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  1. Umm,
    What? Just had 5 of these happen in the last 20 minutes. Been happening a lot since the patch 2 weeks ago. Anyone know if this is fixable or not? Hate it that it also kicks you out of the game instead of going to the title screen...
  2. Every time the connection to the server is lost, the entire client shuts down. This forces us to restart the client and reload all the game assets again, which takes several minutes to complete.
    On a loss of connection, can the client simply return to the main menu or the server selection screen? That would eliminate some frustration related to server instability.
  3. As the title says, after the most recent patch, I can't get beyond the "Now processing” message after I click Enter on any server.
    I don't know what more information is needed, so I'll just stop here.
  4. So basically it started from awhile back, after sometime of buying BDO on sale. Now I hate to be another one of 'those people', but it needs to be stated and maybe I can get help. I manage to connect to a server after loading up the game, and not even a few moments in before I can even move it disconnects me and says. "Connection to server has been lost" or something like that. What makes it worse is I can't really move before it disconnects.
    I'm about to rage quit and uninstall this game.
  5. Greetings lovely Community. 
    First one or two word. I'm kinda new to this Forum and this is my first post and those dreadful times summoned me here. But still, were're one Community! I'm sorry if I killed you in the node wars before or at pirats, but right now...Right now, we need to hold together! 
    Now you maybe wonder what this is all about. Well, let me tell you! Have you ever leveled up... peacefully in Elwynn Forest in WoW? Or killed some Raptors in Durotar and went to Ogrimmar or Stormwind encountering some massiv lags? To be honest, the only MMORPG I'm playing right now is BDO, but back in the past... No! I did not have such lags in ANY MMORPG! 
    Okay, to be fair, EVE, WoW, etc. demand ~13 bucks per month + the game license. We only pay 10€/$ for the game. Then... well then, everyone of us, who's in the Forum and played more than 100 hours of this game probably paid ~30-90 bucks for pets (t1-t3) + 30 bucks for a Costumes. Then there's a massiv amount of cash spend into a good horse and into one or four maiden and so on. 
    Sorry, I do not have any spreadsheets for our Community. But I personally paid about ~ 300€. Then I read about people who spent around ~3000€ and more. 
    What I'm going for is, that Kakao Games made approximately 100m+ last year... after they paid their employees. And they still provide us with shitty servers?! 
    My statement for the day is... not as I wanted a "group signature riot" (or so... sorry, english is not my first tongue), but...
    I won't play the game anymore, till they fix it! 
    We don't need patches for DK's javelins on freaking elephants...
  6. Post on Can't Connect?? in General

    By Moroku, posted
    Can't connect to BDO, everytime I do I get this: "Failed to connect" I also can't connect to Discord either. I've reset my router/modem and have reset my PC. I've also used the command prompt CMD to see if that could fix it. But nothing can be done. I can connect to other games and can connect to teamspeak. But I can't connect to BDO or Discord? Weird as hell...
  7. Hey Leute,
    ich habe gestern angefangen meine maximale Energie mit Bücherregalen aufzustocken (also twinks lesen lassen) und festgestellt das es da einen "bug" bzw ein Problem gibt...wenn man auf einem bestimmten channel die twinks lesen lässt kann man beim erneuten einloggen auch nur genau diesen wieder betreten. Ich hab gestern so oft channels aufgrund von worldbossen gewechselt und keine ahnung mehr auf welchem ich letztendlich meine twinks habe.
    Meine Frage ist also kann man irgendwie nachschauen (gibt es vielleicht eine Datei oder so) auf welchem Channel ich war bevor ich das spiel geschlossen habe? oder komm ich nicht drum herum das per ticket von einem Gm fixen zu lassen?
    PS: Nein man sieht keine gesperrten channel und nur der eine ist offen wie normalerweise bei den 15min sperre da meine twinks ja quasi noch ingame sind und ich herausfinden muss wo
    danke im vorraus an alle die sich die zeit nehmen mir zu antworten

    EDIT/FIXED: Hab nun einfach in der zwischenzeit alle channel durch probiert bist der richtige dabei war, andere lösungen habe ich hier im Forum bisher noch nicht gelesen scheinbar gibts da keine alternative. Dauert nur sehr lange da man nach jedem versuch neu starten muss. Naja kann den thread nun nicht mehr löschen falls jemand doch noch was dazu weiß gerne bescheid sagen
    Ambesten schreibt euch den Channel auf damit das nicht noch mehr leuten passiert!
  8. Bonsoir,

    Voila j'ai acheté le jeu ce midi, un starter pack pour être précis, mais je n'ai toujours pas reçu de code, et le soucis c'est que je ne sais même pas si j'en ai besoin d'un et j'ai envoyé un mail mais toujours pas de réponse.
    Ensuite avec le mail ou j'ai acheté le jeu, j'arrive pas à me login, c'est à dire que quand je met le mail à droite et mon mdp, ça me met de me connecter via Facebook, mais quand je clique sur l'onglet se connecter via Facebook ça me dit de me créer un compte, compte que j'ai créée pour acheter le jeu, y'a bien dans mon historique sur le site l'achat du starter pack.
    Et je n'arrive également pas à me connecter sur le forum avec l'adresse mail avec la quelle j'ai acheté le jeu car même problème  

    Quelqu'un aurait une solution ?  

    Merci à vous
  9. As a player since beta, I have noticed the surprising amount of d-sync and lag in basic combat and PvP. I am wondering what the Kakao team plans to do to fix this and if they currently are when can we expect to see this change? I see tons of content updates which is great, but I feel a large portion of the player base participates in node wars, guild wars and territory wars and are unhappy about the amount of connection issues. I also feel that specific classes are subject to d-sync therefor making them not preferred or viable and I feel that a game which boasts a unique experience for every player who joins BDO turns players away from specific classes therefor nullifying the experience. BDO has a large selection of character each unique in their own ways that allow players to create their OWN play style, however I feel a sort of META has formed with certain classes being rather strong and others being relatively weak. Such classes are Warriors and Wizards/Witches. These 2 classes are arguably "broken" and to strong. Weaker classes are essentially Tamers, Valkries some might say Rangers are weak until higher ap. The problem is, every class is REALLY good at higher level and higher AP/DP, however certain classes are to strong at higher and lower AP. A warrior gets a +20ap buff for 10 seconds on their block, when enhancing a Liverto from PRI to TRI you only gain 16ap. While using the Warrior class, you basically get a buff greater than that of a TRI Liverto, a weapon that isn't best in slot, but 2nd best in slot. I would like to bring up some possible solutions but I understand how game balance works and how it is often trickier than most people believe because if you balance one character, another one rises and takes its place, etc. I would personally like to see balances come out similar to MOBAs where there are characters who do become better than some due to nerfs and buffs, but the current state of the game has certain classes grasping for air to survive. I also will bring up my main point of certain characters being subject to d-sync again. Classes like the newly released DK and other classes that rely on any sort of knockdown for single target damage are scammed from their damage as the d-sync allows them to get it up sooner, etc.
    TLDR: BDO needs some balance changes and servers need to be improved to increase gameplay. 
  10. Greetings,
    We noticed before merge that sometimes when servers were having issues, connecting to other channels would 'fix' the issue. Doing a bit of research, we found that some channels were reverse proxied. With connection issues still being a thing we compiled a list of channels and their proxy status. The theory is that if you are unable to stay connected on your normal channel, try connecting on one that is the opposite (example: Vel 3 is normal, med 3 is reverse proxied -- can't stay connected on vel 3, try med 3, can't stay connected on med 3, try vel 3).
    Here is our current list of reverse proxied channels - if it is not on the list it is a 'normal' channel going straight into leaseweb.
    B1, S3, S5, C3, C5, M3, M5, VA3, VA5 are reverse proxied channels, if you're having connection issues on other channels, try one of those, or vice versaPlease note none of the Olvia channels are reverse proxied, but have been checked.
    Here's a wiki article that can probably explain a bit better about what a reverse proxy is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reverse_proxy
    We've gotten good feedback from users on BDO NA having connection issues lately with having them switch, so we figured we'd post the information in tech support to try to help more people.
  11. Hi my fellow BDO players mates friend whatever.
    Im not a computer PRO or technical team support so i might not know much but, my fellow guildies that had the same problem manage to fix their situation and im here to give some tips,( support team doesnt help so)
    although, i cant 100% confirm if it will work for you guys. But heres how it goes:
    #1 Go to your Black desert Folder
    #2 Find Version.dat
    #3 Rename Version.dat to config.filecheck
    exactly the word i put in, and when you Relaunch your black desert it will repair it with File check
    It says 49.89gb but really its just file checking.
    My guildies said this worked for them, im currently file checking/repairing. Finger cross hopefully it works and i hope it works for you guys too. 
    back, it workd for me btw
  12. Hello,
    I am a new player in BDO and i play since last Monday, i had no problem playing the game but since yesterday (Thursday around 11pm) when i try to login and connect to a channel (whatever channel it may be) i get a "connection to the server has been lost" either when the loading human reaches the end of the loading screen or either when i connect in the game, after 5-10 seconds max.
    I tried deleting the User Cache file, log in in different channels in different times (late yesterday at night when the game is not that crowded) and i still get the same message.
    My internet connection is fine (i use wired connection, not wifi as some other people mentioned that have a problem) and currently i use the same connection with my roommate who connects with no problem in the game from both accounts (tried to login from my account,connected fine, he is playing currently with no problem).
    I thought the Olivia channels may had a problem but this is not the case because wherever i connect, i dc instantly.
    Do you know how i can fix this?
  13. I've been trying to log onto BDO.  I will select my character and enter the game, but I will lose connection to the server before the game loads, or shortly after it does.  Afterwards, I try again, and it works.
    My problem now is that I can't get into the game because I logged out in the middle of Calpheon, which is very graphically intensive.  Si my question is, Is there some way to prevent the game from closing after I lose connection to the server? I believe I will have an easier time loading the game if I can connect back to it right away.
  14. Heya

    So the run down is that now 1-4 olvia severs are not showing up anymore and since then for some reason every time i go to choose ANY alternate server to log in it just kicks me out saying "you cannot changer chanels due to chanel restrictions"" thus closing the client.

    i've been trying to login for the past 10 hours every hour or so and no dice.

    -Some more information
    >i was reading a bookshelf on one of my alts
    >i was on olvia server when i was kicked out / Dc'd  prior to the servers disappearing from me (30 day)
    >My Old ticket is REQUEST #271758  
    >My new ticket that has better information is REQUEST#272326 

    I've attached pictures of what my server list looks like and what happens when i press connect to any server that i CAN join.

    I was told by others to ask GM's to log me out of all servers since this problem is relatively common.


  15. Hello everyone, so I just bought the game yesterday after trying the trail. I believe my trial ended today. I haven't been this happy about a game in a while. I grew up playing wow and runescape, but honestly both of those are going downhill and just getting boring. Anyways I bought the explorer package because it seemed like it was the best deal. I got confirmation about the purchase from both BDO and paypal. I went to launch the game today and It loaded up, but when I chose a channel it says " You cannot change channels due to restrictions" ( see photo below). Then It redirects me and says "Connection with the server has been lost". I'm not sure why it is doing this. Do I have to redeem a code or something?(photo below).
    Channel restrictions photo. 
    connect has been lost photo
    Redeem code photo
    Edit: Fixed, I was reading a book on an alt which was logged out. I logged into the same channel I was using last night and the problem was fixed.
  16. Regardless of which server I try to connect to, I get a server timeout/unable to connect saying "Connection to the server has been lost".
    I've tried servers in both NA and EU and the issues persist regardless of how crowded said server is. I've rebooted and restarted my router, tried at least five different channels on both regions, made sure the firewall is off, no virus program running in the background and disabled Windows defender, but nothing helps. 

    Does anyone know what to do? 
  17. Post on issues in General

    By Nezrox, posted
    Is it just me or is the NA servers taking a shit, random loading screen up the butt, dc's, delay/lag, fps drop, i know they just patched this yesterday but i wanted to know if its just me or not. what problems have you guys been getting since yesterday?
  18. There are a lot of connection issues with Black Desert Online. I am posting another as the issue needs to be magnified. I have submited a ticket as well. 
    I downloaded the game the morning of 2/11 This was the trial. It took most the morning to download/install. 
    After complete, I kept getting a corrupted file error(attached) when trying to launch the game. I then followed the KB article (https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/210761289-Corrupted-files) - The fix for this was finding the corrupt file, deleting and relaunching the game. It seemed to do a file check and download that file. (time stamp changed on the file that was corrupt) ~ took about 15 minutes 
    After being frustrated, I was able to get the game to launch but kept getting the Disconnect Error about 1-2 minutes intoplaying
    game. I would click "OK (ENTER)" and it would close the game. 
    This was annoying as after trying to launch the game again and try a different server I would have to wait. (OnQueue - wait for 10 minutes) This happened the good part of the afternoon. (handful of times) I tried 4-5 different servers. 
    I was able to finally get into a server (NA_Velia4), played for some ofthe
    evening then a friend wanted me to be on the same server with him. (NA-Olvia1) After doing that I got the disconnect / on queue loop. I tried going back to the server I was on and it would not connect it would give me the loop again. 
    I was still on the 7-day trial and thought maybe the servers would take priority over free players vs paid players so I bought the Explorer's package. This made no difference. Now, 2/12 I tried to launch the game and I am still getting the loop.
    I tried to log in the morning of 2/13 with the same issues.
    When the connection issue happens I do notice other players on the server but I cannot hit "R" on anything...after 3-5 minutes I get disconnected.  
    I tried to disable my AV/Firewall.
    I tried to reboot my modem and router. I waited 5 minutes before plugging them back in. I plugged the modem in first waited for it to connect then plugged my router in.
    I do not use a VPN booster or any proxies set up.
    I am able to reach ports 8888 and 9991 - 9993 - I port forwarded them for the heck of it. Tested using : http://portquiz.net:8888/ 
    My internet Speed is 30 down and 5 up. I am reaching these speeds. I ran more than one speed test. 
    When I downloaded the game I was reaching 3-5 mbps. So, should I be able to play the game with ease? No...
    I am using WLAN with no option to use LAN. All people that have Wifi have connection issues? My wireless card is a Linksys AE6000 which is capable of the speeds. My router is Linksys and it is N. I went as far as testing my speeds between my computer and another computer on my network by copying a large file. Both computers are on WLAN. The speed was ~ 4 MB/s. The file size was about 600 MBs. WLAN vs LAN should not be the issue.
    I disconnected all other connections to my router. (WLAN & LAN) I was the only connection to my internet. This changed nothing. 
    This game should not be a LAN only game. 
    I downloaded this game on another system and it still happens using the WLAN card. This system was a laptop. I was able to plug this one into the LAN and the game works. 
    This seems to be poor engineering. I do not have issues with any other games on my computer. 
    Please get this issue fixed!!
    I'll provide some links to others that are having connection issues: posted between 12/01/2017 to now 02/14/2017. I won't collect the ones before 12/01/2016 because if I did there would be to many. 



    There are many more posted. This is an obvious issue that needs to be resolved. 
  19. Good evening.
    since this morning i keep crashing every single time i log into my character regardless the channel i pick, it keeps telling me connection have been lost or something like that; I know for a fact is not our connection at home because im not the only one who plays video games online here and we have 40mb of optic fiber.
    Thanks for your time.
  20.  I buyed the game a while ago, i was only waiting for my new computer to arive. So i downloaded the game and everything was good, i created a character on 1 of the european server and tried to connect and there is the problem. I can connect but when the loading screen was almost done, i would always get a message saying, that it lost the connection to the server. I tried many things but nothing fix it 
    I live in Switzerland.
    greetings S.Baumann

  21.  I buyed the game a while ago, i was only waiting for my new computer to arive. So i downloaded the game and everything was good, i created a character on 1 of the european server and tried to connect and there is the problem. I can connect but when the loading screen was almost done, i would always get a message saying, that it lost the connection to the server. I tried many things but...
  22. Lag has been horrible all day. Completely unplayable at times.
    Then about 45 mins ago I get kicked from game and cannot reconnect. Several guild members from various locations in NA having the same issue.
  23. As of today, January 25th I have been kicked out of the Olvia servers, my first day was Christmas, December 25th.
    Olvia does not have an "Enter" button as expected. But when I choose to enter any other channel I receive the message "Cannot change due to channel restrictions."
    I am then disconnected from the server. I have tried multiple channels and receive the same error.
  24. Maybe is was several times here, but can find only fix with "trun off ticks in lan options" - doesn't work for me. When i start luncher i got very slow transfer like 0.5 mb/s (got a lot of free transfer more) and after 1GB of data transfer stops. When i restart - downaload another 1GB and stop... after like 5 restarts luncher checking files with awsome speed 2.5mb/s (wtf? hdd spedd is at least 30mb/s at read-write opperations) and stops after 20GB...- to sum up i took forever to download 37gigs, what can i do to download this game? (any mirrors, or torrent file?)
  25. Impossible de se connecter en jeu depuis ce patch du 11.
    ça redémarre mon PC dès que je veux connecter un personnage en jeu.
    J'ai vidé les cache, réparé le lanceur comme demandé, rien n'y fait.
    J'ai testé sur le serveur US et ça marche très bien.