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  1. Post on Community in General

    By Jace Fors, posted
    I just wanted to say that the CBT2 was great fun and this game is shaping well. It has ways to go, but I think it will strive to make us happy. Once thing I really want us all to do as a community is to band together and really support each other as BDO players. I would LOVE to be seen from the outside in as a great, welcoming, fun, open minded community  and look forward to playing with you all on release. Cheers to helping each other out and making one of the best community out there. Thanks! I think we can do it! Who's with me?!
  2. Welcome to Black Desert Online!
    When was the last time you were so excited for a new mmo!? 
    Neon Grind Community is hyped for this new opportunity, a new world to explore, new gameplay to share, and amazing character creation. We seek to grow our existing community with the pvp and pve elements of BDO. We are a teamspeak centric community looking to build experiences and friendships beyond the game.
    If you are interested please post here or find us in game. =D
  3. Older mmo/fps/rpg vet here. Played various games throughout my life, use to be more so hardcore than I currently am. Looking for a close knit community of mature players who like to have fun and enjoy their games together with other like-minded people. My unfortunate case is that I'm a EST US player who works mon-fri overnights now: (Anywhere between 11pm-11am) - So my time to play is limited to mornings to early evenings until weekends (Free time!). I'm always willing to help people out within games when I'm on and if I have the knowledge or power to do so. Guild events are fine, but will revert back to my current schedule in which case makes it hard for me to say that I can participate in most.  
    I am mature and pretty simple/open minded on most subjects. I'm a big kid at heart who still enjoys his anime/cartoons. (Who doesn't?)
    I'll re-instate I'm a loyal player who enjoys mostly PVE to relieve stress from daily life, however, I'm not against PVP either. I prefer group and organized setting PVP or 1v1 arena PVP on certain occasions.
    I like to group with others who have the same interest in content and are willing to help back in return being helped when needed. I don't usually ask for anything, I just ask silly questions. If I ever needed anything, I never request it for free. I always pay my debts immediately. I prefer to give than to receive in most cases if it's in my power to do so.
    Currently looking for a community who is not only getting into BDO, but also possibly The Division for pc.
    Once again: Time-zone (EST):    I work Mon-Fri overnights.  Time avaible to play 10/11am-5/6pm Weekdays /(Friday-Sun) Available at almost any time.
    Games Played Online:
     Lineage 2Final Fantasy 11Final Fantasy XIVFinal Fantasy XIV: ARRWorld of WarcraftAionBlade & SoulBlack Desert Online (Korean Servers)Guild WarsGuild Wars 2DefianceThe Secret WorldRiftTeraPhantasy Star: UniverseFPS:
    Counter StrikeCounter Strike: GOCounter Strike: SourceMedal of Honor: Allied AssaultUnreal TournamentQuake ArenaBattlefield 1942Battlefield 2Battlefield Bad Company 2Battlefield 3Battlefield 4Day of DefeatDestinyRPG:
    DiabloDiablo 2Diablo 3Path of ExileNeverwinter NightsNeverwinter Nights 2Dungeon SiegeDungeon Siege 2 
    etc etc.

    After a fun and great adventure we have fused our powers togheter with Futilez. See you all in siege ! 
  5. Do you like the BDO community thus far? Happy to be a part of it? 
    I'm starting to feel like the BDO community is the same as the other F2P Korean mmo, TERA. There's a few nice people, but over all it seems like the community doesn't get along and is toxic to one-another.. and the game hasn't even been fully released here yet, this doesn't bode well imo.
  6. Post on Start a Guild with me! in US Guild

    By Rilnak, posted
    Hey there! New to BDO just like the majority of you! The thing for me with Mmo's is it's the friends I make that keep me going, so wondering if anyone wants to start talking now and make a guild with me! More like a family. Thinkin start small and slowly grow. Maybe start with 2-5 people.
    Everything from name to guild ideals would be up for discussion and lets work together!
    Find me in game Character is Ursai Rilnak
  7. Post on Closed in US Guild

    By Rock, posted

    Magikal Gaming - Recruitment
    Website: www.magikal.co.uk Twitter: @MagikalGaming Server: Jordine
    Magikal is a long standing gaming community that has been in existence since 1999 on multiple online games such as SWG, WoW, AoC, EVE, GW, Rift, LoTRO, WoT, ArchAge, Aion, Warhammer, STO, ESO, SWTOR, ARK and the much anticipated Star Citizen.
    We value the community and social aspects of gaming above anything else. To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience we have a set of guidelines in place that are essential for everyone's enjoyment. They are simple and most of them can be summed up as 'don't be an idiot'.
    Guild Objectives
    With 25 existing members ready to join the fight in BDO we are looking to grow our ranks to enjoy the game and recruit to the community.
    We will be aiming for the below
    PvP/GvGTrade & CommerceAnd any other things we decide to dip our toe in on the way!Recruitment
    Joining Magikal isn’t joining a normal guild, its joining a community, we have members EU wide with a likeminded belief of games and the enjoyment to play them.
    Age 18+TeamSpeak3 with a working mic and willing to join in the chat.Activity within the guild both in game and on the forumsTo apply to join or have a chat with one of our members or officers please visit our site, our application form or feel free to drop one of our offices a message!


  9. Die Schwarze Hand!! Wir suchen noch Member!
    Über uns:
    Die Schwarze Hand ist ein Projekt einer größeren Community.
    Wir suchen auf diesem Weg Spieler, die sich vorstellen können ein Teil von uns zu werden.
    Wir sind eine Lustige Truppe mit vielen Aktiven aber auch Feierabendspielern im Alter zwischen 17 und 30+.
    Natürlich besteht bei uns kein Spielzwang, Spaß liegt im Vordergrund, Privatleben geht jederzeit vor.
    Für Black Desert suchen wir PVE und PVP begeisterte Spieler ab 20 Jahren mit einer gewissen geistigen Reife, natürlich können auch Ausnahmen der Altersregel getroffen werden.
    Wir bieten allen Mitgliedern ein ausgewogenes und entspanntes Beisammensein, einen großen Teamspeak 3 zum Austoben, eine Webseite mit Forum sowie durch die Community gestellte Gameserver für die kleine Abwechslung zwischendurch.
    Was erwarten wir:
    - Mindest-Alter von 20+ (Ausnahmen möglich)
    - Gewisse geistige Reife
    - Spaß am Spielen
    - Teamplayer
    Was bieten wir:
    - Teamspeak 3 Server
    - Webseite & Forum
    - Entspannte Atmosphäre
    - Diverse Gameserver (für die kleine Abwechslung zwischendurch)
    - Erfahrene Gilden & Community Manager
    Gilde: http://schwarzehand.stageone-gaming.de
    Community: http://www.stageone-gaming.de
    Teamspeak3: - Direkt Verbinden
    Ansprechpartner Ts3: Draco & Macron
    Wer also Interesse hat kann sich gerne an die oben genannten Stellen wenden.
    Wir freuen uns auf euch ;-)

  10. click here: https://discord.gg/0jsNuWff2Pu3912h   and lets talk! don't need a mic. 
    Dunno if this has been done but.. :3
  11. Dear Forum,
    I believe we need to come up with an alternative method for Pearl Abyss to earn profits via monetizing within a B2P design. Firstly I believe we need a workshop for user created content that gets approved by Pearl Abyss. These costumes can be purchased from the cash shop, instead of making costumes cost outrageous prices supply the players with more costumes than they can swallow at once. This works for various games. Don't let just the player created content fall short of being just cosmetics, make it house furniture and props.
    Secondly with the addition of user created content and the sheer amount of costumes added we need to make cosmetics unlocked be account wide. Much like GW2.
    To make up the gap cost of the costumes character slot costs should be the most expensive item in the cash shop. I assume 15 USD/Euro is a perfect cost.
    Because this is a B2P game general cosmetics should be able to be altered without the cost of pearls, perhaps in game currency or energy by an NPC. I'm referring to hair styles and makeup. If you screw up on your characters looks you should have a 24 hour opportunity to fix their looks before proceeding through the game.
    I'm certain this is probably in the game because most games are doing this, allowing players to exchange gold for store credit between players.
    Thank you,

    Update: Here is a price model that should be used with my  suggestion.
    Reduce costume cost by 70% (1000 Pearls). Costume + Weapon Skin.
    Reduce Underwear and Accessories by 30%.
    Increase character slot costs by 245% (1500 Pearls).
    Decrease dye costs by 25%.
    Reduce pet costs by 55%. Increase pet treats by 33%.
    Reduce all in mount tab by 50%.
    Reduce all in furniture tab by 50%.
    Just round everything to the an even 50 or 100 in pearls and it's all set.
  12. Finding a new clan is like looking for a new home. You want it to be a warm and fun place where you feel welcome. You may as well think of it as a second family to enjoy a past time with.
    TAW is broken up into several divisions in which their members participate in weekly scheduled training/practice matches and internal tournaments. We also frequently play against other clans/gaming groups when the interest arises. Each game we play hosts its own mini-clan that operates within the whole of TAW making us the large community we are. From FPS games to MMORPGs - you name it - we have it all.
    We are looking for a mix of PVP and PVE players. Players who're looking to meet new people, who are happy to tangle in PVP (node wars and GvG) and also the hunt in the PVE aspect (world bosses). Doesn't matter how much time you can play each week, so long as you're happy to participate in guild events, then we're happy to have you and support you on your journey through Black Desert.
    What sets us aside from other gaming communities?
    It's our Code of Ethics and our Chain of Command (CoC). Every member in TAW (just as a fun tip – we are now 2600+ members out of which a grand number of around 200 members are just in the LoL Division) abides by our Code of Ethics.
    If you are interested in becoming a member of our growing organization which has been around for 10+ years, you will find TAW to be a welcoming and accepting group of good folks who just want to enjoy the gaming experience.
    To join it is required to:
    - Own a working microphone
    - Have Teamspeak 3 installed
    - Be proficient in the English Language
    - Be 15 years old.
    To apply go to www.taw.net and click on apply in the top right corner.
    Make sure to check your e-mail regularly for updates on your application. Don’t forget to check your spam folder.
    For any questions you might have, feel free to email our two staff officers.
    - Battalion 1 NA: mieshka@taw.net
    - Battalion 2 EU: AgePee@taw.net
  13. Hallo,
    wie es oben schon steht suche ich eine Gilde mit Erfahrungen in BDO.
    Was biete ich:
    - Alter +18
    - Teamspeak
    - Erfahrungen in BDO
    - Gute Laune
    - Hilfsbereitschaft
    - Zuverlässigkeit
    - Beständigkeit
    - langjährige Erfahrungen in diversen Spielen
    - uvm.

    Was ich erwarte/Worauf lege ich Wert:
    - Freundlichkeit
    - Hilfsbereitschaft
    - TS-Server auf dem was los is
    - Teamplay
    - Spaß
    - Spieler mit Erfahrungen in BDO
    Wie Spiele ich/Spielrichtung:
    - Ganz oben steht PvP (spezialisierung ganz nach Gilde)
    - PvE mit der Gilde
    Wie sieht mein Spielstart aus:
    - 96h Headstart innerhalb der Zeit mein Ziel lvl 50-60
    - nach Headstart für alles offen
    Mehr zu mir:
    Mein Ingame Name ist Ahroxx mein Rl name ist Marco und bin 23 Jahre alt.
    Erfahrungen habe ich in hauptsächlich in diveseren MMO`s wie z.B.: Aion (4 Jahre), Guild Wars (2 Jahre), Arche Age (1 Jahr), Tera usw. (1 Jahr)
    Nachdem ich BDO entdeckt habe, habe ich mich entschieden komplett auf BDO umzusteigen, da dieses MMO einiges neues bietet und mich sehr begeistert hat.
    Gespielt habe ich BDO seit der Alpha, direkt danach habe ich mich für das Paket des Eroberers entschieden.
    Leider gibt es noch keine anständigen Gilden, welche ich Ingame gefunden habe oder mich angesprochen haben. Aufgrund dessen versuche ich es auf diesem Wege.

    Wenn ihr denkt ich würde zu euch passen, ihr Bock darauf habt anständig zu Spielen, jede menge Spaß zu haben, einiges zu erreichen, gelegentlich zu Flamen also all dass zu machen was ein MMO zu einem ordentlichen MMO macht.
    Dann schließe ich mich gerne euch an und ich hoffe ihr entscheidet euch für mich.

    Ich Hoffe euch gefällt was ich geschrieben habe, wenn ja dann würde ich mich freuen, wenn ihr kommentieren würdet.

  14. The Art of Warfare
    Black Desert Online Division
    The Art of Warfare is now expanding into Black Desert Online.  We are a mature group of gamers founded back in 2001 by a group of guys that wanted to play Delta Force in an organized fashion and have since grown into an international gaming community with over 2500 active members spread out over 40 games with more games being added all the time.  We are looking for people who:
    Are mature and are AT LEAST 15 years of age or olderPeople who want to have fun and get along well with othersPeople who want to be active in game and play with others that will be around for longer than a few weeksIf you are interested in our gaming community and meet the requirements above, you can go to www.taw.net and apply there to be a part of the Black Desert Online Division.  Currently we are accepting both NA and EU applications.
  15. The Art of Warfare
    Black Desert Online Division
    The Art of Warfare is now expanding into Black Desert Online.  We are a mature group of gamers founded back in 2001 by a group of guys that wanted to play Delta Force in an organized fashion and have since grown into an international gaming community with over 2500 active members spread out over 40 games with more games being added all the time.  We are looking for people who:
    Are mature and are AT LEAST 15 years of age or olderPeople who want to have fun and get along well with othersPeople who want to be active in game and play with others that will be around for longer than a few weeksIf you are interested in our gaming community and meet the requirements above, you can go to www.taw.net and apply there to be a part of the Black Desert Online Division.  Currently we are accepting both NA and EU applications.

  16. Leader: Eilios Demigod
    CoLeaders/Officers: Aryi Siege, Unexpected Banana, Stacee, Zergz
    Server: Main Channel: Orwen: Balenos 2
    Site: http://www.knightstemplarguild.com
    VoiP: Teamspeak 3
    Region: NA Based Guild with NA/EU/AU/BR members
    Base Timezone: CST (GMT-600)
    Recruitment: Open!

    Knights Templar is a PvX(PvPvE) community/guild. We participate in as much of what Black Desert has to offer as possible, including world bosses, trading, events, and PvP.
    While we are on many different games, each game has it's own rule set and structure unique to the needs of the guild and the game. There are also different leaders of each game under a global umbrella of a couple of leaders to ensure the guild as a whole goes as planned and each game is attended to properly, and keep the mix of unavailability out of this guild. Nothing is more annoying than having guild mates stuck on a different game where you can't complete what you need to in the game you joined for.
    Our goal in Black Desert is to become a respected, yet feared guild through the development of our members in both PvP and PvE.
    We are non-hostile to any guild that is also non-hostile, at least initially. When a guild stops our guild or personal progression, we may show slight hostility towards that guild or person, as we must persist in our goals and push forward. With that, any, overall, non-hostile guild is an ally of the Knights Templar, and we will give assistance to any person or guild who meets this criteria. Any hostile guild, or any guild who has given us grief in the past, will be dealt with as we would any guild during war; with retribution for our cause.

    Our recruitment policy is quite lax, as we give anyone willing to join a chance in the guild.
    Because of the way our guild is, we accept social, casual, and hardcore players that are PvE or PvP focused, including players that focus on one thing like crafting. Each member contributes to the guild in their own way, and it is important to build a broad range of abilities within the guild to make the guild successful.
    We have a 2 week trial period in the guild. We want to make sure this is the guild for you, as well as us make sure you fit into the guild. There is no loss in any sort of member status or abilities through the guild in-game or on the site during this period, in a general stance. We do this because we only want high quality members; otherwise we could never have a high quailty guild. We also want to ensure we have like-minded members in the guild to avoid any drama and internal fighting.
    During the trial period it is possible you could be denied continued membership in the guild, or it could be denied later on from not following our guild rules. Please make sure to read the guild rules and ranks as well as what we're about before joining.
    Check out our site for more information on ranks and rules! Sign up on our site and hop on our chat too join!

  17. Wie ein Phönix aus der Asche erwachen die Sentinels zum Leben.
    Ihre Mission: Mit Spaß, Freundschaft und Teamgeist die wilden Gewässer der Onlinewelten zu bereisen und alle interessierte und leidenschaftlich spielfreudige Menschen unter ihrem Banner zu vereinen. 
    Zu Ihren Waffen gehören Herz, Verstand und Leidenschaft!
    Wer sind wir?
    Die Sentinels sind ein von mir ins Leben gerufenes Projekt, welches begeisterte Menschen sucht und zusammenführt. Gamer, welche gerne ihre Abende am PC gemeinsam aktiv gestalten und deren Hobby Spiele sind. Seien es MOBA, RTS oder MMO. Bist du ein Gamer mit Herz bist du hier richtig.
    Welche Ziele werden verfolgt?
    Ziel ist es, eine dauerhafte Gemeinschaft an außergewöhnlichen Menschen zu schaffen, die durch ihre gelebte Leidenschaft an ihrem Hobby gar nicht anders kann, als Menschen mitzureißen und aufzufordern, selbst ein Teil der Gemeinschaft zu werden. Eine Gemeinschaft die mit Verstand und Verständnis ihre Ziele verfolgt und dabei immer eines im Blick hat: Die wunderbaren Individuen auf der sie basiert.
    Was bedeutet Projekt?
    Das ich mit einem Lächeln bewaffnet und ausgebreiteten Armen hier im virtuellen Raum stehe und auf sympathische Gleichgesinnte warte. Aktuell schon von einer Gemeinschaft zu sprechen, wenn das einzige Stückchen Mensch ich bin, wäre doch ein wenig übertrieben, findest du nicht? Aber gut das du gefragt hast! Das zeugt von Interesse, mein gleichgesinnter Freund? Cookies?   
    Wie ist die Struktur der Sentinels?
    Der Gildenrat, bestehend aus Ansprechpartnern für die jeweiligen differenzierten Spielinhalte, übernimmt die Zukunftsplanung und lenkt die Geschehnisse der Gilde. Dieser wird durch eine Führungsperson sowie Stellvertreter vertreten und ist Ansprechparter und Sprachrohr für die Gilde und verantwortlich für die Entwicklung im Spiel. Jeder Sentinel, unabhängig seiner Funktion, hat sich im Interesse der Gemeinschaft einzusetzen. Sei es durch seine Persönlichkeit, sein Fachwissen, seine Energie oder seine Kreativität. Es gilt die Stärken jedes Sentinel zu fördern und zu unterstützen.
    Außerhalb des Spiels im Rahmen des Community Management werden die Sentinels durch entsprechende Ansprechpartner vertreten. Aktuell besteht diese Gruppe aus mir und wird im Laufe der Zeit und Notwendigkeit erweitert.
    Welche Spielinhalte werden wir angehen?
    Ziel ist es, durch eine solide Basis alle Kerninhalte unseren Mitgliedern anzubieten. Egal ob PvE, PvP, Handel oder Crafting. Letztendlich bietet das Spiel nicht umsonst eine große Auswahl und man sollte schon alle gebotenen Bereiche erkunden und bespielen, wenn man das Spiel vollends genießen möchte. Dies werden wir realisieren und alle Möglichkeiten die das Spiel uns bietet dafür auskosten.

    Welche Art von Spieler suchen wir?
    Wir suchen den Gamer mit Herz, der nach einem langen Tag voller Arbeit oder Studium erst einmal abschalten muss und sich dann seinem Hobby widmen möchte: Mit anderen sympathischen Menschen ein Spiel zu spielen und gemeinschaftlich daran zu arbeiten, die selbst gesteckten Ziele zu erfüllen. Wir suchen Menschen die mit viel Spaß und Teamgeist eine Freundschaft mit anderen suchen, die ihr Hobby teilen. Wir erwarten das du weißt das es nur ein Spiel ist und weder Familie, Freunde noch Arbeit außen vor lässt, aber gewillt bist, das wir ein Teil deiner Welt werden.
    Nein, du musst weder deine Schwester in der Gemeinschaft verheiraten noch dein Privatleben offen legen. ^^
    Wie kommunizieren wir?
    Neben den Möglichkeiten im Spiel nutzen die Sentinels folgende Kanäle zur Kommunikation:
    Webseite: http://www.sentinels.de
    Voice&Chat-Server: https://discord.gg/0fexrKREjKwudhJD
    Wenn diese Zeilen dein Interesse geweckt haben, so freue ich mich auf deinen Besuch auf unserer Webseite und deine Bewerbung bei uns im Forum. Ich bin jedenfalls schon einmal gespannt, welche netten Gamer ich kennen lernen darf und erwarte Dich herzlich! Lass dich nicht von der großen Leere beeinflußen, die dir auf der Webseite begegnen wird. Das ändert sich schneller als du denkst, bestimmt! 
    Solltest du noch Fragen haben, so stehe ich dir hier im Thema bzw. per privater Nachricht natürlich zur Verfügung! Danke für dein Interesse!
  18. Post on Bastion in US Guild

    By Kade, posted


    Bastion is a small, tight-knit community of competitive PvPers who have been playing together for three years and counting! Our members have been a part of many prominent guilds and gaming communities in the past and we believe these diverse backgrounds make us strong. We have a rich and accomplished history in PvP-focused games, and we are looking to begin a new chapter in Black Desert Online.


    Our primary objective in BDO is to establish a strong and respected presence in all aspects of the game, with a heavy emphasis on PvP. We will participate in node wars weekly, with a goal of controlling as many nodes as we can. While we realize alliances may eventually play an important role in sieges and node wars, Bastion will maintain a neutral political stance until the need (or the opportunity) arises.


    We believe that a successful guild must maintain a mature, positive, and drama-free environment for its members, so we have laid out a Common Sense Code of Conduct that must be followed by all members of Bastion:

    1. Be respectful towards others, both in-game and in Teamspeak/Discord. It IS possible to PvP without being unprofessional, and any racial slurs or other extremely offensive remarks will be dealt with appropriately. We’re all adults, we expect you to act like one.

    2. Nobody likes a drama queen. Any comment that could start drama within the guild should be kept to yourself.

    3. Be able to accept and provide criticism in a calm and constructive manner. Mistakes can happen, but raging for the sake of rage doesn’t do any good.

    4. Carry your own weight and do not become a burden on others. We have been gaming for a long time, and it’s become easy to recognize slackers. If the group is constantly stopping to help you out, the entire group falls behind. Do your best to keep up.

    5. Maintain proper comm discipline during raids and group PvP. Unless you’re a shot-caller for the raid, you are expected to keep quiet until the raid leader says otherwise.

    6. You represent the guild in all actions you take, both in-game and on VoiP. We will hold you personally accountable for any negative consequences your actions bring. Please keep this in mind.


    • Age 18+
    • Teamspeak/Discord is a requirement, but we don’t require you to talk. If you’re online, we expect to see you on VoiP
    • Participate in required guild activities, such as node wars
    • Be highly active and available throughout the week
    • Avoid cliques and try to socialize with other guild members. We promise we’re nice!
    • Don’t apply with the expectation of simply being another “number”, we expect you to be an active member of our community!

    Apply Here http://bastioncommunity.enjin.com/home
  19. Waldläuferin - Community Sammlung
    Hey Black Desert Community.
    Der Themenbereich zum Waldläufer ist ja zurzeit noch recht ausgedünnt; neben ein paar Diskussionen und einem englischen Guide gibts ja noch nicht viel hier. Ich dachte mir deswegen, diesen Thread zu eröffnen, um allen die Möglichkeit zu geben, ihren Senf über ihr Wissen zur Waldläufer-Klasse abzugeben. Generell könnten wir hier auch eine Mischung aus Infosammlung und eventuell Diskussion machen. Da hier ja sehr viele Anfänger zusammen kommen, oder generell Leute, die noch nicht so viel über das Spiel wissen (mich inbegriffen ^^), könnte es sich schon als sehr praktisch erweisen.
    In der Überschrift könnte man dann vorab schreiben, ob es sich nun um Infos handelt (wenn ja, um welche Art: z.B. Gameplay, Skills usw.) oder um eine Vermutung bzw. Diskussionsstoff. Diese könnte man mit fetter Schrift hervorheben, um dann einen schnellen Überblick zwischen allen Posts zu behalten. So kann man sich dann immer das raussuchen, was gerade benötigt wird. Themen, Infos usw. die einem gefallen kann man dann ja noch nebenbei einem like geben, ich werde mich in der Hinsicht auf jeden Fall beteiligen. 
    Solltet ihr auf einen bereits geschriebenen Post eingehen wollen, könnte man ja einfach über die Zitatfunktion darauf verweisen, sodass man weiß, woran man anknüpft.
    Das war es erst einmal von mir. Vielleicht kriegen wir hier ja was zusammen ^^
    Grüße, Eme
  20. Post on BDO Community in General

    By Barramoth, posted
    The BDO Community.
    I would like to ask your general opinion on how our community is building?
    There have been a lot of threads recently with either negative topics or negative responses. (I understand this is the internet!)
    Would just like to gauge your thoughts on whether you feel we are heading towards a positive'ish community or a toxic one similar to those that have plauged so many games before.
  21. [ Guild Image in the works ]
    Focus: PvP - GvG - Node Wars - Progression
    Server: Edan
    Region: North America
    Voice: ts.blackdesertstatic.com
    ( Please visit Static Web Page for more information and Q&A )
    Welcome To Static
    What is Static you might ask yourself. We are a family orientated community of fun loving gaming nerds that have all gathered from all aspects of gaming to play together. We want to have a fun loving guild and community where you can come and kick back, relax after a hard day of work/school/life in general. We are here to help you get enthralled in your own world of the game you love to play with good people and a drama free environment. We have all played games such as Aion, Gw2, ESO Archage, BaS, Conquer Online, Star Wars Knights of the Republic, WoW, Wildstar, Destiny, The Division
     What we are looking for
    Mature - 18+ (with some exceptions)
    SportsmanshipSomeone who can learn from their mistakes/errors and progress further.Someone who can understand when a joke is or is not appropriate.Will avoid harassing and inconveniencing the lesser knowledgeable players for not knowing something. 
    No Drama
    Keeping jokes aimed at the enemy not each other.No Sexism / RacismNo Exploiting Black Desert or cheating somebody. 
    Leadership Qualities
    Someone interested in being the cream of the crop.Someone who is ready to dominate the PvP field.Someone who can handle stressful situations and can figure out a solution to a problem quickly.Someone who will be interested in learning all aspects of the game or mastering specific aspects. 
    Someone who wants to join team-speakSomeone who enjoys conversing with the guild, be it in guild chat or team-speak.No mic is required, just the willingness to listen. 
    What does Static aim to achieve in Black Desert?
    As a guild we are looking to dominate the PvP aspect of the game in all fields as well as growing with the community of Black Desert as a family.
    Thank you for taking interest in Static and again please visit the Static Homepage
    If would like to join and end up signing up for the website and are accepted as a member please be sure to fill out a quick question survey to help us get to know you as a member. Thank you!

    About Sentient Art
    Server: Jordine
    Sentient Art is a social and friendly community established in Spring 2013.
    We are a close medium size community who are wanting to expand for Black Desert, coming from Guild Wars 2. As a community we plan to bring everyone closer together so everyone can get the most enjoyment out of the games we play together. In Black Desert we aim to explore all elements of the game this includes Raids, Guild Wars/Sieges, PvP and all PvX content. Our goal is to achieve the best results we can as a community. We are always open to suggestions to improve the community. The community is looking for fun, friendly, helpful social whether it is casual or hardcore players.
    If you are interested in joining our community here are some requirements we would like from you before applying.
    Being an active member of the guild and contribute to all guild activities.To be able to use TS3 for voice communication, this is to be more social with the guild, talking isn't required as long as you can listen for Guild instructions.Please only join if you are interested and committed to play Black Desert .Being able to play as a team and working with the guild.Over 18+ please.Mature language is accepted but any racism or discrimination to anyone will be guild kicked.We do like to have fun with each other but there is a line with how the mature language is used.No race, sexuality or gender restrictions. 
    To apply to join the guild please private message me with your interests in joining and how you can contribute, after we have chosen our applicants we will redirect them to our community website to register.This is to prevent spamming and trolls to our website.
    We are excited for our community to be coming to Black Desert and are looking forward to meeting new members to share this experience with us. For more information about us please do not hesitate to ask away via the comments/inbox. See you all in game!!
    50/100 members currently in roster.

    Focus: PvP/Siege Heavy/Hard Core Open World/ Guild vs. Guild
    An Introduction to Foo:
    Foo is one of the most well established guilds in the gaming community. From our beginnings in Subspace, in the early 90’s, to our most recent conquests in GW2, Foo has been in every major game released during the past few decades. Among our most involved and dominated games are Star War Galaxies, Asheron’s Call, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft and so much more. 
    Foo not only boasts a variety of gaming experiences but a large and diverse member population. We are proud to have many members who enjoy every aspect of an MMO. Such diversity within our community is something Foo places extremely high value on. While fostering such a diverse and experienced gaming community, Foo has created life-long friendships, marriages, babies and probably some really bad porn by some of those people.
    Our community is also proud to boast our base of operations, http://www.fooguild.com/. With over 370 members, and expecting 100 more to join for BDO, our guild website is a haven for members to collaborate; sharing ideas, thoughts, likes and dislikes within the gaming community and beyond. 
    Our member time zones are as diverse as our member population. Foobies stretch from Alaska (our fearless guild leader) to all the way Europe. Most Foobies are currently within the US central time zone. 
    Foo has also been active on the RU and KOR servers for the past few months in preparation for the NA launch.
    How we run our show:
    Foo’s leadership feels little need for a heavy hand when it comes to administration. We have been operating this way a long time, learning along the way how best to spot and boot the turds quickly from our ranks. Foo has a policy to stay drama free and focused on enjoying the gaming and community experience. That being said, Foo also has a rich history of being among the best in every game we play. Whether we are crafting, PvPing, raiding, making alliances or enemies, Foobies know when it is business time comms clear and focus on the task at hand is paramount. 
    Foo employs the use of Discord (https://discord.gg/0nw8kFdZVmk1Gdox) as our primary comms. Whilst on comms we encourage all members to interact and socialize. That being said, when it comes down to business Foo generally has 1 or 2 persons giving direction, while the troops actively listen and carry out their jobs.
    Participation on our website is critical to our community members. Our guild forums support Tapatalk, so you can interact and be involved even when you are on the go. Now that fancy....
    Foo looks forward to seeing you in BDO, hopefully within our ranks or standing by our side, and if not...under the heels of our boots. 
    What we are looking for:
    • People in the age group 25-50 typically work out best in our community.
    • Ex-Military folks, we have a lot of them, and they integrate well.
    • People who aren't too hardcore. Most of us have jobs, babies, wives, husbands and lives.
    • People who don't blabber on coms. We don't mind chatter, but we don't want to hear one person all night.
  24. Post on The real question in General

    By Beeso, posted
    How many of you will use their forum name in game at launch/headstart?