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  1. So since there are so many recipes, it would be nice with a search function on life skills tools. Any1 with me on this?
  2. So since there are so many recipes, it would be nice with a search function on the life skill tools. Any1 with me on this?
  3. So since there are so many recipes, it would be nice with a search function on the life skill tools. Any1 with me on this?
  4. I can't help myself but to see huge change in the life-skill economy regarding cooking (Master 10 cook ATM).
    In January I could have sold 5k of any meal within few days, now whenever I want to sell something I have to let it sit on MP for 6 days so it will get its turn to be even shown to potential buyers lurking in the darkest corners of MP.
    Let's be practical, beer sold over 196 mil. pcs however there is constantly tenths of thousands of pcs registered, it rarely gets sold out ...still not that bad as you can register stack of 500pcs at once so one person can register up to 15k pcs of beer on market using the limit count.
    Now comes the end-game mostly f--ked by PA's new alteration of game mechanics .... again
    There used to be 500pcs per stack, now it's only 100pcs for any high-end meal like knight rations, territory meals, etc.
    Meaning that ppl register way more => price declines to impossible rates, 21k - 36k per meal by type ... well, used to be like 35k-70k few months ago simply because ppl bought your stuff faster due to larger stacks.
    There isn't even that much of it registered, let's take best-seller "Serendia meal" with 4,79mil. pcs sold and 40k registrations ATM. Well here's the problem right here, ... 40k reg. counts means 400 slots all by 100pcs which isn't real so most likely ca. 500 slots just for serendia meal, ... if there was still stack of 500pcs you would have 80 slots so in reality like 100-150 slots to handle the registrations. .... that's major reason why these items sold pretty fast in the past.
    PA needs to learn new mechanics to let the market be fluent since it's choking on itself as f--k. And it's not just for food, basically anything that is not pretty rare material is flooding the market as we speak. Reason for that is simply, that ppl have cash but no longer demand the stuff that much and why would they like to play "click-'em-all" when they can just buy more later right? Another factor is that many ppl switched from being active to doing AFK stuff, as validated by impresive sales of life-skill boost items such as Balenos Meal for example.
    Idea: How about we we just have 1 slot with all the reg. counts so ppl can buy as many as they like at once and stop the click fiesta on the MP. Not for all items tho, stuff that goes by bid can't be used for such system, but would it be too hard to separate? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    I mean, you would have something like this anyway:
    Beer 1314 silver/pc (bid) .... 2300 pcs
    Beer 1314 silver/pc .... 6300 pcs
    Beer 1370 silver/pc .... 2400 pcs
    Beer 1410 silver/pc ... all the rest
    PS: We can just show bids on 1st lines or rather above normal registrations which will be separated from normal sales so no longer you would get "Only cheapest item can be purchased" ... that stuff should be deleted entirely btw. I don't mind paying few silver extra for some item if I get chance to buy it instead of this wait-fest like when buying black stones.
    And if some ppl say it's some kind of buffer or that we "need" to have items separated, you are mentally unstable. Imagine it in real life before you shout nonsence. Do you buy anything in your local supermarket like this? ==>>> *Grabs 1 bread* > *Runs to the cash register* > *Pays for bread* > *Jumps inside the supermarket again for another bread* > please repeat as many times as possible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. 1.
    Please change the "Recently Successful Cooking" window to "Successful Recipes" where:
    The window shows possible sub recipe combinations in a locked state until the user discovers the recipe.
    Instead of having a constant stream of the same recipe, in the case of mass production, this would simplify the UI and be more user friendly.
    For Example:
    The ever popular Beer has several materials which can be used:
    Wheat, Potato, Corn or BarleyMineral waterSugarLeaving agentInstead of having to manually input the recipe each time the user changes from corn to potatoes it could be done with one click.
    Instead of having "Recently Successful Cooking" add a "Favorites" tab similar to what was added to the marketplace where users are able to select X, (1-10), number of recipes for quick reference.
  6. Fried Chicken!
    5 Raw Chickens, 3 Deep Frying Oil, 5 Sugars and 5 Salts.
    Combat Exp +10%
    Life Exp +10%
    Weight Capacity +250
    Luck +5
    Movement Speed +5
    Duraction: 5 Minutes
    At least until the next patch, then nerf it down to like
    Life Exp +3%
    Weight Capacity +30
    Duraction: 30 minutes
    Seriously, why are game developers so scared of temporary buffs to fix the economy?
  7. Currently if I make beer I make it three ways:  with corn, with wheat, with potatoes , and  sweet potatoes, and with barley ok opps maybe that's 5 ways anyway that's even worse and here is why !
    When I am done and used up all my ... corn and I wanna switch? switch to wheat .. ok go to my beer quick list  .. ohh yep its full of corn because the last three thousand times I made it was with corn - but now I want wheat.... get it ? So this means I waste a painful 10 seconds plugging in the 6 water 5 grain , 2 w/e that thingy is,  and 1 sugar.
    So on the list it seems bugged or an incomplete thought where the designer wanted to save 10 ways to make beer but only ended up .... making one .
    So there it is: Please fix the cooking quick recipe bar so that it shows all the different ways I want to cook the same thing, (not just the last batch)
    Oh and by the way if you could make it so I don't have scroll all the way down to find the beer recipe amongst like 200 other blank recipes that would be great. I think a lot of people probably only cook beer and like 5 other things, so maybe we could use a favorites lists, then inside that have  10 different ways to cook that one thing.
    and actually for those real cooks out there that are camping out in there whole house kitchens... making those calpheon meals  and  even the real complicated stuff - I am sure they are using whatever they can get to make those recipes work - in fact they probably love that they can switch out green for blue - veggies or fruits in the same family - but you know - just about nobody only makes one copy - they are usually making batches, and you don't want the same reciepe on every spot on the list. I can't be the first one who brought this up - but I didnt search for it so... lets get er done !
    Thanks !
  8. @GM Felaxus @GM_Axion I have been attempting to cook beer as I typically do. I am using the proper indigents (5 potatoes, 2 leavening agents, 1 sugar (regular sugar not raw sugar), and 6 mineral water). But I keep getting the message seems like something isnt working, or wrong combination of items.

  9. Hello everyone~
    I'm a mid-level player, currently going through my cooking recipes to expand my knowledge. I'm trying to complete the Lizard Kebab recipe, but I see that it requires reptile meat to perform. Though I could, I've never really ventured much far past Heidel, so I'm at a loss as to where find any reptile. Any tips? The closer to Balenos/Serendia, the better.
  10. With my Cooking level at Professional2, cooking Tea with Fine Scent using green or blue cooking honey sometimes results in failure due to bad ratio, or insufficient skill level. As far as I know, skill level only restricts recipes and not ingredients. In addition, I am able to use green/blue flowers or fruits just fine in this same recipe. Because it works sometimes but randomly fails, I believe this is a bug and a disappointing one since I can't use the better honey for efficiency.
  11. Hey i thought about an suggestion About the animation on alchemy and cooking
    if a Player uses the Alchemy/Cooking tools the character wil pick up and use Fx. picking up and reading the book( even make an extra animation if tool table is use from the back side of the tool table, maybe even add extra processing time on) anyway my thought are it chould add to the immersive moments in the game. hope you see this and think about it  
  12. Hello
    most of calculator are excel based hard to read on smartphones , so i came with this web based calculator.
    after servereal updates, here is the complete cooking calculator.

    you can choose number of final dish and calculates its ingredients and also xp and rank you can hit with it

    or calculate number of ingredients and final dish from the number of an ingredient

    and finally calculate xp and ingredients you need to pass to each rank from your current one to Guru 20

    thank you (if any suggestions you 're welcome)
  13. Post on Cooking XP 2.0 in General

    By waliori, posted
    i added the material number needed for the chosen dish to move to the next rank
    If there are any suggestions or remarks please tell me
  14. Post on Cooking XP Calculator in General

    By waliori, posted
    i searched for a cooking experience calculator, but i found nothing, so i coded mine. and i want to share it with you
    good cooking
  15. At the moment there is a limit of about 30 available turn in's for Imperial Alchemy and Cooking that is NOT shared by server but IS shared by players. This does reset every 3-4 hours but it takes some serious camping or luck to get to be able to turn in close to the max amount, or even turn any in at all.This strikes me as an interesting mechanic choice because I cannot see the advantage to this.
    What if the limit was no longer shared by players but was individual to each account? Also to removal potential channel swapping exploits it could be changed to be shared across servers. So each player account could turn in about 30 items every 3-4 hours regardless of channel and regardless of other players.
    What do you guys think? Would this make more sense to you? Would you prefer this? And does anyone see a disadvantage to this change? 
  16. Are all fish considered 'white' once dried? or is a dried fish made of a green fish worth more then a dried fish made from a white fish?
    That is to say 2 whites dried from a green fish = 1 green and 4 whites dried from a white fish = 1 green.
    Dried fish all look white in the inventory... So its hard to tell what is green without using a database to check its original rarity
  17. Was doing some cooking, as you do, and I kept getting more and more annoyed by the 'Recent Successful Cooking'-list (Pictured below).

    It's very handy when you only do the same thing for i.e. Beer (as I'm doing currently) - but as soon as you change one ingredient, you gotta re-do the ingredients again (unless you have enough of the ingredient from before, to allow for it to be selected and then edited).

    Why not change it a bit, so it's way more user friendly. Add in the recipes that you actually used, instead of the 10 last created recipes. It makes no sense to display the same thing 10 times.

    Change it to something like this:

    User makes Beer with Potato - Potato recipe gets added to the list.
    User makes Beer with Corn - Corn recipe gets added to the list.

    This would be extremely useful and make cooking and any other crafting that requires a station like that, a little bit easier/faster.
    Other than that, I love the list that shows up, with all the different recipes - but as soon as you click one you want to make; it should really show the different versions you've made in the past, instead of the last 10 you did - because that's really not useful at all, if you (like many people do) change some ingredients for efficiency.

  18. Post on Turning a Quick profit. in PVE

    By MadMaximoff, posted
    So you've been playing BDO a couple of weeks now and you're wondering "Just how do I make enough silver to keep up with stuff?"
    Well here's a quick way to turn your Contribution and energy into Silver using the simplest cooking and alchemy recipes!
    First things first, you want the following:
    -A House in Veila or Heidel (having both is useful)
    -About 3 rank 1 Storage houses
    -Plenty of Lodgings for workers (I tend to work out of Heidel as there is much more lodging space) You want enough to have 8-10 workers
    -The following nodes invested in
    Toscani Farm
    Loggia Farm
    Baralli Farm
    Flinto Farm
    Ehwaz Hill to path to Cron Castle Site
    Cron Castle Site
    Lynch farm ruins
    Moretti Plantation
    Heidel Pass and Northern Guard camp to link Heidel and Veilas trade route allowing you to freely move your workers.
    Later on you can branch out to Casta Farm and down through to Berniatto farm if you so wish it but it's not neccessary.
    So you want to invest in Poultry farming, wheat/potato/corn gathering, silver azaelia gathering and sunrise herb gathering.
    What you'll be working on:
    Boiled eggs for imperial cooking
    Clear Liquid Reagent and Pure Powder Reagent.
    Just sell the chicken meat, nobody buys it and the recipes are not lucrative.
    Beer Recipe: 6 water, 2 leavening agent, 1 sugar, 5 potato/wheat/corn/barley
    Boiled Eggs Recipe: 6 water, 3 eggs, 1 salt, 1 cooking wine, use L to pack 20 using imperial packaging to turn into the imperial crafting vendor
    Pure Powder Reagent Recipe: 1 Silver Azaelea, 1 Sugar, 1 Weed, 1 Purified Water. You can water from the river next to the heidel vendor using bottles (sold at the vendors for 50 silver each) then using L, go to thinning and turn the water you gathered into purified water. Weeds are gathered by hand from just gathering from the bushes dotted around town, there's plenty of them.
    Clear Liquid Reagent: 1 Sunrise herb, 1 Salt, 1 Weed, 1 Purified Water.
    Now you've got your mini empire established it's time to turn a profit.
    Sell Beer, Pure Powder and Clear liquid on the market place, they tend to get snapped up quite quickly meaning you don't have to wait very long for your profits to start rolling in (Do make sure to keep enough beer to keep your own workers going however, if they run out of energy they will stop working and won't go back until you top it off)
    Eggs, pack them and turn them into the Imperial tradeskill vendor, there's 1 stood north of the heidel storage.
    Using this method, I can easily make 3 million an hour, it's no sausans but if you're worried about your gear and getting PK'ed and are not a fan of AFK fishing, this is an extremely easy and hassle free way to generate silver, of which your profit margin will increase as you start to branch out into other things (crafting sute tea for instance is a big money spinner)
    Hope this helps some of you struggling somewhat with establishing yourself and best of luck!
  19. Post on Weekly Cooking Quest in General

    By Bigcat, posted
    I have been trying to figure out why I am not able to pick up this quest:
    [Weekly Professional Cooking] Unforgettable Cooking I
    It showed up in the 'repeatable quest' tab on the quest log but after I completed all the prerequisites I was unable to pickup/see any quests from the NPC. I figured I would wait a week and check again but I just went there today and still nothing two weeks later.
    Any of you cooks doing this quest or know whats up with it?
  20. Imperial Trading
    As we all obviously know, the servers merged. I have no complaints for the server merge in itself but more so the Imperial trading. To start off why I suggest this... it is primarily for those who have awkward hour jobs or even ones that are extremely long hours. I myself am in the military and my work days are long, and my time off is short. I love to progress in games and as we all know especially those with high level gear, in game silver is absolutely mandatory. To gain silver you need to invest TIME something I wish I could actually and absolutely do aside from AFK gaining. 
    I invest a bit of time into life skills as of late especially after discovering Imperial Trading and it's potential of making so much silver. The issue is with such a great implementation in the game is prior server-merge it was already competitive as to who was there first to sell the items. Though with the server merge now it is nearly impossible to actively sell the trade packs unless you are the absolute first by waiting by the Imperial trader. 
    My suggestion primarily so Imperial Trading can be a thing to enjoy among others especially for those who need silver in a pinch or crunch of time like myself is to either increase the number limits per trade item.. Or! Best yet so each and everyone has a fair chance to making the equivalent amount of silver(removing the 'First come, first serve' every three hours aspect.) Is to make the Imperial Trade go by individual.
    I can sell 74 trade packs in a day. 
    You can only normally sell upwards of 27 Reagent Imperial Alchemy packs in a day. 
    After selling those out for my "Daily" gain I would need to move on from those packs or just simply not continue until the next day just like they are currently. All in all it's the same thing as it is currently... just invidually counted rather than channel-wide.. when in reality anyone who uses the technique just server hops each moment they can creating this as a "Server wide".. and server wide on such a currently large scale is going to be difficult.
  21. I love this game.
    In particular. I love the trade skills. Cooking, Fishing, Farming, Alchemy, etc.
    However, it seems that this game's focus is not life skills. Life skills are not the end game. The end game of BDO seems to be getting the best gear, doing PVP, or similar.
    While you are not forced to do that, there are no real goals to work towards for life skill players asides from a higher lifeskill rank. Asides from a small amount of knowledge, there is no reason to learn every single recipe as a chef. You get no special reward.
    In addition, asides from the cook's clothes, there are no gear for me to upgrade. It would be nice if cooking had a life skill tool like Fishing does. A tool that you could upgrade.

    I am sitting here with more money than I know what to do with, because I have already reached the end game of cooking, after just 20 days. 
  22. My House is littered with cooking utensils. I hate having to load and unload cooking.  I prefer a nice looking house.  How about having a cooking Item in the pearl shop that allows you to use durability from Utensils in your city storage? Advanced cooking will give the Pearl item -1 sec and 5% cooking skill Exp, Intermediate will give 3% Exp, and beginner Cooking Utensil will give 1% Exp.  
    Another possible option is allowing cooking through City storage like the Maid costume.  It can be a additional option to the Cooking utensil or a secondary Item which when bought in a set gives an extra 5-10% cooking Exp. Loyalty equivalent can be a scroll increasing Cooking utensil durability by 100% for one day. Loyalty cost TBD
  23. Post on Fish bait! in Suggestions

    By Everdawn, posted
    Can you implement fish bait? i don't mean ones like you can get for fish tokens which increase fishing speed, but instead ones that increase the probability for better fish... These could be cooked up from fresh white fish/dried fish and don't even have to last past a single cast~ Just that better fish would be worth it, maybe even make it's recipe out of the trashy fishing rewards? (seaweed, fish bones) to make them worth something?
  24. Post on Scorpion Meat Spot in PVE

    By TROHM, posted
    Hi guys... I have a question.
    Anyone knows a good spot to collect Scorpion meats?
    I need a place that has good amount or fast respawn.
    Thanks BRO!
  25. Does anyone know all of the possible ways to reduce alchemy/cooking time? I am at Master 2 alchemy so needless to say I use a lot of my time doing alchemy. I currently use a green Polished Alchemy Stone of Life (9% reduction), a +2 Alchemist clothes (3 second reduction), Spongey Teff Bread (3% reduction), and the Advanced Alchemy Tool (1 second reduction). My current alchemy time with all of these running is down to around 4.5 seconds. I know that getting a higher enchant level alchemist clothes will reduce my time by another second for each enchant, but I figured that there were other options out there that I am unaware of.