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  1. Hello all, 
        I've been working on making a youtube channel for Black Desert News. It's just starting out so let me know what you think!
  2. Post on nvm in Technical Issues

    By Hollowmist, posted
    Nvm it just looks like glove skin
  3. In this video I take a look at the new class in Black Desert called the Dark Knight, check it out here.
    This is a trailer I made using dozens of clips from trailers they have released. 
    I created this in hopes of showing how great this game is.
    Feedback would greatly be appreciated.
  5. Hi guys! First post here!

    Still fairly new to the game and as beautiful as it is, I think I want to wait on dark knight. Ive always been more interested in the darker classes. Tried sorcerer but it just doesn't feel great to me. Scythe is cool but I don't know if id want to grind 50 levels to try it.

    Anywho, my point being, Does anyone know exactly how long the Chinese/American patches are usually apart? I seen that its available for them and wondering whats the usual time we wait for something like that to cross over.
    Would it be a bad idea to download a Chinese/Russian version to get to try the class early? Or should I just work on something in the meantime like a profession or another class? Let me know what you guys think!
  6. La Guilde DarkNeko Recrute

    Bien le bonjour aventurier,
    je vous annonce que la toute jeune Guilde DarkNeko recrute. Nous sommes une guilde Française qui débute le jeu, bonne ambiance.
    Nous possédons un Discord que nous vous communiqueront par la suite. La guilde est donc sous "candidature" nous procéderons donc à certains testes et vérification avant de vous faire entrer au sein de notre guilde
    Nous recrutons les joueurs de tout âge, de n'importe quel niveau et nous recrutons toutes les classes.
    Mais nous vous demanderons en retour un minimum d'activité au sein de la guilde, cela vas de la simple connexion à la participation aux quête de Guilde.
    Nous sommes basé sur le serveur Croxus, sur le Cannal Serendia C1 ou C2 quand il y a des guerres et que l'on a envie de farm ou qu'on ne peut pas participé à la guerre.
    Quelques Photo de nos aventure:

  7. Post on HDR / Lighting help in General

    By ccfallout, posted
    I'm having a serious issue with the lighting effects in the game.  It makes the game appear too dark in alot of cases, almost to the point where it's unplayable.  As long as I look down, it looks ok, but if I look up even the slightest bit, everything gets very dark.  I have a Nixeus 27" monitor, which usually runs a bit on the dark side for most games, but I'm usually able to adjust brightness / gamma options to make up for this.  With Black Desert, I've tried everything, and when I adjust in-game gamma and/or contrast settings, it just makes the game look washed out.  
    Here are some examples
    Looking up
    Looking down
    Looking down is fine, very playable.  But up is horrible.  This is at 9:30 AM, so I don't think it's the night effect.  Does the same at 12 noon, especially if I happen to stand in the shadow of a tree or something.
    With both of these, I have to gamma turned up to 20% (anything higher makes it look washed-out), and contrast is at 10%.  I've played around with all manner of configurations, and filters etc.  I've also tried to change the settings on the monitor, and also in my NVIDA software, but no dice.  I think it would look just fine if I could disable the lighting effects.  Anyone have a workaround, or advice?  It would be appreciated!
  8. Hello fellow BDO players from both EU and USA.
    I have a question for you all, do we need lanterns?
    I've only had to use it once, and that was in a cave. I feel like we should have a better reason to have it out, like a proper night time.
    I've heard that the reason for it being so bright in the night right now is because of a glitch, and I really hope it's a glitch. Because, the game was announced (don't quote me on that, I've heard from others) to have darker nights here in the west.
    Of course, it might be just some settings and such, but I've already configured my PC to be a bit darker (because I needed that in some other games), and I can still see just fine.
    For me at least, it seems to be nearly as bright as the Alpha (haven't played it, compared with pictures).
    Now, I've created a poll to see what other people are experiencing, and please show me your thoughts on this matter
  9. I noticed that learning a new grade of those skills deactive the previous rank when they are supposed to stack,is it a visual bug ? Actually i tried using 5 partial skill reroll but it didin`t fix. I posted a screen

  10. I posted a screen about my actual skill tree and i found that those do not stay active in all the ranks (maybe a visual bug?) I personally would like to see all the ranks active even when i acquire the next rank of these (i bought 3 partial skill reset trying to fix it but with no success)

  11. <Dark_Knights> Is a close knit small highly active and experienced head start guild that is now looking to expand it's player-base. We are currently mainly PVE at this point and focusing on leveling/crafting/Fishing however we are extremely interested in Node Wars. The guild originated in the RU version until NA was released. We are an international guild with members from: Australia/Spain/America/New Zealand and Hawaii. We accept all English speaking players as we find it silly to restrict ourselves to one timezone when our members are online all around the clock.  
    We are looking for active players of all levels and experience. We are more than happy to help new players learn the ropes and help them enjoy the game to it's fullest. We hold fortnightly Pet raffles on our site to help members who cannot afford to purchase pets in-game (other items will be raffled later on). We have weekly scroll groups where our guild members can join together to do multiple boss scrolls together and we have multiple daily fishing boat trips. We generally aim for 2-3 guild missions a day however with increasing members we expect to be doing all 5 shortly.  
    Our only guild rules are to help with our daily missions and to help out guildies if they are getting PK'd. Home channel is calpheon1.
    For more information Check out our guild site: http://darkknightsbdo.enjin.com Or join us on our dedicated TS: DarkKnights.guildts.com:8080

    To talk to us ingame add: NeverBorn or Graendal for more information or an invite. 
  12. Hey guys!  Hoping someone from Daum could possibly pop in and offer an official answer, regardless of what it is.
    What happened to the dark nights?
    Playing through CBT2, I captured many screens of a totally dark night where I absolutely needed the lantern. Since launch? Not a single one.
    Was it scaled back? Was it eliminated?
    See the adjustment here: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/1696-pm-diary-tamer-release-and-more/
    This is a super important piece of the immersion puzzle for many players, and knowing if it’s bugged, or eliminated, or reduced will allow us to make peace and move forward in any case
    Thanks for a great game!

  13. So if I enter a house without lighting its even darker then this: http://puu.sh/nE2Ap.jpg
    I removed the filter, the gamma and contrast are at 0 and yet its dark as hell.
    A picture of what its like outside for me: http://puu.sh/nE2GM.jpg
    A picture of what its like to look inside a building: http://puu.sh/nE2Ib.jpg
    Is the game naturally like this or is this a bug because I'm not really liking this effect.
  14. Black Desert is not dark enough and there is a lack of black/dark skinned characters.  We need more to darken up the once dark nights.
  15. Short story shorter, I didn't bother to check if I would get the Boat License before purchasing the Dark Thorn Fishing Boat set, and I'm just wondering if there is a way to refund me pearls or exchange the item for something else in the cash shop.
    I honestly just wanted to get a boat without going through the hassle that I went through during the CBT2—and I realize how selfish that is. Obviously, I'll go through the normal process now, but I was hoping I could actually get something a little more worth my $27 CAD.
    Fingers crossed!
  16. Post on Bright nights=bug? in General

    By Vix, posted
    I spoke with Support on Facebook few days ago (sorry for delay in posting a thread), asking about the reason behind nights turning bright after CBT2.

    Apparently nights weren't touched at all and they never heard about this issue.
    So- if anyone has nights brighter than they were for you in CBT on default settings, or your nights are brighter by default than the picture below, please send a ticket to Support.

  17. Post on [Poll] Nights in General

    By Vix, posted
    During CBTs nights were very dark, but now, right before launch, they became noticeably brighter. I've read people complaining both about darkness and brightness of the night, so I wanted to see what majority thinks.
    The poll is about night time now, during headstart, not about CBT1 or CBT2 or other versions of the game!
    Also I've realised I'm probably in the minority of forum users who never made a poll. Unacceptable.
  18. Hello everyone we are Dark Elegy!

    We are happy to announce that a small group of players decided to create a new Guild. We are also happy to be with you all and be part of this great game and community.
    This small group of players decided to be back!
    (after adventuring for a long time in irl problems and trying ingame stuff)   
    Who we are.
    We are players who have played every major or minor MMO that we encountered, in some of them we had Clans and Guilds, in other we did not. What we saw in most of them was that amongst some great Guild/Clans there were some with HUGE potential but they were lacking the proper leadership. We saw established guilds failing to create a strong and fearful name of themselves, guilds with tenths of players, failing to contribute to a greater cause. We saw leader and officers minding just their own bussiness, not consulting their player base and thus failing in the long run. We are quite experienced with the game as we have played for quite some time now and seen a lot about the game, but that doesn't make us "pros". We are open to suggestions as we will do whatever to support and help each and every member so we can create a strong Guild by creating strong, right minded and well informed individuals who enjoy playing the game as they wish and not as demanded.
    Our Goal.
    Our focus and goal is to create a sturdy and solid guild, even if this means that the Guild is going to have a low count of members. We are focusing on organising our Guild as well as possible and on creating the best environment for our members, for us. 
    We won't promise you big things, we won't promise that out plan is going to work 100% as it is not tested extensively in BDO. The only thing we can say is that we dare to do, test and create new things, where others have failed because of their closed mindedness we will suffice. We are tired of coward leaders not taking responsibilities and daring incentives.
    Where we see ourselves after some time in the game.
    We see ourselves in a solid guild of about 15 players, participating in guild events (Arena Tourneys, Guild Missions, Exploration, being a pain in the ass etc. ) and achieve goals by having real FUN. We expect our Guild to reach 25-30 players once our core is ready to proceed to the next big step, the 30+ Guild size but we won't do that unless all 25-30 of us are really commited to our cause. We want and we expect to be known in the game for our solid plays and strong core of players.
    It's time for the daring ones to be leaders, it's time for you to become leaders.
    !Fun and Freedom! 
    Whisper: Ashuji
  19. So  I'm currently waiting at the Festival of Lanterns event and checking out this weather and darker nights. The realistic nights look kinda cool, but the fog on the horizon completely kills the effect. Something should be done about that to tone the fog brightness down or make it darker just for this kind of weather.

    What does everyone else think?
  20. Popular subject, lots like it and lots hate it. Well good news for people who hate it.. they did a really poor implementation to darken nights and actually didn't change anything other than change a simple default setting.
    * DON'T go messing around with your monitor settings like i see a lot suggesting around here.
    What they simply did was change the default CONTRAST from 0% to 20%... giving the illusion of darker nights but really just making the whole game duller.
    Here are some examples at -20% (my preference), 0% (should be default) and 20% (current default)






    This explains some of those really horrible screens i've seen of lightning at night time and why lanterns look really bad and useless. Maybe some day they will do a proper job at implementing darkness but until then everyone, don't worries they didn't actually change anything and can easily get normal nights and better looking days back!. 
  21. Post on Daytime is too dark in Suggestions

    By Timothy, posted
    I see many complaints about night being too dark, i feel you.
    But does anyone else think the day is too dark and dynamic as well.
    If we can brighten up the day, perhaps the night time will feel naturally fine being dark.
    Photo filter is None, 0 contrast, 0 Gamma
    Obviously day can be even brighter but here's an idea.