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  1. Right now I'm average, maybe below average gear. 188AP/249 DP. I can handle Valencia mobs just fine, with the exception of Cadry Elites and Pila Ku jail mobs. Valencia is pretty dead, most of the games population don't venture either A) because it's so far, B) want to avoid the debuff or C) just don't have the gear to grind.
    From what I have heard so far the Kamalsyvia region is even tougher. It took a long while for me to get the gear I have, in that same amount of time some others have had more luck and are already at 450-500 GS. I don't know what the number looks like but I'm sure it's less than half the population of the game.
    So basically my thought is will I even be able to experience Kamalsyvia with my current GS, and what about the 100s of others (or maybe thousands) that want to explore that are no where near my mediocre GS.
    P.S. I've also never been to Magoria because I get on for a few hours and if I did I'd probably only get one way to the island
  2. Post on Next big patch? in General

    By Xxy, posted
    Hey guys, I just wonder what will the next big patch be?
    Im pretty sure we now have the same content as korea so what will come next?
    I just know about the new class, but what is about ingame stuff, events bosses items?
    Are there any known things? 
    Will the eu team make their own new content or wait on korea and then copy it from there? 
    I dont know where to research about these things so I hoped to find someone here with some informations
  3. HI, I'm a semi new player and have a question. I'm currently 27 and working my way up to max fairly quickly. I keep getting told that this game is almost entirely pvp which for me is kinda a turn off. I like to pvp but not all the time. Is there any pve content at all other then all the skills such as alch, cooking, traderuns, etc. I'm talking more like dungeons (I know there are no instance dungeons. was just an example) or world bosses that you have a reason to kill. I've heard they have a few things but not sure. If they don't have anything (hoping by now they do) do they have plans on adding pve content or is it what we have now is what we get? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, so I've been brainstorming some ideas for this game the past couple of weeks, and recently when a player (Blade Boques) hosted a tournament on every server then pitted the top 8 players from each server against each other when it merged. I thought why do we not have real support for this type of thing? Why not take this kind of activity to the next level and get some proper development behind it. Mind you, I do love the innovation of players coming together to do something like this. But here's my idea, why not have a gladiator type of arena where players can do a buy in to enter the tournament. The tournament can go through different stages until the best of the best are pitted against eachother. Of course the victory being glory not to mention the buy-in to enter would be piled into a big pot which could be distributed accordingly to the winner / runner ups. Not just that though, why not have a gambling system where players can spectate the fights and have an npc to take bets where other players could take a chance and have some fun seeing real players becoming legends in our community. Exciting? It is for me at least. I have heard of the 1v1 arena coming out which will have leaderboards which is essentially the same thing as I propose, but why not add onto that idea? Players could also be stripped of their gear when they enter to have a real skill vs skill matchup. There's already so many other activities we use our hard earned gear on, why not keep this seperate, to truly see who comes out as the best mechanically skilled players. Of course the equalized gear would be fair while also not taking away from people's specific builds. If you could choose your type of equalized gear. Say you prefer to be DP based vs AP based(use guildwars2 pvp lobby where you get the gear you need for your build). Pots could be provided as well in the arena as an event type consumable. I feel there's nothing left to say regarding PvP so let's move onto my PvE idea.
    For Pve honestly we all know it's lacking a bit. Aside from grinding, life skills, world bosses, or just plain old adventure. Some players do miss out on the dungeon crawler experience, of course I don't want this game to become "every patch new gear, new dungeons" since I believe BDO was designed to combat this dead end idea of mmo's. But I was thinking instead of simple going from room to room killing bosses, why not have puzzles? That include traps that could wipe the party if not done in a timely manner or incorrectly. Where people have to use their wits. The dungeons could include hidden passages and surprises, the team would have to work together not only with combat but also with puzzles and exploration. To go above and beyond the classic experience of dungeon crawlers. For rewards well, we already have randomized loot tables and these could be done inbetween while you're waiting for those bosses to go into window. I just want more to do in this game in the pve department personally, I think pvp is fine but nothing wrong with wanting more. I want this game that i've become passionate about the best it can be.
    If you read this far, I thank you for your time and would like some feedback or even more discussion into ideas such as these.
  5. Post on Coop gameplay? in General

    By Endimyon, posted
    Greetings BDO community. 
    Recently i switched my pc, and bought Vr, and returned to BDO, that i had to leave due to lack of time and Pc problems. Now that i can run the game on high setting without any crash and stuff, i am really into it. 
    I read future content, and seen the awekenings, and i have to tell you, its becoming my n1 mmorpg after Lineage2,Gw1 and Tera real fast.
    The ONLY thing i REALLY dont like about the game, is the lack of the motivation to teamwork. I think, they DO need to adress this problem, or they will have an always growing community, that is not really happy about the game, due to this single reason. ( and i have to add, there are really really few games out there, that have only a single big problem, they should be happy about this...its actually can be solved in many ways even) And they should be...its an MMORPG afterall. In its most pure form. How they do this? Whell thats where the cummunity splinters, and due to lack of a singular good idea (or list) or solutions they give up on the hope for the game, and fixing of this problem.
    Personally i have many ideas, but what i am interested is : how would you people fix this issue, WITHOUT foricing a trinity based instancing!!!
    If we are at it, i do add my personal idea, that might not fix the problem but help in some way atleast, or would give atleast a few chances to give motivation to gamers to teamwork :
    Teammobs : Farming takes time, and in some games, you have these mobs you simply cant...or takes big effort to solo, but the time investment-reward is really good rate compared to solo play farming. This way a good team farming togather is getting a BIG edge in leveling. BUT this method does require the thing :that leveling is something really important in these games. And there are usually LOTS of levels. (like 100+) Or it takes a LOT of time to get a single level. Like Lineage where you had to farm daily for like a month for last few levels. 
    Second thing is: more classes with supportive skills. I am not talking about dedicated healer, but more like 1 or at best 2 skills (for already supportive classes) that do help a big deal in combat. Each class with a characteristic support skill would make them even more unique and give them more roles in combat, to make it even more fun. We dont truly need tanks, since some classes already have taunt and block, and its really good in my opinion. Anyone can keep bosses and mobs busy. Another thing we need is teamskills. Where players can chain skills togather, like in some anime (dont specifically remember any right now) you shield bash the enemy down, and the other do some specific skill based on condition. Or A valkyre can throw you up in air and you can perform special shuriken or chakram or bow skills.
    Another idea is : Defence points. These are small defendable points, purely made to be defended in a fun way. These points trigger invasions, where players can team up and have to defend the point (like a guard tower or a small garrison) from mobs coming in swarms. Teamwork is important here, because you have to split roles and use the terrain if you have ranged classes, and use the tank able classes in corridors or doorways. Or small scale attack on captured points. The important in this is : not to cluster the mobs or the players just aoe them down, i seen this many times, and kills the fun of the whole thing.
  6. Post on Small RP Guild in Roleplay

    By GenSaika, posted
    Hey all! I just wanted to make a post here that my small RP guild the Hussars in Orwen is looking for any willing friendly players. We do content, trying to rebuild the guild, make some small plot-based rps.Enjoy the game and even do RP events with other guilds.  Message me here if you want more info or post any questions here. Also before people stay stuff I am working on posting in the RP site as well.
    On the 12th of October 2016, an Ocean content patch was added to the NA/EU BDO servers. This guide indicates exactly what has been added so far and what more is to come in the future.

    Unfortunely, we don’t know when all the ocean content will be released. At the moment, undersea gathering and treasure is not available on the NA/EU version. We do have some important changes though:
    You can no longer drown and will instead rise to the surface when the breath guage is emptyIf you run out of stamina (5/100 stamina) you will have a movement speed debuffThe breath guage time has been increased from 30 seconds to 60 secondsYou can now interact with NPC/objects whilst swimming or diving (NPC/objects have not yet been added)Navigation profession has been added to the rankings list but does not seem to level up at the moment and doesn’t appear in the character profile window 

    If you are going to venture into the deep, I would advise buying Elixir of Seal, this elixir will allow you to breathe underwater for 60 seconds. Movement speed also effects how fast you swim underwater, so using food and/or elixirs you can easily speed up your swimming. The Meat Sandwich is a good choice because it has movment speed +1 and max stamina +100, allowing you to swim for longer as well. Combined with Elixir of Swiftness, there will be a noticeable difference in your swimming speed.
    The Splat Fisher’s costume will increase your swimming speed and reduce stamina consumption when swimming. The costume can be very convient but is not required to enjoy the new ocean content.
    Below is a detailed list of what we can expect in the future.
    Ocean expands with 5 new areas to discoverNew monsters will be added which can only be found in the oceanGolden Treasure Chests and Golden keys will be added both inland and at sea.Opening a Sealed Golden Treasure Chest can contain the following: Sharp Alchemy Stone of Destruction, Sharp Alchemy Stone of Protection, Gold Ingot 1000G, Hedgehog T3, Dandelion Weapon Box, Nouver’s Sealed Sub-Weapon Box, Basilisk’s Belt, Tungrade Earring, Ogre Ring, Sicil’s Necklace, Magic Crystal of Infinity – Experience, Polished Alchemy Stone of Destruction, Awakened Spirit’s Crystal, Black Magic Crystal – Harphia, Polished Alchemy Stone of Protection, Polished Alchemy Stone of Life, Gold Ingot 100G, Ring of Crescent Guardian, Tree Spirit Belt, Blue Whale Molar Earring, Witch’s Earring, Ancient Guardian’s Seal, Mark of Shadow, Golden Coelacanth, Hard Black Crystal Shard, Sharp Black Crystal Shard, Cron StoneYou can collect objects underwater using a hoe, such as: Lobster, Oysters, Clams, Seaweed, Coral, StarfishNavigation profession level will be fully implemented, it is leveled by sailing certain shipsShipwreck knowledge will be added to the adventure journal section and will reward you with energy +2 once completed. Interact with shipwrecks on the sea floor to gain knowledge.Shipwreck location hints below (I have hidden this section to avoid spoilers, press the button below to reveal ITEMS
    Coral belt accessories will be added to the handicraft workshopsVanabin Diving Mask will be added (obtainable via questline, requirements: Lv 50+)Da-Da-Da-Dum Diving Suit will be added (cash shop costume which increases swimming speed, breath gauge and reduces stamina consumption when swimming)Ancient Explorer’s Compass will be added, used to view your current location in the seaLafi Bedmountain’s Upgraded Compass and parts will be addedRequires 3 Upgraded Compass Parts, as well as a Ocean Sapphire, Blood Ruby and Gold Topaz to createCreate by putting into the following pattern:Used to view your location in the ocean and can also summon others to your current locationExplorers must be in the same channel and party to be summonedCannot be used in Siege Wars, Red Battlefield or PrisonMembers cannot be summoned if they are riding anything other than a horse, camel or donkeyCooldown: 10 minutesNew recipes have been added:Prawn SaladWeight limit +40LT, Knockdown/Bound Resistance +10% for 60 minShrimp x10, Olive Oil x10, Salt x10, Eggs x10, Fruit and Vegetable Salad x10Skilled Lv 1+Steamed PrawnMovement Speed +2, Grapple Resistance +10% for 60 minShrimp x10, Paprika x10, Pepper x10, Cooking Wine x10, Mineral Water x10Skilled Lv 1+Stir-Fried OysterAttack Speed +2, Casting Speed +2, Stun/Stiffness/Freezing Resistance +10% for 60 minOyster x10, Eggs x10, Flour x10, Vinegar x10, Olive Oil x10Skilled Lv 1+Butter-Roasted LobsterCritical Hit +2, Knockdown/Bound Resistance +10% for 60 minLobster x1, Butter x10, Salt x10, Olive Oil x10, Garlic x10Skilled Lv 1+Margoria Seafood ExtravaganzaWeight limit +50LT, Movement speed +2, Critical Hit x2, Max HP +100 for 90 minPrawn salad x10, Steamed Prawn x10, Stir-Fried Oyster x10, Butter-Roasted Lobster x10, Fruit Wine x10Artisan Lv 1+GUILDS
    New guild ships will be addedBuild the ships using a Guild HouseThe guild must have the “Romanticist of the Ocean” guild skillOnly the guild master or officers can build the ships and require ship plans (bought at Epheria port) along with several other materialsOnce navigation skill is above a certain level you will unlock the ability to use the Galley shipOnce the Galley ship durability is equal to or less than 50%, moving speed is reduced to 30%Galley ship can have a maximum of 8 cannons with 4 on each side“Cannon Ball for Ship” can be bought from a Guild store and are required to fire Galley cannonsThe guild can enhance ship parts using Black Stone (Armor) to increase statsGuilds can hire workers to to sail on the ship, they can have 4 different jobsShips can be damaged and if destroyed, they can be recovered but a fee will be taken from the guild fundsNew guild missions added which include fishing and gathering marine life 


    This guide is by Black Desert Foundry. Check out our website for more guides!

  8. Hey! Before come with all your love for the "open world" thing, please read. o__o

    Instances in this game don't need to be that kind of "easy grind" type of instance, like we can get in a lot of another korean MMORPGs.

    First of All! Some global restrictions for the instances.

    1. A full party.
    2. One Key (I'll explain below)
    3. Min AP/DP. (Optional)
    4. Cooldown per account/family (same way of the World Bosses and the account restriction is optional, can be per character.)
    5. Instance boss boxes can be bound to the accounts. (optional)

    Key System.

    Each instance has a "entrance key" the item that you need to open the instance on it's door, without the key, U'll receive a message "You need "X" Key to enter inside this intance". 
    The key can be drop by parts. 5 parts of the same key creates the Key. (exactly the same system used on the relic shards).  The Key parts can be sold on the marketplace. And need only one key per group. Or you can drop the complete key instead a part, and everyone need to have their key.

    So, let's go to the examples.

    Liverto Dungeon! (Balenos Region)

    Entrance Restriction: 
    130 AP
    190 DP
    Liverto Key
    Full group.
    Battle: Need to be a HARD instance for the 130 AP / 190 DP Group but possible. Monsters with chance to drop rare itens (black stones, steel taritas, relic shards, etc)  and the final boss a Liverto box. 
    Boss Battle: PLS! A decent boss battle with at least 2 phases and 2 group mechanics per phase.
    Cooldown: 12hours

    Boss Armor Dungeon! (Mediah Region)

    Entrance Restriction: 
    150 AP
    200 DP
    Boss Armor Key
    Full group.
    Battle: Need to be a HARD instance for the 150 AP / 200 DP Group but possible. Monsters with rare chance to drop Grunil, Forbidden Book, black stones, etc. One "sub-boss" with a CHANCE to drop a Liverto Bundle and concentrated black stone or Ultimate reform stone and a RANDOM (I know that you all love RNG) Final Boss (Red Nose, Tree Spirit, Bheg, Giath, Muskan) dropping it's respective box.
    Boss Battle: PLS! A decent boss battle with at least 3 phases and 3 group mechanics on the first phase, 2 group mechanics on the second phase and a final phase with all 5 mechanics .
    Cooldown: 24hours

    And Also! Following this model.

    Kzarka Instance with 30 hours Cooldown (this fight can be a "players vs boss" style, like the Bahamut fight on the Final Fantasy XIV.)

    This fight need to have 4 or 5 phases for experienced groups, with some concentraded black stones, one ultimate reform stone and one liverto box and a CHANCE for kzarka box.

    And same way of the Kzarka for Nouver and Kutum and Harpia.

    Remember this is the content for ORGANIZED GROUPS or "static groups". This kind of content improve the community, create more ways to the players can create content of the game for youtube, livestreams, guides, etc.

    Please give your feedback based o what's better for the game and not your own taste. 

    thank you. =D

  9. Post on BDO KR/JP V. NA/EU in General

    By Onii-sama, posted
    First of all, I don't know if there's already thread about this or not. I never bothered to look into it. To be honest, I'd rather have the answers here and updated up to the latest changes. Also, This isn't about another server-- this is about NA server. I've been playing in JP (Well used to until I quit due to VPN and all the other crap  ) before NA/EU's release and I was tempting to move here even though I spent so much time in JP until I heard that there were some changes in the game.That it isn't as similar as KR/JP and I've seen some difference about it(Youtube, I was bored), but never bothered to look into depth about it since I lost my interest of wanting to play NA due to the changes which I still don't know what they are. Going straight to the point, I got tired of playing JP due to time zone and mostly VPN and ended up quitting. Now, I'm want to try BDO again but in NA where all my problems will be solved. However, I'm not quite sure if I should really buy it. So, what are the difference between KR/JP(mostly JP) and NA/KR which I would like to know before buying anything.
    In short, What are the differences in content between NA/EU and JP/KR(What did NA developers changed of the original game)? Example: mobs got harder, the energy system is different, processing now cost energy ( I do not know if those are true, but I hope you get the example.)   
    *You don't need/you're not being forced  to answer if you think is ''too much''/ this is the 942513th thread about this/There's another thread  (however, I would appreciate if you could link the thread is it does exist) etc. 
    Edit-1: Doesn't have to be necessarily from JP it can also be from KR to. Share what you know ~ Thanks.
    Edit-2: What I've gathered thanks to the replies:
    ---Value pack is a compilation of the monthly dye item in kr with other stuff in it,  you can force gear up to tri
    -Some mobs like priates(Pirates?) are weaker in NA version
    -Theres no Valk's cry item, and you can't sell anything from the cash shop to the marketplace.---There is no optional quest to unlock PVP, you are automatically PVPable at 45.  
    -Karma penalties are lighter in NA per kill.---NA fish prices are half what they are overseas.---Mob difficulty and xp and drops fluctuate with each patch.
    -Thanks for reading and appreciate every single help. This will decide whether I should buy the game or not. 
  10. PVP For ALL-
         So I've been thinking, PVP should be enabled for everyone BUT, you can only PVP another player so long as you and their levels are within 5 levels of each other. I think this would be fun and a little more realistic while maintaining fair play.
    PVP Minigames-
         Another way to make the Red Battlefield a bit more interesting would be to make game modes like most PVP based video games have. Such as Capture the Flag, Hide and Seek, and so on. It would add more PVP content and make the Red Battlefield more then just Team Deathmatch.
    These are just a couple ideas I thought of. I'm not a huge PVPer but I think this could add more fun for most of everyone.
  11. The event we are in the middle of can give you 2 penguins for the people that might have missed some time will this pet ever be available in the cash shop for people to get/mate them or is it only a one time thing we missed out on??? Any legit info will be greatly appreciated thank you.
  12. Post on Endgame Content in General

    By Garuda, posted
    We know the endgame is endless grinding and hoping for luck at RNG but why? It could be so easy to make actuall good content
    Defend the Trade Wagon: A guild must defend an Elefant convoy from Altinova to Heidel and another Guild must must kill the convoy to get loot.  The Guild defends and all participants get a sallary and an reward.
    Wave fight : You and your friends or guild must hold of Waves of mobs sieging a castle and get a reward. You must team up and plan strategic Weaponry on the fortress towers as cannons.
    Ships and pirates : Basically same as Defend the Trade Wagon but with ships and cannons, arrrr.
    Thief and Hunter: Player must Hunt down criminal Players wich try to get to a location and you gotta stop them. 
    I am not very creative maybe but i also dont get payed for that as Pearl Abbys gets.
    i dont care for valencia it just adds more grinding content and more hours of boredom. but for what? so i can grind faster and faster.
    Imagine the world without Valencia but with lots of activities and nice missions you can participate and play alltogether, its a MMO !!! Where are all the Players ! We should have all fun together and not grind emotionless in groups or alone.
    You think so too? Then the develpoers need to see it
  13. I see it's popular these days to make posts about quitting the game and why allot of people are unsatisfied with how things are, because they didnt read the description of the game when they bought it.
    Well i love the game and the reason i bought the game is that it reminds me of most of the old school MMO's i used to play since i started playing them in 2002
    one of the games i played the most was Lineage 2  wich had allot of similarities to BDO and im gonna list some of them:
    -open world pvp -- compared to BDO that game had open world pvp from level 1 here you can grow and learn the gamplay up to lvl 45
    - open world bosses-- open world bosses in Lineage 2 were allot harder than BDO because the loot wasn't shared like here you had to secure the boss with your guild and fend of other guilds that wanted to do it wich resulted in hrs of pvp for one earing or ring and a few recipes. And here ppl want it even easier cause "is too hard".
    -- gear enchantment --- there it was safe to +3 after +4 you could BREAK UR STUFF and u got a hand full of crystals, BDO mode is realy easy and don't talk about RNG cause u have daily free boss scrolls wich give you allot of enchantment stones on a weekly basis for free and you can just force enchant everything up to +18. allot of people whine cause they dont have their shiny stuff in the first day of the patch launch, well tough luck neitheir do i but i always managed to catch up in 2-3 weeks and do competitive PVP, and i forgot to mention YOU DONT LOOSE YOUR GEAR WHEN ENCHANTING.....
    ---Karma --- in Lineage 2 the karma penalty was way severe after a certain number you could drop your items if you got killed , that ment loosing your main wepond to the enemy or any other piece of gear equipped. Karma system here is easy you loose a crystal and maybe one enchant level and that's about it . 
    ----XP loss on death  --- the old mmo's had a bigger EXP loss on death from 6% to 10% and was a pain at high levels also you could downlevel . That was a good way to punish grieffers that stole your mobs . Guess what you had to complain about 1% exp loss ...... (too many posts about this)
    So this game compared to other old school open world mmo's is allot easyer. People back then if they didn't like the game they moved to other ones until they found what they were looking for PLEASE STOP TRYING TO CHANGE SOMETHING THAT I PAYED MONEY FOR CAUSE IT DOESN"T SUIT YOUR PLAY STYLE. I respect your opinion and your way of gaming but stop trying to impose that to others that actualy got the product for what it is. 
    if you don't like how things are there are allot of options :
    1. REASON ONE EDITED SO THAT PEOPLE WILL FOCUS ON THE THREAD'S MAIN POINT. the first point was and i rephrase : Leave the game thru legal means so that you may recover your loss for a faulty product if legally determined. 
    2. Do other activities in game and stop trying to change game mechanics thru forum posts and polls because some of the features that the game has don't suit you, You are one individual, DON'T BE SELFISH.
    3. Try to learn and understand the mechanics of the game and what it brings without trying to change them(bugs not included)
    4. Just quit.....
    5. #BDOEXIT (cause is trending) 
    Sorry for the long post, and the bad spelling. I hope the CM's  see this post and take in consideration that the majority of people that play and enjoy the game don't make to many forum posts and actually don't want the product to be changed and dumbed down . 
    Thank you to who ever reads this post.
  14. Post on No PVE-content in General

    By Medma, posted
    This game needs some serious PVE-content and not the "all-day-farming-Sausans" grinding.
    If this game wont add some pve content then yes, it will die before 2016 ends.
  15. Monsters are just xp meat. The lvling experience was already too simple, easy and boring berfore.
    It's ok. But can we have some open world biss ass monsters with interesting mecanics like those in Tera ? (need the game to be more precise)
    It would make the world and lvling experience much more interesting.
    People could choice to fight butcher meat for easy and brainless xp - or choice to fight those BAM for a much harder but much rewarding reward (xp & items).
    The "elites" don't have interesting mecanics.
  16. Hi,
    Some statement about the game : Atm, likeskills are not so usefull or not so profitable (except fishing but it takes a lot of time - and alchemy for the stones). Same for the workers management. It takes time and effort to gain more contribution points, for limited benefits. In comparaison, grinding is the most profitable in term of money and power gains. So it's the best choice for fort sieges and node wars. And here is the problem : the game offers a lot of deep activities to do, but the most usefull to do is the most boring part of the game : grind. Even more, people are complaining that the game does not have much group content.
    So, I thought about something that could bring more content and interest for many people.
    In all wars (even guild wars) the game will take into account the lifeskills lvl of the members. It will give points in each category of lifeskill, according to the addition of all lifeskill lvl of the members. It will be exponential to reward those who worked a lot on their lifeskills and there would be a boost of points between each notch. So a lvl 1 professionnal will give much more than a lvl 10 skilled.
    What's the use of those points ?
    Let's say that each guild start with the same number of points for each lifeskill category. They can spend those points to buy different items and bonuses. And with time, they gain more points : the supplies.
    For the duration of the war, members will be able to buy different boosts in relation with the lifeskill. The quality and the number of boosts will depend of the total of skill points. Some items or boosts will be only available if the lifeskill score of at least 1 (or numerous members) reach a certain level. Exemple : the best cook item could only be purchased if there is at least 5 members with the artisan lvl in the guild.
    Some exemple of boosts :
    - Gathering : Create different siege weapons. Items to unlock or reinforce some others in differents categories.
    - Processing : Special items that could reinforce players, like metal for melee classes to be more tanky. Or give piercing arrows to rangers.
    - Cook : Food that give different stats bonus or effets (classic buff effect in fact).
    - Alchemy : Special potions (Classic HP & Mana pots) + reduce/boost damages. Or bombs and flares. Poisons to apply.
    - Training : Special mounts for the war, faster and giving bonuses. Or mounts stats bonuses. Or faster supplies regen.
    - Fishing : Like farming but different boosts. Can give faster supplies to cook. Unique buff effect for only fishing skill. It may be a special summon ability of catfishes to help players.
    - Hunting : Create traps, webs and other usable items that can help in wars. Unique bows with special effects.
    - Trade : Give a boost of skill points in different category. Give a bonus of starting points. Or faster supplies regen that the guild can spend in the category of it's choice.
    - Farming : Like fishing but different boosts. Unique buff effect for only farming skill. It may be a swarm of insects to slow or blind ennemies.
    There should be a lot more bonuses that would give each lifeskill it's own special features.
    For the workers. Gathered items could be used to buy some boosts and items, instead of selling them at a ridiculous price at the market. The chicken could be, for exemple, used to give more supply points in cook. Same for wax, woods and ores in processing.
    Some items could be only bought with supply points + a certain amount of some ressources.
    In addition, each lifeskill could have a specific boost for the user. It could be a daily craftable item, not tradable, that could give a xp or skill bonus for 1h, or maybe a certain amount of xp. It could be a unique feature like a unique skill of horse for trainers. Or a xp bonus during daytime for farmer.
    If a player reach a certain lvl in a lifeskill, he will be able to rent gear for the war only. It will help them if they didn't spend time to lvling and gearing.
    This system could give a lot more interest for all types of players in the game :
    - Grinders will continue to be the strongest fighters, but could be supported by "weakers" members of the guild.
    - Lifeskillers will at last see an objective to spend energy and time in lifeskill. And they will be more rewarded for doing what they like to do.
    - Lifeskill boosts for users will help to reduce the gap of power between them and grinders. If it's a daily xp or skill boost.
    - It will create a group's utility.
    - It will reduce the syndrome of guilds only recruiting 55+ players with 300 AP/DP minimum. So all players will be usefull for the group.
    - It will fully exploit the deep system of BDO about the lifeskills. And at last, it will make the game more specific in comparaison with the others mmorpg who focus most on lvl+gear.
  17. Hello

    I've been playing for 3 weeks now and i have a berserker level 50 and a wizard at 34. I love this game so much that i think this COULD be the new WoW (popular as WoW).
    First of all there are so many things to do like crafting, trading, fishing, processing etc. but the problem is.. do you ever feel lonely playing this game? When you are grinding, arent u normally alone? You have a guild but you almost never party with them? You are searching for social groups, partys etc. but its not something easy to find? My problem in this game is that there are almost nothing social about this game. It really makes me sad. This game lacks the dungeon and raid part. Why you ask? Because dungeon is not all about killing mobs and bosses and getting good gears but ALSO partying with friends, guild members and random people and that leads to socializing. THEN you are not alone! You are not BORING your self to death doing all kind of crafting, grinding etc all alone. 
    I HIGHLY suggest the developers CONSIDER to put some instance-making dungeons and raids so people can feel that they are not alone. I really love this game but it breaks my heart when im considering quitting it. I see no endgame in this game. I see not socializing beside guild-/channel chat.
    C'mon.. You developers must thought of this. WE are EU/NA gamers and not KOREAN. We want some dungeons and raids. We want some socializing.
    - A frustrated player..
  18. After having played hundreds of hours of Black Desert I've come to the conclusion that the game is functionally a single player game. I could literally play the game in its entirety alone as a single player game and there would be no significant difference between that experience and the current state of BDO.
    Many MMO's have gone this route, using the game as a large chat room to host players for the very small percentage of content that actually requires more than one player. Which is probably a big reason for the failure of so many MMO's. They're almost all Massively Single Player games.
    BDO takes this trend to a whole new level. Not only are other players unnecessary, it actually hinders your progression if you interact with them at all. While most games treat players as a nice backdrop for their single player game design, in BDO other players are an actual nuisance and hindrance to much of the gameplay. Not only are you not rewarded for playing multiplayer, the game's structured to penalize you for doing so.
    But BDO isn't the only game to do this sort of thing. In fact the last time I played an MMO where other players weren't just wanted, but dare I say required, was Guild Wars One. Unlike current MMO's where the whole game is balanced for a single player to gear up and complete everything alone, then join a group once they acquire the best gear and reach the highest level, it was the exact opposite. None of the game could be solo'd until you beat the game an owned the most powerful gear.
    Groups were what the game was about. Even with a full party if 8 AI controlled henchmen missions could be impossibly difficult to complete unless you were a serious pro. Players with great gear or significant ability were in high demand everywhere. Every accomplishment was an experience that many players would congratulate you for because it required teamwork, strategy, and skill to complete. Your abilities truly mattered. I haven't played another game with that same sort of multiplayer cohesion and intrinsic group dynamic since I stopped playing GW1.
    I'd like to hear what other players feel was their best group/multiplayer experience in an MMO. I'd also like people to post their ideas for what elements could be brought into BDO to turn this single player game into an actual MMO.
  19. is official PvE End Game Content featured in Black Desert Online?
  20. There are 3 improvement suggestions and 1 new game content suggestion that I would like to propose.
    1. Increase the limit of Quests that can be accepted: Considering the size of the game map, as well as taking into account future expansions of the map, players will have to travel longer and longer again to accept+accomplish+turn in quests. Without any teleport or flying mount features, I don't think it's fair that players will have to increasingly waste valuable time on the road. This is especially the case when players can ONLY access and organize items in warehouses when they are physically visiting the storage NPC in a specific city. Realistic game play shouldn't equal to an inefficient gameplay style, to a certain point, it should be adjusted, as well as to accommodate future contents.
    2. Swimming direction controls: The player is slowed and inflexible in water, which is very realistic, but once you reach any kind of surface, although you are pressing the correct directional buttons, the system doesn't seem to register the direction correctly until you try about 3 - 10 times depending on the surface. Although you can increase your breath to stay in water for longer, but it's just a pain.
    3. Unstable server label/warning: One of the major issues at the moment. If it is possible, the problematic servers should be marked something to warn players of possible connection issues.
    Game content suggestion:
    A suggestion to add more fun to  the already amazing map exploration experience
    To make sailing and ocean exploring experience even more exciting, pls consider putting in a Mermaid experience.
    Adventurers out in the sea will have a very very rare chance of encountering a mermaid/groups of mermaids. If achieved, the mermaid will lead the player to a hidden location only accessible by interacting with a mermaid, and only ONCE, you will have to encounter a mermaid again to be able to access again. The hidden location will have a chest which the player can open to obtain very special spoils, but these will be spoils that will not effect the current balance in the game.
    Quite a brief idea i know... But I would love to see beautiful mermaids designs and a heavenly like hidden location also designed for this game
    Please, someone else say you want to see mermaids too! > < !!!
  21. This is quite simple, so I won't say much. I love the titles in this game, and I get excited every time I get one. If you're like me as soon as you get a new one you go to it in hopes to figure out how you got it. So you hover over your new title only to realize nothing happens. Instead you must go online and try to find how you got the title, and there isn't info on A LOT of them. It would be a nice feature DAUM if you could incorporate a title description in game for all titles. As simple as hovering over the title your about to apply and having it say. EX: " Achieved by killing a player with your fists only" or whatever. I think it would add to the sense of achievement knowing how you got the title. Thoughts anyone?
  22. As someone who bought Black Desert Online I for one am very disappointed with the lack of clothing options and content in this game, am I wrong to want a finished game with actual content?
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    By Delweyn, posted
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  24. Hi everyone, basically I've been playing this game since it came out now and I can say pretty confidently it's the best MMO I have ever played, I played archeage, then elder scrolls online but they both lacked something, archeage had the unappealing combat and elder scrolls with the clunkiness, and this has had none of that. But anyway, there's extra content that I want to know if it's still coming because it all seems to be missing and I sort of thought it would be included in launch. The first thing I'm talking about is the classes, I had to stick with warrior as there was none of the classes that I actually wanted to play at launch, for example blader, archer and ninja. I know you obviously focused a bit more then you should have on the boob physics and all to attract more audience and it's understable but I was a tiny bit disappointed. The second thing is the guild wars, node wars and options like that, does anyone know when these are coming to the game? And lastly, I'm not sure about this as I haven't explored the whole world but is the whole world explorable? Or are there still several portions of the world that haven't been implemented into the game yet, I know there's Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, but are there all the desert areas that are shown in the trailer?
    Thank you.
  25. I bought the gave yesterday and I haven't received my extra content that was promised to me, I have a friend that wants to try the game with me on our day offs but my 2 friend trials are not there along with everything else.
    How do I get them?
    How long will delay be?
    Anyone else have this issue?