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  1. Post on Help on Build in Dark Knight

    By Cyrillic, posted
    Does this build have enough accuracy and if not, would it have enough with a Kzarka or would I have to use Red Coral Earrings? http://www.bdoplanner.com/save/[[12],[11046,18,[-1,-1]],[11522,0,[-1,-1]],[11049,18,[-1,-1]],[11015,18,[15116,15116]],[[12007,2],[12007,2]],[[11816,2],[11816,2]],[12210,2],[11607,1],[11359,18,[15201,15605]],[14820,18],[10738,18,[-1,-1]],[-1],[-1,[-1]],[-1],[-1],[-1],[-1]]
  2. Just for the record, right now I'm playing a Musa. The class that got nerfed before it even entered into NA, because they didn't want any "OP" classes. Our Dash is an iframe still on KR, (because...necessary) can't tell you how many wizard ultimates I've dashed into because its too damn fast, but in NA... it's not? Why? No idea. Then there's the accuracy problem with musas. I won't get started on how the class is extremely challenged..... Then we have DKs. The dashes on there? Still an iframe. The accuracy? Just fine. The DMG? OP. Mobility? Extreme. No wonder over 70% of the people that I know rerolled DK. And what's left for those of us who don't wanna reroll to the most Overpowered class known to BDO? I'll leave that answer up to you. Right now there isn't a class that holds a candle to DKs, and that's KNOWN knowledge! And yet the devs allowed this to be apart of the game? It's shocking how unbalanced these classes are and to be honest, after spending years of time and THOUSANDS of dollars spent on this game, I mean THOUSANDS... I'm starting to think whether I even want to play it anymore.
  3. Hello,
    I've been trying in the last couple of days to find, a specific Dark Knight template, and since this thread exist, you can conclude my efforts weren't very successful in achieving their objective.
    Below are the pictures of the Preset that i am looking for : 

    If you have this Preset, and feel comfortable enough to share it, then please do so on either this Thread or through a Personal Message.
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Have a good day!

  4. The stockings on Sin Terrna seems to disappear whenever the trade pack appears on the character / you have trade items in inventory

    I've checked several times, with 3 different trade items (dried fish, and Silver Fish Skin bought from Epheria Trade Manager), and it happens every time.

  5. I was hoping some BDO veterans could help someone considering buying the game choose a class. After watching A LOT of videos and reading a couple forums I've narrowed it down to about 3; Dark Knight, Maehwa, and Valkyrie. 
    I was hoping some people could give me some pros and cons on each one and give me some advice on them as well.
    In case people wanted to better understand why I chose these three; Valkyrie because of tankiness and surviveabillty plus seems to do well in groups, Dark Knight because it looks like she deals pretty good damage and has some flashy moves, and finally Maehwa because she seems to have a pretty fun play style.
    Also what do people think of Tamers?
  6. DK_101  FAYNTU'S FLUFF & FIREWORKS _ some lvl60 dark knight awakening basics
    Can't seem to embed it, sorry.
    But enjoy guys. 
    Open for feedback and any questions which might come up in the future.
    Don't hesitate to whisper me ingame.
  7. Hey, im playing bdo since the eu release i played a tamer to lvl 51 and quit becaus i lost the interest. Two weeks ago i started playing again and played a witch and a dark knight to lvl 56 i know that i want to play one of them but i just cant decide whether i want to gear and lvl my dk or my witch becaus it would take me just too much time to take care of both. Does anyone have any tipps or good arguments for one of them? Thx for your help.
  8. Ok so I've been hearing a lot of complaining about people playing the dark knight and chugging pots in PvE. I'm here to tell you that it's unnecessary. I wanted to help people out and illustrate some of the abilities we can use to recover that oh so precious resource. 
    W+RMB, Shift+LMB (no flow), Shift+RMB (off CD), Shift+F, W+F, Space (Off CD after most abilities), and Sidestepping (Shift + A or D)
    All of the above skills will recover your mana. I have left out the obvious side attacks and autoattacks. Also I recorded a brief demonstration of just how all this comes together. I drained my character of mana and engaged a few centaurs to show just how much mana regen we have when skills are (relatively) properly rotated. Sorry about the resolution as I play on an ultrawide display. 
    In PvP I chug pots likes an unapologetic alcoholic in a fraternity so I am not claiming this is all true when engaging players. Feel free to drink yourself to death in that department. If you are still struggling feel free to slap some extraction gems into your main hand weapon and watch the mana flow back into your bar. Not exactly optimal in PvP but if you aren't ready to join the DeSync fuster cluck it's fine.  
    There are also some hidden flow combos that I was experimenting on with Rinku Talks (https://www.youtube.com/user/rinkucantalk), who made his own guide last night that you can check out on youtube as well. Here's what we found:
    Seeds Shatter Shatter Seeds (standard)
    Seeds Shatter Shatter Seeds (distance)
    Shatter Seeds Seeds Shatter (standard)
    Shatter Seeds Seeds Shatter (distance)
    Shatter Seeds Shatter Seeds
    Also a note to make when trying out the combos:
    Seeds Shatter Seeds Shatter - DOES NOT WORK
    You can stitch these abilities together without interrupting them to pull of some spicy combos (albeit most likely impractical). Again I try showing off exactly what this looks like to hopefully clarify.
    If anyone has any more information as to how to make this effective in PvE or PvP it'd be awesome if you could share that knowledge. For now it's just for style points.
    Any questions, comments, or concerns I will be happy to address.
    Happy Grinding
  9. DK is receiving significantly way less damage than many other classes.
    Tested with a lvl 58 DK with 263 DP | Musa lvl 60 273 DP | Zerker lvl 60 283 DP | Wizard lvl 60 273 DP
    (no evasion items via crystals, jewelry etc.) 
    (all members had full boss gear) 
    (Approximately 50 rounds or trials were performed on each participant) (standing w/ No KD) (with KD)
    The lvl 58 DK had a very consistent average about 150-250 more HP than the Wizard & Musa 
    The DK had an average of 100-150 HP more than the Zerker
    I want to know if anyone else has done some experimenting and with other classes as this is what we had available at the time.
  10. DK is receiving significantly way less damage than many other classes.
    Tested with a lvl 58 DK with 263 DP | Musa lvl 60 273 DP | Zerker lvl 60 283 DP | Wizard lvl 60 273 DP
    (no evasion items via crystals, jewelry etc.) 
    (all members had full boss gear) 
    (Approximately 50 rounds or trials were performed on each participant) (standing w/ No KD) (with KD)
    The lvl 58 DK had a very consistent average about 150-250 more HP than the Wizard & Musa 
    The DK had an average of 100-150 HP more than the Zerker
    I want to know if anyone else has done some experimenting and with other classes as this is what we had available at the time.
  11. The there are very few skills, all of which require hotkeys, that enable the character to switch from Vediant to Kriegsmesser.
    Combat feels much more fluid when switching between Vediant and Kriegsmesser, however the only reliably quick way to do so is through using the skill 'Awakening: Imperious Vediant' or the default keybind (C).
    With the awakening skill set i notice that there is no skill that activates through  Forward+[F]
    i propose that the Kriegsmesser skill 'Air Strike' (activated through  Forward+[F] ) is to be able to be used with a Vediant thus enabling the user to switch from Vediant to Kriegsmesser by using the skill.
    This change does not affect any other skill in anyway, and only improves the current skill set and skill activation keys.
    i believe this change will help combat feel much more fluid.

    Another proposed addition is the ability to use Spirit Saturation while the Vediant is active, but does not change the active weapon.
    There is no skill in the awakening skill set that uses  Shift+Space
    This change just makes it a little more convenient to use the skill.
  12. Post on A happy story in General

    By Grizabella, posted
    So I got on after work last night to run my DK through the awakening weapon unlock quests. She is already 56 and has a blue Awakening weapon bundle but without the quest, the weapon cannot even be equipped. Run to Golems and kill 3. Run to Marni's Lab and kill the required mobs. Last stop is the cave. I am figuring this will be a PK nightmare. 
    Instead, I run into another DK and I watch for bit and ask if he/she wants to group up. We group and invite a third DK and start killing everything in sight. Two of us are clearly stronger and we finish fast and the third dies and says he is leaving as he cannot make it through the cave alive.
    The other DK and I tell him to get his ass back in the cave and we will carry you- just stay close and let us lead.
    We succeed.
    Leaving the cave, I start running to the quest turn in node and the other DK says- hop on- his T-8 has 2-seater and he brings me over to the node.
    All in all a nice story, and one like I hope everyone playing gets to experience. 
  13. Hello all, 
        I've been working on making a youtube channel for Black Desert News. It's just starting out so let me know what you think!
  14. So like usual, here is a video of the awakened 100% and 200% skills for the newest awakening, Dark Knights Vediant! Hope you enjoy my horrid editing skills in this video!
  15. Post on nvm in Technical Issues

    By Hollowmist, posted
    Nvm it just looks like glove skin
  16. i think this buff should be applied to a couple more skills. not magic based skills like obsidian ashes or corrupt ground, but physical skills such as repeated annihilation, ravage rake (excluding the flow: ravage rake perk) i believe this would give the buff some  much needed viability in the later game, considering one relies heavily on their skills to deal damage. 
    for balancing this buff enhancement i would suggest ever-so-slightly lowering the damage increase and increasing the ep reduction by ten to fifteen points. 
    Thank you for your consideration
  17. Post on DK Awakening in General

    By WebKnight, posted
  18. I, like many others I'm sure, have recently switched mains from my old class to Dark Knight, and in doing this noticed one particular item missing from our Pearl shop that every other class gets access to. As a player that enjoys doing everything on one character, my main retains all my life skills. Cooking is a big main/side profession for many of the BDO player base, and the Canape Costume in particular is a huge benefit to cooking skill increase rate through exp gains and reduced cooking times, even stacking with the Silver Embroidered Cooking Outfit in game. Why can't Dark Knights get this outfit as well? Just suggesting allowing us access to it like everyone else, as 10% combat exp, 15% cooking exp, and -2 sec cooking time (plus the weapon and offhand if you get the set) is a huge thing for one class to miss out on. 
  19. Bonjour / Bonsoir
    J'aurais 2 question concernant la Dark Knight
    si des informations on était lâcher que je n'ai pas vue,
    quand l'éveil de la Dark Knight sera disponible et quand
    les set tel que "set de Karlstein" seront disponible pour
    la classe..
  20. Is there any hint of dark knight getting a male version?
  21. Dark knight didnt get a yukata!!! T^T What salty hell have you brought upon us!!! T^T

  22. Kann mir jemand langsam und zum mitdenken erklären, was passiert wenn man einer Dunkelklinge mit Rosa-Cassius Kostüm Unterwäsche anzieht? Ein Rosa Cassius Kostüm ist im sowieso eine Art dekoriertes Unterwäsche Set aus dem SM-Shop.
    Nehmen wir zwei Fälle an,
    a) Diese Reizwäsche in violett und rosa - dabei gibt es zu bedenken, dass der Bauch bei einem Rosa-Cassius Kostüm normalerweise unbedeckt ist, abgesehen von ein paar Lederriemen.
    b) Das Set mit Leopardenmuster und Strümpfen - dabei gibt es zu bedenken, dass bei einem Rosa-Cassius Kostüm die Beine sowieso von transparente Strümpfhosen bedeckt sind, und Leopardenstrümpfe, die man durch die Strümpfe des Kostüms sehen kann, ganz schön bescheuert aussähen.
    Gibt es irgendwo Screenshots, auf denen man sehen kann wie sich das auswirkt?
    a) In einer Kampfzone mit intakter Rüstung.
    b) In einer Kampfzone mit verschlissener Rüstung.
    c) In einer Sicheren Zone, mit aktiviertem Toggle "Unterwäsche in sicheren Zonen zeigen".
    Ich habe ein Bild des Charakters im Moment angehängt. Wie man sehen kann zeichnen sich beispielsweise die Muskeln unter den Strümpfen ab. Die Frage ist u.A. ob sich dann auch Strümpfe unter der Stumpfhose zeigen.

  23. Okay so i am new to this game and i managed to get enough potato and honey and fish to sell on the market place to buy a dark knight Rosa outfit and weapon set its been equipped on my character since i got it and i haven't taken it off..   I have checked my pearl inventory i have checked all my storage in both towns i have storage in and its literally know where  does it have a set amount of time or whats the deal?? if its just been deleted and i cant get it back i'm not sure i really wanna play the game anymore i mean that was a lot of money ( for me i know you guys make like millions of dollars in hours) thats now just wasted and i cant be bothered to get it back. is there a fix or is it just gone? plz help.

    p.s iwould of sent in a ticket but i was talking to people in game and they said they have put in tickets like 3 weeks ago and still haven't heard anything back.
    [ EDIT ] NVM some guy apparently sold a set to me by hacking the game so it got stripped from my character.