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  1. Post on I need help in In-Game Bugs

    By Hachpetilon, posted
    Hi, first than nothing srry for my low english, i have a problem i am lvl 40 in black desert and i need to the diary quest of hildeon and velian to get the contribution points but when i did the quest the 90 contibution points that i accept at the end of the mission i dont know why but i dont get it , i need an answer thanks
  2. Hi Leute,
    ich wollte mal fragen wie ihr so mit dem Cap bei den Beitragspunkten klar kommt. Ich finde es extrem schwer da vorwärts zu kommen, im Moment benötige ich glaube 15k EP für 1 Punkt...
    Ich habe 330 Punkte, aber 400 wären nicht schlecht....
    Ich glaube ich muss noch viel kochen bis ich genug Punkte habe.
  3. Hi there,
    I've gathered some contribution points (around 250) and I'm wondering about the ways to spend them to make good profit. 
    What's the best way to make silver from these CPs ? I read a lot about gardens and trading. You can make profit from gardens through imperial craft trade, and from trading by making wood crates to trade them in valencia.
    So what are your thoughts? Is trade with crates of timber and ores are more profitable per day than cooking with imperial trading ? I should mention that I don't have master level in any of these skills.
    BTW what are most time effective ways to make CPs instead of cooking ?
  4. Post on Node Usage in Suggestions

    By Tensai, posted
    Is there a way that it can be added to the nodes that you have invested in an icon to the main node showing that you have additional contribution points into the node?
    This would make it a little easier for players to know where they have additional points invested and also to help keep workers working on siad nodes instead of sitting idle.
  5. Hey I know this is probably a dumb beginner question, but where do you find the node manager in Olvia town? I have been running around for an hour now and I can't seem to find the node manager  I could really use some help!
    EDIT : Nvm, I found the answer and I feel dumb now haha. Cities don't have node managers...
    If anyone else comes across this and has the same problem as I did, read this: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/60598-where-is-node-manager-for-olivia/
  6. I rented a storage box from the Velia Storage Keeper.
    I placed that box in a house i invested in at Lema Island so that i could access Velia's storage from there.
    I decided later than i did not want that box or the house on Lema Island, so i removed my contribution investment at Lema Island, however the storage box went missing - it is not in any warehouse nor did it return to me in the mail.
    I reinvested in Lema Island's house to see if the storage container remained there, but it was not there.
    Therefore, my account is 10 contribution points down with no way to recover them.
    This is a very critical and easy to make mistake, and one that needs a fix.
  7. I am fresh to the game and am at level 15 with just one alt.  I have 4/5 contribution points ( i guess because of the residence i bought?).  I am questing like crazy and each quest I complete says I will get 10, 20, or 50 contribution points - but most of the time I get none.  What am I missing?  
    Second question: How does the "conversation" game with NPC's work?  Is there a method to winning more amity? Or is it roulette?
    All advise welcomed including references to where I can answer future questions.  The in-game KB is not very helpful.  Thank you in advance.
  8. Collecting = Contribution points = nothing in return
    I collect these things in cooking  gathering harvesting etc
    I take them to the npc but I get nothing whats going on.
    A week or two ago every time I took 5/300  what ever amount I received 1 contribution point each time.
    Now all I get is a page turn sound and no point what's going on?
    I'm getting tired of collecting this stuff what seems as no return.
    there is also no bar if there is supposed to one.
    is this a fault? or is it a level thing I missed noticed?
  9. Hello everyone,
    I have been switching around with my contribution points to figure out how i can make decent money with the use of my contribution points. So far i can only draw the conclusion that (for example) trading or farming sunflowers/carrots aren't worth the time investment because i can make much more with grinding during the same time. 
    Do you have any ideas/tips on how to earn some extra on the side without to much time effort? Maybe get a lot of workers, let them farm/mine and sell the suff at market/vendor?
    Thank you for reading and i would appreciate if you share your own thoughts on this.
  10. I had a strong garden plot set up and while I got busy with other things (on vacation and just signed in daily for a brief period) and neglected to pick up and return before the seven days. I understood it would disappear so I wasn't too alarmed when it wasn't there. I also wasn't too alarmed to see the scarecrow and waterway gone. No biggie really but I didn't not get my 10 contribution points back. That I find upsetting. It seems to me if there is going to be a rule or action like that it should be indicated with a clear warning when you rent the fence. Has anyone else had this issue and is this normal or a glitch? I'm hoping I can get the points back to resume my gardening. Some word
    Just an UPDATE / FYI should anyone read this post and have similar issues.
    I came across another post under Suggestions regarding missing points which stated that although one of two fences disappeared on them and the contribution points for that item were not returned, the other fence went to the warehouse. I had checked the warehouse before but only the one closest to where I had the fence. I just checked the warehouse in Velia and the fence, scarecrow and waterway where all in that warehouse. So if this happens to you, check ALL your warehouses first. I'm supposing if you had enough room in at least one of your warehouses, the rental items past their return date would most likely be there.  

  11. Hi,

    This is my current setup near Heidel. (it's an image)

    The node with the red square around it is not necessary for any connections to Heidel. In fact, on both sides, the node chains to other locations bypass it entirely.

    However, when I try to retrieve the contribution points from that node, I get this:
    "Cannot collect on a node that is currently connected to two other nodes."

    That is such an arbitrary restriction on node management that it's sad. That'd mean I'd have to collect on at least 2 other nodes before collecting on this one, and there was no purpose in that. 

    I get why the rule exists generally, i.e. to prevent breaking a connection to a city and leaving a node with investment but no city. But this rule does stupid stuff like this which goes against the logic of why it was made in the first place. This node of mine is entirely unnecessary for other nodes' connection to a city, but I can't collect on it without taking down other chains?


    I am going to leave this for posterity as I was being dumb.
    I had yet to remove investment into the Dwarf Mushroom harvesting sub-node on that node. Once I did, it let me retrieve the contribution points from that node.

    Maybe the wording of that warning could be changed to be unique instead of just "connected to two nodes".
  12. I've been told that making a alt character will increase my contribution points further but i am wondering do i get lower contribution point Exp? say a quest that gave me 50 Contribution exp on my main would it give me 50 on my alt or like 25?
    does anyone know?
  13. I have reached 255 cp and sadly found out that from now I need 10x more xp to gain 1 point. With the Calpheon daily quests I can only get 10% of the xp bar when usually it was a whole point.
    Wasn't the soft cap suppose to appear at 300 ??? Is this correct to be this way?
  14. Sup,
    I currently i have a lot of unused Contribution Points and would like advice on how to use them.
    Things i don't care about:
    Crafting, trading, farmingAnything involving workersThings i do care about:
    Item drops (maxed out luck on my grinding set)FishingHow i currently use my CP
    Ride to grinding spotInvest CP & energy in nodeRemove CP when done with areaRide to diff spot, rinse and repeatRegarding fishing, I've already got my nodes linked for that.
    Any advice on what to do with this surplus of CP?
    Advice is welcomed.
        Weekly maintenance is on Wednesday in the mornings for NA roughly 3am to 8am Afternoon for EU 8:00UTC - 13:00UTC
    Market prices fluctuate with updates and use.
    Example Special Silk/tomato/olive all dropped from 150-180k to 20k=50k
    New players should not go beyond +1 for jewelery or silver embroidered gear.
        First priority should be going upto your cap for weapons and armors. +7 Weapons +5 Armors
      Dim  Combat Crystals go great with your helms early on an extra 6% adds up.  3% Each. 2 Slot helmet.
        Sute Tea "Life Exp" Is for any gathering/crafting/fishing/processing exp gain
        Creating as many characters as you can benefits you.
     First thing I did was make 4 characters. Abuse the early on easy contribution points.
     You can get about 80 CP in a day.
      Manage your main and alternates to have different skills. "1 Cook, 1 Trainer ect." Of course eventually you'll out grow this.
    Spending energy to roll for artisan/professional workers is fine. Got 2 in heidel with about 240 energy. Costs 80k per worker purchase. It is RNG.
         Buying Yuria "Class" weapon is your go to early game weapon for most grind areas and pvp, Purchasable in calpheon weaponsmith. Requires Amity/ Conversation Minigame.
    You can pick farm spots that are human based mobs for increased damage.
         Lvl 45 for open PVP Doesn't require quest. Non flagged players give the killer negative karma
        You also benefit from the +1 Luck Crystal's which can be transferred to your Main character.
     +5 Luck in early game helps a lot with getting various items Flax thread/Soft hide from tanning a wolf hide. 2 Piece set bonuses- 2 sets
     Crystals are sorted by color for gear slot. Exception being dim crystals/luck crystal read info hovering.
     Energy use is vital. 3 Minutes on an active character gives 1 energy.
     Regular Furniture Bed use doubles energy gain, Not while offline.
     Cash shop bed gives 3 every 3 minutes.
     Specialty Furniture has durability "50 Uses left" but gives you buffs. Maybe useful for your pvping.
    Nodes/Contribution Points
        Node investment increases Quantity of drops. There is 0 reason you shouldn't invest in nodes.
    Create a gameplan for your main city.
    Example shipyards Epheria/Ilya/Altinova for Fishing boat.
    Altinova has cheapest Level 3 Wagon production as far as Contribution points. Also allows rank 5 armor "Grunil set" production same house after you're done with wagon.
    Hiedel/Calpheon for your Horsegear Best choice probably.
    +9 Fail stacks is a safe number for enhancing Silver embroidered gear to +1
    I've gotten +1 at lower, But I've also lost millions trying to repeat it. LOLOL
        Quest line costumes do give you an interesting wont be attacked by certain mobs while crouched/"fishing/gathering"
        Silver Costumes. Fishing and gathering +1 suits do NOT give you and extra level of fishing/gathering
    +2's do then +5's for +3 fishing level. "unsure about gathering"
    +1 Silver Embroidered Gathering gives you 10% EXP and +1 Gathering speed.
        Definitely Recommend the +1 Craftsman "+2 Processing" and +1 Trainer "10% Horse Exp". Absolutely.
    +0 Fish level +1, movespeed +1, DP 16
    +1 10% XP, Fish level +1, movespeed +1, DP 18
    +2 15% XP, Fish level +2, movespeed +2, DP 20
    +3 20% XP, Fish level +2, movespeed +2,  DP 23
    +4 25% XP, Fish level +2, movespeed +3, DP 26
    +5 35% XP, Fish level +3, movespeed +4, DP 29
        Small Fences can be gotten from the same NPC over and over. You do not need to go to different NPC's
    Most efficient fences are 3CP for 4 slots. Max of 10 fences.
        Crops do NOT need to be maintained/watered/fertilized if you dont mind losing yield.
    Profitable crops are usually the single slots for More breeding/yield RNG
        Hiedel has 4 Crop workbenches. What I use, still get the 20% distance going to Altinova.
        Farming your own Beer only takes a small farm. 3 contribution points!
    Special Grain items only require 1 for the crafting.
    1 Special Grain 'Wheat' 'Barley' 'Corn' 'Potato'   Wheat/Potato are the cheapest seeds.
    6 Mineral/1 sugar/2 Leavening agent/1 Special Grain.
    Cool draft beer is an RNG of regular beer.
        Promotions are RNG spam away.
        Worker special skills- Such as Fish crate production, Luck increase by level, Crop production skill are RNG and do not have to be any specific grade/class
    Lodgings not in major cities are usually closer to good mines/excavation sites. "Horsetail ranch"
        There is a delay from notification to market.
    You can snipe items from the bots
        Take advantage of the market for extra money
    You see an item that has 0 quantity? Maybe you should farm/process it.
        Black stone powder easily obtained from grinding Skill crystals or grind spots for leveling and grinding those.
    Example- Chimera
    Horses gain experience based on distance traveled get yourself some light horseshoes!

        Horse Training should be done a non 45 character in my opinion so you don't get sniped while autolooping.
    Want to level 4 horses at once? Craft a Merchant Wagon, Way cheaper than noble, and the accessories as well.
        T2 Horses have a distinctive Redish color, May be near impossible to identify if you're colorblind.
        There are no T3+ horses yet. They will be identifiable by their braided tails.
    Horse shoe enhance to +2 is easy enough with 0-3 failstacks
    Horse Breeding I've constitantly gotten t4 Male's/3Fe/male's from T2 lvl 12's   3T4 Males
    Lvl 30 T2's are the way to go though.
    Horse taming do not press space bar until horse is on hind legs.
    My method is 1 rope 2 sugars. Make sure you delay trying to get ride it or it will fail.
    Horses can be ran behind your mount so long as you successfully captured it. Get on get off ride away as far as you want to your stable thats open. Pker's and creatures can kill it...
    Building Stamina DOESN'T require you to actually be running. I've walked and gotten upgraded.
        Amity/Conversation minigame is between account and not individual characters
        There is an Amity Booster potion.... WISH I KNEW THAT! It's only 8minutes 30% increase.
    Grunils set is purchasable in Altinova armorsmith. Requires amity/Conversation minigame.
        Fishers. You have 0 Reason to not craft a Balenos or Epherian Rod. They have no level cap and can be repaired from any blacksmith.
    Unless you are trying to upgrade it. the 5% gain of afk fishing time at +5...not really worth it.
        Epherian is worth upgrading because of the increased durability meaning longer afk fishing.
    I don't think the +1 Fishing speed on thick rod is worth the slots or regular production.
    Steel Rod gives you the +2 speed at Skilled 5. So afk away.
     Then get your nice rods at Professional/Artisan
     Cash shop fish suit increases fishing level. Cap at +5 Fishing level.
    Easy way to farm silver keys is afk fishing.
    Clicking the throw away useless will toss white fish be warned if you're just starting out.
    Special Gear.
     Blue/Yellow  "Yuria Amulet of Destruction"
            Armor and Weapon Enhancement Houses do not require you to have a non upgraded gear.
        It can be +15 and you're good to go to try and upgrade to blue/yellow
            Enhancement failures remove 5 durability from your items.
        So in order to restore it you need to sacrifice same item. Yuria +15  -50 durability= sacrifice yuria weapons to restore the durability. Can be extremely pricey if you've a Liverto worth 9million a piece ><
    Oxen are cows. Which give tough hide.
    Horse gear tool tip calls a combat stirrup a saddle.  ><
    Want Lucky Tools use a lucky worker maybe you'll get lucky
  16. hey,
    da ich alles sammel ( fürs craften und einfach nur des sammeltriebes wegen  )und daher immer zuwenig platz im inventar und im stadtlager hab, ist mir aufgefallen das sich nur bestimmte häuser als lager wirklich lohnen, den auch contribution points sind immer knapp bei mir, abwohl ich fast nie grinde und alle quest mache, sogar die dailys.
    also gleich mal vorweg, häuser mit lager die man auf lvl 2 oder 3 upraden kann lohnen nicht, denn man bekommt bei lvl 2 nur 5, bei lvl 3 nur 8 inventarplätze. d.h. man bekommt einen lagerplatz weniger, weil auf lvl 1 bekommt man 3, und für lvl 4  bekommt man 12. für lvl 5 sogar 4 mehr also 16.
    was heist das im klartext?
    also sollte man nur lvl 1 lager anmieten, und auch nur wenn diese 1 contibution punkt kosten. ansonnst nach lagern ausschau halten die auf lvl 4 oder sogar 5 levelbar sind, wobei ein lvl 4 lager auch nur 4 contribution points kosten sollte, und ein lvl 5 natürlich nicht mehr als 5
    als beispiel dient hier heidel, dort habe ich mitlerweile 160 lagerplätze, vorher hab ich nicht so drauf geachtet und hatte für die gleichen punkte nur ca 120 und das ist ein riesen unterschied
    *edit* für manche 5 lager muss man andere häuser mitmieten, wenn man nix spezielles daraus machen will werden daraus automatisch auch lager, die nutzung kann man ja später wieder jederzeit ändern, ansonnsten muzss man auf manch grosses lager verzichten, die häuser die man bei solchen in velia mitmieten muss haben aber fast immer einen guten lager-contributionpoint-nutzen, die wo man zb 5 punkte für 8 plätze zahlt stehen immer alleine oder sind obendrauf.
    hier noch ein paar bilder der häuser die diese kriterien erfüllen und noch ein paar besonders lohnenswerte, die unter wert vermietet werden^^ 
    ( bilder 1-3 mein stolzes inventar von fast 160 plätzen, ohne geld ausgegeben zu haben...ausser 16 plätze für mein eigenes inventar ;), bilder 4-6 alle häuser in heidel die den kriterien entsprechen, bilder 7-12 häuser die unter wert vermietet werden, diese häuser sollte man in jedem fall als lager mieten, das letzte bild ist ein gutes beispiel für einen sehr schlechten lagerplatz-contributionpoint-nutzen, solche gebäude sollte man als lager meiden.)
    * dieser guide erhebt keinen anspruch auf vollständigkeit, wer rechtschreibfehler findet, darf sie behalten, manche häuser können als spezielle werkstätten genutzt werden und sind daher nicht für jeden als lager sinnvoll,diese anordnung der häuser und points zielt nur auf eins, möglichst viele lagerplätze mit möglichst wenig punkten in heidel zu erreichen. da die contributen points jederzeit zurückgeholt werden können, macht man natürlich keinen verlust
    eine roadmap für calpheon wird folgen

  17. Any of them that give good daily quests? I already use adventures seal for 20 points for daily black stones, any similar.
    Please list any others useful items you can trade contribution points for, as i seem to be having difficulty finding a list.
  18. So just a quick questions about contribution points. How do I know what quests give me contribution points, How do I know what quest replenish my contribution points,  How do I replenish my contribution points? I need more for nodes and lodging
  19. Is this normal or is my character bugged? I get contribution exp quest rewards but it's stuck at 0/0  and I can't do much w/o them...I tried checking reddit and youtube and they make it sound like you get tons of points....help?
  20. I suppose I'll find out for myself eventually, but I'm curious if you create characters on the various servers within the same region using the same family name, if they also then share resources as if they were all on the same server?
    I have friends that are, unfortunately, going to both Edan and Orwen and it would be nice if I could create characters on each server and have them share resources.
    And what about switching from server to server? Is there some kind of cost or gating associated with that, does anyone know?
  21. Post on Contribution points in General

    By ChiefRandom, posted
    question about contribution points,
    is there a maximum ammount u can get or does it keep increasing as long as u do the quests for them?
    since its needed for nodes and i want to trade fish from one town to a far one, i would imagine u'd need quite a few of them.
  22. All of these quests are not avaliable, not even tutorial for how the economy works. There were in CB1, but now they're gone.
  23. Hello all,
    Prematurely - Sorry for being a newbie who hasn't played on the Korean or other servers yet - just waiting for the release in NA. That said, I haven't been able to find any direct comments towards the topic of contribution points and only running one character. 
    1) I recall in a video on YouTube that contribution points are shared across all characters and that you gain them via questing. Is this correct?
    2) Presuming the above is true, will I be hindered as a player only having the time to run one character, or will I be able to garner enough CP on my one character to run an adequate trade network?
    Thanks and sorry for being a newbie!
  24. Hi guys. I played in CBT1, and I noticed when I mauseover CP, it says something like: When you reach 300 CP your XP gain will lower considerably. So my questions are:
    1) How much will xp gain be lowered? How long will I need to lvl up?
    2) Since CP pool is shared between characters, and when I hit 300 CP, and create new character, grinding xp will become nightmare (bigger than it already is)?
    3) Does this XP embargo refers to CP pool or unspent CP, so when I spend it below 300 CP, xp gain will return to normal?
    4) If I try to do every quest I can find (that rewards CP) with one character, approximately how many CP I will earn? 
    5) Or I totally understood this system wrong and I just wasted yours and my time on useless topic ^^
    Ty in advance.