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  1. Post on New event- game Freezing? in Technical Issues

    By Zodiark, posted
    Hey bdo team,
    So i was play pretty well since before the new event came, and after the new Cherry Blossom event came my game for some reason started to have random freezes.
    I start the game all good and play a little and then it freezes the sound still plays but the image just stops :V and the only thing i can do is force close the game.
    My log files from the game are attached here, don't know if it will be of any use  put i would really like to be able to play without have to close and reopen the game every little time
  2. Jaho.
    Nun, vor ungefähr 8 Tagen hat meine alte Grafikkarte den geist aufgegeben. Um die neue zu schützen (dieselbe Graka) habe ich den PC neu aufgelegt, alles neu runtergeladen etc. darunter BDO. Nur ist jetzt das Problem, ich kann nur das Spiel starten, jedoch nicht spielen. Ich habe die gleichen Einstellungen, den gleichen PC wie vorher und kann dennoch nicht spielen. Sobald ich einen Charakter auswähle: Crash. Sofort connecten? Crash! Ich raff es nicht. Das Spiel lief vorher einigermaßen flüssig, nicht die ersten 2 Minuten aber sobald alles geladen hatte, aber jetzt nicht mehr? Auch keine Fehlermeldungen.
    Das ist doch zum Mäusemelken!
    CPU I7 3,4Ghz 4 Kern, GTX 780 Zotac, 8Gb Arbeitsspeicher... ich will wieder zocken! Ist ja nicht so das ich meine Tägliche Belohnungen verpasst habe... RIP 100 Millionen :<
    Könnte es sein, das meine alte schon übertaktet war? Ich hab die von einem Bekannten gekauft.
  3. Hey,
    habe seit Heute das Problem, dass mein Spiel bei jedem Start einfriert, und dann das Programm nicht mehr reagiert. Werde dann auch gefragt, ob ich auf eine Antwort des Programms warten möchte, oder ob ich es schließen will. Warten hilft nicht. Es passiert jedes mal nachdem ich einen Channel ausgewählt habe. Ich komme ganz normal in den Ladebildschirm bei dem man über die Karte zu seiner Location fliegt. Bei dem Punkt wo ich normal ins Spiel kommen würde bleibt das Spiel aber hängen. Ich hatte dieses Problem bisher noch nie und habe keine Ahnung was ich jetzt tun soll.
    Danke im Voraus 
    lg Tybus
    Windows 10 Pro, Intel i7-6700k, GTX 980TI, 32GB DDR4 Ram
  4. Hey guys,
    anyone else has the same problem since the last patch? When I minimize it and do afk stuff the game crashes after about one hour. Never had any problem with this function over the last weeks but now it suddenly doesn't work so well anymore. Not sure if the connection got lost or something else but in the Task Manager the hardware usage drops completely and I am not able to open the window anymore.
  5. When will we replace the potato servers? I keep seeing improvements ingame, but not the important factor - Server Capability.

  6. NA sever is crashing, node wars is dead, people frozen, crashing, having issues getting back in...
  7. hi guy the problem is this evrytime i choose a character or i try to create a new one after a while the game stopped and i return in the desktop , please help me i really wanna play this game
  8. Everytime i lauch bdo, log in and click play, it loads for 5 seconds before crashing ang giving me error code "0xE019012E" and says "Error: Suspicious program detected" followed my a small pop up saying "failed to init security". Can i have any help please, the game was running fine until today.
    Also i have mcaffee antivirus, but it was working fine until today, pls help
  9. https://gfycat.com/MellowWildKomododragon
  10. Hello,
    Sorry for my english,I'm french
    I hadn't play for a long time but i wanted to play again to BDO.It was working fine on my computer.
    I updated the game and now i can't play to it!
    When I launch the game, after the Kakaogames screen,the screen turn white and the process doesn't respond.
    I waited for 15-20 minutes and that doesn't change anything.
    I asked forum membre for help and we think the issue come from NVidia drivers. (http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/133910-ecran-blanc-lancement in french)
    I have a laptop with a chipset and a graphic card (NVidia GeForce GTX 765M) but the graphic card isn't detected by the launcher.
    I uninstalled nvidia drivers with  DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and after the reboot i was able to launch the game on my chipset (it's not playable beacause of perfomances issues but at least it launches !).I reinstalled NVidia drivers through GeForce Experience software and the white screen is here again, my graphic card still not detected.
    Can you help me ? ^^
  11. so i was really happy that bdo introduced auto frame optimizer function. But as i checked the function, it sometimes just make the game crash, i dont know if the optimizer is the reason, because this problem happened after i checked frame optimizer so i suppose its the optimizer's fault. to be honest, its so annoying especially when the world boss is about to die, then your game crashed...this actually has happened more than 3 times on me...feelsbadman 
  12. Hello!
    Ever since the 01-Mar, I;m unable to stay connected to the game for longer than 5 minutes. I'm not getting disconnected, the game client is crashing. Some client logs of what I've been seeing:
    Full logs available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ttk89alsyyj6yv/bdo.crashlogs.zip?dl=0
    Some of the things I've tried so far (with no luck):
    Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!
  13. It's been almost a year since this problem has existed, and over that time lapse, I haven't been able to find a single working solution. And they recently updated the game, yet I'm still not able to load in the game because my client crashes after loading. I've only had 2 successful attempts in trying to load successfully, but only to end up disconnecting shortly afterwards.
  14. So guys I have found a solution for crash after pressing Start and similar issues.If u have monitoring apps like RivaTuner just uninstall them and try to enter the game.It should help.
    I personaly used RivaTuner with MSI afterburner.Deleting Riva fixed my problem with Crashing the game while starting.If it won't work for u,try to uninstall MSI or similar apps.
    Hope it will help to most of you guys!
  15. So I got this game yesterday and now whenever I launch the game and select a server the game just freezes (tried it on 2 different PC's) and even after 30+ minutes wont stop. I've already tried repairing the game files.. Any suggestions for a fix? I can still hear music but everything else just stops working.
    R9 270X
    i5 6500
    16GB DDR4
    Nobody with an idea on how to fix this? Windowed, Fullscreen and changing other settings doesn't help
  16. After I hit play on the BDO launcher I get stuck at the kakao or pearl abyss splash screens. They then either crash or freeze. 
    Ive deleted the version.dat file a couple of times and done some other things that I found online. These may work occasionally but I always come back to this issue. 
    Ive also reinstalled a couple times with no effect. 
  17. Good evening.
    since this morning i keep crashing every single time i log into my character regardless the channel i pick, it keeps telling me connection have been lost or something like that; I know for a fact is not our connection at home because im not the only one who plays video games online here and we have 40mb of optic fiber.
    Thanks for your time.
  18. So after re-installing and repairing the files I am still getting a crash after the Pearl Abyss logo screen on start up fades away. Any suggestions?
  19. Hallo Zusammen,
    mein Problem ist folgendes, dass sobald ich auf den Desktop oder ein anderes Programm über "Alt+Tab" wechsel, BDO sich beim erneuten wechseln zurück ins Spiel aufhängt, ca. 2 Minuten läd und dann entweder willkürlich ohne Fehler abstürzt, oder sich wieder fängt.
    Das selbe wenn ich es über das Menü abends in den Tray ablege und morgens wieder aufrufe.
    Vielleicht haben andere Leute ja das selbe Problem und haben schon eine abhilfe dafür.
    Zu meiner Hardware:
    MSI Z170 PRO CARBON GAMINGIntel i7-6700k @ 4GHz16GB DDR4-3200 (2 Riegel DUAL-Channel)ASUS Radeon RX480 STRIX OC 8GB (Aktuelle Treiber)  ---  2 Monitore angeschlossen 
    Grafikkarten Treiber Crimson 16.2.2 funktioniert. Ursache war der neue Treiber 17.1.1
  20. Anyone else having problems trying to be able to move your character ect? My game froze all of a sudden after joining a guild then i d/ced due to the crash. Every time I log in now it freezes right when I log into my character. Anyone else stuck at where I am at?
  21. Hallo,
    ein Freund von mir hat sich das Spiel runtergeladen und kommt nachdem er den Charakter ausgewählt hat und sich mit dem Server verbinden will nicht ins Spiel, weil der client im Ladebildschirm einfriert (Keine Rückmeldung). Das Männchen rennt planmäßig von links nach rechts, dann friert es aber komplett ein.
    Er hat bereits den Cashe gelöscht - leider erfolglos.
    Hat jemand von euch ein ähnliches Problem? Oder eine Idee wie man das fixen könnte?
    1000 Dank schonmal für ein paar Tipps
  22. Post on Erro 2001 in Technical Issues

    By Eleyx, posted
    As title i try to download the patch of today but i receive "error 2001" and now nothing work....
  23. So I came back to BDO about 2 weeks ago and this problem only started 2 days ago and it's actually turned the game unplayable for me. I can play any other game I have installed without any issues at all. 
    At entirely random and unpredictable times my game will just close to desktop, no error messages, nothing.
    Like I said above it seems random, I can go farm a mob spawn for 3 hours and not have it happen, or I can go to the same spawn and it happen every 15 minutes or an hour. I can go afk fish in the same spot and it not happen over night or it will happen at any point.
    Like I said before I came back 2 weeks ago, have not changed the frequency at which I play, when I came back to the game I could play for the whole day on the weekend and leave my game on overnight fishing and not have a problem. Now I can't level up anymore because of the game randomly closing in mob spawns resulting in my death. It is totally killing the game for me.
    I haven't changed anything about my system from when it was fine until it has started, no hardware or software updates, no driver changes or any additional programs running at the time of playing. It also make zero difference whether my pc has been on for a whole day or just freshly booted after being turned off for the night, the crashes still happen randomly. I'm not sure if it is the patch files that have been downloaded for today (25th of January) update over the past few days or not. Either way I can't play the game as it is until this stops.
    Things I've tried:
    Deleted game including all temp files and BDO files in documents etc.
    Downloaded the game twice on two different hard drives.
    Completely formatted a hard drive and installed BDO as the sole program.
    A few remedies I found for other crash issues that aren't the same as mine such as renaming a log file in the anticheat folders.
    Running in full screen, running in borderless, running in windowed.
    Setting all graphics settings to lowest.
    Clean graphics driver removal and installation of newest.
    Reset overclock back to base speed.
    System specs and running programs:
    I know I said I haven't had any programs running any different but I thought I'd list what I have in the background 100% of the time from the day I came back until now in case someone has an idea about if one of those auto updating and having caused an issues.
    Skype, spotify, google chrome, steam, nvidia experience and black desert.
    Running latest windows 10 updates.
    i7 3770k at 4.5ghz, 8 gb DDR3, asus 780 gtx, Win10 on SSD, BDO on 1tb HDD.
    Thanks for reading.
    Left the game on with realtemp running to see if there was anything to see and this is what I found.
    Cpu temp spiked in excess of 20 celcius at the moment of the crash. Game has crashed twice today since the update.

  24. Game crashes after random amount of time. I've started shortened the log down. Edit: Realized I posted this in the wrong section, if a mod could move this thread to the correct sub section that would be appreciated.
  25. Kurz und bündig:

    Spiel Startet nicht, crasht JEDES mal beim Pearl Abyss Screen. ( Bei der gleichen opacity, während des ausgrauens )
    Bereits versucht: Komplett deinstalliert, Neu installiert. ( Auf allen 4 Laufwerken )
    Prozesse beendet, welche einen einfluss auf die Anti Cheat Engine ( XIGNCode ) haben könnten.
    Version.dat trick angewendet
    Grafikeinstellungen geändert.
    Mein System ist ausreichend mit resourcen versorgt. High End.
    Grafikkartensetup: 2x 1080 ( Overkill )
    Ich versuche seid 4 Tagen das Spiel zum Laufen zu bringen. NIEMAND hat auf reddit, google oder sonstigem ne Lösung Gefunden, die mir Hilft.

    Edit: Kompatibilitätsmodus führt zum kompletten verschwinden des Pearl Abyss Symbols, Crasht dann nach +- 10 sekunden trotzdem. Komme nicht mal zum Login Bildschirm.