago. The majority of us left
    L2 years ago to play various other titles.  For the most part we are a laid back guild with our priority being to have fun.
    With that said we are still very goal oriented and push hard to meet these goals. 

    CompetentGoal orientedKnowledgeableLaid back (can take a joke)18+ as a general rule 
    While recruitment is open to all classes, the following are being sought after:

    Static groups and families are welcome to apply as well. In fact we encourage it. 

    We are also looking to bolster our player base from UK/EU and Australia.
    We have several players from that time zone and are always looking to add more. 


    Google Forms
    Feel free to contact the following people with any questions:
    Sandron, Daben, Bubbli, Burse, Zyx

    We look forward to hearing from you!
  8. Post on Lack of RP community? in Roleplay

    By ghaz, posted
    So I've been doing RP since Ultima Online, and have done it in various mmo's between then and now. However the community in this seems to be rather lacking. Is it me or am I looking in the wrong place? I play on Orwen, as well as use the Calpheon 2 channel (as that was designated as the RP hotspot according to various posts) and I am struggling beyond measure to find good recruits for my guild. Thoughts? 
  9. SuperSuper
    SuperSuper is a new guild on the UNO server and we our main use of communication is Discord. We will help everyone get geared and we enjoy doing group activities. We will be happy to accept members of any knowledge level and willing to teach what we know. For more information please contact us in game

    Guild Leader: Family Maggician Character Selika
    Officer: Family Kongor Character Molag
  10. <FINAL_IMPACT> | EU | PVPVE | We are the english branch of the large impact guild and we are looking for active members who are willing to put time into the communtiy. We have a ts that is available and we have a diverse community that we think anyone could work well with and join us in exploring all the parts of this game. We are in a good position to offer all people with both a hardcore and softcore experience as we are apart of the impact community who have late game ambitions of dominating GVG scene. If you are interested in joining please send me a message on the forum or in game on serendia j1 to one of our officers or leader , Supersayin, Jkaem , Something or Momo_San.
    Looking foward to your application.
    GL HF
  11.                           Česky                                                                                   
    Guilda Smečka, převážně česká, nabírá hráče všech národností do svých řad.  
    Zaměřujeme se na zábavu, což znaméná od PVE přes PVP až po třeba PK.      
    Znalost hry není důležitá, všechno se dá naučit.                                                        
    Hledáme pouze takové lidi se kterýma bude zábava hrát                                                          
    a dobře spolupracovat.                                                                                                                                                    
    Pokud takoví jste, nebo se snažíte takovým stát, tak nám dejte vědět zde,                               
    nebo ve hře pm Lvice (často na Croxus calpheon c1)                                                                                      
    a můžete se stát členy takovéhoto kolektivu a dále ho rozvíjet s námi
    Těšíme se na vás.                
    Guild Smecka, mostly czech, recruits players of all nationalities to its ranks.                                                                                                                                                       We are looking forward to meet you
    We mainly focus on fun, meaning everything from PVE thru PVP to even PK.
    Knowledge about the game is not important, everything can be learnt.
    We are only looking for people which are be fun to play with
    and which would nicely cooperate.
    f you are like this, or want to be like this, let us know here
    or pm Lvice ingame (mainly on Croxus Calpheon c1)
    and you can became members of such group of people and advance it further
  12. Hi! I'm Heero Valentine from the [Unknowns] and our Guild has decided to open its doors for people who are looking for a home. We're already an established community of 100+ people spread out over BnS and FF and recently we branched out to the amazing game Black Desert Online. But before that, I think it is important for anyone who wishes to join to know about our Guild so they can have an idea of what they're getting into.
    Therefore, read on!
    → 『♔』intro
    [Unknowns] is a guild put together by a few individuals that are brought together by a common goal: to have fun!
    We are a new collection of players that hope to create an atmosphere where both new and old players can come together
    and develop a lasting relation of companionship and trust within the continents of Black Desert Online.
    Our main focus right now is to aid one another as we discover a whole new world.
    Our goal is to build a family, a bonded community of different backgrounds that brings out the best in MMO gaming and interaction.
    Our previous guild experience deviates a huge importance in the social aspect of playing together. 
    If you're having fun, you're at the right place and this is what we always strive to achieve. You could say it is our #1 rule - So enjoy!
    We will have random and silly conversations in guild chat or have discussions about the game, help each other level up, accomplish daily missions, do dungeon runs together or simply hang out at the nearest town. We're basically a merge of different characters yet we all appreciate and respect each and every one's uniqueness.
    Why consider us? What I believe sets us apart from others is that we're lead by mature people who place a high value on respect. 
    We hope to instill this motive throughout our guild and to players outside our guild.
    We are very much willing to help every guild mate to achieve their potential here on Black Desert Online,
    and we especially welcome with open arms those who are new to the game.
    Whether you want to be the richest, the strongest, or even simply just the cutest, there's always something for everyone in the [Unknowns]!
    → 『♔』general
    PvX - Semi-hardcore with a social & mature focus
    Zucaro (Heero Valentine)
    LaughingShadow(Anarba Moks)
    Recruitment Status
    Discord (Feel free to hop in & say hi!)
    → 『♔』rules
    I honestly don't like bringing down a set of heavy rules since it feels so constricting. But, for the sake of being on the same mindset, here are just a few easy to understand rules we observe. If you find them agreeable then I'm sure you will find that our guild suits you wonderfully.
    Respect your Guildmates.No insults based on gender or race.Do not abandon them when in need or abuse their kindness when they are helping you.Respect the gaming community as a whole.You always carry the name of [Unknowns] with you. If you're someone who can't help but be rude to everyone for no reason, then we wish you all the best.Lastly, NO DRAMA.Common sense. Let's just have fun, yeah? Simples! 
    → 『♔』you
    Well, we don't have any requirements as such. We really just want fun, decent folks who know how to have a good time and go crazy without being too crazy.
    (Did I just make sense? I hope so!) But, if you ask most of us, what we're looking for in a guild mate is someone who..
    Has a sense of humour installed. All versions welcome.Will not take advantage of members or be inappropriate.Respects the interests of others, in and outside of the guild.Is reliable, dependable and level-headed.A common sensed maturity.Open to constructive feedback, and vice versa.Knows how to enjoy themselves! 
    I don't think we're asking for much, right? But don't worry. You can be yourself all you want.
    You can be the quiet type who just wants to farm alone or someone who likes to challenge everyone in combat because as I said,
    we respect each and everyone's uniqueness. So long as you know how to co-operate and gel well with the rest of the guildies, you'll have an amazing time here.
    Maturity is one thing we do expect from all members. Jokes can be filthy, perhaps offensive in some cases but as long as they are all in good fun,
    we have no problem with that. It goes without saying, if someone does feel harassed or heavily insulted; we ask that the subject is dropped immediately.
    Remember it has to be fun for everyone.
    → 『♔』end
    I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. Whatever your path is in Black Desert Online, we wish you the best of luck in any endeavor.
    Whether our paths cross or not, from all of us here in [Unknowns], may your adventure be a glorious one!
    If we piqued your interest we invite you to visit our site or send me a message on the forums/in game for an invitation to the guild.
    Yours sincerely,
    The Unknowns Team.
    Families that are part of the Unknowns:
    AwaltirBarblinBergstromCenturianChobitazGummielHalfgoodHazlinInSooKusanuLaughingShadowLewyManadhNagasuStormzTantalosVakeWarslayerXenExeZucaroCurrent Guild stats:
    20/40 spots filled.
    +5 Accuracy & +3AP

    Weekly schedule, all events around 20:00 + guild missions on demand:
    Monday: Subjugation Missions
    Tuesday: Scroll Groups
    Wednesday: Evening off
    Thursday: Gathering Missions
    Friday: Scroll Groups
    Saturday: Subjugation Missions
    Sunday: Scroll Groups/Discord evening (Watching movies or playing games with other parts of the Unknowns community)

    Derivation is a collection of people residing in Multiple realms of Gaming, wiping out the evils of Enemies and dominating in Continent versus Continent and more! Originally founded in the realm of Auroria, we've been around since the start of Cabal, and we plan to stick around for quite a bit longer.
    Derivation is a growing, friendly guild always looking for new active players who will represent us and be social with other guild members. We have our own Discord server,  where we chat and interact with each other, along with have guild meetings in. We accept low levels as well as high levels, and we constantly have members around to help others level, complete a dungeon, etc.
    We focus on friendliness, and definitely support each other and help one another whenever help is needed, whether it's getting your gear or just doing Trade runs and farm work.
    About Us :
    Derivation is a gaming community founded 5-7 years ago, and we have had multiple names for our guilds as each game usually has a different guild name. a lot of us have been playing together for a long time. We play tons of games! We are looking to pick up more players interested in a fun friendly and helpful guild/Community; Be it your favorite games are Moba, Fps ,or MMORPGS we have a group for you!
    Our Average age of players is in the age group of 20-25, we do have a couple members above the 40's and a couple members below the 20s so all ages are welcome to join us!
    What We are Looking For
    We are Looking for People who can speak English, and are generally from North America, if you are not from North America that is fine, just as long as you can communicate with us! also a sense of humor is highly suggested as a lot of joking around takes place in the community and not having a tough skin can be hurtful! Also we would like to recommend using our Voice Communication Service.
    Black desert guild requirements : 450+ Gearscore, and level 57+   
    anyone  inactive of 10+ days with out notice is removed.
    Voice Communication!we use Discord  you can join and Talk to us! *
    Anyone is welcome to use our Discord no matter if you join or not!
    Interested in joining? 
    if anyone sees or has any tips to help make this better feel free to let us know here  or  find me on twitch lol
  14. Post on Housing - stalker in General

    By Jace Fors, posted
    One of the best things about this game is that it lets you choose any house in the game as a residence if you want. So I was curious about all the people with strange or not so strange houses. Where do you live and what's your favorite thing about your house? I currently live on top of a mountian on a sheep farm. Great view  
  15. So today Energy cost for Chating is being introduced.  The aim of this is to limit Gold Selling.
    Gold Sellers are sitting AFK fishing with a Macro running to send a message at a specific time, this now means they can send a message every 3 minutes which changes absolutely nothing.  However due to the fact all players will need to think before they waste energy on a message there will be very few messages in Chat which means Gold Sellers messages will get longer Air time due to the lack of other communications.
    Further to this, Gold Sellers will diversify into other methods which are even more intrusive, ie. sending Whispers and Mails.
    Instead of stifling the Community, how about using a technical solution or better still use moderators to check the Chat and ban or silence offending accounts, this type of pro-active involvement would be much better for the game, rather than removing the social aspect of an MMO.

    Rain is currently looking for the following classes in order of priority:
    1. Wizard/Witch
    2. Berserkers
    We want the best of the bunch on Croxus to join us on more open world PvP, GvG and eventually sieges. We require you to maintain a decent amount of daily activity, as well as keeping up with the best in matters of level and gear. 
    Aside from PvP we have systems for:
    Daily/Weekly scrollsGrindingGuild scroll bossesWorld bosses 
    Being part of Rain is being part of a large family. We expect you to treat your guildmates with respect and patience, socialize and communicate actively, while being able to follow simple instructions when needed. Because of this, setting up and being able to join our Discord when needed is mandatory.
    If this sounds promising and interesting to you, please fill out our application form and we will take a look at it within a few hours.
    Eugene Handsome
  17. This has been mentioned in other threads, but want to highlight again. The energy cost of 30 to report a gold spammer is far too much. I actually did report one this morning before I came in, but instantly regretted it as I was unable to proc a bargain success at a trader with the energy I had remaining.
    Keeping the gold spammers out of the game is the publishers responsibility, BUT the community wants to work with you, and help in this. We want the game to be clear of such trash. That said, I can tell you now, I will not be reporting any more spammers (or anyone for that matter) with a cost of 30 energy. It is far too great a cost. I can probably guess at some of the reasoning behind such a cost, and do understand the possible motives, but until this becomes a more reasonable cost, say 5 energy or so, I will not be able to work with you or support your efforts to have the community work with you in managing them.
    I am loving the game (was a skeptic), but really need to see this adjusted to climb on board with controlling the gold spamming! Please let and encourage the community to work with you by adjusting this cost.
  18. Seriously, what is wrong with some of you guys?
    Every time I visit the forums it's full of negativity and toxic behaviour, what is up? If something (i.e. a game) was bothering me that much I would STAY AWAY from said product.
    There are SO many games these days, new releases daily, there can't and should not be any reason for you to be here if it only brings out the worst in you.
  19. So the other night I watched this video by fevir that talked about Themepark mmos vs. Sandbox mmos. At some point when talking about sandbox mmos, he mentions a global marketplace and how it hinders player interaction. [He starts talking about it here] Now, from my understanding the current MP system is not global but city to city. (Edit: I had a misunderstanding, It's actually global) However, I can't help but still feel that the point he makes in the video somewhat evident it BDO. I mean when I think about the other complexities in this game the current MP system seems out of place. Wouldn't it be better and encourage more interaction if shops were run by players? To be honest, I got a little bit a-head of myself and thought of a system for shops that could possibly be implemented with current functions in the game that we already have. So anyway, here is my idea for how shops could possibly work.
    So, say you want to sell stuff and have supplies stocked up! Now to open a store! You should probably first hire some shopkeepers from the worker management NPC. Than you would have to buy a space (Much like you would for a residence, storage, and workshop) to use as a shop. From here, you can decide the hours for when the shop is open. You'd also have a category list to choose from that will tag what you sell in your store.  (So that players looking for certain things can find your store/ see what your selling) From there you can set a grand opening date. Where you can possibly have a sale (I'll get to that later) How would the store be stocked?
    After setting up a store you'd go back to the warehouse manager. An additional storage window will pop, you put the things you want to sell in that window.You can either gather and make the items yourself or have more workers do it for you. If you have workers gathering/making the items, you can have an option to have them just straight up put it in the store's inventory window instead of the storage. How will other players find your store? 
    There can be several ways a player can find a store. Have an option on the world map to find available stores and have filter option to find stores that are selling the goods that you are looking for. There could be a store directory NPC where all the stores in a city are listed and again, there can be a filter option to find the stores that are selling what you're looking to buy. Maybe even have prices listed to find the store.To actually get into the store an additional pop up window can be used when you approach a housing door. Sounds to complicated? 
    I know for some people, they just want to use the MP. So I still think that it should be available.For the buyer, have an additional "Transport fee" for using the MP. From there I have two suggestions. Either they player just gets the items right away. Or they have to wait for a short time for the items to be transported and it would be to a warehouse of their choosing. The transport fee could be higher or lower based on location. So the MP would still be available so you don't have to run around looking for shops. For the seller, Listing stuff directly to the MP will have a "storage fee". As the MP has to house the items instead of having a store. Things that should be kept from the MP and used for player stores.
    Although it might need a bit of tweaking. The current pricing system is good. Keep minimum and maximum pricing on items so pricing doesn't get out of control. Also players who own shops can list their items on the MP as well, they just won't have to pay that "storage fee" Or, they could have a display system, where players can put their items on display there but the player would have to go to the store to get the items. (Another possible method for players to find stores) If shops choose to list or display their items on the MP, There should be a "Listing fee" or "Display Fee"Fees could be relative. From highest to lowest, Transport fee (depending on MP to storage distance) -> Storage fee -> Listing fee -> Display fee  Player Shop Sales & Discounts 
    Like pricing, there should be a minimum and maximum percentage that you can do for sales. + and minimum and maximum time frame that you can hold said sale. Maybe also have a discount system for friends and or guild members. once again, keep a minimum and maximum percentage. 
    Gift system?
    I know a lot of people want to be able to trade to help out their friends, so maybe something like a gift system can be implemented. You can go into a store and buy a gift for a friend who might need it. (Might even have a wrapping option) Something that would be important, is that the gift should not be available for resell. Once you are given the give it is bound completely to you. Only certain things should be available for gifting. Like, consumables and armor. Oh, and you shouldn't be able to gift things from your own store. You have to gift things from another players store. 
    Appearance your store?
    Maybe have it be customizable like a residence. Or just have predetermined looks based on what your shop is offering. Ex: If you tag your shop as a shop that sells ore and rocks. It will have a design that reflects that. If you don't tag your shop as anything or tag it as multiple things it will have a default store look. 
    What are you current thoughts about the MP and what do you think about the system I thought of? 
  20. Hit me up ingame! : Izzarra
    *Must* have Discord and have a friendly. positive attitude. No other requirements! We take care of our own and are looking to grow! 
    Reply if interested Via reply or in game whisper.
    See you soon!
  21. Hey Zusammen,
    Unsere Community sucht mehr BlackDesert interessierte Spieler um gemeinsam einfach nur Spaß zu haben und / oder vielleicht sogar mehr über das Spiel zusammen zu lernen und besser zu werden.
    Hast du Lust auf:
    - Nette Leute
    - Grinden
    - PvP / PvE
    - BlackDesert Streams schauen
    - Keine Verpflichtungen
    - Einen gestellten Teamspeak
    - Teamspeak aktive Member
    - Und vieles mehr
    Es ist völlig egal in welchem Skillbereich ihr euch befindet solange ihr Spaß am zocken habt, nett und offen gegenüber anderen Spielern seit.
    Wir spielen unter anderem ebenfalls Spiele wie zum Beispiel:
    - Diablo 3
    - Hearthstone
    - Heros of the Storm
    - Blade and Soul
    - StarCraft 2
    - Rainbow Six Siege
    - Warcraft 3 ( Warcraft 4 - SC2 WAA Mod )
    Ebenfalls sind wir immer offen für alle neuen Vorschläge für neue Spiele und neue Ideen für unsere Community.
    Besuchen könnt ihr uns in unserem Teamspeak unter --> IP: PW: pizza oder auf einem unserer Community Streams und auf der Fanpage unter:
    Also wenn ihr 18+ seit (Diese Regel kam über die Zeit durch schlechte Erfahrungen, allerdings bestätigen Ausnahmen die Regel) und Spaß am Spielen habt, dann bist du bei uns genau richtig den wir suchen durchgehend mehr Leute mit denen wir zocken können !
    MfG Rexxor
  22. Wir suchen Dich!

    Server: Jordin
    Unsere Multigaming-Community besteht bereits seit 2011 und spielen einige unterschiedliche Games - von MMOS bis Shooter ist alles dabei. Nun will sich ein Teil der Community in BDO umschauen und sucht dafür noch ein wenig Verstärkung.
    Was haben wir euch zu bieten?
    Im Großen und Ganzen bezeichnen wir uns als eine starke Gemeinschaft. Zahlreiche Reallife-Gildentreffen haben dazu beigetragen, dass aus Gildenmitgliedern richtige Freunde geworden sind. Wir haben stets eine Menge Spaß miteinander – Sei es im TS, InGame oder bei unseren regelmäßig veranstalteten Treffen.
    Deswegen gibt es bei uns für neue Member vorerst den Rang des Anwärters. Dies dient einerseits dazu euch besser kennen lernen zu können und um heraus zu finden, ob ihr euch bei uns wohlfühlt bzw. ob ihr aus unserer Sicht zur Gemeinschaft passt.´Ebenfalls liegt es nicht in unserem Interesse von unseren Mitglieder zu erwarten 24 Stunden am Tag online sein zu müssen. Wir sind zum größten Teil berufstätig und deshalb steht das Reallife stets vor dem Game.
    Unsere Philosophie ist es Spaß und die nötige Ernsthaftigkeit im Spiel miteinander zu verbinden. Denn genau diese gesunde Mischung bringt eine Community zum gewünschten Erfolg. Aufgrund dessen finden die unterschiedlichsten Menschen in unsere Community ein zu Hause. Sei es ein Progress-Gamer, der 24 Stunden das Ts „bewacht“ oder sei es ein Fun-Gamer, der im Schichtdienst arbeitet und nur unregelmäßig online sein kann – Jeder ist bei uns herzlich willkommen.
    Damit wir stets in Kontakt bleiben können und eine gewisse Organisation herrscht, stellen wir euch seitens der Community zahlreiche Plattformen zur Verfügung.
    Homepage: www.gilde-harlekings.de
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHarlekings
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Harlekings?ref=ts&fref=ts
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Harlekings?lang=de
    Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/harlekings_tv
    Auch die Kommunikation und der Informationsfluss zwischen der Führung und den Mitglieder ist uns enorm wichtig. Entscheidungen werden stets mit den Membern abgesprochen und solltet ihr ein Problem haben, könnt ihr euch stets an einen von uns wenden.  

    Was fordern wir von euch?
    Da wir eine gewisse geistige Reife voraussetzen, müsst ihr mindestens das 18. Lebensjahr erreicht haben. Nach oben hin sind keinerlei Altersbegrenzungen gesetzt. Auch einen angemessenen Umgangston und die Einhaltung der Gildenregeln, welche ebenfalls auf der Homepage nachzulesen sind, erwarten wir von euch.
    Ebenfalls für wichtig erachten wir eine gewisse Aktivität, sowohl InGame, als auch im TS. Nur das macht euch zu einem vollständigen Harleking und hält euch stets auf dem neusten Stand. Wenn euch diese Vorstellung neugierig gemacht haben sollte, bewerbt euch einfach InGame, im TS oder auf der Homepage bei unserer Community  – das entsprechende Formular findet ihr auf unserer Homepage unter: http://gilde-harlekings.de/?page_id=66.
    Wir werden uns dann sobald als möglich bei euch melden und Gespräch im TS organisieren. Viel Glück dabei – Wir freuen uns auf Euch und sind gespannt, ob sich Harlekings in BDO etablieren wird.
    Spielleiter: Zhury Lain
    Harlekings Harrooo !!! 
    Greetz Akila 
    Community Leiterin
    der Harlekings 
  23. Mahlzeit BDO Community, 
    ich machs kurz und knackig, wir sind mal wieder bei der Planung für die nächste BDO Community Podcast. Da es jetzt endlich zum Release gekommen ist und wir alle uns begeistert in die Welt von BDO wieder gestürzt haben gibt es innerhalb der Community viele Fragen und Themen. Deswegen dachten wir uns wir geben euch die Chance Themen und Fragen vorab hier im Forum zu posten die wir dann bei der Planung der Podcast mit einbeziehen werden.
    Ebenfalls haben wir versprochen bei jeder Podcast neue Streamer dabei zu haben, daher wenn euch ein Streamer gut gefällt und ihr denk er wurde gut in unsere Talk-Runde passen, einfach namen und Link posten. Hoffen auf gutes Feedback.
    Gruss Giant, Dark, Chuck, Chamba und Tana
  24. So.... my time has finally come to select my Lightning. but which one looks best... i can't really tell.
    first 2
    last 2

  25. i just made this sorcerer and i wanted to upload it for you guys. so.....if you're interested let me know and i might upload it later today when the server is up agian 

    She does need a little work here and there but i'll fix that :3