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  1. Currently, a lot of the classes are female.  This fact isn't particularly a problem, but it does leave us limited in terms of choices of male classes and male characters.  Many were disappointed in learning that the Dark Elf was to be another female class, and while I personally am looking forward to her and plan to make one immediately I do understand where the sentiment comes from.  Currently there are 5 male classes and 7 female ones.  It isn't too big of a disparity, but with the Dark Elf it will be 5:8.  We do also have to consider that many don't like the appearance of Giants or Wizards, and while I personally think they can be amazingly made—once again their unconventional approach to the classes' looks is understandable in terms of why it may set some people off.  This means that for many, there are 3 "conventional" male character classes (Warrior, Musa, Ninja) to choose from, versus the 7 female ones (Ranger, Sorceress, Tamer, Valkyrie, Witch, Maehwa, Kunoichi).  Considering we haven't had a new class for some time, and now are learning of a brand new one being created with the "Dark Elf"-like female class—I personally believe this is a great opportunity to create a male class counterpart as we'll be in the midst of exploring Kamasylvia!
    We know that, based on logic, there must be full Elven males somewhere.  Orwen is half-Elf and half-Human, and there are Elven women who refer to their fathers such as one on a farm in Mediah.  We also see Elven Children around the Longleaf Sentry Post.  Even if they're rare they certainly exist and there's no lore issue. I think it would be a great opportunity to add to the "conventional male" class list.  As I said before, I think this is a golden opportunity to make a lot of people happy who are looking for more male classes to play, even if the male dark elf would be after the release of the female one.  It would still give people who are waiting on this something to look forward to.
    As I think this is somewhat important, especially considering the reactions to the Dark Elf (many expressed that they wish it was a male class, and were disappointed it was revealed to be another female class), I'm going to tag @CM_Jouska to ensure someone with the proper connections sees this.  I think that this class (and/or any future ones) end up being only female once again (like the Tamer, Ranger, and Sorceress), there will be a lot of amazing design, counterpart, and lore opportunities missed out on!  If nothing else, it would be nice to at least have Pearl Abyss know how some of us feel on this topic.
    I'm also adding a poll to get a general idea of people's opinions!

    (Art credit to tineck-marincek on deviantart!)
  2. I recently read the latest interview where they mentioned a valkyrie male counterpart is there any more information out there about it? Because that'd be the class i'd like to play most of all.
    ''Currently, there is no plan to create a male version of Ranger, Sorcerer and Tamer. We might however provide a counterpart that offers a similar look and feel such as Valkyrie vs. Warrior with slight adjustments to fit its nature.''
    Source: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/18464-interview-with-the-developers/
  3. I was in cbt1 and I very much enjoyed the berserker class, however I was disappointed that there was not a female class like it. I would enjoy having a giantess, amazonian warrior, or something of the female tanky sort added to the game. Though ,of course, there should be some differences so it's not just a female clone, perhaps a weapon difference like huge hammers or maces instead of dual axes? It would be appreciated if a female counterpart was added so I can be beautiful and dominate the battleground like berserkers.