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  1. So recipe in simple cooking is bugged in a slightly gamebreaking way:
    T1 juice needs 4grain+1 mineral water per patch where as resipe indicates 3 grain,  thats not high problem but this is:
    T2 should need 3x T1 juice,  instead it crafts patch of T2 juice with 3 grain and 1 mineral water
    thus: you get higher tier aka more end tier hp potions produced with way less materials than doing correct route of upgrading
  2. Hello Black Desert Online Forums I had an idea to start a suggestion megathread that will be updated every 2-3 day with some of the most popular suggestions! Each suggestion will be separated by category, and suggestions that are popular from the comment section will be added every 2-3 days with the person who suggested it tagged in the post! To start off the Thread I will add my few suggestions to the game  Hope everyone enjoys this!
    Life Skills
    FishingAllow us to use Pearl Shop and Map while fishing.Make fish knowledge tell us where you can find certain fish.GatheringProcessingCookAlchemyTrainingHuntingTradeFarmingPearl Shop
    PricingUser InterfaceAllow the use of the Pearl Shop when not idle.Other 
    MapPersonal notes on map. (BigPun)OtherAbility to mute the game if it is running in the background. (BunjiKugashira)Ability to turn off other players models including their mounts.Ability to Ctrl+Click links to go to the webpage from ingame.Toggle able walking. (BunjiKugashira)Make reporting have no energy cost. (BunjiKungashira)(Korriander)Make deletion of characters below lvl 15 instant. (BunjiKungashira)Housing
  3. Post on Cooking Quests? in General

    By Souchay, posted
    Anyone know how to obtain these so called quest to get furniture into the house? I want the Dish Rack from "A Meaty Dish" quest but he does not provide it. Is there a certain level? I am almost level 40 and I have no clue on how to get these quests. http://bddatabase.net/us/npc/40013/
  4. Small thing that's been bugging me about the cooking is that while selecting a recipe to cook something (or even doing alchemy but I don't know much about it yet since i don't do much alchemy), it shows all your previous combinations that you used to cook/brew something. Please let us actually click on those past recipes combinations and have it automatically add in the same ingredients and amounts into the pot from your inventory without us needing to still manually do it. Grey out the combinations that we don't have the actual ingredients for and keep the ones that we do have the right ingredient for coloured. I'm surprised it doesn't happen already, it would be such a time saver!

  5. Post on Pet-Food in Allgemeine Diskussionen

    By Momoka, posted
    ich habe eine kurze Frage bezüglich des erstellens von Pet-Food. Ich kenne die Rezepte:
    Gutes Futter: 6 Fleisch, 4 Mehl, 3 Wasser 1 Fisch
    Biofutter: 1 grüner fisch, 5 fleisch, 4 huhn und 2 "oatmeal"
    Weiß vlt jemand wie hcoh der kochskill für beide sein muss find nämlich nix dazu
  6. Post on Crafting F2 in Suggestions

    By Vix, posted
    If you click F2 you can see all the things you can craft and gather, but if you want to search for recipes or an instruction how to make those things- you have to use Google.
    My suggestion is to simply put recipes in Crafting F2. We're looking at that tab for recipes anyway! And right now if I want to know how to cook, say, Fried Vegetables only instruction I get is "Cook: Deep Fried Oil". What? What is it even supposed to mean?
    And maybe a working Search? Just maybe? If I want to find Grain Soup in crafting and I try to search "Soup" I get no results. If I try to search "Grain" instead I get no results. If I try to search "Grain Soup" I get no results. Either this isn't working or I can't use Search.
    Can we please get a guide on how to use Search in Crafting F2 then? 
  7. Post on What about meat? in General

    By Radagon, posted
    Hi Forum!
    So I'm currently trying to level my cooking skill. So far so good. But I've started to butcher every animal I find and this results in my inventory and warehouse being stuffed with glorious, raw, bloody meat. Since there is weasel meat, pork, wolf meat, lamb… and so forth, the meat does not stack in simply one space. And now I can’t put other much needed stuff in my inventory and warehouse since it’s flooded with meat.
    My question is: can I concentrate on just one type of meat for the majority of my cooking? And if so, is there a difference between the different types of meat? Is say… pork better than weasel and produces higher quality dishes?
    Hoping to hear from you soon, take care!
  8. I think it would be great if people could go to a friends house as long as they are in their party and be able to Use the Tools in the home. Cooking, Alchemy etc. It feels silly to have  to go back to your own home just to do something. I think it would increase immersion and would just be more realistic.

    of course making it so the party member and owner of the house MUST be present as a requirement means people can't abuse the system. Heck even if it means you have to put multiple Kitchens or set ups in a home I think it should work
  9. Like it says in the title, I would like to know how to start doing cooking quests/learning recipes so that I can make food to increase my character's Health Level (increase max HP). Thanks.
  10. Hi, I am new to the game. Of all the crafting skills I have decided to focus on cooking at the beginning because it seems nice to have and convient so I dont have to buy beer or food. However I wanted to know if there is a reliable place to get recipes from so I can make different food. The online sites I get from google seen out of date. For example the recipe i have for beer that works is different then the one they list. So the main question are the recipes on those sites correct and if so are there multiple ways I can make an item or are they wrong and if so how do I learn different recipes
    Thanks for al your help!
  11. Strongly Seasoned Dish states that it will change 5:1-2 Milk in Heidel.
    However, when you go change it with the Xian Merchant outside the Inn, the change is 3:1-2 milk... not 5:1-2.
    Either description or the change rate is flawed.
    - Finuc -
  12. I have all the correct ingredients, but when I try to make it it says my level is too low. What level cooking do I need? These workers are killing me. Beer is too expensive, but oatmeal is easy to make so I would like to be able to make it.
  13. If the two websites I am using are complete, then I see only two recipes for mushroom use!
    I can think of loads of uses:
    steak with mushrooms and gravy
    sauteed mushrooms
    stuffed mushrooms
  14. Post on Cooking Calculator in Guides

    By Lokien, posted
    Fellow cooks and aspiring cooks:
    In honor of Launch Day, I thought I would share the Cooking Calculator Tool I made on Google Sheets between CBT2 and head-start.  You can check it out here--
    How to Use the Tool:
    Select the Type of Food from the drop-down list.  I've organized the different things you can make by the type effect granted (worker recovery, DPS, carebearing, etc.)Select the Dish you want to cook from the next drop-down.Select the amount of Batches of said dish you would like to make from the next drop-down.All necessary ingredients will be displayed as well as the quantity required for one cook (the amount of each ingredient to put into your cooking utensil) and for all batches (the amount that you need in your inventory to complete all batches). Notes:
    This is still very much a work in progress.For the newest of new players, there is a quick walk-through of basic cooking in the "Tips & Notes" tab.All information contained in the "Recipes" tab is taken from the BDfoundry page on cooking.  In going through the page, I've learned that some of that information may be outdated or mistranslated.  Any recipe with an X next to it, I have confirmed in game.On the "Recipes" tab, the ingredients are color-coded.  Green = gatherable.  Blue = bought from vendor.  Pink = Basic process/cook.  Red = Complex cook.At the time of this post, nearly all the figures in the "AH/Production Costs" tab are incorrect. 
    Good luck!  And remember: there can never be Too Many Cooks.
    Unofficial Spreadsheet Enthusiast of <Rage>
  15. Post on Cooking: Yeast in Guides

    By Rysil, posted
    Anyone know how to make this?  Been searching for a while, and while some places have it as an ingredient, I can't find where to get it or how to make it.
    Some of these sites are using different or more general terminology (a.k.a. Fermentor for Leavening Agent).  So is Yeast a thing or is it called something different in game?
  16. Besides buying food at the Market Place and eating what quests gives you. What is the easiest think I can eat to level up my health?
  17. Hi
    So i've been crafting/cooking a lot of beer, however every time I cook some I have to manually add the 5 potatoes, 6 mineral water, 2 reagents and 1 sugar.
    Is there a way to queue a whole load of this? So then I may for instance go and make a cup of tea? (much like afk fishing)
    Thank you in advance.
    I have just answered my own question.
    Adding in one set of the goods ^ and then clicking continuous production and select how many times you want to do this.
    Well, I hope this can help someone else.
  18. Post on Where is Cabbage? in General

    By Xenosaga, posted
    While playing in game, one of the Cooking quests contains Fried Vegatables receipt.
    I know Pumpkin is a Vegetable, but Cabbage also. But... Cabbage farm is nowhere found. Even the online maps has no one farm with Cabbage.
    It's strange to see why we have receipt who need Cabbage, but no one seems known where you can find OR must have Garden to make Cabbage.
    This is most unknown vegetable so far...
    So... who known how to get Cabbage. I hope it's not a translation error, because there is also "Carrot" but it's horse food.
    Some sites about Cabbage:
    Below Tome:
    Vegetable:  Pumpkin, Tomato, Cabbage, Paprika
    Here is word "Cabbage" again.
  19. Carebear
    A hardcore casual guild. We take our casual play seriously.
    (Play song while reading for full affect.)
    Carebear is a hardcore casual guild. We don't mess around with our messing around, except when we do.
    We are a guild of all kinds, a guild of traders and a guild of farmers. A guild of fishers, and a guild of hunters. A guild of cooks, and a guild of alchemists. A guild of breeders and a guild of much, much more. However, that's not to say that Carebear is a guild that you'll never see PvPing. Our main focus is centered around fun, above all else. For some, the pursuit of fun pulls them to PvP, and that's fully supported in Carebear.
    If you're looking for a cool, fun, and relaxed group to join for your adventures in Black Desert, consider joining Carebear on the Orwen server.
    Contact Suzi Pratchett, Horace Altman, or Yoba FromStarWars for more information. Thanks 
    Fun for all, and all for Fun!
  20. I love professions in sandbox MMO's and BDO is no different! What are some of the professions you all enjoy the most and plan to level first?
  21. Please provide some form of Skill level needed on recipes.
    I attempted to make oatmeal and got system message of insufficient skill level, then lost the ingredients i was using to make it!
    If there was some form of warning or "You should be this level before attempting" this would not have happened. How much time, energy, money and time must be wasted till we reach a hidden system level that we are able to make the desired item we want?
  22. Hi, everyone my name is Friedrich(not real name just alias I am using) and here is my feedback of experience i had in closed beta 2, before i start you must keep in mind that I am working person and cant give every minute of my day for this game and during beta I did not tried everything and pretty much stayed in low lvl area even thou as this game is stuffed with things to do even at low lvl there should be some suggestions that should be considered. 
    OK here we go:
    Cash shop
    This one is obvious and everyone and i mean everyone was complaining about it as it is to expensive, as example there was one costume for sorceress(if i am correct) that costed other 6000 pearl and that would be more then 60$ a.k.a. more then explorers pack so let say u started game and you want to buy costumes and other stuff so you grab costume for 6000 + bird pet as it can sit on your shoulder that's 1100+ underwear  500 + eye accessory to get knowledge faster +200(if i am correct) + hair accessory that gives another amazing buff that i have forgot also 200(if i am right) + mount gear 1500 and we sum up with 9500 + we can add some inventory expansions or dye boxes to get to 10000 a.k.a. 100$ or conquerors package and that's just to look great on a horse, its just ridiculous.
    I understand that developers going for pay to play model restrict possible income from cash shop due to restricted player base but charging more then game itself cost is crazy and business threatening as an example:
    This amazing plant that looks great and is super beneficial is selling for 100$ in shop where mid to low income earning ppl are shopping and out of 1000 shoppers that viewed item only 20 consider buying it but only 5 will buy that's 500$, same scenario but this time price is 25$ and out of 1000 300-500 consider buying it now or in future and 100 will buy it and that's 2500$ and those who considered probably will buy if we lower even further let say during sales where price would be 10-15$ that's potential another 3000-7500$.
    By that what i am saying is price for bundle i mentioned should not be priced for more then 25$ as it would bring at least 5 times more profit as of current prices and then make weekly(1-2 day long) or monthly(1 week long) sales for selected items bringing more sales.
    If you thought i suggest divide every item cost by 4, then you are dead wrong some of items are fairly reasonable priced and some would use like 10-20% reduction but there is items like costumes that surely would need 75% reduction.
    Another business trick that Developers could use is at lunch and for like 1week up to a moth(after lunch and introduction of new skins) sell costumes for double the price of regular price thus benefiting from lunch hype and must have first type of players and then after that period going back to regular price and getting coin from mainstream players and then few months later during sale get addition flow  from savers.
    i did not went up into detail for prices as there are plenty of suggestions on forum and popularity data can be received from KR and RU servers that can be taken into consideration then pricing.
    OK next is dog?
    On some of trade in items you could see something like: "5%EXP 1 dog " . and that's just confusing so simply name it scroll to reduce confusion.
    Wagon and mounts
    What I noticed is simple mounts and mounted wagons cant move backwards and that is bit both inconvenient and unrealistic as in real life horses can move backwards and they can push wagon backwards really slowly but they can so it would be only obvious if this feature be implemented into the game.
    OK so to get energy back you need to stay online but only for character that is active, how ever since there is implemented family system it would be fair if all characters would regain energy ass long one of them is active, well either that or remove energy consumption from processing as to make 4 flour you potentially use 2-4 energy. so if one of my suggestions would be implemented you would have 1 character for gathering ,1 for processing and 1 for crafting or 1 character for all 3 achieving similar(reduced in 2 option) effect.
    I rather enjoy cooking system here, but there is problem for me that even thou in help menu it gives fair amount of recipes it does not say what cooking lvl you need to craft it and what grade it is(how much exp you would get crafting it)  and that would be amazing implementation or else will need to wait like moth or more into the game then someone or me will make in-depth cooking guide with exp gained at specific levels and what lvl needs to be able to craft it.
    Yes that feature that is in KR and RU versions but not in EU/NA. feature that allows your character run in predefined path unlimited amount of times while you are away allowing to level stamina and strength. This game is Stay online to get somewhere as nothing is done while you are offline or at ridiculously slow. And leaving fishing only option that is viable to do while away is for long period of time is .....(ok i forgot that fancy word but simply saying its bad like really bad)
    OK I guess that;s all i can suggest after experiencing slice of game during closed Beta 2. hope developers would have time and reads it and take it into consideration.
    Thanks for reading it Friedrich
  23. As the title suggests, I could use some help learning how to get started crafting/cooking up some of that magical +8% EXP gain Milk Tea I've been hearing about. Not only for the bonus EXP to help with the grind, but I want to start eating food on my main as soon as possible for the increase in HP and MP. 
    I spent some time in the beta trying to best find out how to acquire all the ingredients, but I never actually manage to get close to making it. Does anyone have any collected information on the best way to get starting making this stuff?
  24. Does anyone know what cooking level you need to be in order to successfully cook oatmeal? I just tired and it "ate" my ingredients and I got no oatmeal to feed my workers. Not okay! A guide to cooking levels and the recipes that unlock at each level would be freakin' awesome if someone wants to compile that info!!!! I'm sure everyone would love it!
  25. Post on Cooking in Off-Topic

    By Godhowsae, posted
    I'm trying to gather the favorite dish of many people and give each one a try at some point. If any of you have the time, I would appreciate if you could fill out a bit of info. Thanks.
    If we could limit it to a MAX of 3 per person, that would be great. I'll be happy with those who contribute even one.