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  1. Several times a player has harassed, mob stole, and else wise interrupted our guild or me. When we go to declare war so we're not losing karma protecting our rotation or grind we get "This guild is not ready for war." Now we're a small guild not some xlarge guild looking to pick on people we just want to be able to defend ourselves without Karma loss. It's like a free ticket to bomb away!
    My suggestion is to change the system to a limited time declaration if the guild is smaller or has no node. Like a 60 min dec with a 60min cool down.
    And/Or change pvp death so it's more like node wars where the person who died has a longer and longer timer till they can respawn.
  2. as title says please. Make SOMETHING in this game earned.
  3. Please for the love of god, fix Auto Navigate to: aka auto path, auto travel. If you set a way point and are off the road, navigation will lead a horse straight into bodies of water to there deaths!  
    I just watched my horse die in water that was barely over its head!!!!
    If I had my wits about me, I would have whistled for my horse, but I panicked and just had to sit there and watch it die!!!!!
  4. I was stuck climbing from water to land and i press unstuck escape and it instant killed my horse! please fix!
  5. Post on Respawn timer in Suggestions

    By iarilo, posted
    With the current amount of griefing happening at main spots since the removal of pvp exp loss, I'd like to introduce a respawn timer.
    It's all simple, actually - you die, you respawn in 20 seconds. You die again in a certain timeframe, your respawn time becomes 1 minute long.
    So, you die again in 5 minutes - you'll have to wait a minute to respawn again.
    Ofcourse, the numbers may fluctuate - main thing is having a respawn timer with (limited) exponential growth.
    This will fix:
    -Guild griefing (abusing war mechanics by using some known guild just to stand and die, so you stack up on kills)
    -Spot griefing (abusing the lack of countermeasures in pvp, so if you get killed you just run back and get killed again and again, till the enemy goes negative karma)
    Should not be present in:
    -Battlegrounds (?)
  6. As the title says.
    There are some topics regarding this issue in the tamer sub-forum. When a tamer dies, the cooldown of summon heilang doesn't reset. This is really a problem in PvP, where it's possible to die a few times in a row. Tamer relies on Heilang for some skills, so it's really annoying to have to wait 2 minutes to spawn.
    The same problem occurs when doing world bosses, where you have to wait every time to respawn the pet.
    I cannot see any reason why it shouldn't reset really... This would be a great thing to change imo.
  7. Who is this creepy stalker?

    This is taken at the Marni's Lab's node manager.
  8. I encountered this yesterday during Node Wars on Alustin EU Serendia A1:
    I died to a DoT, after I died I did not get the usual option popup to resurrect (worked fine the other times I died in that node war), my chat also turned invisible but my guildies said they could still see my messages, I then tried to use the escape function from the menu, didn't work either, also reloading the UI didn't help.
    In the end I used the character selection to get out of that situation, was teleported dead to Heidel where it loaded me in 3 times before the resurrect popup showed up and I could use it.
    I didn't find a topic on this yet, just wanted to report it as it was rather annoying, hope it gets fixed.
  9. Some guild members and I swapped channels while standing on the Velia docks, and upon switching channels we got the message that "Death has found you". I lost 13 coins from Pirate Island, and one of my yellow grade crystals. 
    I thought it might have been a fluke, but another guild mate just swapped characters, and swapped back while standing on the docks at Pirates/Kuit Island, and also died, losing coins. 
  10. Fellow residents of Black Desert.  Lend me your ear and let me ask you a question.  Do you have a 'favorite' NPC that you dread to visit?  Perhaps you put off visiting this person because you know it will take many, many, many attempts at amnity in order to get a few token points to buy that single, lousy piece of armor.  Maybe you know that you will repeatedly get the 'cause to fail 5 times' game when all the topics you know have a success rate of over 80%.  Yes, imminent failure is in your future.
    Do you feel the need for some satisfaction?  Do you want to KILL said NPC?  Perhaps slowly...very slowly...assaulting him repeatedly...with lower level skills...so you know the pain will linger...... Ahem...but I digress...
    So my suggestion is this: An event!  An event where said NPC's can be challenged.  An event where perhaps we can pay with pearls or loyalty, to fight our most favorite NPC in the arena and enjoy the opportunity to fracture legs, collapse lungs, cause major internal bleeding...err, I mean, best them in a fight.  Perhaps winning said fight will allow for a free piece or armor, or 500 amnity, or a title!
    If you feel my pain and also demand satisfaction, please +1 this post below so that the appropriate death and suffering can ensue.......and have a wonderful day.
    Yours Truly,
  11. So after I die ingame and respawn, it happens to me 100% that all of my personal settings (activated pet skills; chat window choice; chat adress like guild,party,whisper etc) are reset to default and I have to go over everything again to bring it back to the way it was. I think it would be more convenient to keep everything as it was after death+respawn, relog or else.
  12. I'm currently playing and grinding really hard but I noticed a few things which annoy me when it comes to lag or even worse...
    When I'm playing black desert the most hatefull thing which can happen when your grinding is dieing, normally it's a small matter and there is a penalty to it I can understand this part.
    The part I want to change and hate the most is the so called freezing or loading screen, for example:
    I'm grinding at sausan garisson and suddenly I start to lag or I move way to fast and get a loading screen... after the loading screen I appear to be not auto walking to my destination or death because I was grinding.
    It's alrdy bad when you freeze up and everyone suddenly start to teleporting everyone like crazy, when your lagging but the loading screen where you can't do anything and just staying still is an insta death.
    the highest amount loading screens I get is 5 times after eachother and I can gaurantee that my laptop is new and is considered an extreme gaming laptop (msi ghost).
    I want to suggest that if you get a loading screen or lag you will just stand still and be invunerable by any attack or cc.
    If your with me raise your hand or help me find a better solution to this awfull problem (because I'm fed up to buy millions of crystals for an unfair death)
  13. Hi all,
    I live in Australia and find I lag from sprinting or same mobs.
    If my windows updates as well as just packet loss and OZ lag all adds up. I die from enemies becoming damageable, Cc able, disappearing and reappearing behind me. Most places in Australia are is on ADSL 1. 
    I was hopping that when we die from lag you can make it so it adds up the total lag for the last 20 seconds and when we die the amount of adds to the percentage changes of not losing gems and exp.
    The last 20 seconds of lag total = 5 sec lag is +90% through to 0.5 sec +5%. + 10 outfit bonus.
    Making the game a bit more fair
    Thanks for your time.
  14. this is not a complain thread.
    apparently, 177 defense is not enough.
    remove gear? i say bad game design.
    guys, just wait until your level X.00 and remove your gear. only good solution atm.
    good luck.
  15. You can prevent crystal/gems from breaking by not dying all you want, but when you get disconnected while fighting mobs, you will die and that will have potential of crystals/gems breaking. I suggest Daum needs to find away to prevent crystals/gems from breaking when disconnection happens or change the way crystals/gems works when dying. There are times when a server will crash or ISP doesn't give good stable connection that time. Nothing is perfect and that includes connections.
    The only solution I can come up with is to change the crystals/gems systems.
  16. Hei
    Ich wollt mal fragen wie ihr das so findet mit den World Bossen . 
    ich find sie ja an sich eigentlich ne supper idee und macht echt laune aber ich finde auch das man bei den world bossen ausstellen sollte das man bei einem tot malus bekommt z.Bsp magiekrisstalle zerstören .... hab bei einmal baumgeist 3 uralte verloren und kein loot von dem bekommen und da lohnt es sich dann echt nicht eigentlich .. ist echt zum kotzen .. war nach 3 worldbossen von 30% exp auf 17% und sowas lässt mich dann doch stark überlegen nochmal so einen baumgeist zu bashen .
  17. Simple, yet necessary. Any kill or death related to a guild member should be main server wide not just sub-server, especially when it has to do with guild wars. I need to know what guild members need improvement and I want to know what guild members are representing our guild well. So those who don't want it, there are filters already in place.
  18. Edan Server
    Serendia E2 channel
    Lag is really bad. Lag trying to mount the horse. Lag talking to NPCs. 
    Once I finally mounted the horse, I attempted to go to the GIANTS area from Hexe Sanctuary/Becker and all was good, i though, until my mount out of the blue started taking damage. It then killed my mount with NO mobs nor players around and knocked me off. I then started taking damage and couldnt heal myself so I ran to Keplan. I attempted to change channels and nothing happened and I started taking damage AGAIN in the middle of the town. My life got real low and then I went to load screen and appeared back at Becker in the Hexe Sanctuary still taking damage from a non-existent source. I was able to heal now but have lost my horse, for the 3rd time now, due to lag.
  19. So I made this little small quick story and thought I'd share it.
    One thing that interested me was how the Black Spirit apparently takes your memories, correct me if I'm mistaken however. What makes it more interesting is, these characters are full adults as well that just completely then and there, lost all their memories and are now under the Black Spirit's control. It first piqued my interest which prompted me to ask myself, "What was their life like before all of this which was a suppose to be a visit to the grave yard, like before?"
    Of course however, I was never fully into summing up what I meant but then when I was exploring Calpheon Capital, I stumbled upon Holy College. Apparently, that's where Valkyrie's are raised and/or trained. Since I adore the Valkyrie class and have it as my main as well, it seriously finally got me thinking about it. To sum the gist of it, I made this lovely visual of what I mean. Why it piqued my interest however? Simple. I LOVE bitter sweet sad stories. I hate sappy ones and such a scenario had so much potential.
    To be continued though? That, is a good question. We should form a hypothesis.
    To make it obvious, I wouldn't be too familiar if there was already a story behind these characters but as stated previously- I was curious and thought I'd share which prompted me to making this small quick sketch story. If someone could clarify more about our heroes, that'd be great. I hope it's as sad as the Cleric's story in Dragon Nest. Those feels, were real. Loved the pain and suffering yet my child, Cleric-kun, is super strong.
    How Valkyrie's Are Born
    Re-union Pt.1
  20. So I currently have -600k karma, so I expect little pity. But there is one issue I have with the guards. When i run into Calpheon, and then leave the city with guards following, the guards will follow me for the entirety of the map just to hit me once, and then disappear. At NO point do they stop and just turn back. Simple bug that keeps annoying me with necessary health potions even when I'm well away form Calph. 
    Thanks a lot!@
  21. I have a few questions regarding horses, wagons, and PvP. I considered putting this in the PvP forum, but since this is really about horses being killed by players, I felt it'd be more appropriate here.
    So, here are the questions:
    - Can a player kill a horse owned by another player?
    - Can a player kill a wagon owned by another player?
    I am assuming the answer to the above is "yes", but I've never heard of either actually happening.
    - If you can indeed kill another player's horse, will the horse be penalized; i.e., will it have a death added to its death counter? I've read here that it doesn't count, but I'd like a confirmation, as I don't really trust information from January.
    - If a wagon is destroyed by another player, will the wagon suffer any real penalties; i.e., will it have its lifespan shortened? Also, what happens to any attached horses?
  22. Post on Leveling halt in In-Game Bugs

    By Howlitzer, posted
    Ok so i was trying to find a fishing spot and i got a message saying "restricted zone go back or you will die.." well i had no time to turn around and ended up dying after i died my exp went to 0.000 and now i cant level at all i get no exp for kills at all, im lvl 39 and dont know what to do.
  23. What happens when you break a wagon with multiple horses attached, and well over 1 billion silver/gold bricks? Also, why is that said wagons durability never moved from 0% even after repairing - it would jump back to 0 once conversation with stable manager ended?
  24. This evening my guild was doing a guild quest trade run from llia island.  Several of us were on my fishing boat coming back with packs.  The boat had been acting slightly strange initially "sticking".  Then suddenly it stopped and everybody on it got killed. Except me.
    The boat wasnt over weight, i had some packs in the hold but not even close to max weight.  We had all ridden out, actually even more of us had ridden out, as some people hopped the ferry to go back while i waited for stragglers.
    Is there some hidden weight limit or something? Or did it just bug out.
    Video of the incident below.