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  1. Hello,
    I have 6 characters, i can connect my 5 characters. But im trying to connect my main character, i cant connect to him. Game is crashing at loading screen.(Only in my main character). I think it's a bug. Can someone help me?
  2. Hi there, from days ago i cant enter on any of the three boosted servers (Olvia, 1,2 and 3) even when they arent crowded.
    I tried with my main account with a max level character 52 and my girlfriend´s new one (it´s lvl 16).
    Some solution?
  3. Got disconnected awhile ago (about an hour so far) and can't log back in. Running the game launcher is fine and works, and all internet connectivity works, besides BDO. Click the start button in-game leaves a message of "Now Processing" and after a minute says "Failed to Connect". The odd thing is 3 computers in my household can't do the same thing either. Has been happening ever since. Guild mates are fine and are having no trouble (yet).
    Is anyone else having this problem? This issue seems to be extremely odd.
  4. Was playing fine yesterday then I come on after today's maintenance only to be kicked out every time I try to connect. Screen turns white and goes back to main screen and says connection has been lost. restarted my computer and reset my internet many times and nothing is working. If anybody can offer any insight I'd greatly appreciate it. Tried running as admin and got same result. Sent in a ticket but don't know how long until they get back to me so hopefully I can get some help here.
  5. So I've got a guest pass from a friend who said I MUST take a look at this game
    so I've downloaded it yesterday and no matter which server I pick EU\NA I keep getting this message without any loading or anything ... it seems like he is not even attempting to check if he is able to connect and just straight up declaring it 
    Edit: I've tried re-downloading, repatching, doing file check and still nothing 

  6. Hello. I've written here once before and I've tried everything I could find on the Internet and in the email I was sent back, but nothing has worked. The problem is that I get on bdo and I can make the character just fine (tho it's a little slow), but right when the loading map screen is just about done it says the connection has been lost. 
    I bought the $50 pack and I'm very annoyed that I can't play this. I haven't been able to connect since I got it in March. March! I've switched from North America to Europe and I deleted user cache but nothing will work. 
    Please help me!!
  7. Hey,
    Yesterday I played without any issues, and now when I try to connect at the launcher there is what I have 

    I can't do anything at all, the buttons not responding
    I tried run as administrator, reboot pc/launcher but nothing.
    I laready did that : click "Start", click "Control Panel", click "Network and Internet", click "Internet Options", click the "Connections" tab, click "LAN Settings", turn off all options.
    I really don't want to download everything again.
  8. Hello!
    Just today, I've found myself having troubles connecting to only one character in particular. I can connect to all to but one character (which is, of course, the one I want to play!). When trying to connect to this character, I am consistently told in the main menu (after going through the loading screen) that it has "Failed to connect." I have tried connecting directly from the character selection screen as well switching to the character from another while already in the game. Both have given me the same result. I haven't the slightest idea what could be wrong or what I should do about it.
    I am trying to connect to:
    OrwenCalpheon 2 
    Thanks a bunch!
  9. I was disconnected from gameplay, and have since been getting this error when trying to log back in. I play on the EU servers.

    Anyone else having these problems? Are the servers down?
  10. Hi.
    I wanted to ask, is it possible to remove the horses you have connected to a wagon again? - I can't get the wagon and horses into the stable while they are connected I think...
  11. As seen in this Image, when the start button is pressed, it comes up with a window saying Failed to connect, before this window it says Processing now, for about 5-7 seconds, please help this is really frustrating.....

  12. A buddy of mine is getting the failed to connect message after typing his info in, then a boot to the desktop. Any word on this yet of a possible fix or solution? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi there.
    Neat little suggestion here. When in the main menu, and you try to start game, and get the "failed to connect" pop up, dont kick players completely out of the game, but let them stay in the main menu so they can try again. It saves a lot of frustration if you don't have to relaunch the launcher, enter you password again, wait for the firewall to load, then the game to load.. Try to make it so they can stay in the main menu where everything is loaded and give a 10 second countdown window or something. Not a complete closing of the game.
  14. gateway timeout
    unknown error
    network error
    magnifying glass
    failed to connect
    10 fps