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  1. This is my valk and it took me 2 days to forge her cute face, If you like it please reply email I will send you the file, thx!
    And I'm open to judge and opinions, feel free to reply!

  2. ... pourquoi les CMs ne bannissent pas les abrutis du forum ?

    Je vote non :3
  3. Post on How cute are valks in Valkyrie

    By Ama, posted
    1 being the lowest and 10 the greatest

    I vote 11
  4. From my previous post. I have added now download link for each template. Click on any of the pictures and you will find a download link. There you can choose if you would like to download all of them as zip or one by one. They all have numbers so it would really easy for you to find the one you want to download. ^^ Hope you enjoy!


  5. Hey everyone, NothingsEnd here!
    I'm new to the community and I'm currently unable to log into the game, thus I'm giving away
    to some of the people who post here! (Basically until I get tired of making them lol).
    All you have to do is post or message me a picture of your character and I'll (probably) get to work on an avatar for you.
    If you guys enjoy the avatars I make I might stick around and make more later on!

    I hope to have a fun time with the BDO community, and that you all have a wonderful day~!

    -Nothing's End-
  6. Here are the new cashshop costumes from Korea for Valk, Tamer, Sorc and Ranger. 

    Valkyrie - Valkyrie that makes you look like a heavy armored knightTamer - Cute Tamer costumeSorc - Evening gown for the sorcRanger - Winter themed outfit with a clown like hat
  7. Mooie is finally able to play the game, and since playing alone is so boring, she would like to play with others!
    Edit: Since no one wants to make cutie girl guild with me, I have a new idea! A guild based on Haruhism! >3<
    Hit me up! I so wonewy! >3<
    Just for fun, anyone could answer why Kyon doesn't like Haruhi?
    Old guild ad
    Mooie is finally able to play the game, and since playing alone is so boring, she would like to play with others!
    This is why she would like to create a guild where only cute gamer girls can join! Girl power, you know! >3<
    So let's do it, girls! Here's a picture of my cutie witch:
    Here's a picture of me irl, with my beloved BT router! I'm British, with a hot London accent!
     Girls who are interested should post their cutie images in this thread, and we will go from there!
  8. Post on Makao's Customs in Art & Media

    By Makao, posted
    Hello I made some customized characters, I tried posting them on English template websites but they are either pretty unknown or just terribly slow at uploading stuff.
    So I decided to post them on the forums for download. If you got any requests feel free to ask!
    The first bit is the normal/pretty looking templates I made and all the way below you will find my BEAST templates Enjoy!





    BEAST Templates:
    Beast Sorceress

    Beast Witch

    Beast Tamer

  9. Hi everyone!
    I would like to share my opinion with you on costume prices to see, if you agree or not. Because if I had to name one thing about the game I don't like this would be the first. And I know this topic has been discussed a lot. I read more then a few, but most of them had a black and white solution in them: lower the costume prices by x% or leave them as is.
    The game offers very little diversity in costumes obtainable in game, instead you have to buy them from the cash shop. This way they won't have to put pay to win items in the cash shop and still be profitable. I actually like this model and support it. The gameplay is finally something fresh and I really enjoy it. But eventually I would like my characters to look different, and that's when I have to decide to buy a full set for 30€ or don't. And that's the part I don't like. That money is just too much for me for a costume. And this leaves me with one other option... not to buy.
    Now before I continue let's look at another company with almost a monopoly set up like the BDO cash shop is, where they dictate the price. (Well this one is an oligopoly but close enough.) I hope to clarify with this where my problem lies.
    Let's say Intel and AMD declares that from this day forth every CPU is 5000€. So you want to buy a low end CPU? 5000€. You want to buy a high end CPU? You guessed it... it's still 5000€. Since you can't buy them from anywhere else they should make more money with this decision right? Well... I am a physicist not an economist... but I am pretty sure that's not how this works, because we would always have the option not to buy. And those who would buy anyway would buy the best CPU there is, because it cost as much as the worst. So 99% of their products would become useless and they would lose 99% for their costumer base. But they don't do this. They sell CPUs form a below 100€ to thousands. So everyone can find the right one to buy.
    But getting back to BDO you could say, that this does not apply because CPUs are vastly different from another. Well costumes aren't? If they were not we would not have this conversation now.  So if they are different why sell all of them for the same price? Those who buy will buy the best looking one (ofc that varies from person to person, but you can still see trends) the rest would just not buy anything because it's just too expensive. The costumes that look good, but not that good will not sell as much as they could on a lower price, and this will just lose potential money for the company.
    And looking at this from the costumer end the whales will buy the 30€ costumes effortlessly but at the end: "Hey look at my cool new costume... oh wait all the plebs have this one too..." And from my pleb perspective: "Yaay... I bought a new costume... in a game... for twice as much as my life worth... I hate myself..." And for the thirds group: "30€ for a costume? Ok."
    So what I am trying to say is: people are different with different circumstances, costumes are different... why do different people have to pay the same price for different costumes? It's bad for everyone but the third group.
    A simple solution could be to sell costumes for 15€ 30€ 50€ ... etc based on how detailed they are, or desirable. This way everyone could find something they are happy with. The costumers would be happy. Costume sales would go up so the investors would be happy... so why not do the thing that every successful company in a similar situation have done every time without fail? Am I not seeing something here? That could be a possibility. But speaking for myself I would buy more if I had more options. The buy-for-this-much-or-don't-buy-at-all model is just a weird concept for me. It looks inefficient.
    What do you guys think?
    ps: If a similar idea was mentioned before then sorry to bother you with it again. I really read a lot of topics about it but didn't see it anywhere. Also my original language is not even remotely close to english, so if I made mistakes, sorry!
    tldr: Diversify the price of costumes... please?
  10. Posted this over on the Reddit, but thought I'd post it here too.

  11. Post on Rabbit Pet in Suggestions

    By Kuro Usagi, posted
    How can we have a penguin but not a cute rabbit?
    I will preface this with saying I have not played BDO nor have I watched enough to know if what I say below is balanced. If you have ideas that may balance it more please feel free to put them in a reply. I can add things to this as I see things that may prove to be better and/or more balanced
    Pickup Speed: 9 Seconds (They're close to the ground so they pick up fast!)
    Hunger: 100 (They have tiny stomachs!)
    Movement Speed: Same as dogs (For balance since the pickup speed is faster)
    Special Skill: Random chance to gather an extra 1-3 of a plant (Help with this one since I haven't played?)
    Extra(s): Should sit on your head when you idle, that is very necessary.
    For Reference:
  12. Help me decide on which hairstyle is better!
    Which of these Hairstyles do you prefer!?

  13. Hey guys, I've created a short kinda story-cute-thingy on imgur so check it out.  

    Would you be interested in full story from Valsari like Origins and or (suggestions) something like that. 
    I would love to write a short novel-ish kinda story for this character.  

    So I don't upload the whole thing again I'll just drop imgur link here.