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  1. Hi everyone. So I'm a lvl 57 Sorceress and I was wondering what crystals to use on my gear only for PVE since I'm absolutely not interested in PVP   I've got the full Ultimate Grunil Set + Liverto and Ultimate Jubre. So far, I've maxed out Crit, Casting speed and Luck (+45% Knockdown resistance on my shoes). Is it alright like that or do I need to improve my setup? 
    Thanks peeps  
  2. Hi everyone !
    As a wizard, I wonder if I should use Black Magic Crystal (Precision) or Red Battlefield Crystal (Power). What is the best for PvP ?
    Right now I'm using AP crystals. I don't really feel a necessity to switch and use precision crystal right now, except when I try the grap. It often fails. 
    Maybe precision crystals would help me with the graps, but I don't know if it worth the lost AP.
    Character lvl : 60
    Off-Hand : I got Kutum and Nouver, I'm testing both but don't really know which is better in which situation x)
    Thanks for your help !
    (And sry for my approximate English)
  3. I saw it in all other version of BDO. Do you guys think that it will be implemented in ours? 
    Pic rel: http://i.imgur.com/UytwGve.png
  4. Hi, I am a pvp player, so I would like to know if movement speed actually helps on ranger's dash or anything in general, or should I put 2x adamantines to get kd resistance instead? Atm, Im using 2x +2 movement speed crystals, and Im lacking a lot of resistance, so this is what I came up with, but not sure if losing movement speed is good for ranger.
  5. Well I realized that alot of KR Players have the evasion crystals in their chest.
    If I'm right they increase your evasion of Back-, Down- & Air Attacks. In the first moment this sounds pretty awesome but is it really worth it to give up the 200 HP that you would get from the Cobelinus? I can't imagine that these "cheap" blue crystals are this good that they are easily outperform the much more expensive BMC - Cobelinus ones. 
    Are there any tests or more reliable information on this? What do you guys think? 
    I know Evasion is a thing lately as CC resistances get more and more obsolete because of high resistance ignore (easily 30-40% Ignore possible) but this just doesn't sound right to me =)
    Here a link to both crystals:
  6. Hello,
    Im a fresh lvl 56 player and want to obtain money/enchant gear to pri etc. Now my question is where / what ist the best way to collect the shard crystals. Ive heard people saying through butchering, shoveling etc. But they are kinda old and I never got 1through shoveling in 3days(means  around 2k energy spend). Im skilled 7 with my main. Are there any accurate information about the drop rate and where it drops most?
  7. I found that hard to browse the marketplace while looking for crystal it would be a very nice addition to be able to tick a box for helmet, armor, glove or shoes just like we can tick a box to choose which class we want to see the item.

  8. I've looked this up already once, but never found what I needed to know, if there is a post pointing to it, please let me know and feel free to close this topic.
    As far as I know the Ancient relic crystal shards (I'm going abbreviate them as "arcs" from now on), are to make scrolls. I haven't done this myself, which is half the reason I'm rather ignorant on the topic. Ironically I'm afraid to do so because I'm not sure what course of action would be more beneficial. These scrolls, when used then give you a quest as well as potential drops from the summoned boss. 
    Facts I think i Know (correct me if i'm wrong):
    Current price for a single arcs is 600k (Uno)You need 5 to make scrollThere are many "Scroll Groups"Each boss has a limited loot quantity in which is distributed evenly among the participantsYou get hunter sealsMy Questions
    Why are the arcs so expensive, from what I know you only get 1-2 mil worth of loot per boss, how does that justify the whopping 2.5 mil price tag for the total sum of 5 arcs?I've seen arguments that state "Scroll Groups" increase you potential profit, however if i was correct above (which I may not be) the loot is distributed. Thus, a party of 5 each using one scroll is equivalent of 1 person using 1 scroll. 
    Thank you in advance! :3
  9. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/16KEr7N5nIml_K_XnfrzATcHqqSrh9mpsBN_vhnYE-YM/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Hello! I had a question that I was hoping someone could help out with. I have this guild member who has spent well over a few thousand energy gathering and has not received a single hard or sharp black crystal shard. He only gathers with the tools from the vendor, and we can't seem to convince him to use the crafted ones. So my questions is, can you get them with the vendor tools and he is just super unlucky? Or can you only get them with the crafted tools? 
  11. The "Valencia" update is near and the Crystal Extraction tool still isn't implemented in the Loyalty shop. Please, bear in mind this for future updates.
    All of blacksmiths speak about this tool when we want to extract a crystal and we only can purchase the Black Spirit Essence in he Pearl Shop to do it
  12. Post on HP vs Damage Reduction in Sorceress

    By HypnoZ, posted
    So I just got my whole Grunil set in Ultimate, and it's now time to transfuse !
    I've make my little mix with all pieces, but I'm still wondering for the top : 200 HP or 10 Damage Reduction ?
    With pots CD being so low, I think 200hp is not that good, plus we have no spell scaling with hp (except Signof Agony, which is only used to CC).
    I don't really know if +10 damage reduction means -10 damage taken/hit or -10% damage/hit, but either way are cool
    -10 damage/hit makes it great against low dps player, while it's also good against wiz and ranger because most spells are X times X damages.-10% damage/hit is cool against high DPS.I see damage reduction being usefull in mass PvP, while you are taking a lot of damages and less HP means less time to regen, so more fighting !
  13. Post on Empty Crystals in Suggestions

    By Atias, posted
    I'm looking at these Empty Crystals sold by General Vendors. I'm hoping to get a reply from a GM or staff to answer a common question.
    I want to research to utilize them so I won't ask for recipes or how they are actually used. (From the tooltip I understand they are used to make crystals) but..
    Is there a use in game(NA/EU) for Empty Crystals/Is there a method to use them?
    If there's no current use for them, I'd rather not spend 100+ hours tinkering with them. But if there is even a dash of "black energy" in the subject, it is enough for me.
    I guess a better question would be, Currently in NA/EU, can you indeed used Empty Crystals in a process to make Crystals?
    Okay, so I found one use for them. So I have a more specific question or potentially a suggestion.
    Can you use Empty Crystals to create Enchantment-level crystals? If no, the suggestion would be to add a recipe (and perhaps a new gatherable item) to randomly create any Enchantment-level Crystals including Enchantment - memory, swiftness, assault, and (rarely) Experience. A similar method to making Alchemy stones.
  14. I have a red essence and i want to make a red battlefield crystal - power
    but do i need to heat it with ancient magic crystal of crimson flame - power?
    or ancient magic crystal of nature - adamantine?
    also can i use any power/adamantine crystals or does it have to be the yellow ones?
  15. Black Spirit Crystal- Max HP +100 / Attack Power +5
    The Black Spirit Crystal gem is only giving me +2 Attack power. The amount of hp it gives  is correct but the ap it's not.

  16. can someone explain to me how to make black crystals from rough black stones so i can craft reform stones and grunill armor, if i needed to?
  17. Does somebody have any Idea about this Crystal "Ancient Magic Crystal - Enchantment" (http://bddatabase.net/us/item/15502/) ?  Can it be dropped (which patch?) or do i need to do some Alchemy magic things? Never touched Alchemy...
    Nobody an Idea?
  18. Post on Armor Crystals? in Berserker

    By Kallas, posted
    So I was wondering what your suggestions for armor and offhand weapon based crystals?
    I currently have
    Damage reduction -1 on helmet and offhand weapon
    attack speed + 1 on gloves
    hp +25 on armor piece 
    and movement speed +1 on shoes.
    EDIT: I know these are bad, thats why I'm here for suggestions on what I should purchase today as I'm running into lots of PKers in grinding areas.
    On my main weapon I have 2x  1 AS/CRIT crystals.
    4/5 AS
    5/5 CRIT
  19. So I posted this earlier in the Guide section but since I see that half the content of this forum thread is: "Blader" "When is Blader coming out?" "Anyone else waiting for Blader?" etc. I figured that I might get more answers/feedback here 

    I plan to main a Blader/Plum and maybe have a Ninja/Kunoichi as a Secondary. As neither are out on NA/EU, I am currently playing as a Tamer, running 3 piece Agerian + Talis Boots for Attack Speed and Movement Speed. However, while I wait I would like to prepare for Blader/Ninja.

    I've been reading up on the best armor sets for each class and so far it seems like Neil Tree (Grunil) is the best overall with two crystal slots, and bonus AP & HP. However it seems like people also recommend the Steel Taritas for the Blader for the bonus MP. It also has the bonus accuracy/evasion but I heard evasion & accuracy has been nerfed (can anyone provide information on that)? I used to run 2 piece Taritas for +120 MP and shoe + glove Zereth for the +400 endurance, but it felt like the added endurance wasn't useful in combat as I never fully recover it all while fighting. It was also difficult to obtain Attack Speed enhancements with only one crystal slot and no armor bonuses.

    Most of the guides I see about Blader seem to be at least 9 months old and hence not completely up to date with the recently released NA/EU version. Any information or help/suggestions with armor sets + crystal socketing will be greatly appreciated. Anyone figured out a way to get max Attack Speed + Critical Hit Chance on Blader? Also will be very grateful for any help with how to craft Steel Taritas (which nodes to send workers, which mats we have to manually collect and how).

  20. I wonder if the crystal +2 critical hit -1 attack speed is good as wizard since you don't need attack speed or ? what else could you use as weapon crystal and which crystal for offhand ?
  21. Hey
    im searching the hole day, an tray to find the "Crystal Extraction Tool" to remove save my cystals from my armor but i cant find it.
    Can some one halp me?
    Sincere regards,