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  1. As many of you are quickly learning, this last patch included a very interesting line of text that explained there was a way you can level sailing a little each day without risking your boat auto-pathing in the dangerous seas of Margoria and Ross. Not that anyone does that I'm sure. Enter, the new Sailing Exp Daily Quest.
    When I arrived to Port Ratt and spoke to the quest giver, Sihuram, (she?) asks you to bring 'items' with you as you journey to mainland. You may select your destination, which in turn will be where you have to turn in the quest. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY ANYTHING OR TRADE ANYTHING. The quest just simply talk-travel-talk. Seeing that there are four options, I pondered which one to take as I guess the further the destination, the more experience you would receive. Finding which route is the best has lead me to create this thread. Below, will add data on my findings in hope to guide fellow sailors and provide them the same answer many of us are probably looking for right now.  

    Thanks to the excellent brainstorming and feedback in this thread. I'm going to summarize many of the posts below.
    How much Exp?
    *Note, Exp Items do NOT affect quest exp*
    Apr3 = 79% -Ancado
    Apr4 = 39% -Epheria
    Apr4 = 64% -Ancado
    From: Lolipp At skilled2 i got 13% form the Ancado quest

    Garkin excellently provided this information:
    Want to speed up this quest? Just leave one of your alts in Port Ratt (20+, because of quest filters) and every day accept quest on this alt. As repeatable quests are shared within the family, you will be able to complete this quest with any other character. So relog to your main character and complete the quest
    Through the Rough Tides: Epheria - 80 Contribution XP + Old Moon Guild Sailing Textbook: Basic (~8,000 XP)
    Through the Rough Tides: Velia - 100 Contribution XP + Old Moon Guild Sailing Textbook: Intermediate (~10,000 XP)
    Through the Rough Tides: Altinova - 140 Contribution XP + Old Moon Guild Sailing Textbook: Advanced (~12,000 XP)
    Through the Rough Tides: Ancado - 200 Contribution XP + Old Moon Guild Sailing Textbook: Application (~15,000 XP)
    Video of having an alt in Port Ratt, and turning it in on your 'sailor'.
    Thank you everyone who submitted information.
  2. I'd like to be able to turn on and off independently the Daily quests all over the map. It's fine to be (yellow) color indicator for the first time ever doing it, but I believe it should be able to be turned on and off. This would make it easier running back across the map looking for missed quests and not confusing them with the dailies that have the same signifying color as a new quests does. We can turn on and off other types, why not make it for the daily quests as well as their "own" signifying color for their category of quest.
  3. Post on Daily quests villa in PVE

    By Melenium, posted
    How do i unlock these quests? Seems like none offer me them in any villa
    did i skip something?
  4. Huhu,
    der Schwarzgeist nervt mich das er ne Quest hat, würde die ja gerne annehmen, aber es kommt:

    Hatte das Problem bis Level 50 noch nie, ich weiß auch nicht ob ich wirklich die Quest schon hatte, aber es geht halt nicht weg und er bleibt nun dauerhaft am reden (macht die Ganze zeit Geräusche).
    Ich finde das gut dann sehe ich das nur jetzt da es nicht abbrechbar ist... stört es
  5. Hi all, sorry for my bad english. I didn't play for a month and now i saw that much daily quest was removed. For example alchemy dailies of Olvia or the hunting quest near Heidel or fishing quest of Velia. They were removed with some patch or is a bug? If it's a bug how can i resolve it? Thank you
  6. Post on Daily quests in New Adventurers

    By Satsukii, posted
    Hey, I am quite annoyed at the moment about how the quest system works in this game. My first character and main is a Tamer currently lvl 42 and she used to have daily quests available normally. Ofcourse when Maehwa came out i got all hyped about it, and played it to lvl 42 also. Now all daily quests are only available to my maehwa, even though my tamer has done more quests and black spirit quests also. I have abandoned all quests on maehwa and havent played it for atleast week now.
    I was wondering if there's a trick to fix this? I've visited all cities and villages and done every few quests i could find. It's driving me nuts.
  7. Since i done the Calpehon repeatable quest once for seals and the ones from Becker i have never recieved them again for a week now. The only i get is from the black spirit, is any else having the same issue or am i missing something here ?