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  1. I see that by some guides (Dulfy, Black Desert Database), Nadia in Olvia should have daily cooking-related quests upon reaching Beginner10+ in cooking.  I am at Apprentice 2, so I should be of sufficient skill, yet she has no quests at all for me.  Is the information about her dailies incorrect?


    Solution Found -
    This is the second time I did what I considered sufficient research and could not find an answer, so I made a post, then found the answer.  It seems I did not realize I need to recheck my quest preferences everyday.  I selected O (Quest Log), then ALL (first option in "Prefer" in the right panel), and it now shows all quests, and Nadia's daily cooking quests are now available.
    I am leaving this up in case anyone else perhaps encounters this (user-related) error.

  2. Hey fellow chefs, as I noticed after the recent Blader update I'm only getting 1x procs from cooking now. I'm sure we used to get multiple outcome proc's when making food but now they seem to have changed it to 1x proc's only. What is the point of leveling cooking now then...?
    At the moment my cooking is skilled 6.
    Anyone who can confirm that this hidden patch update is applied?
    // Bliep

  3. Other than the durability difference, is there any difference between cooking stoves?
  4. Post on Quipu | BDO Recipe Tool in General

    By Erio, posted
    Hello guys!

    I just wanted to share an app that I've been working on ever since I got into Black Desert Online cooking and alchemy. It started with the usual Google Spreadsheet but then alt-tabbing was too much work and I always had my phone on my dock near me so I figured, why not make one? It's definitely not the first but I am actively working on it to improve it further and add more features! So here it goes...
    Currently on Alpha, Quipu is a simple yet packed with features recipe tool and calculator for cooking, alchemy (soon), and more for Black Desert Online (NA/EU).
    Complete recipe for each dish with the ability to adjust the quantity needed  Sort dishes according to skill level, ingredients/materials and effects (incomplete, only by skill level at the moment)  Ability to search dishes through keywords  Note-taker to quickly save any recipes, notes or reminders  Favorites to quickly access most cooked dishes
    Planned Features
    Alchemy recipe/calculator  Easier access on ingredients that also require cooking (chain recipes, e.g. Dark Pudding requires Oatmeal which requires cooking too)  Alarm/timer for farming and other time-sensitive materials  Better UI  An iOS version  Have an idea? Let me know and I'll see what I can do!Download it from Google Play!
    If you are worried about the *permissions* that it requires, don't worry as it is a limitation with the platform that I have used to make the app and I am unable to remove it at this time. It does nothing as you can see from inside the app~ Also, special thanks to http://bddatabase.net!

  5. Hello my cooking level is skilled level 2 and I am trying to level it up to skilled level 6.  Are there any suggestions on the fastest/most efficient way to level up my cooking?  I thought about just making a bunch of beers but I'm not sure if the experience from that is worth it.  
  6. I was thinking how great it would be to be able to craft potion/food options that give random buffs or random death.   A RNG potion/food would add some interesting options.
    It plays in the Risk vs reward for MMO.
    Make them Artisan based, since it lacks many dishes/potions.
    I picture a potion that requires one of each type of crafting component for alchemy the same for the food one.  The idea being you craft a few at a time that you can sell on market, each one gives a random buff like +5stat, %5exp gain on horse, %5 damage demihuman, etc something for 60min.  The downside is it has a change to Lose %5 experience under level 50 or death above it with loss of trade items on you.
    I think this would add a nice bit of crazy into the game, and a all around "easy" thing to implement that will help crafting and the game.  You could even put in some funny animations when they go wrong.
  7. Oyo/
    Is there any reason why a berserker or a warrior couldn't eat sugar products like fruit pudding ? I don't mind if it grant a debuff or no buff at all instead, but let my character eat sugar please ;_;
  8. Post on Getting Milk in PVE

    By MrsDark, posted
    After looking at quite a few recipes on BDFoundry I've found that many dishes require milk. Getting milk right now cost 5 energy and gets around 6-12 milk for each mini game. I don't like doing this minigame too much so I heard there were dailies that give milk. Does anyone know where those dailies are? Also, are there any cow locations near Heidal?
  9. Post on Money from Cooking? in PVE

    By MrsDark, posted
    So I recently hit professional 1 cooking and honestly don't know how to make huge amounts of cash. I really enjoy the cooking skill itself which is why I leveled it up but now I can figure out how to make money other than milk tea. Milk tea also doesn't seem to be that profitable because of the energy required to make it (Tea with a fine scent + milk + flour). Don't know how good Milk Tea is in professional 1 because I haven't mass produced it since around skilled 10 (also don't know if that would make a difference).
    So my question is, whats the best way to make money from cooking? 
  10. So I have been learning Android recently and decided to use it to solve a problem I was having. The problem was that I am keenly into cooking and wanted to learn all of the recipes to level cooking and gain some easy knowledge but to do that I kept having to tab out to look for each dish that I hadn't learned yet and see what the ingredients were. On top of that I also got different foods confused and couldn't remember what they did so I made this app to help with that.
    It's called Black Spirit Cooking and it's now available on Android 4.0.3 and up.
    It displays a list of recipes, broken down by skill level so you can easily see what you are able to cook with your current skill level. In addition to that, you can tap on a recipe to bring up the details of that recipe. The details include a list of ingredients, the effect of the food, the skill level, and it even provides a short breakdown on how you can acquire each of the materials needed to cook that particular dish.
    If you want to see screenshots but don't want to go to the play store then here is a short imgur album.
    I will add future recipes as they make it to the game. I got these recipes from bddatabase.net so if I missed anything then please feel free to say and I can patch them in. Hope it helps others as much as it helps me!
  11. I am here now because I am cooking beer.  I can't do anything else in game as far as I can tell.  Cooking, and other crafting that isn't a minigame, should be like processing.  During processing I can manage anything on the map.  I would like to be able to do the same while cooking or the like.
  12. We have the ability to trade all potions except energy ones, it should be added as health pots you can't vendor or auction them off.
  13. I would like everyone to post any knowing permanent substitutions (by permanent I mean the ones You can use in every single dish or alchemy product) (I mean Bloods, Mushrooms, Fruits, Vegetables, Saps, Crops etc)
    1 Wild Grass = 5 Weeds (it means instead of 1 Wild Grass You can put 5 Weeds instead)
    Please make sure it's work and the amount is right
    Lets make our own Subtitute Encyclopedia
  14. Recently scrolling through the suggestion posts i came across the comment,
    "If there was an incentive to use high price fish for cooking, by example scale cooking results dependent of quality of fish" by Le_Flemard in the suggestion. "Can we have market price locks removed?"
    I thought it was a rather good point as there are a heap of high quality dried fish that nobody buys because of the prices on them with rather small uses for them.

    -the suggestion is simple put it that when we use high quality meat ingredients like fish, that it acts like crops such as "Special Wheat" which counts as 5 or so of the ingredient. or that the item that gets cooked is of a higher grade.
  15. I was wondering if I should use my refined oatmeal(blue) vs the regular oatmeal(green) for making organic feed. I'm not 100% sure if it has any effect on how many feed the craft produces, so I'm thinking about just using the refined oatmeal for worker stam restoration instead. 
    Any ideas?
  16. Just a suggestion that would dramatically improve the quality of life for cooks without directly affecting cooking itself.
    You already provide a history list of ingredients for past successful cooking of recipes.
    My suggestion is to add a button to the side of that listing where the cook can press the button and it will auto-load the contents and matching quantities of that history entry into the cooking station. It would require that the cook have matching ingredients and quantities available already in inventory, but would save the cook from all the clicking and count changing as ingredients are manually loaded into the cooking station.
    Such a simple and useful change that doesn't fundamentally change the cooking itself.
  17. Unable to complete simple cooking quest.

  18. Some simple additions I thought would be more convenient:
    1. In the "change character" screen, list the available energy for each character. Just like how it says the fail enchantment rate on the corner for each. It'll be a good way to keep track of energy for multiple alts, without having to login to each one.
    2. In cooking, add the overall progression bar on the bottom. Cooking doesn't seem to have this, but other skills like processing do.
  19. Oyo/ again, here for a 2nd crazy long idea!
    As it is, cooking is pretty simple:
    start a teaching cooking questproduce cooking following reciperepeatIngredients have same effect on final product, gathering ability and cooking ability don't influence a lot....
    So here's the crazy ideas :
    Players have a satiety and thirsty valuenot having satiety does not mean deathbeing thirsty does not mean deathit is just there to prevent staking too many effect due to eating, drinking.a buff to stamina is applied when above 50 points of satiety/thirstyingredients have basic properties from a set of food property influence on hp recovery (+ and -)influence on mp recovery (+ and -)influence on max hp (+ and -)influence on max mp (+ and -)hp immediate influence (+ and -)mp immediate influence '(+ and -)Quality (dependent of gathering ability), have a result on all other values...Ingredients have a fixed satiety valueYou find and register those property by eating it raw (yes even meat), poison food can exist so be carefullcooking oil and other items of the same topic determine cooking processing methodfrying for cooking oil, deep frying when value is 3 time superior to number of ingredientsroasting an frying for butter, juice (meat juice) is obtained as secondary with thisboiling for water, stewing when value is 3 time superior to number of ingredientssteaming with woods...Condiments like peppers have a multiplier value and a toxicity valuecooking results is dependent of cooking skill but cooking skill effect is not applied if it's your first time cooking said ingredients in said mannercooking results effects are unknown effect till eaten but will multiply effect by 4/3 and satiety/thirsty effect by 3cooking results can be recooked to use another method of cooking, boiling potatoes and then frying them by example.you can grill with basic travelling skills, remove Poisson effect, but decrease a lot satiety and thirsty gain and practically negate buff obtained from food. Results can't be recooked. Meat jerky is a good ingredient for this.you can chop and mince ingredients to remove a part of the debuff and food poisoning of the food (peeling potatoes before frying them is a good choice)there's chance of obtaining carbonized food if your cooking skill is not at the level required to make a recipe. Can be used as fertilizer.Processed have a lifetime value, past it, it become fertilizer.Each time you do an operation it cost an energy points, but you can register all process and batch cook them which result in a one energy point cost for the batch operation but will result a decrease of the effect of batch results (9/10 of the effects is only obtained, but satiety value is conserved) Now let's make an example, let's say I want to make fried potatoes :
    You gather potatoespotatoes information window :raw potatoinformation unknown, eat them to know moreyou eat potatoesyou have eat unprocessed food, food poisoning is applied for 30s (-5hp/s)satiety increased by 10you uncovered potatoes stats!hp +50 (immediate)max stamina +10 (temporary)satiety +10 (immediate)thirst -5 (immediate)quality normal (no buff/debuff on other stats)lifetime 7 daysYou chop potatoes (aka peeling)you have peeled potatoesfood poisoning removedthirst stat debuff decreased by a thirdeat them to uncover and register new statsYou eat raw peeled potatoesyou have eat raw processed food, food poisonning is not appliedYou uncovered raw peeled potatoes stats! hp +50 (immediate)max stamina +10 (temporary)satiety +30 (immediate)thirst -6 (immediate)quality normal (no buff/debuff on other stats)You cook them in your residence with a 1 to 1 ratio of water (10 water and 10 potatoesYou have boiled potatoesstat effect multiplied by 4/3cooking skill isn't applied since it's your first time cooking themeat them to uncover and register new statsYou eat boiled potatoesYou have eaten boiled potatoesyou uncovered boiled potatoes stats!hp +66 (immediate)max stamina +13 (temporary)satiety +60 (immediate)thirst -18 (immediate)quality normal (no buff/debuff on other stats)You fry them in butter in a 1 to 1 ratio (10 butter, ten boiled potatoes)You have boiled potatoesstat effect multiplied by 4/3cooking skill isn't applied since it's your first time cooking themeat them to uncover and register new statsYou eat boiled potatoesYou have eaten boiled potatoesyou uncovered boiled potatoes stats!quality normal (no buff/debuff on other stats)thirst -54 (immediate)satiety +180 (immediate)max stamina +17 (temporary)hp +88 (immediate)You then register all the operations to batch prepare them.fried potatoes for lifeValues and multiplier obviously need adjusting, thanks for reading btw, that was pretty long.
    I'm all for suggestion and criticism, I know that a lot of people would really dislike this, but please do tell why 
    Gogo crazy suggestion bump
  20. If you already know a recipe and have all the ingredients it would be kind of cool to just click on the recipe and have it auto place into the cooking utensil without having to manually place each ingredient and then the proper number every single time.
  21. Post on Cooking Calculator in General

    By Cowbell_Hero, posted
    I made a thing because I hate doing math! 
    Sorry for the free weebhosting, I'm poor
    Github Repository
    You can download the files here if the site gets nuked.
  22. As the title states I am looking to find any information on the use of the following two items:
    1. Big fog mushroom - (not sure where I got this)
    2. Pile of sunrise herbs:  (I get them from the production node - Sunrise Herb)
    Thanks in advance for any info!
  23. Post on [Cooking] Cinnamon? in PVE

    By Crowleyz, posted
    I see a lot of recipes on various website mention "Cinnamon" as in ingredient, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it or if it's even in the game? Tried searching every tab on the marketplace and been looking for specific nodes for it as well, can't seem to find it anywhere?
  24. Post on meat sandwich in General

    By combatvolcano, posted
    Why can I not make a meat sandwich? All the guides list the same requirements but the game tells me it's not working?
  25. You can currently buy all the master-level cooking dishes from the NPC "Maryan Pero" in Calpheon.
    Here's why this is a bad idea, and why this NPC should be removed:
    NPCs have an endless supply, which affects the rarity of an item, which here is all the master-level dishes.The fixed NPC price heavily affects the market price. You can already see people undercutting each other on the master-level dish market, even now when there are zero (or very few) player-made master-level dishes on the market.The master-level cooks have no purpose in the game's economy when anyone can just buy all the dishes off an NPC.