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  1. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a better "HP potion" to craft, aside from Highly Concentrated Grain Juice.  I know there are dishes you can cook, many of the dishes I've encountered, though, have a looooong cooldown, 20-30 mins.  
    Thanks in advance for any help! 
  2. I managed to determine the crafting material requirements for the new crafted Sailing clothes added in Korean in the latest patch notes there. Also, the enhancements per level. There are also other Life skill profession clothes introduced for Sailing but this just covers the crafted version, which is available already for other Life skills.
    Silver Embroidered Sailor's Clothes - Provisional details
    Craft Materials
    10 x Cotton Fabric
    10 x Coral Piece
    15 x Black Stone Powder
    Enhancement Levels
    DP 16
    Mermaid's Wish
    Sailing EXP +5%
    DP 18
    Mermaid's Wish I
    Sailing EXP +10%
    DP 20
    Mermaid's Wish II
    Sailing EXP +15%
    DP 23
    Mermaid's Wish III
    Sailing EXP +20%
    DP 26
    Mermaid's Wish IV
    Sailing EXP +25%
    +5 (possible values, not actual)
    DP 29?
    Mermaid's Wish V?
    Sailing EXP +30%?
    I believe that the image is the actual crafted clothes though not 100% sure.
    Further details and notes are included on this Reddit thread for more information;
    [Sailing] 'Silver Embroidered Sailor's Clothes' - Provisional details for crafting materials and enhancements.
    The stats should be accurate but the names may well change when localised for our region and all details should be treated as provisional for now. There is no indication when these may be added to our region but should help with the Sailing skill grind, along with the new Sailing quests also added recently in Korea.

  3. We are a small and Very active Guild.
    Our mission as a meeseek is to help as many people as possible
    The life of a meeseek is not easy ( Turn away u cant deal with it )
    But if you think you can be a Successful Meeseek, here is some info about our Guild.

    1. Mr_Meeseek is a small ( But GROWING ) Guild.
    we have a community of 3,500+ members backing us.
    2. We have a teamspeak server with 100+ people on all times,
    Also have a Discord for BDO itself.
    3. We have a few Requirements to join.
    Must be 18+
    Have a mic
    Be Active on the website [ Mr_Meeseeks ] 
    4. The most important one of them all
    HAVE FUN, ITS A GAME . Not a JOB !
    If you think about dropping bye ask for Weeder_76 [ aka Denz ]
    here is our TS address --->
    Here is our Discord ---> https://discord.gg/MNBYnCE

    The following is what we do on a day to day basis for you wanting to know
    Grinding [ Power lvl toons ]
    Boss Scroll's
    Guild Missions
    [ Soon ] Node Wars
    Life Skill
    Scream LOOK AT ME !
    Make jokes about Meeseeks
    Just hangout and have fun
    All i gotta say is were a relaxed group of Men and Women
    have no hardcore requirements other than 1,000 Activity weekly [ Not hard ]
    Just be active on the Team-speak and Forums.
    Hope to see you all in the TS

  4. Valencia 

    Valencia, the guild, once held a many of explorers.  It was a place called home to a league of veterans.  With sails set in the direction of prosperity, they set forth on the journey of remembering.  Adventuring out into the surrounding world, they cast out their ambitions; cultivating their skills, dealing in the arts of trade, and vanquishing those who proclaim enemy.  Valencia shaped into many forms of identity, to eventually become a ruin.  
    A light in the dark, shone through, igniting into what is known as-  

    Birthing into its second life, 'Valencia's four' is now gathering to rebuild a guild where many can call to home and expedition.  We are looking for those with a thirst for exploration, a niche for crafting, and hunger to destroy enemies.  We offer a guild to grow with fellow adventurers, building amongst one another in all respects.  We are here to seek entirely out into the open world and build a guild of many strengths. 
    Valencia is a casual and progressive open world guild. 
    We are rebuilding a Large 60 - scale guild shell We looking to go in any direction with our game play with the main focus on a foundation of friendly players who enjoy doing whatever it is they like in-game Valencia offers a Discord server that is optional.
    Current Member Scale: Medium (41/60)
    Accuracy +1 All AP +5 Max HP +60 Damage Reduction +5 Gathering +1 Fishing +1 

    Level 50+  
    active play (few days a week minimum)

    Alexina (Low) - whisperCute (Sky) - whisper Philosopher (Light) - forum message, whisperGarbage (Idiot) - whisper  

  5. Hi =)
    Been doing crafting quests and at the start things seemed logical. I made something, gained knowledge and it displayed the ingredients needed in that info.
    Now, lately, that is far from true for my new discoveries. Instead of, for example, showing what I need, it might say for example:
    Beer: Grain x5, Mineral Water x6, Leavning Agent x2, Sugar x1.
    Seafood Grilled with Butter: Butter x? + seafood x? + salt x? + olive oil x?
    I tend to google things anyway when crafting something but this just struck me as odd. Add to that, some recipes (example Pickled Vegetables) doesn't show anything at all beyond roleplay info.
    Are these things written as is or is the exact ingredent info something that I can unlock eventually by making lots of them or altering ingredients/quantities?
  6. I'd Like to invite you to check our family friendly guild.  We have a fun and friendly environment where you can enjoy all aspects of the game.  We are planning on engaging in node wars, territory wars, and yet have room and welcome those that have no pvp inclinations.  
    Please visit our website: www.solaguild.com and check out who we are and if you are interested in joining us, submit an application and one of our officers will send you an invite.
    We are a very active group and have a very active community in mumble as well.  
  7. I never expected BDO to be a proper MMO, I was content with a nice eye candy game world and lots of activities to be engaged which ranges from craft to bossing to grind when I am active, and fishing/training when afk.
    But here is the thing; balance among activities is piss poor that it is straight out waste of time and even silver to do some of them. Fixing is easy, and you dont need a rocket scientist to calculate it. Just look at games that managed that before you.
    Formula is simple:
    Money made = (sell value - cost to run it ) * (how many times it can be done in T amount of time) / (Difficulty/requirement of investment 1 difficult - 10 easy)
    'Money made' should be equal among activities; and if it is not same just play around with one of the above variables and problem solved. 
    After so many years and addition of new lvls/gears/grinds/dungeon systems and crafts games like Atlantica Online still have a functioning economy because best money makers are set on higher CD or with incrementally increasing requirements/costs every time you do it again before a weekly reset. So that you cant just stick to the best thing out there and it keeps rotating with economy shifting around. 
    And then there is the shit we call Field Bosses here which is boring as duck being most profitable activity for ranged players, punishing melee for no reason. How hard is it to put a RNG distance calculator on its AoE attacks so that sometimes melee range is safe and being away sucks? Or allowing to get loot once a <T time> per boss.
    I wont even mention how much alchemy and farming sucks compared to the easiest side activity out there: fishing.
    Anyway, at this rate with side activities being obsolete, BDO will fail at the only thing it promises, a hangout place with variety of activities.
  8. Bonjour,
    Nous sommes actuellement un groupe de joueurs d'une quinzaine de membres très actifs, à la recherche d'une guilde. (270 PA -PD ) en moyenne, certains sont à plus, d'autres à moins. Il y a quelques temps nous avons créé notre propre guilde sur BDO et avons compris la difficulté de s'en sortir avec un petit groupe de joueurs en gvg, c'est pourquoi nous souhaiterions trouver une guilde active, autorisant le PK. 
    Nous sommes tous majeurs, disposant tous de TeamSpeak, et globalement tous au dessus du lvl 54 (exceptés les reroll), avec quelques joueurs en cours de up 56. Les guildes ultra militaires avec obligation d'être en full DUO , 35h de co par semaine mini ne nous intéressent pas . Bien que disposant d'un bon nombre de joueurs très actifs, nous avons pour la plus part une vie de famille et souhaitons intégrer une structure acceptant que leur joueurs aient une vie . 
    Ce que nous recherchons : 
    - une guilde avec un nombre de joueurs actifs suffisant pour survivre en GVG
    - une guilde acceptant des joueurs très investis et prêts à se rendre disponible, comme des joueurs qui ne seront pas présents tous les jours obligatoirement
    - une ambiance bon enfant avec des joueurs aimant l'humour et prêts à rire de tout comme prêts à être plus sérieux lors de GVG
    - une guilde avec un vocal actif 
    Ce que nous ne souhaitons pas : 
    - une guilde dont les joueurs ne veulent pas s'investir même à minima en fonction de leur temps de jeu (exemple les quetes de guilde en effectif très réduit )
    - une guilde qui ne respecte pas les autres joueurs du jeu (insultes gratuites & co )
    Pour toute demande d'info n'hésitez pas à me MP ou ajouter un commentaire à ce post, Enfin en ce qui concerne les présentations de guilde et éventuelles propositions nous vous serions reconnaissants de nous indiquer vos prérequis ainsi que vos objectifs en jeu. 
  9. Post on Decent money guide in General

    By JBisKing, posted
    You want to buy mats for fishing boats and craft them then sell it on market.
    Black stone powder     (30 mats) approx 53,3k     :         3 workers * 8 + 1 worker * 6        
    Pine sap                        (30 mats) approx 54k        :         3 workers * 8 + 1 worker * 6        
    Birch plywood               (50 mats) approx 325k      :         7 workers * 7 + 1 worker * 1        
    Usable scantling           (25 mats) approx 47k        :         3 workers * 7 + 1 worker * 4
    Bronze ingot                  (25 mats) approx 175k     :         3 workers * 7 + 1 worker * 4
    This will take 2 hours and 30 minutes with 24 workers in epheria port, they must be goblins or else it will take much longer.
    Fishing boats goes for 1,5m in market minus 35% tax = 975k
    975k - 654k = 321k
    321k in profit.
    As for CP, I don't remember the exact number you will need but it would be around 55-60. Place your mats in epheria port storage. You want to buy all lodging in Epheria minus 1, that will get you 24 workers, or you could just buy all and you will get 25 workers.
    The setup will take a bit of time, cause you will need energy to hire goblins only, doesn't matter if green or blue, as long as its a goblin. But once the setup is done, all you have to do is assign work to the workers and you are done. You could fish while your workers craft the fishing boat for maximum money making, or level. All you have to do is just bring more mats to the storage.
  10. Bonjour à tous, Mesdames et Messieurs
    Suite à la note de patch implementer le 20 Avril 2016. On ne peut que se demander ce qui c est passer concernent la pierre Alchemy. Je crois que faire un changement comme celui-ci (explication à suivre) est un mépris total à tous ceux qui ont sans relâche passer du temp a:
    Leveling profession Alchemyla collecte du matériel pour l'alchimiePréparer le matériel pour l'artisanat de la pierre de l'alchimieRassembler suffisamment de ressources pour polir et mettre à niveau l'alchimie pierre elle-mêmeA partir de maintenant tous ceux qui ont fait ou faisaient cela sont donc dans une situation désastreuse. où tous les matériaux accumulés ont été essentiellement récolter fait pour rien.
    On peut supposer que la pierre de l'alchimie étant un item de fin de jeu, il exige un niveau élevé de ténacité et de dévouement à l'artisanat. Mais je crois que la plupart seront d'accord avec moi, cela était déjà le cas. L'exigence était déjà élevé pour créer, polir puis élever le niveau de la pierre.
    Avoir le matériel de base pour la pierre de l'alchimie exige déjà un niveau moyen d'alchimie seulement pour obtenir la poudre brillante qui est en sois influencer par la RNG. Ensuite, une fois tout ls matériaux  nécessaire récolter un joueur peut essayer de créer une pierre dans l'espoir que le craft ne failerais pas. Crafter la pierrre en dessous du niveau artisan 1 est deja difficile en soit.
    Pour en venir au patch et la modification apportée à la partie de polissage de la pierre Alchemy Je ne peux que me demander pourquoi changer un système qui était déjà équitable en soit. En supposant qu un joueur avait tout le matériel nécessaire pour fabriquer sa pierre d'alchimie ce meme joueur a un chance d obtenir une piere (Vie, Protection, Destruction) lui permettant de commencer le polissage de sa pierre. Pour cette question avant le patch en fonction de la pierre le joueur pouvais utiliser des matériaux différent donnant a la pierre des quantité différente de xp comme suit:
    minerai régulier, le bois, l'usine augmenterait xp en pierre à faible tauxminerai moyen, bois, plante (fondu, planche, plante verte) augmenterait xp un peu plusminerai supérieur, le bois, l'usine augmenterait le xp encore plusSachant tout cela pour une pierre imparfaite (destruction, la protection, la vie) on pouvait s' attendre à utiliser une valeur importante entre 500k à 1 million pour essayer de level leur pierre après le polissage à 150%. Sachant que le coût de mise à niveau inclus l utilisation d une blackstone arme et les matériaux. Un essai de mise à niveau coûterait un joueur autour de 1 / 1,5 milions. Ce qui est seulement pour le premier niveau de l'alchimie pierre. Comme les matériaux nécessaires pour le polissage augment avec l'expérience de la pierre plus de materiaux sont requis au fur et a mesure de l evolution de la pierre
    Maintenant, avec le nouveau système, il est clair que la quantité d'argent nécessaire pour mettre à niveau a pierre d'alchimie. Je me demande si d autre on les meme questions. Lesquel sont:
    Pourquoi implementer un tel changement?Pourquoi faire un métier déjà difficile et coûteux a faire encore plus difficile?Y avait-il déjà à de nombreuses pierres d'alchimie sur le marché? Pour moi cela n'a pas été le cas. Je joue sur le serveur Jordine et jusqu'à présent seulement quelques pierres d'alchimie ont été mise en vente à l hotel des ventes. Il coute deja plus cher de craft la pierre que de la vendre, alors pourquoi la rendre encore plus cher a crafter? Cela nuis a la profession d lachimiste.
    En outre ceux qui ont fait l'alchimie de pierre avant le patch (moi y compris) sont aujourd'hui très privilégiée car il fallait moins de materiel pour les craft.
    Dans l'ensemble et ayant soigneusement analyser la situation, je demande à chacun de se joindre au mouvement pour exiger que le système soit revus et que l ancien soit re implementer. Je crois que la plupart seront d'accord qu'il est inutile de faire de tels changements lorsque le système était déjà bien fait pour commencer.
    Je demande à tous les alchimistes et les joueurs en général pour le soutien en la matière.
    Un alchimiste que vous voulez bien.
    Je vous invite aussi a voir le post sur le forum international:

  11. Post on Letter From an Alchemist in General

    By Ignar, posted
    Hello everyone, Ladies and Gentleman
    Following on the patch note implemented on the 20th of April 2016. One can only wonder what went down regarding the Alchemy stone. I believe that making a change such as this (explanation to follow) is a complete disregard to all those who tirelessly went through the process of:
    Leveling Alchemy profession Gathering material for alchemyPreparing the material for crafting the alchemy stone Gathering enough ressources to polish and upgrade the alchemy stone itselfAs of now all those who did or were doing so are in a dire situation. where all the materials accumulated was basically done so for nothing. 
    One can assume that the alchemy stone being of late game purpose it requires high level of tenacity and dedication to craft. But i believe most will agree with me it was already the case. The requirement were already high to create, polish and then upgrade the stone. 
    Having the basic material for the alchemy stone already required a medium level of alchemy only to get Shining powder which is RNG based. Then once having all the material necessary one could try creating one in the hope it would not fail. As of now trying to craft the alchemy stone itself at a craft level lower than Artisan 1 as a very low chance of succeeding. thus making it already difficult to craft one.
    Now coming into the patch note and the change made to the Polishing part of the Alchemy stone I can only wonder why change a system that was already good in itself. Assuming a player had all the required material to craft its alchemy stone he will get with some luck one of the free type of alchemy stone  (Life, Protection, Destruction) allowing him to start leveling up its stone. For that matter before the patch depending on the stone the player could use different material giving the stone different amount of xp as follow: 
    Regular ore, wood, plant would increase stone xp at low rate Medium ore, wood, plant (melted, plank, green plant) would increase xp slightly more Upper ore, wood, plant would increase the xp even moreKnowing all that for an imperfect stone (destruction, protection, life) one could expect to use material worth between 500k to 1million to try and upgrade their stone after polishing it to 150%. Knowing that an upgrade cost is the addition of blackstone weapon and the materials. One upgrade try would cost a player around 1/1.5 milions. And that is only for the first level of alchemy stone. As the materials needed for polishing would have decreased experience as the Stone leveled up. 
    Now with the new system it is clear that the amount of silver required for upgrading the alchemy ston as went up quite a bit. It makes me wonder if others have had the same realisation as I did. Which is:
    Why would such thing happen? Why make a craft already hard and expensive to make even harder? Was there already to many alchemy stone on the market? In my opinion that was not the case. I play on Server Jordine and so far only few alchemy stone have been place for sale at the auction house. It already cost more to make the alchemy stone than to sell it, thus making it an item alchemist do not sell as well as an item that is preferably personally crafted. 
    In addition those who made alchemy stone before the patch (me included) are now highly privileged as it required less to make theirs. 
    All in all and having thoroughly analyze the situation I ask everyone to join hand and spirit to demand that the system be revert to its original and intended design. I believe most will agree that it is pointless to make such changes when the system was already well made to begin with. 
    I ask all the alchemist and players in general for support in the matter. 
    An alchemist that want you well. 
  12. Bonjour à tous, pour célébrer la création de notre guilde sur BDO, et pour vous faire part notre souhait de nous investir pour la communauté, les SinS souhaitent mettre en place une série de guides sur divers aspects de BDO.

    Ces guides ont pour vocation d'être abordables, et seront accessibles directement dans la partie publique de notre forum.
    Celui-ci étant temporaire, je m'excuse par avance de son ergonomie plus que limite actuellement, le forum officiel est quand à lui en cours d'élaboration.

    Voici ces guides (la liste sera mise à jour régulièrement) :

    [Mediah] Les Pierres d'alchimie - Une nouvelle pièce d'équipement à part entière.
    - Suite au patch du 20/04/2016, les compos pour XP les pierres d'alchimie ont changé, ces informations sont MaJ dans le guide, en rouge.

    En espérant que ces informations vous seront utiles.

    Bon jeu à tous.
  13. Bonjour à tous,
    je viens demander votre aide à propos d'un équipement et de sa réparation en durabilité.
    En effet, pensant faire une bonne affaire je suis parti sur le "Taritas en acier" qui est en fait le Taritas réaliser par des crafteur.
    Normalement il est précisé dans la description de l'objet que celui-ci peut être réparer en durabilité par n'importe quel taritas (meme classique)
    Cependant, impossible de réparer mes taritas en acier avec autre chose que du taritas en acier, même en activant la réparation avec de l'argent.
    Alors je voudrai savoir si je suis le seul dans cette situation et si quelqu'un a une solution.
    Car il est très difficile de trouver du taritas acier ce qui veut dire qu'il faudrai que je laisse mon équipement pour racheter un taritas classique et le réenchanter...
    ça serai la mauvaise nouvelle de la journée... T T
    Merci à vous.
  14. Yop tout le monde!
    Je suis nouveau sur BDO et j'essaie de me débrouiller généralement quand je me pose une question (YT, guide internet, fofo, etc...) mais là je n'arrive pas à trouver une réponse!
    Je vais surement passer pour un noob fini, mais est-il possible de récupérer des pierres brutes avec nos ouvriers? Où faut-il les farm manuellement? 
    Merci d'avance pour vos réponses  
  15. Bonjour à toutes et à tous.
    Ça fait un peu moins d'une semaine que j'ai commencé l'aventure (#TuggLife) . Et j'ai une batterie de questions :
    Y a-t-il une limite au point de contribution ? Si oui laquelle ?Les Guilde apporte-t-elle des bonus, Stuff ou récompense particulière ?Pk des joueurs rapportent un butin ou une récompense ?Si on ce fait PK on risque de perdre un item, des enchantements ou de l'argent ?Faut-il économiser les points de loyauté pour quelque chose en particulier ?Quand on pêche est-ce utile de sacrifier des points d'énergie ?Quelqu'un aurait un guide "avancé"en ce qui concerne le Craft ? (Faire de la bière c'est bien, mais le reste me paraît beaucoup plus compliqué)Question bonus :
    Sans passer par le CashShop y a-t-il un moyen d'avoir une autre apparence (skin) ? en HL il doit avoir pas mal de clone ,?Les développeurs ont déjà communiqué sur les prochaines mises à jour ?Merci à tous ceux qui prendront la peine de  me répondre. Je suis désolé si certaines questions ont déjà était posté sur d'autres topiques. Je me suis dit que rassembler des questions pourraient aider d'autres débutants comme moi 
  16. Hi! I want to craft a noble wagon and for this I crafted 15 Fine Soft Hide. But in the house these items are not available to produce. I am crafting at the moment 4 horses and brass ingots without any problem but hide is not available! Look the screenshot below. Is it a bug or I do smth wrong?

  17. We have the ability to trade all potions except energy ones, it should be added as health pots you can't vendor or auction them off.

    Dies irae
    Qui sommes-nous ?
    Dies irae est une communauté familiale, dite semi hard-core.  Vous connaissez peut-être ce tag de guilde sur d'autres jeux tels que FF 14 et Star wars sur lesquels certains de nos joueurs ont faits leur apparition, et performer dans certains domaines.  Notre guilde est actuellement composée de plusieurs petits groupes de joueurs se connaissant IRL, ou depuis un moment sur divers jeux et de joueurs solo.
    Nos objectifs :
    Nos objectifs sont divers et variés. Nous souhaitons nous investir sur le contenu PVP – GVG du jeu de façon sérieuse tout en proposant un contenu varié pour nos joueurs sociaux..
    Notre guilde a toujours été familiale, et pour garder cet aspect qui nous tient à cœur nous souhaitons arriver à un maximum d'une 60aine de membres. Nous ne souhaitons pas devenir une guilde usine, néanmoins nous souhaitons recruter des joueurs réguliers, capables de s’investir dans le jeu. Des joueurs capables de rigoler sincèrement, acceptant la taquinerie, capables de défendre un blason de guilde, et de prendre part à la vie de cette dernière. Ceci dans l'optique d'avoir un contenu GVG fourni et sérieux, sans pour autant oublier le reste du contenu du jeu, ni devenir un camp militaire avec des heures de connexion digne d'un contrat de travail. 
    Avec l'arrivée des prochains contenus nous ré ouvrons nos portes pour une période de recrutement et offrons la possibilité aux petites guildes et petits groupes de joueurs, de nous rejoindre. 
    Nos conditions de recrutement :
    Les conditions sont simples, nous recrutons à partir du lvl 52 et souhaiterions intégrer des joueurs majeurs.  
    Nous n’imposons pas d’heures de connexion comme dit plus haut, en revanche nous souhaitons intégrer des joueurs actifs.
    Vous êtes obligatoirement un joueur respectueux.
    Vous êtes capable de rire de tout
    Vous souhaitez vous investir sur votre personnage principal et avez le sens du jeu de groupe. 
    Un entretien TS aura lieu pour toute nouvelle intégration.
    Nous contacter :
    Vous pouvez m’envoyer un message privé, commenter ce post ou encore contacter Aerhis, Nashy ou Deonaya en jeu. 
    Nous ouvrons aujourd'hui notre site internet, bien que l'accès aux visiteurs soit restreint vous aurez pourrez en apprendre plus sur nous et nous contacter à cette adresse : 
  19.   SERVER: Orwen | CHANNEL: Calpheon2 About Us:Our objective is making an active community for BDO. We'll create markets and festivities where any player can participate.Our events will be scheduled.

    IC - related info:
    Be sure to fit in atleast one of the Guild Branches:
    Mercenaries & GuardsTrader & Marketers & Merchants & CraftsmanEntertainers & MusiciansPatricians & Diplomats (majority of the Guild Leaders job)Healers & Enginners
    OOC - related info:
    We are by no means a Hardcore guild. Half of our Guild is contituted by EU side players and the other by NA players.
    As a guild we a friendly, small, fun community that appreciates all new players. We will have various moments of travel, trade, roleplay, PvE and PvP (if possible) with the support of eachother and our alliances. Our community is organized in orders/branches and gives also place to smaller groups that decide to create their own clans/parties/familys with closer playmates.
    The House of Festivities gives a lot of freedom to our members and their IC characters but also has RP group objectives: making events for the community and keep adventuring forward as a Guild.
    Recruitment information: 
    History of the Order:
    The Median merchant guild was full of riches and valuable goods. Both Calpheon and Valencias' gold were theirs. Media was at its' richest moment. Still, a bunch of merchants from the guild weren't happy. They never joined the Guild expecting it to be opportunist enough to take unique chances from war. Media's children and elderly were happy and fed, but the cities at war weren't.
    This bunch of a dozen merchants came together towards Calpheon. Right after they left, the natural disasters deteriorated, losing themselves in desert landscape. For every village they saw during the way to Calpheon they gave their best regards to the people, helped them find provisions or even traded with them worth the little they had remaining.
    Many times, long after the money and the goods were gone, they gave entertainment to the sick children and the oldies they met. When the group arrived at Serendia they could only feel happy: they were able to shower, to eat fish and boar, to sleep in warm beds, to be surrounded by living people. They saw opportunity. They could get resources in the wild here. They planned shows all across the lands to help people enjoy life; to help them forget wars and chaos for some time. They weren't affiliated to any nation. They traveled freely enjoying the goods they collected from the towns and people they visited and their smiles. Soon after they arrived at Calpheon they could see that war followed them wherever they went. Calpheon wasn't as peaceful as they thought, neither was Heidel or Serendia. They were prepared to make war for the sake of the black stones. The kingdom of Calpheon bestowed the traveling merchants with the title "The House of Festivities" . The merchants were paid to encourage and liven up Calpheon folk. At the same time, in 273, the war between Calpheon and Serendia was starting, and news from Media went around saying that the city of Altinova was constructed. The merchants fled from Calpheon, living the order ruined. The merchants of Media were never found again after the attack of Ilezra and the death of Variz the II.
    At 281, Calpheon parliament establishes the recreation of the House of Festivities; the people are in low-spirits after all the wars and constant instability, there's a need for happiness to be promoted before a rebellion arises. The merchants that present themselves are mostly mercenaries out of hand, not entertainers. The parliament closes the case of overture of the House of Festivities.
    In 283 a group of merchants and entertainers arrive at Calpheon. The group makes a proposal to the parliament of Calpheon, asking to be given the title of House of Festivities to themselves, pledging to schedule markets all around, and compromising on performing activities for Calpheon.
    The parliament didn't agree, but since a diplomacy was in effect an assembly with a judge had to be made. The group confronted the government laying proof of testimonies, saying that the original merchants of the House of Festivities were not deprived from other cities and nations, they traveled around every country, giving diversion to the population.

    The court gave reason to the group and the title was bestow on them. The House of Festivities is from now on a worldwide order!
     Notices:IC Notices
    Code of Conduct: 
    HeadQuarters Location:
    The House of Festivities has its Head-Quarters based on the central city of Hidel, in the Serendia Kingdom. The city thrives with recently arrived travelers and adventurers, commoners and merchants, bringing new trade opportunities and a place where diverse people cross paths.
    Some days the Guild building is abandoned to the poor that take refugee on it's walls. Some other days the guild members reach the city after their long journeys and spend the night drinking hale and the day selling the richnesses they have collected along the way to noble heads or trade with the farmers and other folk. The mercenaries lay around or secretly avail some of the nobles to get good coin on their bags. Musicians play for the children and visit noble houses in exchange for silver.
    Later they depart: pairwise or solo, to fill their own pockets. After a few days they allways come back, together on new journeys they depart, only to be back again, weeks later, months, a season. But always with smiles to share to the people of the land.

  20. Guys, i'm trying to enjoy the game with realism. But some craft method just tell me "nothing will be make like this". I'm just lvl 15, is normal and I'll learn during the game or i missed something? I already did some quests (skinning, dry meat) and now i'm in heidel (don't remember the correct name) with no more crafting quests. 

  21. <Sunset> is recruiting the dirtiest, meanest, saltiest pirates that ever did sail the 10 seas. Yes, we are casual, yes, we take total narbs, no, you don't have to use a VoIP. Looking for Officer material. Must be a pirate. Must like pastel pink ponies. Must give me your firstborn son. We're the saltiest load of sea-men you'll ever find.

    Jack-of-all-trades guild. Casual PvP. A little bit of everything.

    We're a bunch of -----ing nerds.

    Contact [Teacup] Chihuahua in-game.

  22. Bonjour !
    J'aime beaucoup crafter mais sur BDO ce qui me gêne c'est que tout est individuel, que ce soit la récolte ou la fabrication d'objets. Pourtant, il y a plusieurs objets, comme les bateaux, les meubles, etc qui peuvent très bien servir à plusieurs et qui pourraient prendre plaisir à aider à fabriquer ces-dits objets tous ensemble. D'où la suggestion suivante concernant l'artisanat : Un artisanat coopératif et commun
    Comment ça fonctionne :
    Le joueur (plusieurs propositions)
    achète un atelier coopératif oudispose un meuble (style Station de travail) dans sa résidence. oufais une requête via le Contremaître (ce qui lui donnerait un rôle supplémentaire)Le propriétaire fabriquant initie une fabrication (par exemple une barque), et les membres de son groupe / clan / guilde peuvent participer en apportant chacun des matériaux pour aider à la fabriquer. Par exemple, joueur A dépose des lingots (à l'atelier, la station ou contremaître), joueur B dépose des planches de bois, etc dans la quantité qu'ils souhaitent et ces matériaux sont utilisés directement dans la fabrication.
    Quand tous les matériaux sont réunis, l'initiateur du projet récupère l'objet auprès de l'une des propositions, et chaque participant reçoit une récompense en fonction de sa participation.

    Avantages :
    la charge de l'initiateur du craft est moins lourde à porter seulcrée un réel sentiment de coopération et de partage qui stimule la vie de la guilde / clan l'initiateur reste propriétaire de l'objet et les participants peuvent également l'utiliserpas besoin d'échanges car chacun peut déposer les matériaux lui-même
     Merci !
  23. Hello, last night someone in Channel Chat was having a hard time trying to get a fishing boat. So I typed up a quick guide for them. I decided that others might want a little help with the subject as well. So here I am posting it on the forums. I've never really done any formal guides or anything so it's probably sloppy, if you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll answer the best I can. (I'm still learning the game myself so I don't have all the answers)

    First things first... Get to Epheria Port and get the Shipyard. It takes a few hours to get the first floor, then to make the fishing boat you have to upgrade to the second floor which will take seven more hours! So go do that now... You may also want to connect a few nodes around town, since there's a nice Birch Timber farm not to far away that will help you get the Bazillion and one timber you'll need to make plywood. I'll link some pictures I took of the main towns so you know how to get to Epheria, and the nodes I use at the moment.




    Next you're going to need a lot of materials. You can gather them all your self, get workers to gather them on nodes, or buy them on the Marketplace if you've got the Silver. Here's a quick list of the processed materials you'll need:

    Usable Scantling x25 (Made with Chopping, Materials used Log(x10).)

    Birch Plywood x50 (One of the more difficult things you'll have to get, after obtaining Birch Planks by chopping Birch Timber(x5) you will have to either gain knowledge on plywood crafting through quests. Or have your workers process it at the Wood Workbench shown in the pictures above. Processing Plywood requires Birch Planks(x10).)

    Bronze Ingot x25 (Bronze is made by heating Melted Tin(x5) and Melted Copper(x5) together. I haven't gotten into smithing yet, so this might not be 100% accurate but I believe it's true. I ended up buying mine from the Marketplace. It is expensive, but I don't have any Tin or Copper nodes, and didn't want to go mining on my own.)

    Pine Sap x30 (You can obtain this by using a Fluid Collector on Pine Trees, but its pretty cheap on the market, so you might want to just buy em to save time.)

    Black Stone Powder x30 (Use Grinding in the [L] menu and process worthless gems from monster drops and quests into these powders for crafting.)

    In order for these materials to be used for crafting, they must all be stored in the warehouse where your workers are! I recommend keeping your workers and materials in Epheria to drastically cut down the time required to craft the ship. (And get multiple workers!)

    How to make Black Stone Powder, Usable Scantling, and Birch Planks:

    Now that you know what you'll need, and a little bit on how to get it. Go do that, store it in your warehouse, buy some workers and now you can start crafting. I've linked some pictures that should help with how to get your workers to craft. It is basically the same for the Wood Workbench, the work list is just pictures instead of text (in case you don't want to process your own).

    How to tell your workers to craft Part 1:

    How to tell your workers to craft Part 2: (Make sure you're on "Ship License: Fishing Boat" the arrows at the top allow you to switch between boats)

    Basically, click on the building associated with what you want to craft from the town map. Say, the Wood Workbench since the pictures are of the shipyard. At the bottom of the window that pops up, click "Manage Crafting". From here you want to select the item you want to craft from the Work List. (In this example Birch Plywood) Then Select your worker from the worker list, and finish by clicking "Start Work". Your worker will run around for X amount of time, then the items crafted will be deposited to the warehouse. (I believe it goes to which ever warehouse is associated with your workers' town. So if your worker is in Epheria, it'll be in Epheria warehouse.)

    That's pretty much all there is to it... I hope this helped, and feel free to pass it on to friends if you think it'll help them. If you have any more questions feel free to ask,

    Happy Crafting,