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  1. Hello all.
    I submitted a support ticket on the website for an in-game problem and besides the automated response I have not heard anything, and it has already been 5 days. I'm wondering if the support team review the tickets at all, and if so how long it takes them to do so?
    I could understand this kind of delay in a free to play game, but having invested a fair amount of money, this lack of response has left me very disappointed. I had really hoped for better, as I believe BDO is a great game.
    Have you submitted your own tickets before? How long did it take for you to receive help? Or even some acknowledgement that the problem would be looked into besides an automated email.
    Thanks for your input.
  2. Hey.

    How is it possible to sit on a stable 60 FPS and have no latency issues or stutters on one channel, then switch to another and immediately drop to 20-30 FPS, 0,3 second input delay and get game stutters every 10 seconds. I have deleted my cache, on suggestion from a fellow player, but to little avail. I, nor any of my guildies experience this on any other channel than Valencia C1 on Croxus, coincidentally also the channel I have spent most of my time on.

    I am writing here in hopes someone has an ingenious solution to my problem. As it stands currently the channel is borderline unplayable for me.
  3. One day a young player decided to go to the forums to try and make a name for himself. He paced back and forth thinking heavily on how best to do so, till the eureka moment struck him like a bolt of lightning! So off he went to make a thread, regaling everyone with the great quest Nelvah undertook to gain insight into the wizard awakening release.

    What should I say he thought?
    "Yeah a GM told me It'd be postponed cause of bugs."
    Ah yes that should do!
    [Edit - Aethon]
  4. So...
    Far from important, what with all of the crazy bugs, crashes, and no-energy-cost-to-process turmoil to prices on AH... well, this is an old and minor thing.
    Still, I was curious to hear back from the community in regards to the frustrating end part when gathering River Water.  I am referring to the whole "Do you want the item" (or whatever you call it) pop-up requiring you to "Accept" before it places the item in your inventory, and thus before you can start the next gathering of 1 whole bottle of River Water at a time.
    Any other gathering (at Artisan 1) nets me 1-4 of an item, such as gathering Sap; on average, I get between 2.5 and 3 per energy spent, with occasional bonus items such as the Bloody Tree Knot.  Perhaps Lumbering would be a better example, as you can get Logs/the type of lumber (Pine, etc)/Bloody Knot/etc.  In this case, it makes some sense to have the "This is what you got on your attempt, do you want to keep it all?" pop-up occur.  Maybe your inventory is full, and you have to pick and choose, or discard something from inventory.
    But gathering water?  The ONLY thing you can get, is the water, and only a single one at that.  If you do not have the space for it, you cannot even start the gathering in the first place (unless that has changed), and since that is the only thing you can get from the Gathering attempt, there is no concern about not having Inventory space.  And the ONLY reason you are there is to get that paltry 1 River Water.
    And, of course, you spend an energy point every time (unlike higher farming/etc)... and do not get ANY Gathering EXP for it.
    So, why is this an issue for me/why am I asking for the communities thoughts on it?
    It is because it costs (me, at least... %s may vary) ~25% more time.  Or as I look at it, reduces the already horrible 1-result-EVERY-time amount I gather by ~25%.
    I use the basic Gathering outfit (gained by leveling Gathering skill) + Grain Soup + Elixir of Worker (which has a whole 300 second duration, and costs about 3.5-4K to make, or 4-6K to buy).  This gives me a 4th rank of Gathering, and with a basic Transparent Empty Bottle, my gathering time is 4 seconds.
    And yet, at best, I can get 55ish River Waters per 300 seconds.  50 would be 1 bottle per 6 seconds, 60 would be 1 bottle per 5 seconds... thus 55 is "1 bottle per 5.5 seconds".
    The problem is the delay for the window to even pop up, then hitting "R" (or whatever button you use) to accept, then the delay while it shifts the bottle to inventory before you can activate the next Gathering attempt (not to mention all of the newlings who happen to have their inventory/etc cover the "Do you want the item" pop-up, and are confused, repeatedly attempting to start the 2nd round of Gathering until they look up the issue online).
    If the River Water went immediately into Inventory, one could get into a timing rhythm and do near 4 second fills.  But let's be generous, and say it STILL took 0.25 seconds to twitch (when all you are doing is staring at the screen for 4 seconds, waiting for the fill anyways).  Instead of 4.25 seconds a bottle, it takes 5.5 seconds... nearly 30% longer.  Those with slower (i.e. basic, but not new) Gathering speeds (7 seconds: basic Gathering suit + Grain Soup + Transparent Empty Bottle) would still see ~18% loss of efficiency.  Thus I call it 25%-ish overall, as my setup is far from optimal.
    So, WTF is the point of the "Do you want the item" pop-up?  Can we get rid of this, please?

    TL;DR: River Water Gathering only returns a single item, as opposed to 1-4 (2.5 average, assuming decent (Skilled+) ability) of other Gathering; there is nothing else to get, and no inventory space concern.  It still costs an Energy point, but does not reward Gathering EXP.  All of that is bad enough, but we (or I, at least) can deal with it.  But the absolutely unnecessary "Do you want the item" pop-up reduces amounts gained (item-per-second) by ~25% on top of all that.
    Dump the &^%$ing "Do you want the item" pop-up, and just immediately place the River Water into inventory.
    EDIT:  Note that I realize that if you do... say, 20-30 bottles at a time, this is not a huge issue.  Irritating, but "meh, whatever-ish".  But when ya do even only 100 at a time, it becomes a pain.  At 500 to 1000 at a time, waiting for that damned pop-up to even occur, then even after you have "accepted" you have to wait for it to comprehend that you said "Duh, yeah, it is the only freaking reason I am here, so give me my single Water already" so you can begin the next round of gathering... GAH!  500 to 1000 times just hating that gorram pop-up over and over, and over... and not just the time, but the additional Elixirs used (and thus plus costs/time to create them increased)... well, thankfully it is only something I have to deal with once a week.  Can't imagine what it is like for the SERIOUS Alchemists (as a "Top 2-5" Farmer, plus occasional "Top 30" Alchemist, it is enough that I wrote this entire danged rant)
    Oh, and /rant off
  5. I have been getting these strange delays right after I log into the game. Everything is stationary for a almost a minute, characters cant be moved and controls seem to be disabled. I dont know if this is some sort of lag or bug but it is getting a bit frustrating now especially when you have been disconnected in the middle of a group of mobs.
    Someone asked me to delete the files in the Log folder but it looks like it only worked for a bit.
    Any help?
  6. Wie ihr sicher schon mitbekommen habt, wird der Release des Valencia Updates verschoben.
    Wer es noch nicht gelesen hat findet die Info dazu hier: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/88647-valencia-erweiterung-verzögert-sich/
    Ich für meinen Teil muss sagen: Schade, aber Hut ab für diese Entscheidung. Die meisten Publisher haben Content auch gerne halbgar serviert und hinterher munter angefangen im laufenden Betrieb die Fehler zu beheben.
    Wenn man merkt das es noch nicht einsatzbereit ist finde ich es klasse zu sagen: Wir ziehen lieber den Zorn der Spieler auf uns wegen einem verzögerten Release wie wegen abstürzender Server und verbuggter Inhalte.
    Was meint ihr ? 
  7. I noticed people having bad pings and lags ingame. My ping is 20-25ms and I don't have much lag ingame. I only have lags when the server is overrun or something. In this post I want to show you how to reduce the lag and how to keep a low ping while downloading files.
    Keep your internet fast during heavy upload/downloadImprove your Ping for online gamesReduce audio/video streaming problems 
    First of all: I know there are many different tools to reduce the lag and help to keep a low ping (E. g. https://www.wtfast.com / http://mudfish.net / http://pingzapper.com) but I did not test them and therefore can not write about them. Im using cFos Speed. Feels free to give it a try or just ignore this post. Im not forcing anyone to use it. Im just writing about my experience here. It solved my lags and has helped me a lot. You can try it for free and test it for a while and see if it works. I hope this will help some people. Please move this post if it doesn't belong in the generel forums.
    Im using a software to keep my ping low and reduce lags with a technique called traffic shaping (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_shaping). With fullspeed download my ingame ping is about 20-25ms with traffic shaping way over 150ms without traffic shaping.Traffic shaping basically lets you choose what applications you want to prioritize. Im using the tool cFosSpeedInternet-Accelerator + Ping optimizer to do this. Make sure you select low ping and not bandwith:

    If you don't feel link reading a long wiki here are some pics how it works:
    Normal data transfer:
    Data reception needs to be confirmed (ACKnowledgment packets) before new data can be sent.

    No Traffic Shaping:
    ACK packets are stalled and delayed by a simultaneous upload. As a result, the download is slowed down as well.

    cFos Traffic Shaping:
    ACK packets are prioritized in the upstream, allowing the download to continue at maximum speed.

    Read more about it here: https://www.cfos.de/en/traffic-shaping/traffic-shaping-old.htm or here https://www.cfos.de/en/traffic-shaping/traffic-shaping.htm
    You will have an lower ping while using it:

    Here is an older video to check how it looks like:
    Most applications are already set according to most used stuff. E.g. downloads are set on low while browsers and games are higher. You select the application and change it anytime. You can also set a limit.
    It sadly didn't pass greenlight but you can read the comments of other people there: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/comments/538515919
    You can also find more tests here: https://www.cfos.de/en/cfosspeed/rwin-expansion.htm
  8. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I didn't see it. If anyone wants to direct me to it, feel free.
    Why is there a ten minute waiting period for trading upon log-in? I'm sure there's a reason, I just can't figure it out.
    It's quite annoying for me, because I'm often only available to play in short bursts, and trading would be the thing I would be most interested in doing during these short play sessions.
  9. Are you ready to play in 5 hours guys ???

  10. For the past 3 days ive been playing on Croxus and the amount of rubberbanding lagg is horrible. It totally kills my fun, will daum adress this issue soon? Its extremely annoying to freeze every 5-10 minutes and then teleport 10km away from where you walked(sometimes be dead).
  11. So I've been playing since day 1 of headstart and only now since the release in america do i see vast amounts of delay. My rig is high end and i run the game on maximum without any lag, but now all of a sudden i experience lag consistency in the form of delay, so as i play the game will stop working and i am able to interact and walk around, though all the npcs have been stuck in place. Then all of a sudden the world catches up and im at the mercy of how where the game thought i was and how long i was getting hit for. Besides this, i have not experienced normal lag its been rather smooth. Now though the delay is begging to ruin my game-play.
  12. How about a reward for extended maintenance on launch day? I could go for some free Pearls as a reward for a delayed launch. Say 2500 pearls for another free costume and weapon? (with the sale) (I'm a Conqueror's preorder). Since we thought we would get a unique costume for each class anyways...
  13. How do you Really feel? 
  14. So I just booted up the game, my character can't even walk for 10 secs straight without going backwards. I reckon its the lag as I'm playing from Australia in the US server. In addition the graphics isn't optimize? I have 50 FPS on high/very high setting with a GTX 980 Ti... Rip...
    I might actually ask for a refund, this game is unplayable... my character can't even walk properly. By the way I have a fiber with 100Mbps and 50 Mbps DL/UL, highest in Australia.