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  1. Hello, 
    im currently grinding at Sausans and i was curious about the play behaviour of 2 players there. 
    The usual stuff happens, happily grinding then two "not so nice" people show up, claim the spot for themselves and behave immature. Nothing new. Not complaining about this. 
    The interesting part is that they keep flagging and hitting me like super low 100-200hp and then stop when im one hit only and try to get me killed by mobs. 
    Now my question is, how can they put me super low on HP without killing me? Do they know how much HP i have in Total? Can i enable that function somewhere in the game? Please help me out here, its very useful. 
  2. I figured I'd start sharing info on my exp and drops over at Titium Valley as well as Crescent Shrine in Valencia since there's not much out there about PVE in Valencia yet. I'm starting out as a ranger at LVL 55 (50%) and plan on spending most of my time there for experience until reaching LVL 57. I'll be updating the document posted here with the drops and exp i get along the way. Player info/stats are listed in the document. Feel free to ask questions, hope this is of use!
    -I can go there for about an hour until needing repairs, but it all depends on clear speeds. The closest town seems to be Valencia for Titium Valley and Sand Grain Bazaar for Crescent Shrine, so it takes quite some time for repairs (around 15-20min to go there and back). There will be a town close to Titium Valley that will open up for Valencia Part 2, but it is only accessible by people with negative karma. My spreadsheet only accounts for the time I'm actually killing mobs, so exp rates would be lower after taking into account the travel time for repairs.
    -I usually go through around 25 waters/teas, so having 50 prepared for an hour's worth of farming is sufficient for me.
    -Apparently you can get a skill called "quick steps" on your camel which sounds like the sprint skill for horses, this would be nice for traveling to and from town for repairs. I'll be afk training my camel in hopes of getting that eventually.
    -I'll be limiting myself to only listing the data I get from farming here, no conclusions will be made about things such as how this spot compares to other grinding spots. Feel free to discuss these things here, but I won't be giving any input about it. My goal is just to provide the data, not tell people what to do.
    *Update: 20 hours listed. I'm about done with farming since I hit lvl 57. I'll be taking a long break from leveling, so the spreadsheet won't be updated for quite some time. I may continue leveling after awakening weapons are released, but I don't expect that to be any time too soon.
  3. Hello everyone!

    A few weeks ago I started fishing in this game. And shortly after getting into this profession, I got curious about the node investment.
    As the info icon at the top says; X Node Increase Item Drop Rate.
    This tells me nothing about fishing.
    So I searched various of forums, and found no solid testing nor results. Only a lot of people claiming, speculating, assuming, etc. But no proof, and no decent testing.
    I might have missed a topic somewhere, with the information I got for you here. Nevertheless, I will still post my data collection, so you can see for yourself, and hopefully be more clear on the subject.

    Except from level 1 and level 2, I did 200 throws with bites. I know that it would be more suiting to gather like 1000 bites to be more sure, but I hardly think it would have made a differece.
    So 200 bites, with the exact same fishing rods and buffs, all the way.
    98-99 energy spent on each throw. I canceled the throws that didn't reach 98, and the ones which exceeded 99.
    I only did the fishing during the day, as I don't really know for sure, if day and night time makes a difference on the fishing results.
    I used a Steel Fishing Rod all the way.

    My conclusion; investing has zero percent impact on your results.
    You can decide for yourself, or go spend thousands on energy on this and get more data. But this was enough clarification for me.
    Hope it can help some people out there, whos still in doubt about this.


  4. How much internet data bandwidth usage does BDO use???, I have Mediacom Ultra Plus package plan internet service that gives me 2,000GB of internet data usage per month.
  5. As the question is stated, do you understand the topic of RNG stats and how it affects you?
  6. Dear Daum Games Team,
    every simple downloader has a Setting for bandwidth / data transfer rate limitation nowadays. Except of the Black Desert Online Launcher.
    It would be great if you could implement such a setting for download bandwidth limitation.

    It is very annoying, if the Internet connection while downloading is at full capacity and you can hardly do anything on the Internet for the duration of patches, or game download.

    Thank you.
  7. Post on 7 Day Pass Character? in General

    By NoiChat, posted
    I'm just wondering if the characters that I make in the 7 day trial will be kept if I buy the full game?
    If there are steps to doing so, please explain! Thanks
  8. I am attempting to download the game, and currently have had three goes at it. Each time I restart the client it restarts back to 0GB. I cannot download the entire game in one go as I have limited data on my internet. If there is not a way I can pause the download i'd like to request a refund.
  9. Secret to Success
    If you don't have the time to watch this TED talk, millions of dollars can be made if you target the appropriate audience. Black Desert is unique in many ways among the new MMOs and certainly has potential, but the realization of that potential is yet to be reached. Careful assessment of the population is required if you want to succeed.

    Collect Data
    - Unfortunately, most gaming companies still don't understand the power of the data-driven decision making - don't be that company
    - Forum is not a representative sample of your potential player base.
    - Provide surveys designed by a team that includes a statistician, preferably through the game client, official website, or an email. These surveys should be designed to gather actionable data and help you make important decisions that will shape both the adjustment of the current state of the game and the development course. These surveys should be given not once, but on a regular basis.
    - Collect data on what players actually do. Some might boast about PvP on forums and Reddit all day long, but, when in game, they spend 90% of the time gardening!
    - Request data from other regions and analyze it. Undoubtedly, strong regional differences exist, but you can look for some universal patterns.
    - This is one example, but any decent professional should be able to design systems from scratch and gather the appropriate data http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1447147685

    Naming Conventions
    - Only letters should be allowed. Underscores, numbers, and other symbols should not be present.
    - Add lore-appropriate conventions
    Voice Over
    We should be able to choose the language of the voice and subtitles separately. Include voice options from other regions such Korea, Japan, and EU.
    Even if there will be no player to player trading, there will be RMT spam. There should be an easy way to report them and there should be a dedicated team for banning such accounts. Moreover, racist and toxic comments should not be tolerated.
    Add a one-time password system or a similar equivalent
    - Clearly sate what is allowed and what is not
    - Set up a system for identifying cheaters
    - Support the modding community
    - Black Desert is relatively lacking in terms of diversity of armor. Make new cosmetic items regularly.  
    - Dedicate an entire team to making clothes and other items for the cash shop. The team should be able to make a new set of items at least every month. This will ensure a regular cash flow.
    - Avoid pay to win items in the cash shop.
    - Do keep the restrictions on prices for the auction house - MMO markets can be very easily manipulated
    - Do not allow player to player trading under any circumstance! This will ruin the game on many levels, including RMT and substantial advantage some guilds will gain!
    - Add CAPTCHA system to the auction house
    - Carefully consider how the Korean pricing should be adjusted for the NA launch to avoid imbalance.
    Engagement and Transparency with the Community
    - Thank you for what you've done so far!
    - Please give us more interviews, Q&A sessions, in game events, roadmaps, updates, community contests, such as screenshot contests, costume design, guild recruitment videos, etc!
    - Promote community-organized events. Make a separate subforum and, perhaps, post some on the main website
    - Feature "Awesome Guilds of Black Desert" rubric on the main website. This will be an interview with a guild that earned some recognition, be it through PvP, GvG, community-organized in-game events, or just being great helpful citizens of the world! Don't call it Guild of a Month because it might be too frequent.
    - Feature on the main website especially helpful streamers / youtubers who provide solid advice and guides.

    Manage Expectations
    - A very large number of people still does not understand that this game is not a themepack - there is no "endgame". This needs to be clearly stated and the "sandbox" features should be emphasized.
    - Add tutorials back in the game and on the main website
    Avoid the Trap of Vertical PvE Content
    - This is not WoW, FFXIV, or other vertical progression grinder. Thousands of people want to play this game because it dares to be different!
    - Focus on regions, not dungeons. Adding more regions will expand the exploration opportunities and add new PvP venues.
    - Add more open world bosses, but don't allocate very powerful rewards for them
    - Avoid power creep as much as possible! This is not Age of Wushu or Moonlight Blade!
    - Do not make the leveling longer - make the process more challenging
    - Improve the A.I. of mobs, don't just add HP and damage!
    Do NOT Underestimate the RP Community
    - RP communities tend to be relatively large, numbering in tens of thousands of people
    - These people are a very stable population that tends to play a game for years in contrast to those loud people on forums who demand the most, but leave the game in a couple of months anyway. RP people is a stable source of income for you.
    - Listen to the RP community. Their requests are very minor and tend to be relatively easy to implement. Big thanks for the walking feature!
    Server / Channel with Consensual PvP or Heavy Karma Penalty PvP (like in KR)
    - This is NOT a PvE server because there will be PvP happening, GvG, etc. The only difference between that server / channel and the regular one is that there won't be any ganking at all or it will be very limited due to heavy penalties.
    - As mentioned above, do not rely on this forum to make inferences regarding what the community wants. If you stratify people by age, and take a representative sample, you'll see where the money is.
    - This will substantially increase the population of the game because some people just refuse to play a game in spite of all the wonderful scenery and systems if they are going to get ganked periodically. This will bring additional profit.
    Alleviate Barriers to Entry
    - I heard it myself and read many stories of people wanting to play Black Desert, but once they realize how long it will take to become competitive in PvP, they don't even bother starting.
    - By making leveling longer, you are shooting yourself in the foot by making this barrier even higher!
    - Add a training room where you can practice with all skills unlocked
    Adjust the Equipment and Level Scaling
    - Currently, gear and level are much more important than skill. Since the entire game is based on enchantment, it is too late to change it, but at least the magnitude of a difference should be decreased.
    - PvP should be kept to L50+. Classes are very imbalanced at L30 and PvP is just not fun.
    Completely Equalized PvP Arena (low priority, add after all other systems are more-or-less stable and balanced)
    - People should be able to make a PvP-only character and start PvPing right away
    - Regular characters will be scaled to equal attributes
    - Skill points should be limited. This is a non-trivial task to balance.
    - Make and calibrate a good match-making system
    - eSports events with casters https://youtu.be/sTnJdWjQiPs
    - Do NOT add cosmetic rewards for this PvP mode - this will waste resources. Players who are into skill-based PvP do not need such superficial rewards and incentives. Quick things like a /rank emote (GW1) or special portraits / insignia will do.
    - DO add ranks and ladders.
    - This will substantially increase the popularity of the game, and will open the door for people who are interested in skill-based PvP, but are not interested in grind and ganking.
    - Add tournaments
  10. Hiya guys!
    I am just wondering whether characters from this beta testing and the second one will be removed? Or will they be kept?
  11. Post on Question on Character Data in General

    By Lynn, posted
    Hey, everyone! I actually just have a quick question regarding loading a saved character file. After searching for the answer, I failed to come up with anything.

    I was wondering if after loading a saved character you might be able to change the appearance and name still?

    Thanks everyone!  
  12. Presenting to you...
    "Calpheon Online"

    What is this?
    Calpheonline is a website for the community to share and download customization data. 
    Why is this necessary?
    I have created a website for customization data before, since there was a 'huge demand', based on what I read on various forums. Considering the game was not very well known then, and the site did not have as many visits as I expected, I took it down. I wanted to improve my idea and I have been working a lot to make a proper customization database. I am proud to release it to the public today
    How to download customizations?
    Find the customization you want. You can browse through the image slider on the homepage, or you can look for specific customization by class and name.
    How do I submit my customization?Click on 'Submit' on the menu. Create a new post, add images and a download link. You are free to decorate your own post with images, gifs and anything you'd like.
    Posts must follow these rules:
    If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact form on the website or contact me here on the forum.
    Changelog 29.01.2016:
    - changed host
    - fixed "Page not found" in user profiles
    Changelog 26.01.2016:
    - customizations now have a view counter
    - member profiles
    - forum
    Known bug:
    When trying to go to a users profile, it gives a "Page not found" error. Current workaround is the "Members" page under "Account".
    20.01.2016 - Added secure file upload/download - Updated the "How to" with the secure file upload/download. It can be found here: http://calpheonline.com/index.php/add-a-customization/ - For additional security, new customizations will have to be reviewed first before they are available to the public - Latest Customizations are now right below Classes - other small unnoticable changes17.01.2015 - As requested, added a "How to" section with instructions16.01.2015 - New and improved website went online.Working on new features. If any web developers would like to be part of this project, please contact me. 
  13. Check out these amazing character creations and download your favourites for your class! 
    Let me know if you have some cool creations you want to add.