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  1. Post on No PvP option in Suggestions

    By finnishcoffee, posted
    As a casual player with very few hours per week to play, I find it very annoying that other players can attack and murder me at any given time even tho I have no interest what so ever in PvP.
    All I want to do is mind my own business, team up with a friend or two and go spelunking, exploring. 
    We do not have the gear for PvP, we don't want to PvP at all even if we did. We just want to have some fun doing our own thing and enjoy the beautiful scenery in this game in peace and quiet.
    All games have one purpose and one purpose only, to entertain. But it should never be on other players expense. Being ganked randomly when trying to complete a daily or just chopping wood, even in conversations with NPC's or looking at the big map dealing with transports and similar, is NOT fun. Not in the slightest. On the contrary. It's incredibly frustrating.

    With so many channels/servers available already, there is no reason to not give us a couple where PvP without consent is not possible.
    Or even better, a ckeckbox in options/gameplay that only allows other players to attack if I have my own PvP flag activated as well.

    Considering that classes are not well balanced for PvP anyway, this should be a no-brainer option. Lots of us love the game but hate PvP.
  2. I can't hide some quests, even though I unchecked them in the Quest Menu.
    Not sure if it's just me or a generel bug. I played almost a year ago with the same issue, so I hope someone's finally taking note of this.
    Fixing this shouldn't be that hard I guess..

  3. Has any one else had issues getting the cherry blossom hourly reward? I have not been getting them. I have a total of 4 out of the 10 I should have. I got 3 yesterday and 1 today.
    I have pretty much been online for the last 2 days. I log off here and there to refresh the game but I am afk leveling horses or fishing. I am never offline for more than 5 or 10 minutes or an hour tops.
    Yes filed a ticket but thought I should bring it up in here too. I asked in chat and other having issues too.
  4. Post on Quest: Lost lamb in PVE

    By KairosProject, posted
    I'm looking for some daily quests on Serendia and saw this one on bddatabase http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2001/4/
    the requirements are: 10 amity on the NPC and this quest: A Punitive Operation in Serendia, got both, but still i can't see the quest
    any idea?
  5. Post on Daily Color Quest Icon in Suggestions

    By Sey, posted
    Please, could you change the daily Color Icon Quest to Violet or something else, so that it is easier to know what are the town quest and what are daily.
    Because at this time: Daily and town quest have the same color.
    It would help to save time when doing new char.
  6. After this patch my attendance rewards have bugged out, my rookie reward will AUTOMATICALLY clear and receive on whichever character I am currently on after 30 minutes, is this supposed to happen? Because certain rewards are character bound, and this might result in having a sub receive a character-bound item supposed to be claimed by the main. Also, what happens if my inventory is full, will the reward just disappear? Thank you very much!
  7. Am i the only one thinking that the new loyal player rewards are a bit bad compared to previous ones? I usually do not complain about free items but i really think the current login rewards are a bit meh. Any thoughts?
  8. Hallo,
    ich wollte gerne mal euer Feedback haben zu dieser Quest: http://bddatabase.net/de/quest/626/1/
    Habt Ihr die Belohnung genommen und dafür die Dailys beseitigt? Würdet Ihr mir das Empfehlen oder lohnt es sich mehr die beizubehalten?
    Lieben Gruß
    Euer Spielkind.
  9. Kann mir einer genau erklären, warum ich vom Schwarzgeist nur eine Quest für die Bossschriftrollen erhalte (vor einigen Tagen mehrere erhalten, wo ich z.B. zu den Skeletten musste) und diese dann nicht mal machen muss, da durch das Annehmen die Quest bei mir automatisch abgeschlossen ist und ich sozusagen "4 free" eine Schriftrolle erhalte (ist die für Rotnase übrigens)? D.h. ich brauch nicht mal Monster zu kloppen. Ich spreche mit dem Schwarzgeist, nehme die Quest an, spreche sofort wieder mit ihm und er gibt mir die Schriftrolle. Ist das ein Bug oder was soll ich darauf verstehen? Und wo sind meine anderen Dailies?
  10. Current implementation of world / field boss loot feels lacking. Not only it's massive RNG system and some people might see multiply loots while other's non, but also the system is locked behind a solid number of loot piles (If I remember correctly 40 per field boss, 100 per world boss). That means that a less populated servers or outside of normal hours for most people (i.e at work time of most of the people) it's higher chance to get loot, as less people will attend. Even Aura's from bosses are behind the RNG wall and there's a chance you won't get your item before new items are introduced (considering the loot drop chance and the fact it doesn't even have to drop it, not to mention you need 100 of them and you might not be even able to attend said boss once a day if the spawn times are wicked that day).
    In my opinion this system is completely flawed and injustice and hereby I'd like to suggest a change to the loot system for Field / World bosses.
    I think, that there should be a daily quest added for every Field / World boss (1 quest per boss everyday, not a "choose one"), that would tell you to kill said boss once a day. As a reward for finishing the quest you would receive an RNG box that would do 4 rolls in different loot tables (i.e 1) hunter marks 2) actual rare item 3) auras 4) silver).
    This would not only improve the experience of players in terms of bosses (trust me, it's not fun fighting a boss, having his aggro because of high dps and then not getting anything while someone who just swapped channels and hit him once got a world boss item), but it also would make it slightly more fair regardless of hour in the day or server population. It would also prevent all the stuff with channel swapping to increase your chance on profit and resulting in like 700 people on one channel trying to try their luck for 2nd time (Hello 0,1 FPS!).
    Said quests could be put into separate Black Spirit category, same as Enchanting / Reforming or Guidance is to make it easier to distinguish those quests from others (as there's planty of world / field bosses in the game)
    To motivate players to help killing the remaining bosses, if you've already done your quest, you could reduce the random drops to like 3 for Field Bosses or 10 for World Bosses for people to have slight chance for additional RNG loot also.
    Also when using this system it would be suggested to lower the boss spawn times to make them more accesible for people, but spawn them only on 2nd channels (i.e Valencia 2), as when the Conquest / Node wars are there, the boss won't spawn on 1's anyway cutting the loot even further.
    TL;DR - Add daily quest under separate Black Spirit tab, that will tell you to kill a field / world boss for an RNG box. This way everyone participating has their RNG roll instead of strict number of loot piles.
  11. I know this is a long shot, but i recently started playing again and LOVE the daily rewards for playing, gets me excited to login the next day. The event just ended though and im only half way done on the list, is there any way to extend it another week or 2 for those of us who haven't gotten all the rewards yet?
  12. so i just recently hit 57 and my hunting  dailies are not there any more?
    is this normal and if so who thought that was a good idea??
    or am i just bugged 
    so i kidnapped a random lv57 person i saw and they said the quest was not their for them either

    if this is the case it really needs to be changed i dont always have the time to go hunt blue whales and khalk
    so it was at least a ok way to get some hunteing exp and really they were about the only dailies i did at all
  13. Your already limiting the "Halloween Gift Box" by giving us daily "Halloween Cookie" so we get 1 per day.
    Why the hell are you limiting the Lara Quest to once a day? most players don't have time to play your little RNG drop chance everyday for 4 hours straight just to finish a daily quest.
    Instead of making Lara Quest once a day why not make it reset everytime you hand in 3 candy, which then  makes it more convenient for people that are unlucky and don't have a lot of time on weekdays.
  14. Post on Hunting quest bug in In-Game Bugs

    By Ponge85, posted
    In the quest [Daily] Fly Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee!, the game does not register the shot taken at the deer most of the time. I am in range, as the crosshair is red, I take the shot, but the deer does not get damaged. I am as close to it as possible without scaring it away. The filed of view is clear, no tree or rock blocks the shot.
  15. I haven't seen the 100 free daily loyalties and lantern oils for a few days now. I thought i might have recieved/ claimed and forgot about it. But i paid some attention and noticed they aren't showing up for me to claim anymore. I only saw the daily grinding hour EXP boost....
    I stayed logged in for a couple of days to breath training or afk fishing. For that reason i did not claim daily grinding hour exp boost for a couple of days. Maybe that's why daily 100 loyalties won't show up? Usually both would show silmutaneously everytime i'm back to my character... Some guildies said i need to log out and back in to see it. Did that but still nothing pop up. just daily grinding hour exp boost that i haven't got a chance to use...And i know daily grinding hour exp boost does not stack for me if i don't recieve the previous day.
    Is this normal...? I asked around and others daily free loyalties would stack up if they haven't claimed it from the previous day...but i got nothing claim for a few days now.
  16. Hi, 
    Since saturday i can't claim my Day 14 Daily Lock in Reward its kinda stuck.
  17. Greetings.
    Right now, daily quests are reset in two separate ways:
    1. at 0:00 server time (for eg. catch the thief kid quest in Calpheon);
    2. after 24 hours elapse after completing the quest (for eg. the chimney sweeping quests in Calpheon).
    I think all the reset methods should be unified for method 1 (reset at 0:00 server time). This way the quests can still be completed only once a day as intended; however, an individual could freely decide when to complete the quest during the day. Here is a situation:
    Quest A resets at 0:00, while quest B resets after 24 hours elapsed. A person completes both quests at 6:00 PM. The next day, he has only time to do the dailies at 4:00 PM, however, he can only do quest A, because it did reset at 0:00, but quest B is not yet reset as only 22 hours passed out of 24.
    I think this is rather inconvenient and impractical (for me at least). As I stated above, if all dailies would reset using method 1, people would have the freedom to do them any time during the day, as their other activities allow it.
  18. Good evening,
    I have noticed that since approximately 2-3 days ago, for some reason I am unable to gain the daily attendance reward for logging in. I thought at first that it was a one off, but today I am unable to retrieve it again. The new Black Spirit rolling reward works just fine, thankfully, its just the attendance which does not.
  19. Post on Rewards in Suggestions

    By Chromas, posted
    Hello All,
    I joined BDO to have fun with action combat system along with the open world elements that I've enjoyed in the past. I started back in March and I'm nearly all DUO/TRI gear with a few exceptions.
    Issues I have seen within BDO that I think should be looked into. We all know that the servers need upgrading. Stop wasting time and do this. The desync is too much as of late.
    Daily Content Rewards
                  Rewards need to be increase for daily play, something with login bonuses and daily rewards. Create a better achievement system that means more than pointless titles that have hidden stat boost. Reward for playing the game instead of hurting us. Use this even for example, replace a few items with loyalty, pets, and maybe shards or energy bottles. This all should be non-sellable and Character bound. Reward daily logins, (if I log in each day I receive more loyality for 1-5-10-15-20-25-30 or 1-7-14-21-28, increasing loyalty gained if you are on each day).
    World & Scrolls Bosses
                  The issue here is that players are being greedy or you don't get lucky with RNG (even if you are constantly attacking with 170+ AP). How about we change or add world boss design to give items that can lead to crafting gear (boss/weapons/etc)? Allowing players to not always get screwed over by RNG. It could take weeks but you would still be rewards for attempting the bosses. 
                  The scroll bosses would provide lower end mats, while the world bosses would provide the higher end needed for crafting. Maybe even give Shards for PRI+ enchanting or cron stones for safe enchanting.
    Overall, allow users to craft gear such as boss weapons/armors by farming the bosses.
    PvE & PvP
                  To promote more PvE content, change how the party system works aka more people you have in party higher xp. Give us a way to build parties rather than shouting for players, LFG system ingame? Along with Life gathering and farming, finding items in the open are near impossible to find without prior knowledge or a cat to assist (sadly the cat is stupid and points at everything). Create a system that allows us to either find mats easier in the world and gives more or allow us to node farm ( this needs to tell us what can be obtain ). Stop hiding everything.
                  To promote more PvP content, add 5v5/3v3 arena's that does simple balancing (GS doesn't matter only crystals). Create a standard so that PvP isn't so one sided. This will promote more possibilities within the game, such as CTF / DeathMatch / TDM / Zone Control. Ofc, leave world pvp GS base. To avoid AFK, and people running to their death. Prevent auto run and afk mechanics for users, players on teams can vote to kick that user. Guild members are not able to fight each other.
    Reward Players For Playing!!!
    Thank You,
  20. Free shit is always good, just wanted to know after claiming all 31 days of the event you don't get anything else, because I just logged in and that's what I've got nothing
  21. So i'm not currently playing BDO(waiting for awakenings) But i have been longing in for the daily rewards for when i do start playing again. The thing is it wont let me collect anymore of the login rewards. Its been 3 days now sense it allowed me to collect it. Not to pissed yet giving how much time there is still left for this event. If anyone knows why this might be happening id love to know.
  22. Heyhey,
    ein freund von mir ist gestern 50 geworden (nur durch grinden) und hatte vom Schwarzgeist direkt Dailys in Mediah und noch andere. Ich hingegen bekomme jeden Tag genau 3 Dailys?! Die namen kenne ich nicht genau(habe sie heute schon gemacht ;__; aber die beschreibung,
    1. 30 Soldaten in Burg Cron töten. Belohnung: Bossrolle Koboldkriegsherr
    2. 100 Manshas töten. Belohnung: Siegel eines Jägers
    3. Da wird man zu nem Typ in Calpheon geschickt, welcher einem wiederholbare Quests gibt für eine Kette.
    die Frage ist jetzt wieso habe ich sonst keine Dailys?? Und wo bekomme ich Dailys für weitere Bossrollen her?
  23. Unable to pick up daily quests since Friday patch.
    All Characters regardless of level. Server Uno/ Calpheon 2.
    Olvia "Flute Boy" for milk.Heidel "Lost Weehol" take to Lara.Heidel "Lost Maum" take to Lara.Heidel  " Loat Toya" Take to Lara.Heidel "Ken Smith" Take to Farm.Problem: the quest givers are greyed out and unable to give quest. All Characters without regard to level. 
    Note; There may be more quests, these are what I have found so far.
    Can I get a I.C.U.?  @GM_Gemu , @CM_Jouska please
    Additionally quests in Velia are greyed out as well. They were available before Friday Maintenance.
    Crio, Abelin and Croix fishing quests in Velia.
    [Your request (133471) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.]
  24. Post on UI Graphics & Bheg in In-Game Bugs

    By Neptus, posted
    The box that displays when someone gets an upgrade or I enter a hostile area/safe zone has a bug where the text and the box stack on top of each other instead of the text being in the box graphic. When I restart the game it goes back to normal but bugs out again after awhile.
    The Black Spirit has been very generous and just gives me the Alter Imp Summoning scroll without having me do any work for him.
  25. Started a discord today and its going great, over 50+ members already. Use this discord for public scroll runs, dailys, world boss information, or even join a pvp group. Plenty of text chats from BDO news, patch notes, to fishing. Come meet some new friends and gain a different experience!
    It is encouraged that guilds post recruitment information if you would like to do so!
    Lots of text channels to post screenshots, share information about skills, builds, whatever floats your canoe!
    Chat off topic, or just meet friends to play other games with as well!
    You can join the discord here https://discord.gg/0mB2NnGF6QZAc8iC
    Hope to see you all there!