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  1. Bonjour,
    Je me suis connecté il y a une semaine, pour m'appercevoir que mes personnages ont tous été supprimés, quelqu'un pourrait m'expliquer pourquoi?
    Merci, tous!
  2. Hello,
    Yesterday was the last time i played and everything worked fine. But when i tried to Login today i had to choose a new Family Name and every character from my Account is deleted there is no one left.
    Why does that happen and what can i do?? And dont want to start from the bottom
    Ah okay i solved the Problem
    For everyone who has the same Problem: Check your selected Region because of the new launcher
  3. Greetings,
    Since the last maintenance, some players may have encountered an issue where their characters were marked as deleted. Please do not worry, your characters are still there, alive and well
    In order to fix that issue:
    1) Go to your game installation directory
    2) Find the version.dat file and delete it
    3) Restart the launcher (which will repair the files so do not be surprised about the download)
    I got positive feedbacks from players who had this issue and following those steps solved it

    Have a great time in the world of Black Desert Online!
  4. Hopefully, getting someone's attention on this matter may help speed the process along. So here it is, I just got a Ultimate Yuria Staff today and was looking forward to using it. Then I decided to do some last minute fishing. When I had completed the fishing I was doing for some quests, I went to delete the old fishing rod. When I deleted the old fishing rod, it deleted my +15 Ultimate Yuria staff instead. Anyways, I was just reaching out because I am really upset about this unfortunate event. I know this may be reaching but is there anyway that a item lock mechanism can be added to prevent people like myself from accidentally deleting/saling items.  Let me say, "thank you" in advance, because this game is great, regardless of what can be done.
    Here is my information regarding the situation:
    Name of item: +15 Ultimate Yuria Staff
    Time of Deletion:5/22/2016 @ 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM CST
    Character Name: Aiyan Kilgorath
    Server Name: Edan - Calpheon E1
  5. Hey everyone!
    I'm not sure if this is in the game already but a way to view if there are items to receive at any particular town, from the channel selection screen before you log into your character.
    The reason I'm suggesting this and I believe it might be a good suggestion is I've lost my boat . It finished crafting in Calpheon I transported it to Velia but I forgot what channel that was on and I'm unsure if the item exists anymore. I did this before starting my working week again on a sunday night about a month a go, took a little time off from BDO and now I can't seem to find my boat  lol; took me a while to make. 
    Anyhow keeping track of what channel to go into to recieve goods may be a good idea because its to my understanding that this transportation isn't linked within every channel as in if your in Calpheon U2 and send something and you switch channels to say join a world boss raid in Seridina U1 ; you won't be able to recieve the items you sent in Calpheon U2 until you go back there. So as a result having a small UI Icon indicating you have stuff transported and ready to recieve on particular channels may be good; like it will light up a little present box icon if there is something to recieve before switching channels or actually logging into your character to play. 
    I think I wouldn't be the only one having some of their items transporting and channel hopping like even just small stuff like wood or ore, I guess peaople would like to keep track of that in whatever channel they are; but at least they aren't as dumb as me and lost a whole boat!
    Disregard all the above if this is already the case or all the channels transporting is linked and I actually didn't know. In which case my boat is probably deleted?  Oh well guess I'll start making another one  . 
    Cheers Guys have a good day! 
  6. Hi!

    So, i deleted my +15 Yuria Longsword of Temptation by misstake. Came back after a AFK fishing and thought i equiped my +15 Yuria Longsword to replace my broken Fishing Pole. As always i throw out my broken fishing pole, but now my Longsword didnt get equiped. I thought that i now had the fishing pole in the bags and throwed out the fishing pole, but it was the Longsword. 
    Right after this happend i made a ticket in support. I wrote down everything that happend, this happend on Friday and i havent heard anything from the support team. Please, i need a answer so i know what am going to do.
    This is what i got from my ticket: Your request (76983) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. Can any support staff that read this thread take a look at request 76983, this sword contains alot of hours to be put together. 
  7. Post on [Deleted] in New Adventurers

    By Sleep, posted
  8. Can anyone tell me what's going on with my account ? I Created a character yesterday and got it up to about lvl 13-14
    I just tried to log in from my laptop 10 minutes ago and he is erased.

    Can someone help me bring him back ?  Is this a frequent issue ? If yes then how am i supposed to keep the ingame items that i got from buyig the game when the character i give them to is erased once in a while
  9. Post on Deleted in European Guild

    By IKuB, posted
  10. Hello,
    The title says it all, I spent almost 4 hrs playing and all of a sudden my game crashed so i logged back in to find that character is deleted.
    how very disappointing, can any one help me?
  11. Hey guys/girls,
    If (like myself) you have logged out and back in just to find your character missing, it's likely to be because you're on the North American servers. Simply change this option on the launcher before you log into the game.
    Hopefully this will resolve your issue.

  12. Post on [Deleted] in In-Game Bugs

    By Musetrigger, posted
    Sorry for the waste of time.