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  1. Hello everyone.
    I was thinking to myself the other day while changing gear on my horse, that it would be pretty neat if Heilang (the Tamer's beast) was also able to have gear or costumes. Costumes could range from skins to make him look like a lion or tiger, to a Christmas hat during Christmas. You know, those sort of items. I'd also think that if he did end up being able to equip gear, that he should also get a stats-box that pops up when you press 'p' while he is summoned, to manage it all.

    Let me know what you guys think. I think it'd be neat, but maybe one of you know why they haven't done something like that already.
    Thanks! c:

  2. Consider introducing new cash shop item;
    'Replica Armor Coupon'- Use: Replicate an 'Armor' piece into a wearable costume.
    Summary: A Cash shop item that would infuse an 'Armor' item into a costume. Applying RAC to Reblath Armor would yield a costume item that maintains the appearance of a full Reblath set. Each set effect may need to be slightly tailored, but for Agerian of course the RAC bonus costume effect would be +1 attack/cast, Talis would be +2 movement, +1 luck for fortuna, hp for heve, ap or attack spped for grunil//reblath//etc...
    Basically, I want a costume item to make my ninja look like he is wearing full Reblath, cause it is simple and slick. Thanks<3

  3. Anyone have pictures yet of the new crafted costumes added this patch?
  4. Heyo!
    I made 2 costume concepts, today I made another one and I think its time for new topic Maybe I will paint costumes for all classes. Would be great if you will share your opinion about them

  5. Please make a re-run of the Gloomy Fox Outfit. I missed the event and I really would like fox details for my Valkyrie or even more, Dark Knight, but the latter might be too much to ask for.
  6. Post on Unused Costumes!! in General

    By HouseStark, posted
    Hey Black Desert Online, as a Beta, and day one supporter of this game I would like to request something from you guys. As you know you guys release new outfits  frequently, and they are quite expensive, and yet I and other people keep buying them. Not to long ago you guys added the ability to buy and sell outfits and other pearl shop items on the market, now I, and many others  would really appreciate it if you would implement a way for use to sell our unwanted outfits. Maybe for half the price, or allow us to somehow wash the outfit and resell on the market. There are ways where both sides can win. You can make money on a laundry ticket? And we can resell outfits that are unwanted. I personally have 6 characters and almost all of them have costumes, some even have more then one. It would be awesome is we had an option to sell them again, or recycle them for pearls or something of that sort. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  7. Okay, so these look like multiple things, but it's really not (so much... sorta).

    1 - Mannequins. I don't know about anyone else, but I really love the costumes BDO puts out. My main has 13 and my off characters (of which I have 8) all have a few+ (Auction House ninja right here). The only problem is that you can only see one costume at a time. I spend days wandering around in the same costume, not because I want to, but because I'm training a horse, swimming away from sharks or doing processing, etc. I think it would be really cool if you could craft mannequins (no need to be a pearl item, just having a mannequin object encourages your players to buy more costumes). People who need mannequins are already dedicated in either time (to grind up the silver), money, or both so you know they'll work for it.
    You could even make it so that each mannequin is class specific (although that would make more sense if the mannequin was a copy of your char rather than a wooden doll).

    2 - Display Cases. Again, there are lots of cool items out there, but you can only equip so many things. Or, the event is over and you still have Soccer Balls, but you don't want to throw them away so you can brag that YOU WERE THERE back in the day. With a (craft-able) Display Case, now you can show off that you have enough silver to own a Kazarka of every class, even though you don't have all the classes, just because!

    3 - Maids. You're thinking, bra, I already have maids to pick things up from my warehouse and put stuff on the auction house, what more do I need? Well, if we had mannequins in the house with all the costumes, you won't have the costume in your inventory, would you? But you need to swap to your fishing outfit so you can try to swim away from that Nineshark before you fall off the boat! (Poor planning, just saying) But with your personal valet or lady-in-waiting it's okay! 20 min timer and they collect the costume off the mannequin and slap it on your sorry butt before you finish falling into the ocean and being eaten! Huzzah! Of course, they would swap your current costume for the one off the mannequin, which would mean that having multiple is worth it, but not any more necessary than having one in the first place!
  8. i was wondering if anyone has turned either of the traveling players costume or hunter clothes into a costume and if so did they become dyeable..
    im sure plenty of ppl have the traveling players clothes and hoping someones turned them into the costumes and can answer..
    as for the hunter's clothes.. its probably more rare but i really like it

  9. http://bbs.black.game.daum.net/gaia/do/black/notice/read?articleId=1521&pageIndex=1&objCate1=52&bbsId=BN001&forceTalkro=T
    Got 2 to look forward to then :3

  10. So we can craft this dress in-game and then turn it into a costume with a CS item. I have 2 questions:
    When this is a costume and it goes into the costume slot, can I dye the red part black and the gold part silver? Basically making the dress look sinister.When this is a costume and it goes into the costume slot, will it also take over the head slot or can I wear a hat with it that I bought from the CS?Thanks in advance for any help.
  11. I'm eager to see dark knight added to the costume workshops and hope Jarette's armor will be grey like for the sorc when it happens!
  12. I don't know if you have planned to give DK's the craftable costumes that we have in the game so far, such as Orwen's traveling clothes +1 movement speed, and Jarettes +1 cast/attack speed. I hope it's in the works, but if it's not then then please make it happen ♥
  13. Can you please make more "More mature" looking costumes for female characters please. I'm tired of every female character looking like sex objects.
  14. Ok so I've seen many complain about the lack of visual variety in bdo when it comes to armors and costumes and I gotta say, I'm one of those people. I put a lot value on visual diversity in games, because part of the fun is to visually see your character becoming more badass not just badass by stats. Since I had few ideas how I wish bdo would improve their warbore, I wanted to list them here and also ask others to list their suggestions too. 
    - First a dyeing system like in gw2, this has been suggested by many and I find myself agreeing. It would bring great improvement to the visual aspect of the game and also make it more fun. Basically making dyes account bound and once you obtain the dye, you get unlimited use to it. They could be player crafted and sold in trademarket.
    - be able to put armors on costumes slots, because best armor ain't always the best looking and we all need some variety at one point. 
    - create actual armor skins/costumwa that can be obtained in game kinda like in blade and soul. I know there's a pearl shop and that pearl shop costumes can now be bought with in game silves but there's couple of reasons why I want in game costumes that are not pearl shop items and money isn't one of them. First while pearl shop costumes are nice looking, they seem a bit too flashy, not something that really fits into the game world. I believe pearl shop should be for those who want their character to run around in maid outfit, not for those who want decent looking armor, it's ok for some to be more flashy than others but if they're way too over the top it's not too attractive either (at least for my taste). Second reason being that while buying costumes may be nice, I don't think anyone can deny the satisfaction you get when you complete a quest or get a loot drop from a mob and it turns put to be a new cool armor you don't yet have. There are things that money just cannot buy and achievement is one of them.
    Now the usual "counter arguments" people give is that armors aren't lvl based and therefore take more time to create or that making armor skins takes money and that's why there's not a lot.  The ingame costume option would solve the first problem, because they aren't armors but costumes and second while rendering an outfit may take time and recourses, there's tons of free to play mmo's out there with way larger armor variety than bdo has and this game is buy to play. While there are also few craftable costumes in bdo I don't really think they can be counted as type of clothes you would traver with yet alone battle in. They seem more like roleplay costumes than used in actual questing. 
    I really want bdo to get the visual variety aspect down, because unlike what some may think, it's actually really big part of the gaming experience and probably even one pf the reasons why love the mmorpg genre. Bringing more free visual variety options to the game would also give people new goals and for crafting and collecting, because money milking is never a good business model plus it's not rewarding at all.
    Anyway let me hear your thoughts and ideas on the matter!
    (Ps, sry for possible typos, I cannot see very well atm : D )
  15. So I stated playing black desert online when it first came out and was really hyped for it, though I stopped playing only after a month or so. Now call me petty but the reason I actually stopped playing was because lack of variety when it came to character visuals in game, armors looking like trash with no variation and dye system was just horrible, especially, since all the trailers made it seem like the cash shop costumes were actually obtainable in game, I felt kinda lied to when I learned it wasn't so. Everyone has their own reasons to play the game and everyone had a different tastes but sadly for me, being able to look cool and have a different look once in a while is actually really big part of the enjoyable game experience for me. Now some may say that I should just buy cash shop costumes but if I'm not even willing to pay 30$ for a shirt in real life, so there's no way I'd spent the same money on virtual shirt either. Don't get me wrong, I'm no where against cash shop items but I think cash shop should be for those who want their character to run around in maid outfit, not for those who want to look decent yet still fit within the setting of the game. I was especially disappointed, because this game was buy to play which was actually something I was really happy about, because I though that it would guarantee some quality over it's free to play model but it turned out to be basically the exact same type of cash milking game like it's free to play counterpart. 

    The game apparently went downhill in many other aspects as well after I stopped playing but I head that it has started to pick itself up again, making others who left the game, starting to come back. I've also been thinking of starting to play this game again, because I still think it's a fantastic and unique game that I found myself to really enjoy. I really hate the part of myself that puts the visual variety of the game on so high pedestal that it can actually make or break the whole game for me, but I just cannot help it. Maybe it's the artist in me who enjoys the visuals, who knows. 

    So what I would like to know is that if the situation on these aspects has gotten any better? Is the dyeing system as trash as before or is it easier to access now? What about armor or costume variety in the game? I must say but I am still not willing to pay real money on dyes or costumes, because I expect those things to be part of basic gaming experience that should be available to everyone, whatever you are ready to spend money or not. If there's a way to purchase dyes or costumes with ingame money, through action for example, even that would be a big improvement in my eyes. 
  16. I know ranger is probably one of the most popular classes, and they get newer outfits more often than other classes. But for once I think this set is one of the more sought out for, and is really beautiful and well made.
    I really think the other classes such as witch, sorceress etc. would like to have their version of it. A good example is "Acher Guard", which all classes have.
    I personally would really like this set for every class, both male and female (since there is a male version too for Berserkers), and I think many others would like that too.

    Please leave a vote of what you think, and maybe someone will notice or care about it!

  17. Post on Korean Costumes in General

    By Toastie, posted
    Hey guys,
    Does anybody know a website with up to date costumes from Korea? The only one with most costumes on that I've found is http://bdo.mmo-fashion.com/ BUT I know for certain that there are many costumes not shown on here that have been released. I only ask because I saw this sword in a video where a Warrior had this sword http://prnt.sc/dj653b and I would like to see the set it is tied to and I can find no evidence of it existing outside of this picture and seeing it in the video. 
    So again does anyone know an up to date Korea cash shop on the web to see what's coming our way? Or could somebody who has access to the Korean servers please log in and take some pictures?
    Many thanks
  18. Post on Off-topic Ninja in Ninja

    By Archrow, posted
  19. Hello.
    My suggestion is the addition of price point multi-costume boxes to the pearl shop.
    What is a multi-costume price point box?
    A multi-costume price point box is simply a box that can be opened on any particular class, and will display all costumes available to that class at either a 2,900 or 3,400 pearl price point. Again, this is not an RNG box.
    As we all know, Kakao/Daum/Pa have for some reason decided to divide all the costumes into separate boxes.
    For example: Ranger Sylvia Weapon & Outfit Premium Set, Warrior Gavi Regan Weapon & Costume Premium set. Ranger Karlstein Weapon & Outfit Set, Ninja Karlstein Weapon & Outfit Set, Wizard Karlstein Weapon & Outfit Set... and the list goes on.
    I am simply proposing a way for this unnecessarily convoluted system to be avoided, for simplicity and convenience sake, for both pearl shop users and marketplace users.
    How is it used?
    Pearl shop customer purchases a price point multi-costume box @ 2,900 pearls, and/or a box @ 3,400 pearls (again, from the PEARL SHOP).Pearl shop customer registers whichever costume boxes he has purchased on the marketplace @ the appropriate silver value for 2,900/3,400 pearl costume sets.Marketplace Buyer purchases the multi-costume box and transfers it to whichever character he wishes through the warehouse.Buyer opens the multi-costume box and sees a list of all 2,900/3,400 pearl costume sets available to the particular class he has opened it with, depending on whether he has purchased a 2,900 or a 3,400 box.Buyer selects the desired costume set, and is then given a costume box specific for that set(or simply given the costume itself, skipping the extra step) as normal.CONS:
    More people will be bidding on costumes all at once. However, the same thing is happening with value packs so I don't particularly see this as a con. But some may not see it as pleasant. I see this as off-set by the first PRO, listed below.Pearl Abyss has to spend time developing such a system.??? Your Cons go herePROS:
    More costumes will likely go up all at the same time.Pearl Shop users will never have to worry about which costume to sell, they merely choose how many pearls they want to spend, 2,900, or 3,400.People who wish to obtain costumes that are rarely ever listed on the marketplace have more chance of doing so without spending pearls themselves. This leads to costumers being that much more satisfied with their in-game experience.??? your Pros go here 
    Thanks for always making BDO a better experience Kakao and Pearl Abyss.
  20. Hello pals,
    The title is self explanatory; Show me your best Warrior screenshots, dressed up in your favourite outfits dyed in your favourite colours!
    Please be respectful and only use constructive criticism if anything.
  21. Post on Cash Shop Sales in Suggestions

    By MIGhunter, posted
    The cash shop sales need changed.  Instead of selling a max of 5 items, since the Marketplace is pretty much fixed, it needs to be a monetary cap.
    Costume x5 = ~25m x 5 = 125m
    Pets x5 = ~5m x5 
    Value Pack x5 = ~10m = 50m
    Way it should be
    Costume x5 = ~25m x5 = 125m
    Pets x25 = ~5m x25 = 125m
    Value Pack x12 = ~10m x12 = 120m (leaving room for 1 pet).
    By setting a monetary cap instead of limiting it to 5, people will more likely sell pets, Value packs, etc.
  22. Hey, don't you guys think that the costumes are a bit too expresive? I think it should be more cheaper, so in that way more of us can afford paying a costume.
  23. Seeing how much, way better looking costumes are released in other regions, im getting a little envious!
    As a sorc/ranger im eagerly waiting for the Key Sleeve/Gotha Rensa costumes to spend my money on :>
    Id be very happy to see all costumes getting too our version immediately, not bit by bit, so we can pick our favorite.
    Also id like to see getting all face presets for the character customization, why build them out anyways?
  24. http://bdo.mmo-fashion.com/valkyrie-sting-note/
    I was expecting this to be added to our client at the beginning of the month but theyre taking their time for some reason...
  25. Hello guys.
    I was watching fashion costumes on dulfy's page and I can't understand one thing about sorceress costumes. For example check this two costumes:
    For archer:

    For sorceress:

    Do you see the differences? Yes, we have poor version of costume. They cut the sleeves off of the costume. This is not first time when they criple our costumes. I understand this is becuase of amulet but why we don't have a choice if we want to use full version of costume which covers amulet or special version which shows amulet.
    What do you think about this guys?