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  1. Post on Non-daily 'dailies'? in General

    By Witchblade, posted
    I've not seen a lot of my quests for a few days now. Calpheon dailies, the mansha 200cont hunting stuff.
    I've also not had the black spirit hand me any scrolls for some time.
    Aren't those supposed to be dailies? Am I misunderstanding something about the quest system?

    Note: I'm talking about the daily 200contribution point given by the soliders in the ditch next to Mansha Forest.
  2. I'd love to write a bible of how much I love the CP system and how much of a CP enthusiast I've been since launch but I'll keep it simple:
    I stopped playing a couple months ago and left my char with 345 CP already struggling; getting 1 point with non stop cooking (back when it took energy) and doing dailies.
    Now I come back, get to 350 CP and realize there has been no change whatsoever to the higher soft cap, and needless to say; after 350 it's clear that the EXP requierements are tripled, and I'd like to know if they have risen the hard cap in Korea so I can know what to expect.
    I mean, if they havent changed the soft caps for months (or ever), my only choice is to look at Korea so I can finally put this hope to rest cause I've been expecting a change in the cap for half a year now.
    So. . . can anyone confirm this? Should I just give up and seppuku my hopes and dreams? I have thousands of CP dishes/farm/alchemy byproducts that I've been saving for months; the more I wait, the closer I think it is, but I've been saying the same for half a year lol.
  3. I have all 3 lodging houses in velia, together they shouls give 7 worker slots, with the free worker slot every city has there should be 8 worker slots in velia, instead i only have 6. THIS is only possible if the TIER 2 lodging houses in velia give only 1 worker slot instead of 2. I tested that by getting a tier 2 lodging in Toscani farm. And i found out that the tier 2 lodging houses in Balenos give only 1 extra worker slot instead of 2. PLeASE FIX THAT

  4. Post on Help with specialities! in General

    By FranPek, posted
    Hi again
    I'm looking for a way to send my workers to do specialities for trade but It's seems way too hard for me to get a first rank house to unlock it so I was wondering about a speciealtie or something similar that don't requires so much work to unlock.
    Thank you again!
  5. Post on Point of quests? in General

    By Bhaasuhm, posted
    Energy is useless now.
    New Accounts can go to 300 Contribution in 2 or 3 days.
    I got over 10 Billion Alchemy mats and with impirial delivery i will earn 100 mil in 2 hours now easily.
    Tomorrow i will craft 500k Powders Maybe 750k...wtf
    What are quests and mobs now for?...useless
  6. I haven't really found any concrete info on this before (or I hadn't been looking hard enough), so I thought I'd share.
    Past 255 CP, gains from daily quests slows right down.  I'd been doing a lot of brewing anyhow, so started saving up my poorly prepared dishes until I hit 5,000 to turn in.
    5,000 dishes = 1,000 turn-ins, at 50xp per turn-in.  So 50,000 CP XP.
    I went up by 8 points, so each point was worth 6,250 XP.  
    That's a lot of -----ing daily quests.

  7. In our guild, we see that when someone reach the 10000 contribution points, if you don't renew contract, guild gets less EXP than when you renew (just a few less). So, the question is: 
    If you renew contract, guild gets exp until 10.000 contribution points, and then stops? does it matter?
    If doesn't matter, why is a cap?

  8. Hello,
    My guild members and I got same problem. We had few houses in Altinova which we used for Grunill Upgrades and after patch they disappeared together with my contribution points.
    This problem occured not only for me but for few friends too. Could you tell me if you are working on solution? Or is there any way to get them back?
    @GM_Dresden @GM_Dew @GM_Caramel @GM_Cairag @CM_Tytyes @CM_Jouska
    Oh mighty GM/CM pls help me and point me way to solve it
  9. After the last major patch, i've been missing my contribution points that were used for Grunil Defense Forges and Canon Workshops!!!  I want my points back!!!!

  10. Hey everyone, this guide will show you a few routes (other than the Calpheon route) to get a ton of Contribution EXP, as well as Alchemy & Gathering XP for those who are interested. Questions welcome as always.

    As you can see from the image, I'm missing 1 Contribution point.
    "Exalted Character V" and "World of Knowledge V"
    Require 220 Energy and 180 Contribution, You cannot receive the next quest from black spirit without finishing the previous quest.
  12. So I am lvl 33 and just arrived calpheon. I have explored the area around the city and wondering what I should spend my CP on? I have nodes invested back in velia and heidel for workers. Should I take them back and invest in calpheon area? or connect all 3 city for my trade route? What is good nodes to invest in?
  13. So I have a friend who, despite completing a bunch of quests that reward contribution exp has not been able to even get 1 contribution point. He is still sitting at 0. Does anyone know why this would be? Is it a known glitch on some characters? I know there is a similar glitch with some of the life skills, but have never heard of it for an account bound thing..
    Never mind he figured it out
  14. a couple days ago I sent in a bug report regarding my characters having 4 contribution tied up in "Rented Items" that I dont have any knowledge of acquiring, Ive checked all inventories/warehouses and no items there. So in reply i get this emailed to me.
    My questions is what do you take away from this email? Cause personally it seems like they are just closing my ticket without doing anything. Otherwise WHY would they need to close my ticket to FURTHER PROCESS it.... Shouldn't a problem be closed when SOLVED!? Now do I place another ticket? suggestions would be appreciated.
  15. Do you still get the benefit of a fishing hotspot even without contributing to it's node?
    Also, how often do hotspots change?
  16. I know that if we withdrawal CP on a node, the level of node will be erased. But if we withdraw all nodes before that node, will that node is erased too ?
    For example, I connect to Abandoned Monastery from Keplan -> ... -> Trent -> Abandoned Monastery, I invest on Abandoned  Monastery to level 4, and then I withdraw all nodes before this one (like Trent village , Crio village, etc ...) , will the Abandoned Monastery node level stay the same ?
  17. i really dont remember when what and how much contribution points i spend to rent something 

    it says me i have 18 contribution points spend to rent smth 
    i only spend points to rent a farm for 6 points 
    now where are the others and how can i find this out?
    or are those points gone?
  18. I submited a ticket (81551) 2 days ago, but no one bothered to answer.
    I have a problem with locked contribution points (rented items). I have gone through all my existing characters as well as warehouses - I can't find anything rented.
    The only item I remember renting was one warhouse container, which I have returned.
    Those CP would be very useful for me now that Mediah was released. Can I get an update on the ticked and issue?
    Thanks in advance
  19. Hey, was just wondering if anyone has actually connected up all the nodes yet across the map?
    This was my aim to complete before Media came out, but that was released really early, so looks like I will have to set my goal to getting it done in time for Valencia!
    Just curious!

    This is my map and connecting nodes so far and I have been playing since conq-headstart (been taking my time though). Sitting at 152 points at the moment.
    Would love to see everyone else's maps and current contribution points!
  20. Hey, was just wondering if anyone has actually connected up all the nodes yet across the map?
    This was my aim to complete before Media came out, but that was released really early, so looks like I will have to set my goal to getting it done in time for Valencia!
    Just curious!

    This is my map and connecting nodes so far and I have been playing since conq-headstart (been taking my time though). Sitting at 152 points at the moment.
    Would love to see everyone else's maps and current contribution points!
  21. Edit: Mystery Solved! You have to be lvl 36+ to get the contribution quests from the Black Spirit. There may be other requirements too since people are getting them at different levels, but this one of them.
    Hello everyone!
    I tried asking about this in the in game chat a few times and searching the internet but haven't gotten any help, so I hope you forum people will know how to solve this.
    I noticed that I haven't been getting the black spirit contribution quests where he gives you some gold bars whereas both of my friends have gotten theirs. I'm at 65 contribution right now and one of them is around 40, so that can't be it. Does anyone know what I might have missed? I always picked up the quests the black spirit had for me when ever I got the icon, but could it be possible that I somehow missed one and now I'm stuck? If so, how do I know which one I missed and how to get it if the black spirit currently has no quests for me?
    Thank you for your time!
  22. Hello, so I wanted simply to understand if quests and rewards are missing for mileage stones such as 220 energy and 180 contribution and what comes next, or simply not implemented yet?
    I did get the titles for 180 contribution and and 180 energy but nothing else.
    PS. If you gonna waste time to answer me, is 35% of completion of black spirit's quests is normal because there is no later content or i'm stuck here too somehow?
    Thank you, Player.
  23. I've uploaded another Tutorial Video!  This one is All of the Calpheon dailies + the ore quest in under 15 minutes!
    This video covers the route and what to do in what order for most efficiency.  The only quest that is not turned in is the moon stone quest, which is retrieved but unable to be turned in because of time of day.
    Feel free to subscribe, like, share, and comment!  Working on another few videos for you all in the next coming days as well!  Keep your eyes peeled.
    Note:video is still processing, will be low quality until it is finished.
  24. First suggestion is regarding investment of contribution points in nodes. I can see how much points a node costs if I have discovered it, but once I invest in it I have no idea how many points it takes up unless I withdraw my investment. Could we see the contribution cost of nodes regardless of whether we have invested or not?
    Second suggestion relates to cities, lodging, and storage. It would be nice to have some numbers available at the city level showing how much additional storage and lodging your building investments have provided. It would also be nice to see how many spaces are available.
    For example, Velia lets assume that Velia has 20 base storage (not sure what the cities start with). You have invested in a level 1 storage and level 1 lodging and have two workers hired. You have 5 items in your storage.
    The numbers would show as follows:
    Storage: 5/23 (+3)
    Lodging: 2/2 (+1)
    Make sense? Its easy enough currently to see how much storage space you have left but harder to figure out how much lodging you have left. I think this info would be very handy and a good QoL addition. There are likely other bits of info which these city interfaces could display, but I feel these two are ones that should have been there to begin with. Thanks for reading.
  25. Hi peeps.

    Have been looking around for a concrete answer and cant find one. 

    Fishing in that sweet little spot near Velia (but not in Velia region)

    Have all the nodes around the sea area and they are STILL only offering me 30% trade value on all the fish in Velia or Heidel - Why??
    Heidel and Velia are working fine, can trade between them at 100%+ trade value.

    Thanks for any help. This is really pissing me off at the moment. Nodes are great, but its kind of hit and miss as to whether they even make any sense.