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  1. Hi Leute,
    da ich lieber gemütlich auf der Couch zocke und die Tastatur nur zum chatten auf den Schoß nehme, habe ich meine ersten Stunden BDO gleich mal mit dem Gamepad verbracht.

    Abgesehen von ein paar Unzulänglichkeiten (z.B. keine Bewegung möglich während man die Funktionstaste gedrück hält oder keine Autoverfolgerkamera) funktioniert eigentlich alles ganz gut. Gerade die Kombos machen mit dem Gamepad wirklich laune.
    Mich würde nur mal interessieren wie andere die hier mit Gamepad zocken mit den fixen Tastenbelegungen wie F5, F6 und Enter umgehen? Gibt es eine Möglichkeit diese aufs Gamepad zu mounten?
    Außerdem würde mich zum Vergleich mal eure Tastenbelegung interessieren. Hier ist mal meine für mein XBox Gamepad:
    LBumper: Func1
    RBumper: Func2
    Select: Back (nicht veränderbar, aber doppelt belegbar)
    Start: Menü (nicht veränderbar)
    LTrigger: Primary Attack
    RTrigger: Evasion/Sprint
    A: Jump (crawl bei crouch)
    X: Secondary Attack
    Y: Special Attack 2
    B: Special Attack 3
    RThumb: Special Attack 1 (crouch/sitzen bei gesteckter Waffe)
    LThumb: Interact
    Dpad: Tastenkürzel 1-4
    Func1+Dpad: Tastenkürzel 5-8
    Func2+Dpad: Tastenkürzel 9-12
    Func1+LThumb: Autorun
    Func1+RThumb: Ungebunden
    Func1+LTrigger: Waffe ziehen/stecken
    Func1+RTrigger: Emergency Escape
    Func1+A: Ungebunden
    Func1+X/Y/B: Begleiter 1-3 (Rage/Fury/Awakened)
    Func1 + Select: Ungebunden
    Func2+LThumb: Kamera zurücksetzen
    Func2+RThumb: Ungebunden
    Func2+LTrigger: Ungebunden
    Func2+RTrigger: Ungebunden
    Func2+X/Y/B/A: Tastenkürzel 13-16
    Func2+ Select: Ungebunden
    Func1+Func2+LStick: Kameraposition verschieben
    Func1+Func2+RStick: Zoom (sowie Rotation auf Map)
    Func1+Func2+[Button]: Sämtliche UI Kürzel
    Edit: Konfiguration aktualisiert
  2. Post on Controller support? in General

    By Azmyth, posted
    I'm trying to use a controller with the game, it's not recognizing either of the two ones I've tried that both work fine in other games. 
    I've ticked the "enable gamepad" box in settings and it does nothing. If I try to set the buttons it just freezes til I press ESC. Any ideas how to get this working?
  3. I'm still very new to this game, so please forgive my shortcomings. Feel free to correct me if my terminology and lingo aren't accurate. This testing was done on a Maehwa at level 18 for reference.
    After thorough hours of testing I have found that the gamepad opinion is an extremely nice and useful feature, and I'm very thankful for it's implementation. Though with everything, no matter the greatness, some faults can always be found through trial, but with diligence addressed accordingly soon after if it's brought into the light. There were only a few things I noticed that if improved upon, would make for a much more engaging, thus enjoyable experience, with the already excellent performance of the gamepad. Perfection is always evolving and why it is so fun to strive for. No one is perfect, and practice makes better. With that being said let's move onto the topic at hand.
    The very first thing I noticed when using the gamepad was how often I would unintentionally double tap a direction, executing a roll or dash, that caused the accidental use of the stamina and/or WP bar. I do understand how some people would prefer to use this feature, however I have come to the conclusion that any fast tilt to the left analog stick could generate this problem causing issues in the future. Seeing as customization is one of the key points, possibly most important, in setting keybindings, I don't think the complete removal of this is the right course of action. I do however suggest that in Settings, on the Game tab, under the Gamepad Settings, present the option to disable this feature by checking a box. Option reading: Disable Double Tap Movement. I'm unsure how possible this request is, but I think it would be very helpful and a much more forgiving addition then what is currently available. This is a game were a fast pace movement system is required to achieve optimize combat capabilities, so giving the option for a second guess moment would be very helpful, as I usually tap slightly unconventionally initializing this action. Second guessing ones own movement will cause this to happen more often then not, and this is why I believe this option would be a much welcomed improvement.
    Lastly, while I was setting all of my keybindings to the gamepad, I noticed a rather bazaar thing. While holding down the bumpers, which I gather act as the function keys, I realized you are unable to make any type of movement with the left analog stick. This also creates a problem with the right analog stick when holding down both of them. It removes the ability to look around while granting you the zoom in and out function with up and down. I'm unsure why this effects the analog sticks this way, as that one step or over the shoulder look, lost in the process, would mean the difference between hit or miss. I suppose it was thought of to give the option to be able to key bind things to the function + left/right analog sticks. However, I personally wouldn't want to lose any type of moment, while holding down the function keys and using the right and left analog stick. It's possible I'm the only person that wouldn't want to bind anything other than character movement and camera movement to the left and right analog sticks, but from spending the hours testing this and keybinding, I've found there are more then enough buttons to keybind things without the use of the analog sticks in the process, other then them functioning solely as camera moment and character movement that is. I do however think that the lose of the vertical camera movement on up and down with both function buttons held down is minuscule and should remain as is, because it is a very nice feature to zoom the camera in and out and a good idea. I do however recommend still giving the ability for horizontal camera movement in the process. So, in Settings, on Game tab, under Gamepad Settings I recommend adding the option to enable analog movement while function keys are held. Option reading: Enable Function Analog Moment. The keyboard is needed to chat anyway , so leaving the least used hotkey functions on there to open up menus, or using the start button to manually access them, would make it entirely possible to get away with this implementation and create a much more immersive game.
    Though I am still rather new to the game, and I haven't experienced everything this game has to offer, these are my thoughts on possible improvements to the gamepad. There might be more that present themselves in the future, but the base structure of how it functions at present is rather solid and complements go out to the developers for gamepad support. I do however, think there are some improvements that could work out for the better. It is my opinion that the gamepad isn't really used as much as the mouse and keyboard, thus these little things fly under the radar, so I'm submitting this post. Please feel free to comment, suggest, critique, and just in general join in on the conversation. Do keep in mind however when brainstorming it is best to remain calm and collected, as it's not necessarily they are insulting your opinion, but rather not understanding it. So, be the respectable community I know you can be and calmly discuss your debate. It hurts the creative process to ferociously argue. There is a fine line between argument and debate, and emotion tips the scale. Thank you for you time on this topic and sticking all the way to the end. Be productive and have a great day.
  4. Hello there!

    I have just started recently playing BDO and must I say boy, I love it. I had the guest pass but after playing for some days I bought it. But I have some questions concerning the game.
    First, do you think that is better to use Controller or KB/M. I really like to chill out with the controller, but I wouldn't like to leave out any clear KB/M advantage ( meaning the same kind of advantage an FPS game would have if played in KB/M  over controller )Second, Is there a hotkey in controller to press confirm in dialogs? I mean when you have an alert box [Confirm (Enter) | Cancel (Esc) ] because i really can't find it and going with the mouse is frustrating, but i can live with it.Third, I can see that many people buy pets and other items from pearl shop, is it needed to reach a competitive level or I could painfully grind my way?So these are my questions, nothing too serious just want your opinion and knowledge on some stuff, hope we someday meet in BDO

  5. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ60YpEuXjGanL6zSItGJsw
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/testyourmight3
  6. Post on Controller Layout in Warrior

    By frostybroc, posted
    Can anyone share some guidance or tips on controller layouts? Running default at the moment, and I find it being a bit of a pain to use some abilities.
  7. Hello everyone ,
    Here someone playing with a control ? type the video game .
    I have one, generic , purchased in China , but do not know how to make it work in the Black Desert , I know that if I had a control XBOX would be easier , but at the moment I'm too lazy to go to the city center and buy a control.
  8. Post on PS3 Controller... in General

    By Cathal1973, posted
    Can I use the PS3 controller in BDO?
  9. Hello BDO fam,
    I been playing the ranger class since CB2 and I have noticed that the G-pad makes it easier to use a few combos, but also limits the camera angle and aim accuracy. I been playing on a Xbox one controller lately and it has been very comfortable, minus the simple commands like Map, Amity games, and etc. (In which I use my Keyboard for) This is my first MMORPG that I have attempted with a controller. Other MMO's -> Vindictus, GW1, GW2, and Wow, I have always used a KB/M. So I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on this, I dont see any heavy restrictions yet on either controls. 
  10. I've tried checking "Use Controller" in the settings and it is not detecting any input from my controller. My controller is working fine in other games, and I'm not running any antivirus/firewalls.
    Here is the type of controller I have:
    I've tried using inputmapper, but I get the following problem...

    Any suggestions?
  11. Hello, i am playing on a Win7 64-Bit System, trying out the official XBOX Controller. I use official driver, no 3rd-party tools to remap keys are installed. Controller is working as expected in other games. The internal keymapping of the controller seems faulty and shows some weird behavior. For example: The L-Trigger replaces the RMB, the X-Key replaces LMB. But regarding to the UI-hints, L-Trigger should do the LMB attack. Moving the Character with L-Stick and pressing X-Key will do the appropriate LMB-Attacks. A-Key on the controller replaces F, but using it with L1 (Shift) will execute the Shift+LMB-Skill. This seems pretty weird. Either its not supposed to be that way, or it is a very non-intuitive change to the controller gameplay. May i ask if this is the intended behavior, or is there something wrong?
  12. Hallo
    Ich benutze den XBox 360 Gamecontroller und ich finde das sich das Spiel damit auch super spielen lässt.
    Doch eines stört mich extrem, bzw. macht das lenken des Charakters etwas langsamer was man vor allem beim Kämpfen merkt.
    Um meinen Charakter zu bewegen muss ich den linken stick benutzen. Mit dem linken Stick kann ich ihn nach vorne bewegen, zur seite und nach hinten. Mit dem rechten Stick steuere ich die Kamera. Wenn ich also beim Kämpfen meinen Charakter bewege, muss ich zusätzlich mit dem rechten Stick die Kamera so ausrichten das mein Charakter nach vorne sieht. Allerdings denke ich das es die Steuerung mit dem Controller wirklich bedeutend vereinfachen/verbessern würde, wenn man die Kamerabewegung ebenfalls auf den linken Stick legen würde. Vor allem für die PvP Spieler wäre das eine deutliche verbesserung da dort der Controller den deutlichen Nachteil zur Tastatur + Maus hat.
    Würde mich freuen wenn noch andere Controller benutzer ihre Erfahrung und Meinung/Kritik hier äußern würden.
    Oder vieleicht hat jemand eine andere Idee wie ich das z.B am Controller direkt einstellen könnte. Sozusagen den rechten und den linken Stick kombinieren.
  13. I have a new Xbox One Elite controller, but for some reason Black Desert doesn't seem to want to recognize it's there. any1 else having problems playing with a gamepad, or have a tip on how to get it to work? please help. and I have no interest in hearing M&KB is better, this isn't about better or not, I just want it to work. . .
  14. Post on Steam Controller in General

    By SquaZ, posted
    Looking at how the attack mechanics  work (and hear somewhere, possible rumors to console port?) that this game is playable on your couch with a controller.
    I own 2 Steam Controllers but I can't seem to be able to use it since SteamOS recognizes the launcher as the game and when the launcher closes and game launches, SteamOS thinks the game is off.
    I also tried using it outside of SteamOS with the desktop configuration but it doesnt seem to recognize that there is a controler pluged in (even with the controler enabled in options)
    is anyone else having issues with the Steam Controller?  
  15. Hallo
    Ich hoffe ich habe das richtige Unterforum gewählt.
    Es geht um folgendes:
    Da das Spiel das spielen mit dem Controller unterstützt, habe ich meinen Controller angeschlossen und wollte das mal testen. Funktioniert soweit auch super.
    Das einzige was mich nun stört, ist das sich die Kamera bei Bewegen des Charakters (left stick)  nicht mit dreht - sondern das man die Kamera extra bewegen muss. (right stick)
    Beim reiten funktioniert es allerdings wie bei der Tastatur. Die Kamera bewegt sich mit benutzung des linken steuer sticks ohne das man dafür den rechten benutzen muss.
    Kann man das nun einstellen und ich bin zu blöd um die einstellung zu finden? Oder gehört das so und kann man nicht ändern?
    Hoffe das ich das einigermaßen verständlich erklärt habe.
  16. I thought I'd give the XBox One controller a spin last night, and it was working fine.  However, I accidentally unplugged the USB cord hooking it to my PC.  I plugged it back in, but it didn't come on.  I tried unplugging it from the PC and then back in.  Still it didn't light up.
    So then I hit the XBox symbol and the light came on like it was trying to synch to an XBox so I know it was getting power.  At this point I said "okay must be a bug" and tried to use my mouse and keyboard.  I couldn't do anything involving my left or right mouse buttons.  Every time I would click them I'd get a dinging noise (probably based on my sound settings), and nothing would happen.  So at that point I was said to myself "must not like being disconnected very badly" and so I tried to alt+tab out to kill the game and start it again.
    After I alt+tabbed out I was still beeping when I clicked on my Left & Right mouse buttons.  I tried to use my keyboard to kill the game, but had no luck as apparently the game had killed my "E" key as well.  I managed to sign out of my profile, my computer sat on a black screen for five minutes, and then I just decided to power cycle.  After that when it came back up everything worked fine.
  17. When you move, there is no wind up. No acceleration. It is just zero to jogging. A lot of times I run past an NPC because the movement is so jerky. Controller/GAMEPAD users have it even worse. We use an analog stick but it doesn't support our analog for movement. It is still digital movement and is an immersion breaker.
    Please consider this, DAUM. Thanks.
  18. I love the game i really do but can some one PLEASE tell me WHY i cant unbind the 2 bumper buttons not the trigger buttons the bumper buttons on the ps4 or the 360 controllers i cant unbind L1 or R1 on ps4 or LB and RB on the 360 controllers and bind them to something else if some one can tell me i would really appropriate it thanks

  19. I really really want to play this game on the Valve controller, which is set up beautifully for this game. Unfortunately I cant get it to work. I hope steam makes some kind of standalone configuration eventually that will allow the controller to be used independently like any other controller (my xbox 360 controller works good except that you cant really aim with it(i play sorc and ranger)).  In the mean time, does anyone have a real working idea in place? I've looked around and seen some people say they got their valve controller working, but trying their methods got me nowhere slowly ....   I tried adding the game as a non-steam game and run as admin workaround. no-go.  Suggestions? I'm all ears. 
    Thanks in advance anyone who takes the time to read and respond to this. 
    PS. pretend your talking to someone who doesn't have a ton of computer in-depth know-how and you'll do brilliantly!
  20. Vielleicht habe ich es nicht finden können, aber es scheint so zu sein, dass man sprinten (shift) bei Verwendung eines Gamepads/Controller nicht zuweisen kann.
    Edit: Die Frage hat sich erledigt, habe es deswegen übersehen, weil shift unter "Ausweichen" aufgeführt ist.
  21. Does anyone know if there is going to be any videogame controller support for this game. I know that there are a lot of keys that you need to keep track of, but I've been pretty good at making my own controller maps for games in the past, so if not, does it break any rules if I map the keyboard inputs to a 360 PC controller myself?
  22. Hello!
    I've tried using the xbox360 controller in the game today. It works, but for me it has a low possibility of combo in this game.
    There is any news about the implementation of the Steam Controller in the game?
  23. I played the russian Open beta and i gotta say playing on keyboard was not as easy as i thought it was. maybe it was lag, but i couldnt pull off many(or any rather) flashy looking combos. If anyone here has already played another version, is using a controller possible, is it better/easier?