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  1. Hello Everybody,
    i'm trying to cook Milk Tea and Tea with High-Quality Scent in RU Servers. I tried to make the High-Quality Tea first, but on fnisishing i got a System Notification that i don't have enough Skill to get the cooking result. So obviously there is a Level Requierment for some recipts.
    Does anybody know what the requierments are for the recipts i am trying to do?
  2. Post on Cooking Beer Guide! in Guides

    By Adron, posted
    Simple guide for the beginner who has not tried crafting at all on how to make beer to feed your workers.
    Previous video in the series discusses actual workers and node management, this builds upon that.  
    Remember, this is for those who have never done it, I take you step by step.
    Please feel free to watch, share, like, dislike and let me know if there is something you don't like.
    Even better, if you want to see any other guides, let me know!

  3. So spreading my time around as much things as I could, while learning how the game works, I will split up my feedback in to topical posts.
    Cooking Quests
    The quests themselves are actually really well done, though part of me wishes that they had their own category or icon on the map to distinguish them from the rest, so we could toggle it off/on. I made it up to Apprentice levels, and I got through the Heidel cooking quest with the Egg, though I have been too busy doing other things to make it back to turn it in.
    Recipe's Themselves
    I really wish that there was a way to gauge how difficult the product is to make in relation to your skill. Even a color gradient like the monsters. There's no point in me trying to make something super complicated if I am just going to waste the ingredients that cost me 5+ energy to harvest/gather. Take meat for example. Making the different types of stew, there is no way to know if you can actually make it, or it will say, "it is too difficult." and it takes your items.
    When you make the recipe, I wish there was a counter like in the processing. Processing tells you how many successful creations of whatever you have made in that loop. If I process a bunch of Potatos to Potato Flour, it tells me Potato Flour (11) above the cast bar. If I make 17 Beer, it doesn't tell me how many I actually made. The bars are different (needs to be the same bar style to keep it cohesive). If there was a counter so you could count how many you have done (progress bar in % and then how many are made) you can gauge how successful at double proc's you were, because I personally put it on a loop and do something else for 5 minutes while it crafts. I don't manually count them and it's interesting if I come back to see how many it has made vs. how far in I am. Gives me an idea of how long I have to go. As it stands, I have no idea, I have to manually count them.
  4. Post on Recipes in Guides

    By BlackDesertFoundry, posted
    Recipes list for Cooking and Alchemy: http://blackdesertfoundry.com/2015/05/03/all-recipes/