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  1. What are the best things to put in your garden if you are going for profit only? Wanna place mine near to heidel, so the way is short.
    And how do you guys manage to get the seeds, i know you can buy them off the AH but some of them are very expensive
  2. Post on Farming in Suggestions

    By Riversbend, posted
    As Farming relates to contribution and contribution is across all our characters it should be family skill, not just to the character working on it at a particular time.  I work on farming with whatever charter that is closest or that I am on at the time, but each gain little xp.  It is the only skill that is this way and would be appropriate to make all characters get the same benefit from the work put into it. 
  3. Does anyone know or have tested whether or not the level of your gathering affects the yield of harvested crops while farming.
    For example:
    I'm a skilled 3 farmer with gathering at apprentice 3 (all I do on this toon is farm).  Harvesting (for actual crops) a special plant yields about 30-40 s. wheat, 30-40 s. carrot, 30-40 s. sunflower, all on average from a harvest at 100-119% crop growth.
    So if I were a skilled gatherer or higher would I be getting a greater yield, lets say 50-60 once I hit skilled gathering (or somewhere in skilled) and then 60-70 at professional and so forth.  On my main gatherer I am a Pro 8 and there seems to be small incremental increases with gathering levels.  I would really like to know what my fellow farmer/gatherers are at.  So if there is a guide out there, or a spreadsheet, of if you guys could post your gathering/farming levels and average yields, I just might be able to create a magic formula!  Ok Probably no formula, but any help is most appreciated.
  4. Post on Farming in General

    By Zibbernopperrroo, posted
    I enjoy the farming mini game that is added to this game. I make my fertilizer, collect and purify my water, debug my plants and all the other parts of the said process. However, the fence seems unproportionately large for the crops within. I feel that there should be at least twice as many crops in the sizes that are offered, or perhaps a reduction in the size of the current fences. This would also reduce the issue of farms stacked on top of each other. This problem will only increase, as the game grows in popularity. 

    Only one crop can planted, regardless of the 4 squares.
  5. 'Ello o/

    Recently I started to dabble in farming business and I love it how relaxing it is. However one thing puzzles me is that how do you know where to place specific seed?
    Is there any other way of checking beforehand or only when you place it and then check the temperature/humidity threshold? Or does it even matter for crop growth?
    I am using organic fertilizer and distilled water, and for sunflower crops it was just a matter of finding where other people placed it, tho I have no idea if 3 hours of sunflower crop growth is fastest and whatnot.
    But how do you find optimal spot for seeds such as potatoes, peppers and any other cooking materials? 
    Thanks for reading ^^
  6. Hello everybody!
    I don't know if this is already implemented in the game, if it is then i didn't recognize it yet and you can ignore this topic.
    Since there is so much to do in BDO, sometimes you can really lose overview of certain things you are doing or want to do (especially when you use multiple alts for different professions). It would be nice to see if something is wrong with your farm/crops while you are leveling or doing dailies. I would really like to see a better use of the garden icon at the upper left of the screen. You already see your mount icon flashing red when it is being attacked, so why not implement the same for your garden?
    Edit: Also, a feature where you can see the status of all your gardens when clicking on the icon would be really nice (like the list of your residences/workers). At the moment you always have to check them on the map and when your gardens are close together it is sometimes hard to mouse over each garden you have.
    Thanks for reading and please leave some feedback.
  7. Currently you gain a tiny amount of XP when harvesting crops and a HUGE amount of XP when randomly getting an insect or branch while pruning plants in your farm.  This means you'll only gain XP if you basically stand at your farm all day and get lucky with drops.
    As an example,  I harvested my 30 sunflowers today and received 1% at Apprentice 3 Farming,  I then pruned a crop, got a small drop and received 10% XP.
    I'm not sure if the system wasn't built properly because in the Korean version your workers can work your farm or what, but the way XP gain for farming right now is completely messed up.
  8. http://dulfy.net/2016/03/06/black-desert-gardening-and-farming-guide/
    All credit to the fantastic person who set up and made this incredible guide !
    I was unsure if i wanted to learn about this.. but i think it would be fun just to have a small one around to grow simple cooking ingredients for making stat buff food.. and apparently there is a tea that  gives + 8% exp boost !!! ( also listed in the guide ) 
    I was curious about the fenced little plots of growing stuff for cooking. and i ran across Dulfy's most aweesome and comprehensive guide on how to farm and use fences in Black Desert Online !
    it has locations for fences and types of fences.. 
    how to use scarecrows
    where to find seeds
    the weather and its effects on your crops
    how to use water irrigation
    etc.etc.etc !
  9. Pressing R does nothing. We cannot view "crop information"

  10. I have not been able to see my crops information since friday while farming. I have talked to some other farmers and they are having the same problem. 
  11. Post on Farming in In-Game Bugs

    By Angerith, posted
    Can't access the crops information once I press "R"... it gets mixed with the cursor key.
    Only putting a new seed allows me to see the water lvl, fert etc...  
    Any way to fix this?