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  1. Hallo liebe Community,
    ich habe folgendes Problem und vielleicht könnt ihr mir weiterhelfen. Ich bin neu und habe angefangen meinen Beruf kochen zu leveln. Die Datenbank http://bddatabase.net/ biete so einige Quests die man während des leveln durchlaufen kann.
    Anbei der Auszug:
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 10] Arbeiter mit Bierdurst 
    [Kochen – St. 11] Köstlicher Fisch
    [Kochen – St. 12] Schmackhaftes Fleisch 
    [Kochen – St. 13] Eine ausgewogene Mahlzeit 
    [Kochen – St. 14] Süßspeise 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 15] Kukuvogel statt Hühnchen 
    [Kochen – St. 16] Frische Meeresfrüchtepfanne 
    [Kochen – St. 17] Ich will Fleisch essen 
    [Kochen – St. 18] Alle Macht den Arbeitern! 
    [Kochen – St. 19] Einlegen und haltbar machen 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 20] Exotischer Kräuterwein 
    [Kochen – St. 21] Grundlagen des Kochens 
    [Kochen – St. 22] So muss Fleisch schmecken 
    [Kochen – St. 23] Kräftigende Nahrung aus dem Meer
    [Kochen – St. 24] Vogelfleisch und Likör
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 25] Die ultimative Zutat II 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 25] Die ultimative Zutat I 
    [Kochen – St. 26] Ein unvergesslicher Geschmack 
    [Kochen – St. 27] Kein Fisch, aber Fleisch 
    [Kochen – St. 28] Gesunde Kost für die Arbeiter 
    [Kochen – St. 29] Der Geschmack des Meeres 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 30] Hilfe für die Armen 
    [Kochen – St. 31] Geflügeltes Gericht 
    [Kochen – St. 32] Das Essen teilen 
    [Kochen – St. 33] Ein einfaches Gericht 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 34] Der Ruf eines Kochs 
    [Kochen – St. 35] Ich will einen Käsekuchen 
    [Kochen – St. 36] Nach getaner Arbeit
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 37] Mädchen unter sich 
    [Kochen – St. 38] Echsenfutter 
    [Kochen – St. 39] Für die Abgänger 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 40] Serendia-Spezialität 
    [Kochen – St. 41] Nahrung zur Stärkung 
    [Kochen – St. 42] Köstlich aussehendes Essen 
    [Kochen – St. 43] Wie konserviert man Fisch 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 44] Die Esskultur Mediahs
    [Kochen – St. 45] Likör aus Altinova I 
    [Kochen – St. 46] Likör aus Altinova II 
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 47] Alles über die mediahnische Küche 
    [Kochen – St. 48] Essen für die Gäste 
    [Kochen – St. 49] Ein Geschenk für Edman
    [Kochfortschritt – St. 50] Voller Mut!
    Ich habe es geschafft bis zur Quests 26 voranzuschreiten. Der besagte NPC "Gemüsehändler in der Nördlichen Getreideplantage" hat aber keine Quest wie in der Datenbank beschrieben.
    Mein Kochlevel beträgt aktuell Kenner2 44%. Hat jemand eine Lösung für mich?
  2. I would like to suggest that you add two items either to the cash shop or as quest or achievement rewards:
    1.  A PANTRY for cooks, which would be a 40-slot container that would hold ONLY cooking-related items and could be placed next to the cooking utensil in a residence.  Optionally, the utensil could automatically draw the needed ingredients from the pantry rather than the cook's inventory.
    2.  An ARMOIRE for alchemists, which would be a 40-slot container that would hold ONLY alchemy-related items and could be placed next to the Alchemy utensil in a residence.  Optionally the utensil could automatically draw the needed ingredients from the armoire rather than the alchemist's inventory.
  3. Hello my glorious friends!
    It has been 6 months since the original Lokien's Joy of Cooking was released on launch day.  Today, in honor of Awakenings, I am proud to release a new edition to that classic tool.  Updates include:
    Updated cooking recipes based upon your feedbackComplete alchemy functionality, as was requested many many times (thanks to @Anokai for the help)A less "obnoxious color scheme"A cooking matrix that breaks down each individual sub-cook.A more accurate shopping listAdded recipes and functionality for guild crafting an elephant.I am eternally grateful for all your feedback and use of the original.  I hope you continue to use this tool and let me know ways I can further improve it.
    With love and happy cooking,
    <Rage> (always looking for PvPers)
    Link to the Tool for those that don't click mid-sentence links:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W_49v7tSh_d4nTFNU5OwuLqlKX8G3ZUrxiS236SpcG8/edit?usp=sharing
  4. So I want to produce a Imperial Alchemy Package putting 50 Liquid Reagent in and the game replies with "Nothing will be made like this". Then I tried a view more times by changing the number of items I wanted to pack, still nada. I have a Contribution of 211 and the Skill Level is accurate for the item I want to pack. What am I doing wrong?
  5. When using crafting implements such as alchemy and cooking, I can think of at least 2 ways to help improve player quality of life by making some simple UI changes:
    1. When crafting using the tools you are presented with a list of possible crafts (knowledge list). Currently, this is a bit random to use so why not have categories (such as bloods, elixirs, etc). These could be collapsible , making navigation much easier. Perhaps even include a search box? 
    2. When crafting using the "Recently successful" list, the list currently shows the last crafts - irrespective of any differences. If this list could instead show the UNIQUE recent crafts, it would be much more useful.
  6. In the menu for imperial cooking you can craft "Artisan's Honey Wine Cooking Box", but when you select the option of "Imperial Cuisine Packaging", you cant select the "Tangy Honey Wine" from your inventory. I am Artisan 4 in Cooking normally I can craft other Artisan Package, didn't tried all of them. Is this work as intended and I need to be higher in Artisan Cooking or I should be able ?
  7. The rewards for production professions have been consistent:
    Apprentice: basic workbench
    Skilled: intermediate workbench
    Professional: +exp clothing
    Artisan: advanced workbench
    According to it's cousin achievement in alchemy, which provides an advanced alchemy tool, the player is suppose to receive an advanced cooking utensil when they reach artisan in cooking. Yet the reward is missing from the achievement and clicking on claim gave nothing but a morsel of exp.
  8. Suggestion:
    Give us the possibility to transfer our tradeskills from one character to another on same account.
    1. There will be a significant part of the playerbase that will be switching mains when the Ninja/Kuno classes are introduced, myself included.
    2. Alot of us will change mains during the time we invest in this game and this will make us more fleksible and give us the option to continue working on those tradeskills.
         - Why not just keep the old character and log in when i need those tradeskills?
    A. Maybe im apprentice in cooking on my old character and i wanna make something that takes proff so this means i gotta log my old character online and grind him up to proff and now i finally got my new cool armour on my main that is a part of my identity in the game so i dont really wanna log in my old character.
    B. A big part of MMOs is about making an online identity that we showcase ingame and therefor i think alot of us prefer beeing logged in on our main.
    C. I dont have to transfer tradeskill matts from one character to another.
    3. I dont know if the tradesymbols above the players heads are character or accountbound so i could be mistaking. But if its characterbound then i think alot would be interested in transfering tradeskills because theres alot of status conected to these ranks/tradesymbols.
    4. If were allowed to transfer tradeskills i also feel that having to start over on my stamina/weight/health skill on a new character is less stressing cause i will be able to focus on those skills alot more in my afkgame cause i dont have to grind them along with the tradeskills.
    5. This game is very grindy, which in my experience and from talking to people ingame is one of the reassons the playerbase is shrinking atm. So giving the players this option would not only benefit the Ninja/Kuno but everybody whos thinking about changing classes now and in the future with a mindset thats similar in some degree to what i have described.
    And having this option would somewhat ease up on the grinding thats linked to making a new main so we/they can get into the content of the game faster. I think this will keep people ingame instead of moving along to some of the new and very interesting upcoming MMOs where theres lots of content and less grinding. Revelation Online is a good example.
    Closing remark.
    I know alot of the hardcore people want this game to be very grindy cause thats what they think makes it hardcore but this is 2016 and theres a ton of other MMOs out there, its not the "good old days" where there were few MMOs and today people play multiple online games at the same time , so time can be limited for semihardcore or hardcore gamers aswell.
    Atm im very content with a mix of BDO and Overwatch for example.
    And theres lots of ways to make this game apeal to both cassual and hardcore gamers in terms of content.
    My idea is to make a battleground that apeals to the hardcore players in terms of exp or itemlossses and with rewards thats slightly better than what cassual players can get.
    High risk and high reward and then take some of the grinding out of the game.
    Like it or not but its probably the cassual gamers that put a great, if not the biggest, bag of RL money in this game so i think we have to figure out a way to make this game appealing to both hardcore and cassual gamers in order to keep the playerbase healthy and even growing.
    P.S Get the dam Ninja ingame
  9. Most skills and their associated tools are fairly well balanced for what they do, but there is little to no reason to build a cooking utensil, even one of the better ones. Considering the cost in resources to build one the higher grade cooking utensils should have twice as much durability (1000 for intermediate, and 2000 for advanced), or provide some added benefit to cooking speed or quality of food produced. 
  10. Hey guys, since i started the game I've been using these spreadsheets religiously, and they have helped me a TON. Saves a lot of time minimizing and googling. They are printer friendly, they were created by me, and the entire bit is only 8 pages. Which isn't bad considering the amount of information you WON'T be googling by keeping this by your keyboard.
    If your printing, make sure to print in portrait mode or it will try to print over 15 pages.
    Reading saves you paper.  [:)]

    I made this spreadsheet from information off of BDFoundry, so it is all up-to-date as of this post date.

    Google doc:
    VNDL_LifeSkills Google Spreadsheet
    Published PDF:
    VNDL_LifeSkills.pdf Published Version

    Download the VNDL_LifeSkills.pdf attachment at the bottom of this post.

    If you don't mind minimizing your game, here is a pretty much constantly up to date guide for cooking and alchemy (and my main resource for the spreadsheet) :

    Also, feel free to check out my guild on NA Edan:
    <MostHated> Guild Recruitment Thread
    Not really my guild, but it's a good one  [:)]
    --Added Color legend for ALL of Cooking sections
    ---Added new tab for Alchemy Stones
    ---Added new version for those who use this digitally, 4 tabs total, less clicking more scrolling / searching

    Google doc :

    Published .pdf :

    VNDL_LifeSkills (1).pdf
  11. When using Continuous Production , the "Recently Successful Cooking" get's filled out with the same recipe.
    Make the Continuous Crafting take 1 slot. Also removing the same recipe and adding a count would be amazing.
    For example beer has multiple of the same recipes. We should have them all there and able to select them.
    In Alchemy the recipes differ so much. Would be awesome to see all the different successful recipes we used and how many times each succeeded, instead of seeing the same recipe multiple times which is useless...  

  12. Weren't we susposed to get the ability to generate our own cooking and Alchemy crates this patch?
    Does anyone know?
    If it is in the game, how do you do it?
  13. Post on Green/Blue Meat? in General

    By Crazy88, posted
    Does anyone know of any higher grade options for meat (and yes I know I can use many different kinds aside from chicken and lizard)? I don't really mind too much the ingredients for good feed, especially since the meat is the only part I have to really put any effort into, but does there exist any green/blue or other higher grade substitute for meat? Or does anyone have any insight on if KR version has any higher grade as something to look forward to?
  14. Daum/PA,
    Thanks for the great game so far, haven't been this in love with a game since DAoC and I've played many MMOs since.
    As a suggestion for quality of life; please allow us to view the world map when crafting, or even the cash shop too! With storage, transport, workers, buying/selling locations across towns with CP etc. It would be nice to be able to do something while I'm spending 1,000s of energy in the kitchen.
    Planned long term player, Artisan 9 Cook, Orwen Balenos 01
  15. I was 26/30 for the quest "[Cooking Advancement Lv. 44] Mediahn Food Culture". The quest requires you to cook 30 of the special variety of Lizard Kebabs. I was so close to finishing it... but after the patch the quest vanished. The black spirit wants me to go to the Lv. 30 Advancement quest, which I tried going to but there was no quest to be given there (I've already completed it) .
    Has the advancement quests been removed for anyone else?
  16. Vendor:
    Cooking Utensil has 100 durability and cost around 1000 silver = 10 silver per durability.
    Alchemy Tool has 100 durability and cost around 5000 silver = 50 silver per durability.
    Intermediate has 500 durability and costs 30.000 silver = 60 silver per durability = 6x/1.2x more expensive.
    Advanced has 900 durability, has 1 second reduction on cooking time and costs 60.000 silver = ~67 silver per durability = 6,7x/1,34x more expensive.
    So what's the point?
    Do the crafted tools give more experience per craft or some other hidden benefit?
    I don't think the durability is higher enough to make "spending more time AFK crafting" justify the cost.
  17. The level 30+ Life/Profession advancement quests are currently unobtainable, the black spirit will direct you to where to pick them up but the NPCs will give no quests. I suspect these quests were disabled due to the fact they award sharp/hard black crystal shards, These items are now implemented so these quests can now be enabled.
  18. When performing Life Skill crafting (Cooking) - there is a list of approx. 200 items I can produce. This list is non-alphabetized, lacks categories, and is nearly useless since nothing can be found on the list without 5 minutes of scrolling.
    1. Please alphabetize this list.
    2. Please add categories to this list.
  19. It appears that the black spirit guide cooking quest for lvl 30 is broken.  I have a lvl 51 character with Artisan2 skill level trying to up my black spirit cooking level
    After successfully completing lvl 25 cooking quest
    Says to go to Calpheon Slum to help some one and will give you a quest  and then points to a slum dweller who does not have a quest
  20. This is a single recipe guide for "Knight Combat Rations" including
    The recipeAll ingredients summed upAll necessary gathering- and processing steps in the correct orderAll cooking steps in the correct orderA table summarizing the needed energy
    Recipe: Knight Combat Rations
      100 x Dark Pudding
        050 x Oatmeal
          225 x Wheat Flour (grind 225 x Wheat)
          075 x Milk
          075 x Onion
          050 x Honey
        050 x Pickled Vegetables
          200 x Pumpkin
          100 x Vinegar
            050 x Wheat
            050 x Gra.pes
            050 x Leavening Agent
            050 x Sugar
          050 x Leavening Agent
          050 x Sugar
        250 x Chicken Meat
        350 x Sheep Blood
      100 x Ham Sandwich
        100 x Soft Bread
          300 x Wheat Dough
            300 x Wheat Flour (grind 300 x Wheat)
            300 x Mineral Water
          100 x Leavening Agent
          100 x Egg
          150 x Milk
        100 x Grilled Sausage
          300 x Meat
          050 x Onion
          100 x Pepper
          100 x Salt
        250 x Pumpkin
        200 x Egg
      100 x Meat Croquette
        400 x Meat
        250 x Wheat Flour (grind 250 x Wheat)
        100 x Egg
        100 x Cheese (dry 100 x Milk)
        200 x Deep Frying Oil
      100 x Fruit Wine
        050 x Exotic Herbal Wine
          075 x Wheat Dough
            075 x Wheat Flour (grind 75 x Wheat)
            075 x Mineral Water
          025 x Essence of Liquor
            013 x Wheat Flour
            013 x Gra.pes
            013 x Leavening Agent
          125 x Mineral Water
          050 x Leavening Agent
        250 x Gra.pes
        150 x Essence of Liquor
          075 x Wheat Flour (grind 75 x Wheat)
          075 x Gra.pes
          075 x Leavening Agent
        100 x Mineral Water

      From nodes:
        975 x Wheat
        388 x Gra.pes
        450 x Pumpkin
        250 x Chicken Meat
        400 x Egg
        050 x Honey
      From farming:
        125 x Onion
        100 x Pepper
      From gathering:
        700 x Meat
        350 x Sheep Blood
        325 x Milk
      From the shop:
        600 x Mineral Water
        100 x Sugar
        338 x Leavening Agent
        200 x Deep Frying Oil
        325 x Milk: 325
        350 x Gathering: Blood: 350
        700 x Gathering: Meat: 700
        925 x Grind Wheat -> Wheat Flour: 925
        375 x Shake Wheat Flour + Mineral Water -> Wheat Dough: 375
        100 x Dry Milk -> Cheese: 100
        100 x Vinegar
        175 x Essence of Liquor
         50 x Oatmeal
         50 x Pickled Vegetables
        100 x Soft Bread
        100 x Grilled Sausage
         50 x Exotic Herbal Wine
        100 x Dark Pudding
        100 x Ham Sandwich
        100 x Meat Croquette
        100 x Fruit Wine
        100 x Knight Combat Rations
    Required minimum energy:
      Gathering:    1375
      Processing:    1400
      Cooking:        1125
      TOTAL:        3900

    EDIT: Removed pastebin link
  21. Hi guys! I have been playing BDO for about a week and really enjoy it. I did think that the cooking can be very cumbersome, so I have a suggestion:
    Since the cooking utensil has the facility to store recent recipes to the right of the UI, why not allow [players to pin the recipes they use most there. Then add a button beside the pinned recipes that automatically transfers the required number of items from the inventory (only enough items for one cooking cycle).
    That way the player can easily select what to craft, and can run multiple cycles if they so choose.
    This is just to make the UI for the cooking process more user-friendly, and slightly more streamlined.
    Hope this helps! And thanks again for a great game! 
  22. Just wondering as it seems all end game cooking is, is making specials and selling them.. Do we ever get anything past this? I've heard about imperial trading with cooking, but is there anything else coming in the new updates? Something high level cooks can look forward to?
  23. Post on Meat Pie Ingredients in General

    By Tikks, posted
    Ok, so what are the ingredients for meat pie?
    I've tried 4x meat (pork), 6x dough (wheat), 2x sugar and 2x olive oil. (from http://bddatabase.net/)
                   4x meat (pork), 6x dough (wheat), 3x sugar and 2x olive oil. (from http://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/)
    and both of them are coming back with wrong ingredients. Sometimes my char crafts 1-5 meat pie crafts with product, sometimes she finishes the craft and returns no finished product.
    I am professional 1. 
  24. I plead you to change the icon of the food "Grilled Sausage", it looks terrible. It looks like poop.
  25. A grande richiesta la GUIDA #4 sul nostro amato BLACK DESERT!
    Oggi parleremo degli NPC e del parametro AMITY, cos'è, come incrementarlo e quali vantaggi possiamo ottenere! Non perderlo!
    Vuoi una guida SU RICHIESTA? Lascia su YT un COMMENTO!
    Prossimo episodio "Mercoledì 11 Maggio"