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  1. Title. I'm currently in Epheria trying to craft a Fishing Boat.
    - Yes, i have enough materials (more than enough) in the Epheria storage.
    - Yes, my workers are from, and lodged in Epheria
    The crafting section will ALWAYS say "Not enough ingredients in storage". Example: 0/25 Bronze Ingots, but i have 50 in storage.
    Anyone know a fix?? Thanks.
  2. Title. I'm currently in Epheria trying to craft a Fishing Boat.
    - Yes, i have enough materials (more than enough) in the Epheria storage.
    - Yes, my workers are from, and lodged in Epheria
    The crafting section will ALWAYS say "Not enough ingredients in storage". Example: 0/25 Bronze Ingots, but i have 50 in storage.
    Anyone know a fix?? Thanks.
  3. 1.
    Please change the "Recently Successful Cooking" window to "Successful Recipes" where:
    The window shows possible sub recipe combinations in a locked state until the user discovers the recipe.
    Instead of having a constant stream of the same recipe, in the case of mass production, this would simplify the UI and be more user friendly.
    For Example:
    The ever popular Beer has several materials which can be used:
    Wheat, Potato, Corn or BarleyMineral waterSugarLeaving agentInstead of having to manually input the recipe each time the user changes from corn to potatoes it could be done with one click.
    Instead of having "Recently Successful Cooking" add a "Favorites" tab similar to what was added to the marketplace where users are able to select X, (1-10), number of recipes for quick reference.
  4. So apparently we have all the life skill costumes that we use every day except for one and its the deep-sea sailors costume, where is this?! I need this when I go into the magoria ocean!!! I need more sailing exp!!! qq
  5. Huhu zusammen! Nachdem ich vor einigen Tagen Level 56 erreicht und meine Awakening erhalten habe wollte ich nun auch damit anfangen endlich eigenes Silber zu verdienen. Dies war ja anfangs nicht wirklich nötig, da man als Neuling wirklich damit überschüttet wird.
    Nun, ich habe jetzt schon ein paar Dinge versucht welche mir ein wenig Profit bescheren sollten. Darunter Angeln, Trading, und Grinding. Die ersten beiden Möglichkeiten sind nach einiger Zeit für mich weggefallen da ich wohl einfach nicht der Typ bin der seinem Charakter den ganzen Tag dabei zuschauen kann wie er ins Endlose starrt oder von A nach B fährt. Grinding habe ich gestrichen da meine AP/DP dafür einfach noch zu niedrig sind (~100/~150) und ohne mehr Silber kann ich da nicht mehr wirklich etwas steigern.
    Was mich jetzt aber gepackt hat ist das Crafting. Ich habe vieles darüber gelesen und mir einige Videos dazu angeschaut in denen man sieht, dass es doch eine relativ gute Einnahmequelle ist, wenn man es denn richtig macht. Jedenfalls habe ich nach einiger Zeit dann zumindest das Grundprinzip verstanden, wie man Arbeiter nutzt, welche Nodes man für bestimmte Ressourcen nutzen sollte und so weiter. Das einzige Problem jetzt ist allerdings, dass ich einfach nicht weiß wie ich am besten einsteige. Es gibt so viele Dinge die man craften kann, allerdings weiß ich so gar nicht wie man alles craftet bzw. was sich denn überhaupt lohnt.
    Ich hatte gehofft, dass es hier vielleicht jemanden gibt der mir beim Einstieg ein paar Tipps geben kann oder mir irgendwie helfen kann. Ich suche keines wegs einen kompletten Guide à la Investiere genau hier, erstelle genau das und verkaufe das dann wie folgt. Mir reichen ein paar einfache Tipps wie und womit man am besten startet.
    Zurzeit besttze ich übrigens 92 Beitragspunkte und 122 Energie.
    Grüße! =)
  6. Post on Diamond Rings in General

    By Hyperblast, posted
    I would love this rings in game...diamonds bro!!!
  7. I have been crafting Oros knots at the Altinove workshop for about 16 days now at a rate of 4 per hour and around 10h a day. (> 600 crafts) I have seen plenty of blue procs but not a single yellow one. Either the craft is bugged or the proc rate so abysmally low, that it may aswell be 0%.
  8. Any idea if or when the in-game craftable clothes will be added for the dark knight?

  9. So we can craft this dress in-game and then turn it into a costume with a CS item. I have 2 questions:
    When this is a costume and it goes into the costume slot, can I dye the red part black and the gold part silver? Basically making the dress look sinister.When this is a costume and it goes into the costume slot, will it also take over the head slot or can I wear a hat with it that I bought from the CS?Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. Last time i did weapon crafting i made myself some Steel Daggers and got an ultimate proc after maybe 40-50 crafted daggers. Currently im sitting at over 200 and not a single ult proc. Anybody else experiencing this recently?
    And please dont tell me to get an ultimate upgrade stone, thats not the point.
  11. What towns do you feel are the best for a Base of Operations (BOO)? These are my observations so far, and I'd love to know more about towns that are coming soon (I'm only level 39, just got the game) to plan ahead where to store things and such.
    Velia: so far this seems like the most convenient base of operations. Storage and market are super close to each other, right by the water if you are afk fishing. Trade merchant is close for selling fish. You can set up your house very close to the chef for cooking. The town in general is small so everything is close together. Also, not as many players so less clutter.
    Heidel: Not terrible, but things are more spread out. It is quite a run between storage->market->trade. I haven't messed around with houses here to know how well you can organize that part. Seems super packed with players which also makes things congested (and probably laggy for some computers). 
    Calpheon: I just got here and omg its huge. I haven't explored it well yet but my concern about this place is all the services you need often are probably really spread out. Maybe I'm wrong?
    I guess one thing that might help with any of these places is if you have a maid and storage box in your house, as that would cover marketplace access and storage, right? Can you move them around if you decide to use a different city as your new BOO?
  12. Ok so I've seen many complain about the lack of visual variety in bdo when it comes to armors and costumes and I gotta say, I'm one of those people. I put a lot value on visual diversity in games, because part of the fun is to visually see your character becoming more badass not just badass by stats. Since I had few ideas how I wish bdo would improve their warbore, I wanted to list them here and also ask others to list their suggestions too. 
    - First a dyeing system like in gw2, this has been suggested by many and I find myself agreeing. It would bring great improvement to the visual aspect of the game and also make it more fun. Basically making dyes account bound and once you obtain the dye, you get unlimited use to it. They could be player crafted and sold in trademarket.
    - be able to put armors on costumes slots, because best armor ain't always the best looking and we all need some variety at one point. 
    - create actual armor skins/costumwa that can be obtained in game kinda like in blade and soul. I know there's a pearl shop and that pearl shop costumes can now be bought with in game silves but there's couple of reasons why I want in game costumes that are not pearl shop items and money isn't one of them. First while pearl shop costumes are nice looking, they seem a bit too flashy, not something that really fits into the game world. I believe pearl shop should be for those who want their character to run around in maid outfit, not for those who want decent looking armor, it's ok for some to be more flashy than others but if they're way too over the top it's not too attractive either (at least for my taste). Second reason being that while buying costumes may be nice, I don't think anyone can deny the satisfaction you get when you complete a quest or get a loot drop from a mob and it turns put to be a new cool armor you don't yet have. There are things that money just cannot buy and achievement is one of them.
    Now the usual "counter arguments" people give is that armors aren't lvl based and therefore take more time to create or that making armor skins takes money and that's why there's not a lot.  The ingame costume option would solve the first problem, because they aren't armors but costumes and second while rendering an outfit may take time and recourses, there's tons of free to play mmo's out there with way larger armor variety than bdo has and this game is buy to play. While there are also few craftable costumes in bdo I don't really think they can be counted as type of clothes you would traver with yet alone battle in. They seem more like roleplay costumes than used in actual questing. 
    I really want bdo to get the visual variety aspect down, because unlike what some may think, it's actually really big part of the gaming experience and probably even one pf the reasons why love the mmorpg genre. Bringing more free visual variety options to the game would also give people new goals and for crafting and collecting, because money milking is never a good business model plus it's not rewarding at all.
    Anyway let me hear your thoughts and ideas on the matter!
    (Ps, sry for possible typos, I cannot see very well atm : D )

    KYO existiert nunmehr seit August 2016 und hat sich als kleine social-gaming PvE Gilde etabliert. Nach der Umstrukturierung im Dezember setzen wir jetzt mehr denn je den Fokus auf den PvE Content, der nun wahrlich einen sehr großen Anteil dieses Spiels ausmacht.
    Wer uns seit Mitte Dezember kennt, weiß auch, dass wir friedliche Spieler sind.
    Wir bestehen aus Farmern, Händlern, Züchtern, Grindern & vielem mehr.
    Wir spielen aus Spaß und nicht um uns hier mit anderen zu messen.
    Gildenmissionen  & Gildenevents sind ein großer Bestandteil unserer kleinen Gruppe
    Bei Interesse oder Fragen meldet Euch doch einfach ☺
  14. Greed!!! Elders scrolls online in the worst way. micro managing to make everything in this game a mini transaction. at 15$ a month that would be 130$ a year. this game you have to spend at least that in the first month to just get space, and weight, loot pets. these are not luxury items ,,, these are necessary in the game. if you do a quest that give you inventory space ... well you get 1 not a row like tera online , ONE (1) this game could be a great hit if GREED was not involved. as I leveled to 55 i have gotten maybe 10x(1) inventory space...o and if you spend inventory space in one character ,,,is not for your account ,,its just that character... you share bank space with all your toons but you do not share real cash shop inventory upgrade.,,,,humm. NOpe... no NPC sells you inventory space for game silver NOPE!! so if you like to grind for hours to make silver, so you can spend it on your inventory like TERA online, you are shit out of luck (SOL). OOOH wait that is not all,,,, Lets talk WEIGHTS! yes you can leave your toon running or walking all night to get better on carrying items to level your ability to hold more weight. they are alot of stuff in the game that give you upgrade to weight but not enough to make a dent. the only one would be cash shop upgrade that give you up to 200 per character not account and you will need at leas 2 per character to start and 2 space of 16 that is a total of 60$ and your 6 pets to pic up everything so can skin or butcher or mine (gather) =10 to 15$ a pet =60 to 90$..you can buy those from the market .. but good luck with that. GAthering , well you need energy. to gather.. but you need energy for everything else... there is no reason to doubt that the pearl shop will soon have an increase of energy option to buy.  MICRO TRANSACTION WILL KILL this game! or maybe that lack of CONTENT.. at the end ...and for god sake crafting only by npc sucks ass... I WANT TO BE ABLE TO CRAFT MY OWN SHIT and craft as need them. I WILL GLADLY PAY a MONTHLY FEED TO PLAY and have all these micro crap removed and implemented in the game. or just sell the game as single player with the option to play online with others. love that too.. actually get a game i pay for.
    consider it or not .

  15. We are a small and Very active Guild.
    Our mission as a meeseek is to help as many people as possible
    The life of a meeseek is not easy ( Turn away u cant deal with it )
    But if you think you can be a Successful Meeseek, here is some info about our Guild.

    1. Mr_Meeseek is a small ( But GROWING ) Guild.
    we have a community of 3,500+ members backing us.
    2. We have a teamspeak server with 100+ people on all times,
    Also have a Discord for BDO itself.
    3. We have a few Requirements to join.
    Must be 18+
    Have a mic
    Be Active on the website [ Mr_Meeseeks ] 
    4. The most important one of them all
    HAVE FUN, ITS A GAME . Not a JOB !
    If you think about dropping bye ask for Weeder_76 [ aka Denz ]
    here is our TS address --->
    Here is our Discord ---> https://discord.gg/MNBYnCE

    The following is what we do on a day to day basis for you wanting to know
    Grinding [ Power lvl toons ]
    Boss Scroll's
    Guild Missions
    [ Soon ] Node Wars
    Life Skill
    Scream LOOK AT ME !
    Make jokes about Meeseeks
    Just hangout and have fun
    All i gotta say is were a relaxed group of Men and Women
    have no hardcore requirements other than 1,000 Activity weekly [ Not hard ]
    Just be active on the Team-speak and Forums.
    Hope to see you all in the TS

  16. At the moment there is a limit of about 30 available turn in's for Imperial Alchemy and Cooking that is NOT shared by server but IS shared by players. This does reset every 3-4 hours but it takes some serious camping or luck to get to be able to turn in close to the max amount, or even turn any in at all.This strikes me as an interesting mechanic choice because I cannot see the advantage to this.
    What if the limit was no longer shared by players but was individual to each account? Also to removal potential channel swapping exploits it could be changed to be shared across servers. So each player account could turn in about 30 items every 3-4 hours regardless of channel and regardless of other players.
    What do you guys think? Would this make more sense to you? Would you prefer this? And does anyone see a disadvantage to this change? 
  17. Are all fish considered 'white' once dried? or is a dried fish made of a green fish worth more then a dried fish made from a white fish?
    That is to say 2 whites dried from a green fish = 1 green and 4 whites dried from a white fish = 1 green.
    Dried fish all look white in the inventory... So its hard to tell what is green without using a database to check its original rarity

    Attention Adventurers!  Gondor is actively seeking new members.  We welcome players with a non-competitive mindset, those who want to engage in all aspects of BDO.
    I have been playing BDO since CBT1 and instantly fell in love with this game.    Gondor is under new management!  We had a splitting of directions - some members found that they wanted to be more actively involved in the upcoming seiges and node wares. Being a PvX guild, we did not have the numbers nor the interest, so they chose to part ways.  Right now the guild consists of a small handful of players who are still interested in all aspects of BDO, and we are looking to recruit other players with similar interests.
    Focus:   Balanced PvE/PvP, Economy & Crafting
    Maintaining the core idea that this is a GAME - we want it to be fun!We primarily enjoy PvE content such as group monster grinding, life skills/professions, boss scrolls, knowledge seeking, and exploration. PvP obviously happens in this game, but we are a guild of honor.  We fight to defend ourselves, defend our grind spots, and defend our fellow guild members. We do not go around picking fights for the sake of fighting, and we especially do not attack those who are unable to defend themselves, such a horse trainers who are AFK.We are on Discord, actively working together to grow as both individual players and as a guild.  It is by no means a requirement, but we find a useful for coordinating and communicating in bigger groups, such as boss scrolls or large guild quests.  As long as you keep in communication one way or another, that's what matters. 
    Think you have what it takes to join the Ithilien and serve the great kingdom of Gondor?  PM me through these forums or whisper me in game.  We'll have a quick chat and see if this guild is a good fit for what you are looking for.  Feel free to also reach out to any of our officers you run into while playing the game.

  19. Hello everyone, I just recently came back and found these gold armors with III or infront of them in the market. I don't think this feature was in the game when I left earlier on. Can somebody explain them to me? I left when I started working on my grunil armor, should I continue to make my grunil, I saw this new evasion armor that sparked my interest but I'm not sure if the evasion would actually be worth it. I have read up for the last hour to see some of the new features but if you guys to help a new returning player with some tips; please by all means do so. =] 
  20. i see updates that bring in wonderful content for combat and lifeskills but nothing has been added onto the current crafting or worker system why limit them to just gathering and crafting maybe we could get specialized workers that would not only give bonuses to the worker themselves but the player as well like 2% bonus profit for trading or a 3% to increased chance to obtain ores like gold and platinum it could be good 
  21. Short and sweet - 
    there are plenty of quests you can do to learn new crafting skills and to figure out how to use the worker system. 
    maybe add a checklist of lifeskill, worker quests that the player can /are eligible to do when they login. much like the suggested quest function of ffxiv. give the player an overview of what they have yet to do. 
    I of course already have done most if not all of the lifeskill and crafting quests. but i remember the tedious process of having to go through multiple forum posts and google searches to figure out exactly where to go to do those quests. The reason this is coming up for me is because i have a lot of new friends joining the game who are repeatedly asking me questions such as "what is a worker?" "how do i get more contribution?" "what is a node?" "how do i craft ingots?" "how do i repair my weapons?" "how do i get my workers to work again?" "what should i do to make money besides grind?" "how do i move workers from city to city?" (i know that one is not possible)
    I guess my point is it would be nice if when they logged in they saw a pretty comprehensive list of options of what they could do to improve their passive income, crafting etc. (with the option to turn off the list on logon with a setting of course)
  22. Ok so I recently came back to Black Desert, and rolled a new char.
    Anyways this time around I thought I give Life Skills a try and see if I could make some money with them.
    What I found is that mostly everything is ether better to sell the materials then it is to craft a item. (If it sells)
    Making money on processing will never get you anywhere.
    So I looked into Imperial Trading and it started out great, on Apprentice level its actually mildly profitable with alchemy.
    But looking into Master pack and so on you make 3x the amount on the Marketplace if they would sell that is.
    Furthermore the time you spend seems like a waste when you could do other more profitable/ fun things.
    Unless you spend all your time scheming the Market waiting for the right time to turn a profit I don`t see how.
    There is always a bottleneck a drawback, a expense that sets you back.
    Any advice for a green goblin?
  23. With the new world patch we had 3 servers merge into one megaserver, resulting in more simultaneous players (Regardless of increasing the channels).
    I'm asking Kakao Games/Pearl Abyss if they could increase the max sellable crates per channel because with more players we need to have those limit increased or we cannot sell anything to the imperial traders.
  24. So you're making beer and making a good little earner, you're also making Boiled eggs for imperial delivery and it's bringing in some decent passive income right?
    You'd like to earn more through cooking but aren't entirely sure where to start.
    Well here's a few hinters to help you out.
    Invest in the following as well as the areas you're using for beer crafting.
    G-----s, setting up a couple of gardens and setting up g-----s/apples/strawberries AND Sunflowers/Tulips/Roses and most importantly, Cooking Honey.
    Milk you don't need to mess around with, with the amount of crafting you're doing you'll get plenty from the turn in byproduct, but if you need more, just put a few preorders in on the AH. Don't waste your time milking cows unless you really want to.
    Now you want to look at crafting the following:
    Tea with Fine Scent
    Sute Tea or Milk Tea
    Honey Wine
    You can start making these pretty early on in crafting, although I wouldn't advise it until you're at least Professional 1 or higher so you get a good return for materials.
    Whatever you do, DO NOT use Tea with Fine Scent to craft your sute tea or tea with milk, you'll get plenty of Tea with Strong Scent (the blue version of twfs) and 1x tea with strong counts as 2x tea with fine scent for crafting Sute Tea or Tea with Milk.
    Tea with Fine scent requires 30 per box, Sute tea 60 per box (uses more matts but 50k more payoff) and milk tea 50 per box, honey wine also requires 50 per box and you'll find yourself able to make plenty with leftovers if you're crafting Sute tea as opposed to milk tea. A lot opt for milk tea as it's cheaper to craft and requires less per box, however Sute tea doesn't require flour which you'll use to make essence of liquor with your leftover fruit to make Honey Wine. No path is incorrect, it's down to what you prefer, just note the Sute Tea/Honey Wine route gives you more lifeskill exp as you'll be crafting cream >butter, flour > essence of liquor > Honey wine, whereas Milk Tea you'll only be crafting flour as the extra for it.
    Now you want to hoard them, stash them in your bank, chances are you'll hit your daily limit in hand ins every single day from turning in Boiled Bird Eggs, Tea with Fine Scent, Sute Tea/Tea with Milk and Honey Wine, make sure to box up what you can to make it easier to just grab them out and turn them in on resets with no hassle, if you can't box them up yet (Sute Tea and Milk Tea require Master 1, Honey Wine requires Artisan 1) don't worry too much, you're building up a large payoff for when you do hit those ranks, consider it incentive to keep grinding them out.
    You can also make a good passive income from selling off your blue crops that you harvest, top quality crops are used for alchemy stones so you can either use them for your own alchemy stone or sell them on, you can also pop out stones for 16+ upgrades doing this, up to you if you want to keep them to use them yourself or sell them on, but they are a pretty solid pay out per stone, especially sharps as they go for 3.6mil.
    Basically use everything, let nothing go to waste and you'll quickly be churning out Millions in turn ins every single day and all it requires is about an hour or two of dedication to your farms and crafting.
    Hope that helps those lifeskillers out there looking to move to the next stage of crafting and into the payoff stages.
    Edit: Welp looks like g----- is a dirty word, thanks KaKao.
  25. Post on Crafting Yuria Weapons in Guides

    By Xenso, posted
    Sorry if this has been answered before, I had no luck during my research. I was wondering where I could set up a resource collection system to get me what I need to begin crafting Yuria Shortswords. I have a timber setup for calpheon, and would love to be able to do this in that city. Is it reasonable to do that in Calph or is there a better city with better collection nodes?