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    Please add this costume x.x
    I want it so bad!!
  2. Literally, the outfit that you show off the warrior in, something that will draw players into the game. Give more people a reason even if its a little shallow to play Warrior. The wonderful Berns costume why did you remove it? It's a complete wasted opportunity on cash and a disappointment to many players.

    Just bring back the damn Berns set please you'd be making a lot of players real happy and it wouldn't even be much work to do it. You'd make easy cash and it's a fast and simple fix.

    Bring it back please and thank you.
    If people are going to vote No then tell me why. I know about 5 people that have joined this game due to certain thing you can do or get. So how does that represent a company if they remove something that players join the game to get with no reason or word?
  3. The stockings on Sin Terrna seems to disappear whenever the trade pack appears on the character / you have trade items in inventory

    I've checked several times, with 3 different trade items (dried fish, and Silver Fish Skin bought from Epheria Trade Manager), and it happens every time.

  4. Post on Armor Glitch in In-Game Bugs

    By Warshade Z, posted
    I have this issue where, for whatever reason, my screen will go black for about 5-10sec and then afterward my skin clips thru my armor - and if I swap any gear after that, the dye will go back to its default color.  The only thing that I can do to reset it...is restart the game.

    Anyone else having this issue?
  5. I'm a fan of the new Valencia Travel Clothes costume, but I was wondering if it was intentional or a bug that helmet that cannot be hidden? If it is indeed intentional, would it be something that could be implemented?

  6. I've got the Sin Terrna Premium costume on my DK,but the default stockings are missing,if i go to Dye window i can see and dye them(have done so),if i open the shop i can see them,i can see other players stockings too,but i can't see my characters stockings(dont have underwear), ive also tried changing the graphical settings to see if that is the issue but it doesn't seem so.
  7. I have an idea that will help both customer and business.....
    I am new to the game, been on for about a month. Thus far, I have received two outfits and one costume, both with a 7 day time limit. I also do appreciate the opportunity to try out a outfit or costume. 
    However,  If you are going to go as far as trying to "bait" us into a purchase, you also need to "hook" us by taking the next step....
    Why not offer a 20% discount that expires when the outfit/costume expires?  (It is a sales pressure tactic) 
    For example, I have my Kanochi (an alt) wearing the Karlstein on a 7 day trial. I did not think I would like until she started wearing it. I do have another outfit in mind for her anyway..... BUT.. Let's say, there is a discount if I buy it before time runs out, in this case, I would and perhaps still also buy her the one I also like for her.... My point, you baited me, now hook me too.  
    It would not bother me if this is never implemented, but I do think you should take more of an advantage on the try before you buy tactic, but allowing us to buy that outfit, with the character we already put it on, at a discount..... The key here is, you MADE A SALE that is pure profit and the buyer also gets a slight discount... Win Win!
    I would keep the limit I suggested too, the discount only applies during the 7 days that begins once the outfit is opened, and only on that character that is currently wearing it. I do think this will be a positive idea the community will also appreciate, and increase potential sales at the same time. 
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.....
  8. So apparently we have all the life skill costumes that we use every day except for one and its the deep-sea sailors costume, where is this?! I need this when I go into the magoria ocean!!! I need more sailing exp!!! qq
  9. Post on nvm in Technical Issues

    By Hollowmist, posted
    Nvm it just looks like glove skin
  10. when i am fully zoomed out, i get none see thru, complete blacked out sleeves, when i zoom in one time it still have super black cuffs, zoom in more and it becomes see thru as intended i believe, really annoying graphical glitch, i always have to play zoomed in when i wear this outfit,  so other ppl get this same issue also, btw playing on max settings, with a 1080ti, any way to fix this or is it a known bug that everyone else gets?

  11. ive been trying to get a tailoring coupon off the mp.. 
    want a move costume and really love the mask for this set
    would really loved to see a dyed version of it
    does anyone have a ss of a dyed version of this costume? for any class not just tamer

  12. Hello everyone
    Here is a suggestion of something that the game has been missing from the very beginning in my view. I'd really love to have the possibility of using the Equipment Tailoring Coupon not only on crafting outfits and some other clothing, but also on the armor sets, such as Agerian, Grunil and so on.
    There are several sets for each class, that look wonderful and perfectly match with the enviroments of the game (I find costumes in the cash shop way too fancy and vulgar), but they are never used because of their stats. So why not turn them into costumes as well, especially considering the fact that similar functionality already exists? Each class can get several additional looks without the necessity for the developer to create something new (which takes time and effort).
    I would appreciate it more than any costume that the cash shop could possibly offer.
  13. Post on Armor as Costume in General

    By Skaven Zverov, posted
    As title states.

    Imho, it would be very nice to let us make in-game armor as costumes. 

    Thanks for reading.
  14. Post on 2 Things in Suggestions

    By Rentago, posted
    For starters, I noticed the berserker has missing textures behind one of his ears, basically allowing you to see through him, and that is also a problem with a lot of his cosmetics where his neck doesn't have skin down to the clothing, but rather a void you can see through his body. Always bothered me about him.
    However the main thing was that I wish wagons allowed 1 other to ride on it with you, so that you can do trade runs with someone riding shotgun. If not simply make a wagon with the sole purpose of allowing multiple people to ride in it as a form of group transportation rather than trade.
  15. So with the DK out and all these new patches how does Kakao games and the devs set up cash shop updates. Based on the good old Google we do not have EVERY costume from Korea and Japan.
    The topic here is not to ----- about odd outfits you don't like but to gain a better perspective on when they decide to release new outfit and cash shop items.  
    Since I basicly main DK atm and I have the snowflake outfit thing already I'm just looking out for the other costumes that all ready exist for the other classes. 
    What schedule do they follow to release this stuff. One a month? Twice a month, twice Every 2 months? Was there a trend in Korea and Japan?
     Not to mention that not evey outfit is out for the original classes either. Like gotha rensa has been out a while and is just now out in NA hell i had been useing it as a skyrim mod outfit for some time now.
    Anyone know the magic formula in this? Comment below THANKS!
    Just to clarify I know it's marketing but when Can I expect them to release more stuff ingeneral? Anyone see a Pattern in release of outfits ir stuff for shop in general.
  16. I love creating clothings and stuff and since we have a lot of costumes with a lot of skin but not many with pants ore more closed clothing I tried to create a costume that could match to the stile the game offers. The leaves on the ornaments are supposed to look like Acornleaces but since they are so small you can't see very good. I will try to color this, but it will take a while. *sigh*

    Edit for some closeups (pixelstuff is because I didn't want to redraw the person every time I try a new design ^.-  so I printed it Lazy girl)


  17. Since we have a costume for horse riding and cooking, it would be nice to have a costume for gathering specific things. Yes I am aware that we have the treant ghillie suit thing, but I dont want to run around like a grass beetle seeming ready to pvp hidden away in the bushes while I am actually just gathering some logs or something.
    So I had the idea of having a Lumberjack Costume, Miner's Costume, Herbalist Costume.. A costume for every sort of gathering.
    The sort of stats I would imagine this would have could be something along the lines of:
    +10% gathering exp
    +25% chance of gaining extra logs / rough stone / whatever (I dont gather herbs n mushrooms)
    +25% chance of not using durability on your tool specific to the costume
    The reason why I want these costumes to have more gains in logs/rough stones is because it's not a worker gathered item. Since you spend your own time working hard on these (For let's say the Sailboat) it would be nice if there was an item to make this a little faster.
    It might seem a slight P2W thing, but c'mon! every outfit gives some premium stats that you wouldn't have otherwise.  
  18. The picture shows the problem - dk isn't a sorc, so could you please change the costume to the version with both arms? Thank you

  19. So, Kakao very generously gave us all a free costume for the quest resets. Compare the looks of it on my Ninja and the Dark Knight class. Wtf...

  20. Can you dye the vials on the belt of the costume?  I have seen many people with this outfit but I do not think I have ever seen one where the vials are dyed.  Thank you.
  21. Hey everyone,
    I have recently leveled a Maehwa to 56 and gotten my awakening.
    And I am love it (such fluid combat and the speed!!), now I'm looking for an awesome outfit/costume for her but I can't choose which one.
    (Personally debating between Order of the Apricot and Jegrina)

    So I would love to see your pearl store Maehwa costumes and outfits that you dyed (or didn't) ingame!! 

  22. Will EU get this costume set for Warrior or it is available on Korean Servers http://bdo.mmo-fashion.com/warrior-rove-ruud/ ???
  23. Post on Outfit bidding in General

    By Zachiru, posted
    I've been trying to get an outfit for little over a week now, with no success. Well over 100 bids, and nothing. Is there really no fail-stack or any other factors to this than pure luck? Do people shit and lie when they say they have sniped 3+ costumes a day when I cant get a single one in a week. And I have literally camped at the market for hours every day and when ever someone has listed the item I have instantly bid on it. 
  24. So there are costumes mills in-game whet we can have our workers craft costumes. However, as far as I know, these costumes do not go into the costume slots that CS costumes go into. They are similar to life skill garments and they replace armor and thus can't be used in combat. My question is: is there a way to get these to go into the costume slots so I can keep wearing my armor while wearing the costume?