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  1. Does anyone here have a Ryzen 7 1700 or i7 7700k with GTX 1070 or better ?
    What is your FPS like in cities, towns, world bosses, node war, sieges and out in the open world.
    I am upgrading my CPU next week, leaning towards the Ryzen 7 1700 as I can could do AFK tasks while I played other games and the performance of the game I would be playing will not be affected.
    The Ryzen 7 1700 upgrade path is also cheaper combined with a b350 motherboard.
    I am running a GTX 1080ti @ 1440p / 144hz monitor
    Skip to 5:15
    Your thoughts guys ?
  2. I've been playing Black Desert on all LOW settings, However the highest FPS i can get is 24 if i'm in a area that has no NPC's, players or Monsters.
    In a Town or Area that has alot of monsters then i would get between 3-18fps, It becomes very choppy and un-enjoyable to play
    Is there a way to increase FPS by tweaking settings?
    If not, which computer part do i need to upgrade?
    PC Specs:
    CPU: AMD FX-8120 8-Cores ~ 3.1ghz 
    GPU: Sapphire Radeon VAPOR-X R9 270X 2GB
    Motherboard: MSI 970A-G46
    RAM: 16GB
    Power Supply: OCZ Gamexstream 700w
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    According to GameDebate, it should be running on High settings..?
    Any help would be great!

  3. Post on Computer Jargen in Off-Topic

    By Felyni, posted
    Morning all, 

    I'm currently looking into what I can upgrade with my computer, and make it run a bit better. (Most of the parts are 6-7 years old)
    I run BDO, imo "decently" I get 17-20fps in towns, which doesnt bother me to much, i have been noticing some graphic glitches recently, with textures on horse manes looking weird.

    Now I am not tech savvy, I can install/replace/ re-program things but when it comes to terminology(ssd, HDD, duel cores,,etc) i'm at a loss.

    My Current Specs:
    (If i'm missing something please let me know)

    (C:)= 581 GB (335gb free)
    Operating System: Windows 10 Home-64bit
    BIOS Date: 03/12/2012 Ver: 02.10
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500k CPU @3.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.3GHz
    Memory: 8192MB RAM (8gb)
    DirectX Ver: 12
    PSU: TX850 corsiar

    Name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770
    Approx. Total Memory: 8136 MB
    Current Display Mode: 1920 x 1080(32bit)(60Hz)
    Monitor: ASUS MX279

    Starting off with the GPU; What's a good card to upgrade to? I like NVIDIA. 
    Or can i use my current card and install another card? i remember reading somewhere that my computer can support duel GFX cards; if so does that help any? And whatever else i can upgrade~

    All input/suggestions are welcome! 

    Thank you!

  4. Hallo,
    Ich würde gerne meinen PC aufrüsten/Umrüsten auf einen Intel core. Nur weiss ich nicht welchen ich nehmen sollte in der mittleren Preisklasse, damit ich das spiel auch mal mit 60 fps geniessen kann^^. Hier mein Aktuelles set up:
    AMD fx 8350 8 Kern CPU
    2x RX480 Grafikkarte
    32GB Ram 1444hz
    Das heisst ich muss das Mainboard + CPU upgraden. Könnt ihr mir da was empfehlen in der mittleren Preisklasse im Bezug auf BDO?
    MfG und Danke
  5. I'm really wondering why bdo uses so much of my cpu when send to tray. It's always between 25-50% usage at ~4-4.1GHz and I'm running the Intel i5 7600K. This confuses and annoys me..
    Any suggestions or ideas how to prevent that?
  6. Aye guys,
        So I am having a semi-issue with Black Desert Online right now. To say in usual I run a lot of higher end games at over 200+ frames, and I have a pretty good PC; I have a 1080 as my GPU and a i7 4790k 4.5GHz as my processor. If you want any other computer specs or information that could assist you just ask. Anyways, so I'm getting about 50-60 FPS in towns, and 60-90 or maybe sometimes 100 frames if I'm lucky with max settings. I get the SAME FPS when I'm running the game at the absolute lowest settings with more of a stutter. I'd like to get my full 144hz out of my monitor to watch the game in super clear beautiful gameplay, but I feel something is holding my rig back from performing. I'm honestly not sure if it is connection based on the server, or it is optimization, or if it is something on my end. Does anyone have any solution they've been able to find so far? Thank you much.
  7. Wie im Foto zu sehen , hab ich ne ziemlich hohe CPU Auslastung, weshalb auch immer.
    Ich hoffe mir kann jemand helfen , weil ich immer diese mini ruckler habe. bei kämpfen , geht das garnicht die , da ist die CPU auslastung bei 100% ich hab immer lag spikes 
    Habe bereits einige Sachen ausprobiert, wie im xingcode ordner die 64bit version zu benutzen.
    Ich habe ein i5-6600k CPU

  8. I'm sorry if this is duplicating someone's wonderful thread, but a search of CPU yielded no matches.
    I have a problem with DCing in populated areas, so I thought I'd investigate whether there are any PC settings I can change in order to allow this game to utilize more of my CPU. My current set-up has an i7-4770k mounted on an Asus Z87 PRO MB. My 2x GTX660 SLI is being replaced this week, but I hear the concentration of players in a small area is more of a CPU issue. Yet, My CPU utilization seldom goes above 20%.
    Any idea how to force my CPU to handle more of this load? Thanks.
  9. This game seems to have massive issues that pop up every second patch or so.  I had a freezing that would turn into a crash for about 2 months.  I dealt with it as best as I could but it seems to have come back but it's slightly different.
    Currently, it's freezing, again seemingly when the game isn't the focus window (I can't play a game and never use another program at the same time, it's ridiculous that this game seems to have fits of jealousy), but this time crashes out with a memory warning.
    I don't have a pic of it using up 95% of the CPU but I did manage to snag a pic of it using stupid amounts of memory:

    Computer stats:
    Win 1016 GB Ram2x GTX 760i5-2500kASUS P8 Z68-V Pro/Gen3 Motherboard@GM_Caramel @GM_Dew I know this may not be either of your department, are you guys able to direct the GM who does handle this section to look here?  This support thread is mostly bare and it's difficult to troubleshoot when each case is looked at individually I think.  I'm honestly thinking it's just a windows 10 thing and I may have to just format back to 7 ugh
  10. Hello.
    I have a question for the experts, I m runing bdo in a GTX 970, Intel Core i5 3570K and 12gb RAM and I suffer some stutering and also is very anoyoing to do pvp without any efffects enabled,should I get a better CPU including motherboard or better GPU? I have 450€ of budget
  11. When is a fix coming?

  12. I have 2 options the 6800k and the 6700k, according to this korean website BDO works better with a 6 Core/12 Threads CPU, they used the i7 4930k for the benchmark.

    So... the best option will be the 6800k, right? and it has 15 Mb of L3 cache, meanwhile the 6700k has better single thread performance due to higher frequencies and the new Skylake design, but this one only has 8 Mb of L3 cache. 
    Will the 15 Mb of L3 cache on the 6800k make any difference? Which one should i get for large scale pvp and stuff like that?

  13. So I've been investigating why my game crahes or "reloads" (like map opens and area get reloaded, really annoying if im afk training, meaning i lose autopaths). What I've seen around the forums is that compared to other poeple, my Coherent UI uses around 30% of my cpu, while other people's 0%. What...the fk ? Is it fixable ? If so, how do I fix this ?

    So I got a game crash right after posting this while having task manager opened. What I've noticed is that what really craches is the Coherent UI, and it makes the game "reaload". All Cpu usage related to the process went to 0% after it crashed and restarted.
  14. Hello i'am running:
    -ASUS StriX Asus 970 4GB
    -I5 4690k
    -16GB Corsair Vengence Pro 2400Mhz DDR3
    I am getting ridiculous fps drops in citites around 30> and <20, this is insane for the type of rig i have and i can run any game on ultra at 100+ fps, outside cities its around 60+ but i feel like it should be a lot higher especially within cities it feels  unplayable any ideas?
  15. Post on CPU Usage in Technical Issues

    By Krynge, posted
    When i launch the game it is extremely slow, when pulling up the Task Manager BDO (no the stupid xigin process) is utilizing about 98% of CPU and almost as much RAM.

    I was playing last night with no problems, i come home from work and this is happening.
    Anyone have any fix? Ive already deleted files, updated drivers etc.
  16. I used to be able to just restart the game to "fix" the autopath problem lots of us have been experiencing. But now not even that works, I can't autopath at all. Within a minute after putting the game to tray the char just stops moving. This problem seemed to arrive at the same time as the bug that causes heavy CPU usage while in tray (25-45% instead of 5-15%). I am pretty sure these problems are related.
    It was all caused by one of the patches in June. Most people say after 17/6 but I could've been earlier than that.
    These are quite severe bugs and needs to be taken seriously. Still no fix around after more than a month of bug reports. 
    The threads about broken autopath are all over. But the CPU usage problem is slightly less known since I'm sure most people don't check their resources while the game is in tray. Here's another thread about the problem:
  17. Hello,
    i got my temps on the picture below, its weird because at the top it says CPU 38C or so. and further down at AMD..... it says 80+c..
    What does this mean? whats the difference and is it dangerous?
    Thanks in advance! 

  18. Hello,
    I am trying to solve some issues that started Monday 4/25/16. Suddenly, without changing anything I began freezing and crashing. My game would completely stop saying "BlackDesert64.exe has stopped working" forcing me to restart the game. While I didn't think it'd be a persistent issue, it's become one. Now, two days later, every time I attempt to stay in game or log in, my CPU will begin to destroy itself. The CPU usage was never bad until Monday, and now it clocks in with BlackDesert64 around 70-80, spiking up to sometimes 90 at random, causing my CPU fan to rev up like a car engine. I have looked over SO MANY threads to try to find solutions. Is it Xingcode? Idk... I tried all the fixes for that, nothing works. Is is an error somewhere? If it is, I can't seem to find anything. My FPS is fine, my quality is fine. The game is playable, up until these random crashes, and the rev up of my fans is waking my 3 month old up and pissing my wife off.
    Please someone help!
    OS: Windows 7 Home Primeum
    CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 250 Processor, 3000 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
    RAM: 7GB
    Again, everything was working PERFECT, nothing wrong at all. Yes, I know. I have only dual core, but it was working JUST FINE, up until Monday...
  19. Post on GTX 960 or R9 380 in Off-Topic

    By Akashi, posted
    Hey !
    I am getting new parts soon since i've been running this game in optimized mode since the release.
    What GPU should i get a GTX 960 or a AMD R9 380, its not about the nvidia/amd fanboys here its just what runs the best for this game.
    Then the CPU, will a AMD FX-8350, 4,0 GHz do it? (8 Cores)
    People who have this stuff and can give their opinion would be nice ! 
  20. Been having issues with this game and FPS in general. My computer should be more than capable of handling the game at very high settings or more, but I am noticing the game is only using 8%-20% of the GPU utilization and slightly more than 20% for the CPU in most cases.

    Specs are below...

             Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 10586) (10586.th2_release_sec.160328-1908)
                     Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
          System Manufacturer: EVGA INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD
                 System Model: To be filled by O.E.M.
                         BIOS: BIOS Date: 03/06/15 13:25:46 Ver: 05.06.05
                    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz (12 CPUs), ~3.3GHz
                       Memory: 32768MB RAM
              DirectX Version: 12
         2 GeForce GTX 980 in SLI

    The game is set to Very high settings with camera shake off and AA off as well as high performance mode off.
  21. Hey all, so, I really do love this game, however, my rig fit to eat a small planet drops to like 30 frames in calph. Now, before you jump to say "no one runs smooth in calph". Fair point, problem being im sitting at 100fps average '60 to 70% usage in just in the world, ya know? Well as soon as I stroll into calph my frames drop to thirty and my gpu usage drops to 20 to 30% usage, yeah, the usage is the problem. In a more demanding area why would usage drop? Is this a hardware or software issue on my part or just a common thing for this game. I use fullscreen mode, vsync is off, done alot of trouble shooting already. Oh before someone asks if it's a bottleneck, cpu usage doesn't hit above 30 to 40%. Everything is maxed with high end mode being disabled. My rig: i7 6700k @ 4.2ghz, 980 ti @ stock, 16gb ddr4 ram @ 3000mhz. I should be fine runing this game maxed, which I do run fine unless im on a city calph mostly, it's just the gpu usage dropping it makes no sense a more demanding area would use less. I've seen a lot of these threads turned into massive flame wars arguing about optimization, so please, I need help not an argument. Any help is appreciated , this usage is so weird my computer should chew this game up. I'll post screenshots later when I get home. Anyways, thanks all!
  22. Post on PC building help in Off-Topic

    By AkiaSenpai, posted
    Im going to buy a GTX 970, though i might need a new CPU aswell. My current CPU is an A8-7600. Im significantly looking for a good build for MMORPGS like this.
    I was thinking about buying a FX8350 but im not sure if thats the right thing to do, i would also have to buy a new motherboard ( an ATX) and could get an m5a97 r2.0.
    My budget is about 600,- euros. though you need to count the 970 off that wich makes it 245 Euros. Current specs are:
    CPU:  AMD A8-7600
    GPU: R7 250 
    Mobo: ASUS A88XM-A
    Could you give me any advice or know a better thing to do, then please tell me!
  23. I honestly can't tell. I don't know how strong a GTX 950M is, but I shouldn't be running 1600x900 on all low settings to achieve 60fps
    Unless I'm overestimating my laptop.
    dxdiag is attached to post
  24. I see this is a huge problem with a lot of people already, so I'll just try and give as many details as possible. A lot of people are trying to say it's a game engine problem but I don't think that's it. My first day playing the game I was switching between Very High settings with High end mode on and off with 45-50 Fps constant, with a drop to about 30 in towns and cities, for as beautiful as the game is and as OKAY my laptop is (Nvidia GeForce 970M, 16gb RAM), it ran well. It wasn't until Saturday or Sunday I realized that my game (mid play) took a NOSE DIVE in FPS. Like literally dropping down to 10 fps MAX, no matter where I was. Once I logged out I realized that the launcher wasn't seeing my main GPU as an option, it had switched mid play to default my integrated GPU. Now I eventually got that fixed using the Nvidia Control Panel, but even so, it hasn't been the same since. 20-28,30 FPS MAXIMUM. Sometimes up to as high as 38 way in the middle of no-where. No matter what setting I use, Very High to Low, I always get the same FPS. Lets figure this out guys.
  25. hi my rig is this
    CPU Amd 965 3.4 Ghz
    GPU Sapphire 5850 1 GB
    RAM 8  GB
    2 TB HDD
    Windows 7
    They offering me a Sapphire 7970 3 GB Ghz Edition for 120 €, I think its pretty cheap, what you  say guys?
    Dont have money for upgrade MOBO+CPU