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  1. Post on Confused... in Technical Issues

    By The Rogue, posted
     So before the servers had went down on the 12th, I had purchased a 2000 +40 Pearl box since I was putting off getting the little Zen Furniture set that I really liked as it was cute. However I know for a fact that I bought that and the Red Kotatsu as of that night. Only the Kotatsu appears to be in my inventory as well as the pearl box as if I never spent it after maintenance had happened. Could someone please tell me how I could get this resolved?
  2. So today i went to go buy some daum and it keeps saying my cards getting declined i tried with paypal a few times and then i tried just the typing your credit card info payment way and this still got declined there doesnt seem to be any issue's on my end i have money and the bank hasnt put any holds on transactions, ive bought daum previously on this same card so i dont know what the problem is
  3. Und mir ist nichtmal aufgefallen, das ich zuviel bezahlt hab........geschweige denn das ich mich beschwert oder sonstiges getan hätte. Mal abwarten vieleicht kommt ja noch mehr. Dann kann ich mir endlich mal was anständiges kaufen ;-)
    Kakao Games Europe B.V. hat Ihnen eine Teilrückzahlung über €0,05 EUR für Ihren Einkauf gesendet.
    Wenn Sie Fragen zu dieser Rückzahlung haben, wenden Sie sich bitte an Kakao Games Europe B.V..
    Der Rückzahlungsbetrag wird direkt Ihrem PayPal-Konto gutgeschrieben. Sollte die Zahlung oder ein Teil der Zahlung per Lastschrift durchgeführt worden sein, kann es bis zu einer Woche dauern, bis das Geld in Ihrem PayPal-Guthaben verfügbar ist.
    Alle Details zu dieser Zahlung finden Sie in Ihrer PayPal-Kontoübersicht. Es kann einige Minuten dauern, bis die Transaktion in Ihrem Konto angezeigt wird.
    Details der ursprünglichen TransaktionBeschreibungStückpreisAnzahlBetragBundle of 10 Artisan's Memory€3,20 EUR1€3,20 EURSumme: €3,20 EUR Rückzahlung auf PayPal-Guthaben:€0,05 EUR 
  4. As the title says, please consider adding a $5 option(or even $2) when purchasing Daum cash.
    There have been so many occasions where I felt discouraged to buy any Daum cash at all, simply because I knew I would have to spend $30 on an outfit that is only 2200 Pearls. With over 800 leftover Pearls, it feels like such a waste since I only wanted to buy one item.
    When deleting characters, if they're under level 5 then I don't think it's necessary to have a 24 hour timer. Please lower it. Higher level characters I can understand, but if I'm just looking to remake my level 1 character, it's very annoying to have to wait a full 24 hours.
  5. After charging 30€ in Daum Cash into my girlfriend's account, I was ready to charge 60€ into my own. I got distracted and charged the Daum Cash in her account, Could it be possible to transfer the Daum Cash between accounts so I can use it? Otherwise i'd lose my money since she can`t gift me anything from the cash shop.
    Thank you.
  6. Post on Fix Harpoons! in Suggestions

    By BastiHard, posted
    Its been what 1 an 1/2 months harpooning has been broken for. It may not be popular but an entire activity being broken for that long is a bit silly. Can we at least get an update on whats going on?
  7. Just trying to get a feel for how the player base feels about the current communication about content, patches, feedback to forum posts...etc.
  8. So this is my one singular attempt at educating people here. I will not be making replies to trolls and will not be promoting ignorance in any way.
    First we begin with a minor history lesson. I work in construction and I am pretty tired right now so some things may not be said with the perfect clarity that I wish of it but I am sure that you will be able to at the very least understand the point. I will use no fancy formatting or highlights, this is a simple address to anyone with a mind of their own. Again trolls and little children can remove themselves from this thread as I have not the time for any of it. My oldest will be going to MIT so I have done my job in parenting, I do not wish to do your parents job as well.
    Source: I have been playing online games now for over two decades, thats from the early 90s. I began early on with games such as UO and Quake1 and have played just about everything produced in NA/JP/CN/KR since then, much of it a huge waste of time but thats what games are for us. Jobs for the creators, entertainment for us and this needs to be clearly understood. I have been playing NA BDO for just over one month (started way late), I have an account net worth of >1.2billion silver and 400gscore. I am on Orwen/NA, have been having a blast with BDO and will continue to do so for so long as its servers stay alive.
    Pay to Win, or P2W. This term is being used in every circle of gaming these days and I literally just saw a post of someone stating that it is not a defined term and out of countless posts on that thread nobody stated the truth behind this. P2W is a very clear cut defined term that began many years ago. The very words 'pay to win' are as clear as it can be. The fact that people still say there is no line there is what has driven me to this point. Generally speaking I hold my peace and let what will be, be. As it is, and I have said, I am making one attempt here and one only. I only hope that some will read this and come away with knowledge and help to make a louder voice from truth than the knee jerk reaction of the current loudest general audience in gaming; the self entitled kid.
    Pay to win, as I said is a term that began many years ago. You may open your google/bing/choice browser and search for yourselves and what you will find then is that this term was applied to games during the early years of 'cash shops' that promoted the sale of god tier weapons and armor for real world money. These items were so vastly superior, in most cases even compared to the 'end game' gear attainable in game that if you wished to PvP, or even PvE to a large extent, you had no choice but to buy these items. Its as simple as that.
    Cash shops in general, as well as free to play games were a byproduct of this as it was seen that some things were 'ok' to sell for real money and some were not. This was influenced by peoples perception and the way they reacted to it. Game developers saw a trend beginning and many would-be entertainment makers jumped on board as the money made from these 'micro transactions' or 'cash shops' was more than they would make from the game sales themselves. Keep in mind most games used to be bought in the form of CDs or even waay back the good ol cartridge. This is how we got 'free to play' games in general and the resulting garbage from game developers ever since. People liked the idea of getting games for free, and paying only for what they wanted.
    I know that every real gamer out there can relate to this; spending countless hours on youtube and browser searches for the next 'great' game. Looking endlessly forward to something worth playing. Our expectations have risen to a crescendo over the years as have the 'self entitled' audience. People now -expect- to receive these games for free, and to play them for free indefinitely. This is the very vicious cycle we have created as a gaming community that allows garbage to flood the internet, games and clones of games and clones of those clones that are all indefinitely trash. Little effort into making the game, little into promoting it and even less into maintaining it. It is this mentality that sponsored and allowed to flourish the lack of vision and effort in game developers. This problem has been further enhanced with the ever growing crowd of underaged or simply immature gamers. IE; Self entitlement audience.
    Games used to be for kids. That is not so much the case anymore. The gaming community is comprised now of more 'older generation' gamers than ever before, and that is a direct result of when gaming actually began. It is unfortunate that the loudest and most heard of the gaming community is the immature, irresponsible kids and trolls yet I feel that it is far past time for those of us that are able to comprehend the consequences of our actions to be heard. It is a necessity, a responsibility that we must step up to or I fear that gaming in general, as a whole will turn from bad to non existent in value and worth.
    Here are the facts; we love games. We love to play games and we all but demand these games be entertainment that is up to our standards. We ensure that this can never happen by allowing the games we love to be driven to extinction or worse by self entitled kids and people with absolutely no understanding of the value of our time, money or jobs. Most of the people I have seen spearheading these cries of p2w have obviously never had any mouth to feed but their grubby own. They never had to work for a living, and anyone that believes youtube is a job has even less foundation in reality than the games we play. Your homes wont be built, your cars wont run and the roads wont be repaired by youtube. If you want entertainment, if you want GOOD games that are enjoyable and fun then it is high time to start acting in a way that promotes this in the developers. We are products of our actions as much as the games are a direct result of our voice as gamers. We act, they react. Not -we speak they do-. If you want quality games, be prepared to pay for them. If you want free to play the sad truth is that you aren't wanted by game developers, needed for the promotion of quality standards or in my opinion even welcome in any game that I enjoy. Developers wont say this outright but you are a useless waste of server space save only for adding a head count to their number, which by mockery of our desires is another demand we have on the developers; it has to be popular/high population.
    We will pay $60usd for a PS4 game and spend maybe, stretching it maybe 100 hours on something like final fantasy etc. and thats a huge value. Yet we spend $40 on BDO and spend thousands of hours. What kind of drugs are people on these days to be so ludicrous as to complain over the cash shop which YOU DON'T HAVE TO SPEND A DIME ON yet get 10x or far more entertainment hours out of a game you enjoy? And barring all this, people still brag about WoW yet you must purchase the game, pay a subscription to even log in every month AND buy each and every expansion? AND they have a cash shop too. Even sells T-Shirts.
    For anyone high enough to imagine they should be given an online game in its future entirety from one small initial purchase, grow up. The sooner the better because when real life smacks you in the mouth you may never recover. BDO has given us every expansion for free. They now even give daily log in rewards and they compensate your sorry worthless hides every time they get DDOS or have -omg- extended maintenance. Self entitled, spoiled and useless the lot of you. Honestly you should be ashamed in more ways than one. Worse to those that promote this type of ignorance.
    Oh yeah, 30 60 or 90 days worth of value pack for everyone that bought the game in its various packs as more compensation available to your account via the website, for free.
    Other games which I will not even bother mentioning are still praised, have higher player bases (one even more so than WoW) and allows buying and selling of its subscription on the market as well. Games that require a subscription to even log in. Perception is flawed here. Google some knowledge if you really do not know.
    The very fact that BDO allows you to log in every day, use their bandwidth and tax their servers (which they just upgraded too) without requiring a subscription is not enough for the self entitled. They also demand lower prices for outfits that they either A cannot afford/justify or B cannot talk their parents into affording. B needs to GTFO. I look forward to the day that BDO allows the sales of cash shop items on the player driven market because not only is it absolutely not pay to win (which I will delve into further momentarily) but it will also allow people of the A category above to now purchase these luxury items from within the game. Some could even say this combats pay to win as it allows equal access now to every aspect of the game. Many will see this come to pass and realize that now the billions of silver they have saved up can now be spent on value packs and outfits for their alts without spending even more real money to continue to keep BDO in development and pay its creators to continue this game because others that have the money to spare will do it for them.
    Delving on in as promised; There are many people in BDO with billions of silver with no decrease in sight, gaining passively every day more silver with nothing to spend it on. You argue that selling cash shop items on the market is 'P2W', the rally cry of ignorance is all I hear. People that have played this game since day 1 and work its mechanics properly will never be broke and never see a want for silver. This truth is marked by several distinct points which can be seen in KR even now, and they have had this 'p2w' model since the start.
    One thing to understand is silver doesn't win you anything. Most people even in KR do not have PEN gear, VERY few do. Much less will you even find TET/PEN boss gear on the market anytime in the foreseeable future unless someone extremely high tier quits or their account is hacked. To assume the disposable income crowd will buy all their boss gear and be gods of BDO is asinine at worse and woefully ignorant at best. And beyond that, what people spend irl vs what they can sell the purchased cash item for on the market will not make up for having to grind contribution points, knowledge for energy and most importantly levels. Very few level 60s and even fewer +60 in KR who have had this game much longer than us and I mean come on, they're Korean! The disparity between a level 55 and a level 60 in combat points alone is greater than the perceived differences most of you seem to believe exists in much of the gear. I am not going to expand more on this one point as there are far too many facets to thoroughly cover but I will say that of equal skill level players and passive 'hidden' stats gained from each character level earned you simply do not 'buy' your way to victory in BDO. Not going to happen and I hope many try so the developers get paid and continue releasing these wonderfully Free expansions.
    BDO is pay to be lazy. Pay to advance -up to a point- quicker. Pay for convenience even but it is in absolutely no way pay to win. Silver in BDO in any amount is never going to win your fights, nor even guarantee you upgrade your gear cause RNG is king, and even that does not bother me as I enjoy the game as it is. You may beat the dog out of someone who started the same time as you, has equal skill level but progressed slower in some regards because you 'bought some silver' but you will likely still never catch up to the top tier players and even if you do it will still require a large amount of skill to win your battles against those that know how to play.
    Investing large amounts of contribution and energy in the right places will net you far more silver far quicker than anything you would like to do in the cash shop, and to the Nth degree if they put a cap on the number of items you can sell in any given time. Simply playing the game will advance you in every regard far quicker than attempting to use real world money versus those that put in their hours correctly.
    We as gamers have a responsibility placed on us by the sheer fact that our words have weight concerning a games development. Companies are obviously afraid of the pay to win title and made even worse by social media such as youtube. People that will drive a game straight to its death and lulz whilst moving on to the next because they simply do not care and feel no reason to be invested. The self entitled need to have their teeth knocked out in more ways than one. If my kids ever acted half as spoiled rotten as many of the 25 and under gamers out there they would all be in dentures. Well not quite but they would certainly have their computers removed from their rooms and not be getting their own cars etc. We must stop rewarding this behavior, and none too soon before things become fatally worse. I am not speaking of BDO exclusively.
    There used to be a saying, you get what you pay for. This is still true. If you want Nike or Jordans it will cost more than well I don't know many brands of shoe I wear Wolverine etc. but you can get the idea looking at a fully restored GTO or Chevelle vs a Kia.
    I am not saying I completely agree with everything BDO has done or its prices in the cash shop but I can say with confidence it was caused by the players not the makers of the game. They will sell what we are willing to buy and are not at fault here. The biggest problem here is that BDO in my personal opinion is the best MMO to be released in more years than I can count. Many games out there have done well and avoided the pay to win title, but look at those games vs BDO, currently I see a lot of Kia's and one Chevelle. This game is beautiful and is loaded with content and everyone that has avoided looking for these perceived 'p2w' signs have thousands of hours logged and loads of fun. Even those that are shouting P2W have similar or greater hours. The fallacy of the logic here is beyond astounding.
    I do not wish to see this game ruined by self entitled people causing developers to make rash decisions as has happened so often recently.
    As I said in the beginning this is my one singular attempt at making a rational plea to the gaming community concerned with BDO and the future of Online, feature rich Interactive games. We need to hastily squelch the battle cry of the self entitled audience or suffer the consequences for years to come as it has been for the most recent years with potentially far worse on the way. Knowledge is power, and ignorance is not bliss. It will be my greatest hope that game developers/publishers find their way to this page and know that not everyone is so blind. I sincerely applaud anyone that wishes to take this torch and attempt to make a difference in the right direction. There is even a well known youtuber calling for a boycott of BDO, and he doesn't even play it anymore. I have not the patience nor self restraint for these types of people that want everything for nothing, as the only thing they truly deserve comes in steel toe.
  9. HUHU WHY DON'T WE TRY TO SKIP MAINTENANCE! Maintenance is expensive anyways! We don't need to do it every week HUHU!
    Sounds like a great idea!
  10. Post on NEED MORE COSTUMES! in Ninja

    By Jonathan, posted
    Looking through all the costumes Korea currently available, the ninja has the least as far as I know. Most of the costumes look more for Musa than Ninja. I feel like, with ninja, they are missing a lot of good opportunities for something cool. I wouldn't mind one like Ryu Hayabusa..
  11. Classic Koreans man.
  12. Just to preface, the NA servers were recently attacked via DDoS. After their sloppy work at blocking the attack, Daum's recent patch and "server optimization" has effectively BLOCKED certain ISPs or hop hubs in the midwest, ie Chicago and it's surrounding states/areas. There's several threads on both reddit and these forums where players would connect for maybe 5 minutes before being disconnected, some not even being able to connect for more than a few seconds. The general consensus is that these players are on certain ISPs or in the general midwest area. After trouble shooting for over two days, the ONLY way to get around this block is playing via  a VPN. 
    WHY are players being blocked? and WHY should we have to PAY for a VPN to play a game we already paid for? Is Daum's networking team so incompetent that they need to block entire hubs/ISPs to stop a simple DDoS attack?
    To make matters worse, Xigncode sometimes FLAGS the VPN clients as being "suspicious software", effectively making the game unplayable. Why the hell do we even need Xigncode? I'm sure Daum's realized the botting software, namely Pyx, literally 0-day patches the updates to Xigncode allowing them to work even when Xigncodes running. Xigncode flags so many things as suspicious software (ie Razor Synapse) when it's perfectly harmless and useful software. Though the ONE thing it's supposed to flag actually gets around Xigncode just fine. Please get rid of this trash excuse of anti-cheating software or update it in a way that it's actually effective. The server-side skill check that was recently implemented has done away with most of the hackers, only botters remain, but obviously Xigncode will never stop them.
    TL;DR; Daum's blocking midwest ISPs since the DDoS, Xigncode flags perfectly safe software, bots still get around Xigncode anyway.
  13. Hello forum,
    I just wanted to put forth an idea/suggestion that would help both we as players and Daum as a whole. Let me preface this by saying that my career in life bases itself on heavy communication and interaction with different types of IT products and people, from development to QA, but this does not mean that I somehow miraculously understand the situation at Daum nor do I understand what it's like to communicate with PA. 
    Weekly Reports/Status Updates
    Having some form of a weekly report or status update would not only help in easing a lot of the frustration in the unknown but also (in hopes) help alleviate the hostility toward Daum and PA, even if ever so slightly. My recommendation is a frequently updated status page on various content pieces that we do/don't know about. Questions are always flying around and threads are constantly being created asking the same things over and over again. If there were a centralized location for this information, we would hopefully see less hostility on the forums as well as reduced redundancy in questions being asked. Having a page that is updated frequently or maybe even 2-3 times a week, just to keep the "Last Edited On" date fairly current, would keep things fresh, and also have a well known "go to" page for people to reference. 
    It is known and understood by me and others (though some tend to ignore this) that Daum is extremely limited in their ability, especially in communication with PA. Prime example is the Valencia release, as it literally hit with about 10 hours advance notice. Daum is unable to report what they don't know just like every person on the planet. The people at Daum are just as human as those playing the game and would prefer to only comment on things if there is knowledge on the matter. The overall issue though is that the singular replies of "We do not know when this will happen" are generally buried in random threads across the forums with no real way of finding them. Having a status report or outline that's frequently updated would centralize these responses, even if there is nothing known about them. Something as simple as "At this time we have no knowledge on the subject but will continue to update the moment we have something to share" in a centralized location is far more weighted and valuable than a small reply to a random thread that not many will find.
    Further more, items could be added to the list depending on the prevalence of the matter (Such as class adjustments from June 17th). As an example, we have seen multiple threads with complaints toward those changes with very few yielding a Daum reply stating the same thing "We're looking into it and are still waiting for a response from Pearl Abyss regarding the matter" (Not verbatim). Having that report/status page as suggested above would help lower those redundant threads but also remove the burden of, potentially, replying to each thread just so people can see. I highly doubt any one of our CMs/GMs wants to sift through every repeat thread replying the same thing over and over.
    As for the weekly report, any communication each week about what Daum has worked on or what responses PA has given, would also be very welcome. Transparency is a double edged sword in most cases, however, but I believe if does more good than harm overall. The report could be released around maintenance day each week to give players a general idea of what is going on with current concerns, issues, or just general content to be expected in the future.
    By no means am I saying that release dates should be given but even the smallest amount of information such as "We've recently been working on Valencia Part 2. There is no release day known yet but this week we worked on testing and localization". I feel that if that level of communication were achieved with the community, we'd see more excitement regarding content rather than general annoyance/hostility.
    This would also give Daum a chance to communicate regularly with the community and build a relationship with the players, hopefully having some fun with us along the way, rather than simply being a punching bag for people's frustrations.
    Conclusion (TL;DR)
    Communication is paramount in any form of work, business, community, etc. Having a centralized status page for issues, content, and concerns, could really help both the BDO community as well as Daum, in the hopes that hostility remains low and general communication satisfaction raises.
    It goes without saying that not everything can be added to such a status page or weekly report but any and everything that could feasibly be spoken of is always welcome.
    There will always be hostilities and angry customers as well as tired CMs/GMs who are working hard to help the BDO community. It just cannot be helped. We can however help lower that recurrent amount of negativity toward both Daum and PA, and have more fun along the way.
    Thanks for reading,

  14. It doesn't make sense that things like the fishing outfit, the training clothes, the ghillie etc aren't transferable - they give no combat xp or benefits outside of life skills like the cooking outfit for example, so why can't I buy a fishing outfit, and use it on all my characters at my own will?
    Make them shared and able to be transferred between any character (Family Bound) please.
    because lets be honest... who's goona buy them multiple times
    -UPDATE- 7-6-16 Jouska Replied


  15. Earlier this month I made Jokes of what I was getting for my Birthday and never knew you were listening
    I asked for Valencia for my Bday and well Today I got it! 

  16. Post on LANTERN PETS!! in Suggestions

    By DiryArt, posted
    Greetings Daum!! What do you think about pet who gives you lantern at night? Might be awesome! Like a Firefly! Also it will be better if you will be able to get it only through breeding. Like a very rare pet from breeding!

    What do you think? And if you will make it please give me one fore free
  17. Hello,
    i got this problem:
    If i start my game, i just see the Daum Europe Logo, then it fades into black, after that nothing appears. I heard of some people talking about the next screen, and other people say you just have to wait a couple of minutes. But for me its another issue, i dont really know what it is.
    I got a i7-5550U and a GeForce 840m. I got the game running with starting the game on the intel gpu-chip, but with that i got low fps.
    I want to play the game, but it wont work.
    Drivers are all updated.
    Any kinds of fixes or something?
  18. In life we often eat out and tip our waitress-waiter.
    We pay X for a meal and when done we pay for the service, how is the pearl shop different?
    we all paid X for the game and well I often buy a suit or weight from the shop as many of you do. 
    I do not see how many people cry over this and all these GG post in game, It is not like we can buy +20 Armor or +20 Liverito's this is not a Private wow or Lineage 2 server this is a real business, the cash shop is in place of the $/month fee's that wow and other pay to play games have.
    Next time you are in game and say OMG i got this X drop damn, say thanks Daum for this game.
    I am not saying buy $100000 in pearls but if you got a pet who cares, we all are lazy lol, well if you have an R button left lol
    Anyhow my fellow players, next time you eat out and they were a great server ... question, wait why did that guy tip you......
    It is life folks, if you do not get it,  wait til you have a server job, or do not get a bonus check, you might say what is in this picture.

  19. OMG, this is incredibly!

    As you see, i create some new post in this forum about blocking account for helping daum remove bots from this game.
    And i was create 2 or 3 tickets with my question and aswer was always the same. They just copy it like a robots.
    After my post in forum, CM_Jouska ask me to write in csreview@daumgames-eu.com and the answer is SAME! SAME KARL!!! WTH?! Can i speak with another support, this one is just a robot with one function of copy past.

    This case shows that Daum spit on players. They almost openly send me to hell, copying this message over and over again. I'm sorry, I wanted to help them to remove bots from the game. I hope that one day they will have to get in the same situation, in the hospital, the police or the Bank..
  20. Hello guys, i just wanna say my story, this is fkng ridiculous!
    I found the forum spreading bot, registered (for money), checked it and immediately reported it to the forum administrators of the black desert. I gave them access to my account, that they explore this program and found a solution how to deal with it. And how do them repay me? Block me!! What the hell is wrong with them, damn it?!
    There are cases when not only do you not block people who actively used the bot, but simply forgave them because they used it for the first time. Great reward for helping make this game clear from bots, thank you! Thank you very much and burn in hell! This is ridiculous!

  21. Greetings dear friends! 
    I got a problem with buying Daum Cash. I keep getting an error.
    I tried every payment method but it doesn't help at all!

    I was looking for help in tech. support and across the forums. And Daum DOESN'T HELP at ALL!!! Last message was APRIL 21!!!
    I contacted tech. support! NO HELP!!! People with the same problem waiting for 20 - 30 DAYS AND STILL NO HELP!!!

    You can delete my topic or whatever! But if you won't help me, I won't play the game! I know, you have a lot of players! And you won't lost anything if I leave, But every day someone gonna leave the game just because you don't help people!
  22. With one patch ranger has become utterly useless. Seriously. The worst CC in the game. The worst survivability in the game. And now, the worst pvp damage in the game. I have played a lot of mmorpg's, and I have never seen a class in a worse state. There simply is no point to ranger at the moment. Sure you can sit in melee range as the squishiest class in the game and wotw spam a target that someone else has cc'd for you. But really, why not just replace every ranger with a witch/wiz- better damage, better cc, better survivability, group buffs, and group heals. In a game where there are classes that excel at everything, ranger has been reduced to complete shit in all facets of pvp. 
    Daum, what the ----- were you thinking?
  23. So I just barely saw that phone interview.  Some of the answers to questions I heard were just appalling. Those who have not heard the phone interview between pvtwiggles and PM_Belsazar should check it out on you tube. After listening to this I made a drastic change in the way a play BDO.
    Here are a few things NEGATIVE things that stood out to me during this interview.
    1. Lifeskills = No incentives = No Profit.  They were designed so we can use the crafted items ourselves.  So basically when you put crafted items up on the marketplace your a slave to the people who buy them (we kind of knew this due to the market restrictions but it is now CONFIRMED life skills aren't for money making)
    2. Grinding and World Bosses are the Superior ways to make money.  If your sole goal is to make bank and your not doing this your doing it wrong.
    3. Desync will tag along with node wars.  From what i heard they didn't have time to deal with it yet but Desync.
    4.  The Developers are SENSITIVE (guyz be nice to them).  They really don't want us to know how stats like accuracy work.
    5, Hackers and Botters are being dealt with but no specifics on keeping them out of this game.
    There are plenty more things that I didn't cover but most of the answers sounded like he was beating around the bush.
    Honestly the only thing that was confirmed but many players already felt like they knew is that
    1.  Investing in nodes give you better chances to get rare loot.
    My 2 cents.

  24. Anyone care to discuss here as well?

  25. I don’t know whats is happening. Maybe my account was target of hackers?
    Last month i try to buy some DaumCash at BDO cash shop, and i couldn’t because some maintenance or because my credit card had gone (limit credit), idk. Ok i decide to wait to next weeks cuz i ll had my job payment. Then i started to had some issues with my credit bank, my bank called me asking for multiple transaction, at least 10 or 20 with same amount,  in something called “EPOSH.com”. They blocked those transaction and i ask for another card and i change all my passwords.
    I was playing yesterday then in my e-mail i receive 3 confirmations at the same time, its say that i buy daum cash, i think those think must be a scam email or something, then i open my pearl shop and i saw 10k GOLD CASH.  I change my e-mail and call to my BANK, they can’t find any transaction in my credit card, even in pay pal. I don’t remember to buy those daum cash and maybe was a bug, i try to transform in pearl and i got a message saying “restrict user”. Then i opened now i ticket and get no response, i try to go into BDO cash shop and i can’t access, says that ï got a problem.
    Today i got my job payment , and i want to buy some Daum Cash and i can’t, checkout give me errors every time i try to buy. AND those '10k DaumCash' still in my account. My ticket number 113783
    Can anyone help me? I want to buy but im unable to.
    Why anyone help me? Even in helpdesk, they close my issues and no response.
    Is my right to use the game. I want to buy daumcash and use, all my friends have and why i cannot?
    Im searching for the issue on the web and what i found is that kind of error is for buy from alternatives gol shop, i never do this, i just try to buy from BDO oficial shop, i have money and i just wanna daum cash and be able to use.
    Please any CM, help me. Anyone can answer me..why?
    Please any CM, help me. Anyone can answer me..why?