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  1. I just installed the game and went through 2 hours worth of character creation.
    When I login to the world, it errors on the map/loading screen consistently at the same spot. I tried deleting the files suggested and running the repair. I tried to re-install the game completely. Added Windows Firewall exceptions for Outbound and Inbound traffic. Allowed all .exe files associated to BDO through the firewall. Ran as admin during the install, and after the install. Rebooted my computer countless times. I've changed my system locale a couple of times too thinking it might impact the way the files are perceived.
    I'm a new user, just paid $50 for a game I can't play. I haven't even spoke to my first NPC, or even gotten a chance to control my character in the game world. In fact, I haven't seen my character outside of the character creation screen. I'm going to refund this in a heartbeat if someone can't give me some constructive troubleshooting.
    I've attached the log files to this post. It'd be nice if a GM could evaluate it further. There seems to be alot of Errors on it.
    I have consistently been seeing this error too, from the same PAZ file:
    " (3749371554) Error!=>패키지 압축해제시 오류 발생했습니다: c:/program files (x86)/mmorpg games/black desert/Paz/PAD02803.PAZ(c:/program files (x86)/mmorpg games/black desert/object/00_common/exterior/ex_timber_set01_02.pam), (0/17076)"
    Created an incident ticket for Support, but got generic crap about RAM and HDD errors.
    If every other game known to mankind can run smooth on my PC, then there's no reason BDO can't. 
    Windows 7 64 bit
    Nvidia Titan X x2 SLI
    Nvidia GTX 780
    Intel I7 Sandybridge 6 core processor
    32 GB RAM DDR3
    Let me know if there's anything else you need to know.
    Client_20160723060231 PART 1.log
    Client_20160723060231 PART 2.log
  2. My system has happily been playing BDO with no major unknown issues or crashes until the patch issued today (22/07/2016) ..
    My main characters were Tamer, Valkyrie and sorceress but after the patch with the ninja/konoichi I made a new Konoichi character and started plodding through the quests again.. I played for many hours yesterday with no real issues apart from me forgetting important quests and only finally getting the Black spirit to transfuse and enchant gear late last night or early this morning.. I upgraded my secondary weapon to +7 and added a gem to it with no apparent issues.
    I then put my system into sleep mode rather than shutdown as I tend to have erratic sleep times and sometimes want to play as soon as I wake up
    When I loaded the launcher today it began downloading the latest patch but stuck for quite a while at 10% so I went off to do other things an left the system on to patch itself.
    I came back a couple of hours later and hurrah it had downloaded the patch so I logged in and started playing ..All seemed well but after a few minutes of play  i was in the game map and the cursor locked up, the screen (running windowed mode) visibly shifted to the right slightly so the Right hand border was no longer visible and after a few more seconds BDO shut down and the Xigncode came up with an error suggesting i needed to do a virus scan. I did this even though no new programs were evident and McAffee antivirus was running all the time with latest virus definitions etc..
    Now BDO will randomly crash after maybe 10 minutes or so of gameplay, Xigncode pops up with different codes each time it crashes. I have shut down along list of services and background programs/services that have been on my system for a long time but the random error persists ... even completely disabling services and shutting down the firewall and antivirus after all the stopping of services etc I only managed to ride a horse from Velia to Heidel and move a few things into storeage before it happened again.
    The Xigncode crashing issue does not seem to relate to any particular action. I can be running, riding amount, looking at the map, feeding workers or just moving items in the backpack or storage. The game is now essentially completely unplayable as I cannot try and attempt quests or slaughtering sprees without the random crashes etc and some of the error codes from Xigncode are not even listed on their web site.
       It is extremely annoying as I admit I have purchased far too many items from the pearl shop to sit back and say "oh well, I wil leave it a while and see what happens" especially as one of the items was the new 30 day boost pack .. GRRRR
    In addition I now find the game log files are over the max file size to upload here with the other log files !!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!
    My rapidly emptying pockets are pushing my hands towards the url for paypal ... so please do something so i can get back to wasting more pearls and many more hours .. I have a lvl 48 tamer who hasnt even been to the delphi nights castle yet
  3. Post on Launcher crash in Technical Issues

    By Empoty, posted
    As of yesterdays update, I am unable to start the launcher, it crashes before I get to login screen (crash message is attached bellow). I've opened a ticket regarding this, but posting here if anyone is having the same problem, or even better, got his problem solved.
    I dod try these things but they did not work (using Windows 10):
    - renaming/deleting version.dat
    - turned off all proxy toggles in network settings
    - downloaded new launcher (didn't try downloading the whole game yet, and I hope I won't :D)

  4. Bonjour, 
    J'espère que je poste au bon endroit.

    Depuis la MàJ du 13 Juillet 2016 (je crois ?), quand je lance mon jeu il se ferme automatiquement à la fin du chargement pour rejoindre le serveur.
    C'est à dire que je sélectionne mon personnage, ensuite il y a le chargement habituel pour se connecter (avec le petit bonhomme noir en bas en guise de barre de chargement), et à la fin du chargement le jeu se ferme.

    Aucun message d'erreur ne s'affiche, le jeu se ferme tout simplement. Depuis hier (le 13 Juillet) que ça me fait ça.

    Je suis sous Windows 8.1. Je joue en Wifi.
    Mais avant ça je n'avais pas de problèmes de la sorte (à part que je mettais énormément de temps à me connecter mais au moins j'avais un message d'erreur quand ça arrivait ...)

    J'ai déjà essayé de vérifier tous mes fichiers avec config.filecheck mais ça n'a rien changé.

    Si quelqu'un a une idée du problème ou de la solution je suis preneuse ...

    J'ai contacté le support (FAITES-LE c'est important et plus simple : ils sont rapides à répondre).
    Apparemment, mon problème de crash de jeu serait dû au fait que mon pilote VGA est trop vieux (2013).
    Je leurs ai dit que pourtant avant la mise à jour je jouais très bien et je remplissais même tous prérequis demandés pour jouer au jeu. 
    Le GM m'a répondu ceci : 
     → TRADUCTION : 
    Je suis désolé de vous dire que votre pilote VGA est sous la configuration minimale requise. Même si ça peut marcher sous la configuration minimale requise, il n'y a aucune garanti que ça continue de marcher à l'avenir. Pearl Abyss (les créateurs du jeu) vont continuer de proposer des mises à jour qui risquent de ne plus fonctionner sur les vielles cartes graphiques.

    → En gros, la configuration minimale requise au début change et demande des choses un peu plus puissantes maintenant, et cela va continuer au fil des mises à jour.
  5. Well I played fine around midnight then went to bed. I woke up today to find that every time I try to open the BDO launcher I get the "Black Desert Online Launcher has stopped working" error.
    I attempted all fixes I could find to include changing the Proxy and/or LAN settings and have had no success. SO I checked my log files and all of them from today have this message:
    [07/13/2016::09:50:53]    [MSG] DaumGame Global Launcher is started. (0AD93895C64342F0966737E18F648FE9)
    [07/13/2016::09:50:54]    [MSG] bReturn is 1
    [07/13/2016::09:50:54]    [MSG] s key : 26135
    That's it. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  6. RivaTuner is an in application detection tool that allows you to monitor your system over a directdraw, direct3d, or openGL app, and cutting to the chase, the issue is caused by it's application detection level, if you hover over one of the profiles, (None, Low, Medium, High) it tells you that it intercepts the call to directdraw, direct3d, or openGL libraries, and in high mode, it tries to intercept calls to load other libraries.

    The issue I had is the game would load into the menu, however when I clicked start the processing window would briefly pop up before the game closed. turns out Rivatuner was the issue.

    It's high mode that causes the issues, if you set it to medium it will usually solve the issue, I don't have the tools to test as to why High mode causes the issue, but with the information I posted upwards it makes me speculate that it is a crash due to a incompatibility to bdo trying to run other libraries. However it was working fine until the latest patch, now it could be just an untimely update RTSS had where it updated the same day however that seems highly unlikely,

    Im sure you have your handful @GM_Huego but i'd still like you to know of this issue if you weren't already aware of it, or if you are if you could confirm or correct my assumptions, i'd be greatly grateful, if so. For everyone else here's a possible fix for you guys

    EDIT: I have also heard that the Render mode could possibly cause issues, you can also try changing it around and it may help
  7. Hi there!
    When the game first launched, I had a similar issue with the game, I could log in, create a character, but at the moment I logged that character into the world, the game would load it until the loading bar reached it's limit, then freezed for like 5 mins. (music still playing and cursor still moving), then it would crash to the main menu, with the message "Connection with server has been lost", if OK was pressed, the game crashed to desktop.
    That issue did not let me play for about the first two weeks or so.
    Now that I have some more time after my finals and I'm playing again more seriously, I have the same issue, but in a different fashion. I can log in and play just normally, but after 5, 10, 15 mins, more or less, the game does the same thing, crash to main menu, Connection with server has been lost, etc. And it's getting to the point that's is really getting to me.
    Any clues?
    I'll post here as well another small issue I have ingame with a NPC.
    Daphne Dellucci is supossed to give me a quest where she introduces me to another NPC in the mountains which continues the begginer Hunting quests, but she does not. I checked the wiki and the only requirement for her to give me this quest is to have completed the previous one (which consisted in shooting some beehives with a matchlock) which I have.
    Thank you!
    Bump and update.
    Is it going from bad to worse? Yesterday I tried to log in and when the loading bar was full, after a few seconds it crashed to desktop. I never had this kind of issue before. I reopened the launcher and the game, tried to log in again, successfully, but after 5-10 seconds, Connection lost. Try to log again, then another crash.
    After 5 tries, I could finally play, but seriously, I'm starting to get mad, I checked my internet connection and the disconnects have nothing to do with it, it goes perfectly fine.
  8. Looking to play again after a two month break.  I've fully updated my game and I can sign in normally to launch the game.  The game launches smoothly, but when I click "Start" on the first menu of the game, it immediately crashes.
  9. So I just decided to buy the game but I unfortuntately cannot even dowload it. I was given the setup installer after purchase and had no problems installing the base files as well as the launcher. However, I have not been able to use the launcher without it crashing every time. I recieve the generic window, "Black Desert Online Launcher has stopped working." I've uninstalled and reinstalled many times, tried different drives on my computer, browsed through the forums and google, restarted my computer many times, but I still can't find a solution to the problem I'm encountering. If anyone has had a similar issue, or if there's something I'm not doing correctly, please comment!!
  10. Was just playing (for several hours); game crashed. Restarted computer, logged into game, immediately got "Valid authentication time has expired" message and game shuts down. Tried several times, same result. In Seattle area, all other internet usage is fine. Game is unreachable.

  11. Post on Things BDO Players Hate in General

    By Kokusa, posted
    Gets excited for new BDO Patch that may potentially let me play the game again
    Gets Corrupt File half download...
    Goes back to town to sell fish to Trade Manager
    Game crashes before you ever get to the next town...
    Never lets you load back in to actually sell you're rotting fish...
  12. I have been playing the game about a week now with no issues, totally getting addicted and now out of nowhere the game keeps crashing. Everytime I launch the game with no problems can hit start and select server/character, but as soon as I log into character the game keeps crashing. I have graphics on same setting it was when I was playing before? I recently moved to france and am playing on north American Uno server so I can play with my brother still, IDK if that could be something to do with it or if its another problem or what but id like to get this issue resolved as soon as I can so I can keep playing. SOMEONE ANYONE PLEASE HELP!!!
  13. At this point I feel like I'm beating on a dead bush but here goes nothing. 
    With the latest patch the game has been rather annoying to me. At first I couldn't even launch the game, but later on that was fixed with the follow-up patch and everything was fine until the other patch. Now I don't know how many patches they've actually released but I feel like I'm playing Patch Download Simulator, not that it's bad that they update the game frequently but they should at least be stable patches. 
    Now to the current issue. The game launches, I select my character and get loaded into the world, I play for a bit and out of nowhere I get prompted with a pop-up that's titled "Corrupt File!" and I get to click OK and it automatically closes the game. Sometimes it happens as soon as I get loaded into the world. 
    I've already tried deleting the version.dat file and renaming it to config.filecheck as well as reinstalling the launcher. Though it seems like a patch related issue if anyone knows anything please let me know, I'm tired and my fish are all rottened by now anyway. 
    Ps. I never got to trade my fish in because when I logged in and went to the trader it'd say I had to wait 10min to use the trading feature and the game would crash before the 10min would pass. Imagine the frustration... 
  14. Post on Frequent Crashing in General

    By Kippller, posted
    So since the new update my game crashes a ton, 

    I've lowered all the settings and I cant figure out whats doing it 
    its at very random times 
    This needs to be fixed 
  15. Not really a suggestion, but i guess it's a bug...
    Just copying my reddit post, so this can be handed over to developers  (see on reddit)
    So when i play BDO on max settings, my graphics card temperature reaches roughly 60°C with my fans on 70%. When i want to do afk stuff, i minimize the game to tray. Since its in tray i am able to turn my graphics cards fans off to or leave them at 10% while still having ~45°C. But when the game disconnects while its minimized to tray and the window saying "Connection to the server has been lost" appears, my graphics cards temperature shoots up to 95°C if my fans are turned off and 75°C if theyre on standard 40%.
    How does that make sense? How can a screen saying you DC'd which is showing different backgrounds use so much processing power? AND its not even on screen, its still in the tray!
    The thing is, i wont even notice if im away. In fact i just noticed this one time because i was there when it happened, and my fans automatically went to full blast because my graphics card reached 90°C. Might aswell leave a slice of pizza on my graphics card next time... Running an EVGA GTX 970 FTW Edition btw - the 3.5 GB cripple
  16. When a new game comes out I normally cut the developers a lot of slack knowing that there will be bugs to work out at launch..... normally a couple months down the road however you expect that these things would start to be cleaned up and patched out.
    Here we are..... a game that has been out since 2014.....and this has to be the most poorly optimized game in the history of gaming. 
    I WOULD LIKE A DETAILED EXPLANATION for why this game crashes almost every 20 - 40min NO MATTER WHAT......
    I have read up and followed just about every post on this issue..... the simple fact that SO MANY people are having the same issue with this game only ..... and no other games on their machine SCREAMS to me that this game has massive stability and resource management issues. 
    I am at my wits end on what to do here..... I have not enjoyed playing an MMO this much in a very long time..... but with how broken and unstable this game is right now on my machine, playing is a mixture of rage/joy/RAGE
    (And no it isn't my computer, EVERYTHING else runs fine for hours and hours no issue ever..... launch this game.... CRASH in 10min)
  17. From about 10 days I have huge problems: (also with low graphic settings)
    - After instant load of my character, game takes about 2 mins for load anything else (horse, other chars, interaction with NPCs)
    - Some of my skill icons stay "dark" after use it and not start cooldown number (sometimes for more than 30 seconds)
    - Lag on response of mana consumption and use of potions
    - Lag on other players move
    - Game continue to crash every 5/10 minutes (most of the time it says me "valid authentication expires...blablablabla")
    My PC specs are:
    - Nvidia 970
    - 16 gb ram
    - Intel I5 k
    - SSD HD
    First of all I thought "ok it's my internet connection"... made some test:
    - checked internet speed... 10 mb dl, 0,5 upload, latency 50 ms
    - checked with WinMTR to the Blackdesert server...100 pack sent, no packet loss
    - changed version.dat to versionold.dat and made a checkfiles (nothing change)
    - checked the blackdesert logs in search of some error (none)
    - unistalled game with CCleaner and deleted everything... redownloaded game (nothing change)
    - deleted and replaced "na" under cx directory, downloaded it from support forum (nothing changed)
    - I tried to disable antivirus and every program in my PC (nothing change)
    PS: with all other games (i.e. Smite, Rainbow Six Siege) my connection is PERFECT.
    EDIT 20/06/16:
    I installed BDO on a new PC, completely different. Set all graphic setting to Low/Very Low and logged in.
    Nothing change. Lag, DCed, long loading.
    I'm not an expert but I think that means is not a Client problem (if I'm not so unlucky to have 2 clients bugged)
    So the possible problems are:
    - my connection (but as I said every test says me it's all ok, no packet loss, and others games runs good)
    - BDO server has some problem with my routing
    What should I do? Help!!
    I would be happy to provide my routing data to support service.
  18. Guten Tag,
    wie der Titel schon aussagt habe ich ein Problem und zwar stürzt der Launcher wenn ich ihn starte, mich einlogge und dann auf starten klicke mit der Fehlermeldung ( Fail: Failed to init security. ) ab.
    ich habe schon die Firewall und Defender deaktiviert, bringt nix.
    ich bitte um eure mithilfe.
    mfg Pixelhead

  19. Bonjour ou bonsoir,
    Voilà, je vous explique mon problème. 
    Depuis une Màj de 3 Go, j'ai réussi à rejouer à BDO (Imaginez ma joie sachant que je n'ai pas pu y jouer pendant presque 1 mois). Mais il y a deux jours, le jeu ne cesse de crash à l'écran de chargement après la sélection de personnage. Je ne comprends absolument pas pourquoi. 
    J'ai eu un soucis à ma dernière connexion qui était un problème de version windows il me semble, je l'ai en 32 bits à la place de l'avoir en 64 bits comme recommandé. Et depuis, j'ai du essayé des 10aines de fois mais aucun succès. 
    Est-que quelqu'un à déjà eu ce problème ou suis-je le seul dans ce cas là? 
  20. After applying a Cumulative Security Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 that brought it from build 10586.218 to build 10586.318, Xingcode won't finish launching the game in most cases. I can bring up the launcher, login, and after Xingcode finishes scanning, nothing happens. The game never opens, and in Taskmanager, I can watch blackdesert64.exe disappear from the list. However, sometimes the game will load, but it's random and usually takes me nearly 10-15 attempts before it MIGHT happen.
    I've repaired the game already, and it seems the only other thing I can think of doing is to uninstall the Windows 10 update, but that seems ridiculous that the game won't open simply because my operating system is current. What else can I do other than uninstall the windows update or run a second repair? Is Xingcode just broken?

    Here is the info regarding the update: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3156421
  21. Sorry for wall of text, this is driving me insane.

    I'll get right to it.
    I've recently just built a brand new PC to run BDO on, but I need some help.
    - gtx 970 g1
    - 650 watt evga supernova psu
    - asrock fatality H170 motherboard
    - 8gb g.skill ripjaw ddr4 @ 2133 mhz
    - quad i5 6500 @ 3.20 ghz
    - Windows 7 Ultimate sp1
    All is good when launching the game, I get in, it's lag free and I can play smoothly.
    20 - 60 minutes in however, my PC randomly Blue screens every time I play
    IMPORTANT: This behavior only frequently occurs when playing BDO, League of Legends and other games run fine.
    These BSODS bugchecks are usually Memory Management, System service exception or pool errors.

    I have ALREADY:
    - run as admin/compatibility
    - reinstalled BDO (multiple times)
    - reinstalled Windows
    - versionold.dat file verify
    - checked drivers with driver verifier / reinstalled video drivers
    - check disks + sfc/scannow
    - reseated ram + MEMTEST86 (0 errors 8 passes with both sticks in, 2 passes for each individual stick of 4gb ram).
    - Windows Memory Diagnostic + added firewall / antivirus exceptions
    Dump files are attached if needed.
    BDO DUMP.txt
  22. Post on Game Crash in Technical Issues

    By nick808, posted
    When I launch the game and it goes through the map zooming sequence, the game crashes right before putting me in-game, i thought it was a file issue but it also crashes and restarts my computer if that game form is what i'm focused on, but if i have another window open and watch that game window load next to it it just freezes for a while and then shuts itself down and displays a low memory issue with the game files. How can i fix this?? Please Help...
  23. As I drowned in the posts where people were complaining about that issue known as "connection with the server has been lost", I haven't got a single fix that worked for me, so that's why I made a new post regarding this problem. My computer's specs are even better than recommended ones, internet connection is fine as well (decent ping and no disconnections in other games) and recently I've even reinstalled the game, yet nothing changed. Sometimes it's as frequent as 5-6 times in less than an hour, and other time it's "just" 4 times a day. I hope that issue is being worked on, would really appreciate just knowing that. It had been much worse before the time when new channels were brought, but the problem still exists nonetheless! Any helpful reply is welcome.
  24. As I drowned in the posts where people were complaining about that issue known as "connection with the server has been lost", I haven't got a single fix that worked for me, so that's why I made a new post regarding this problem. My computer's specs are even better than recommended ones, internet connection is fine as well (decent ping and no disconnections in other games) and recently I've even reinstalled the game, yet nothing changed. Sometimes it's as frequent as 5-6 times in less than an hour, and other time it's "just" 4 times a day. I hope that issue is being worked on, would really appreciate just knowing that. It had been much worse before the time when new channels were brought, but the problem still exists nonetheless! Any helpful reply is welcome.
  25. So every time i log in and go to my warehouse the game logs me out and say connection to the sever lost and then proceeds to close.