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  1. I'm looking for a place to grind turn in items, like the naga feet or harpie feathers...
    I've searched around a bit but all the threads I've seen were probably outdated, I'm not sure if the game updated or not because I haven't been playing that long, but the values they showed for the turn in value on most of those threads were inaccurate.
    So far the only turn in items I've really found are naga feet and harpie feathers, are there any better to turn in that will make me more gold?
    Can I get a location where they drop and a recommended level? Also the rate they sell for would be nice (ie 150 for 100k etc)
  2. Post on Awakening skill add ons in Valkyrie

    By Gotcha, posted
    I'm at 58, what awakening add-ons you guys taking? I don't see any that regens SP.
  3. Please update quest area and adjust chance to aquire quest item to something reasonable.
  4. Hey guys! So i've been thinking about switching from the horrible laggy russian server to the european one. So i want to get a started pack from 10 euros. However i don't know completely what it contains. Will i forever be able to play or will i have to pay later again? Does it contain everything i can normally do in the russian server and will i experience less lag? (I'm in The Netherlands) Thank you very much. 
  5. Post on Did the game just die? in General

    By Gotcha, posted
    Did Edan server just die? I can log in and see my character but can't interact with anything then get booted, Just started awhile ago.
    West Coast, Canada, shaw network.
  6. Was fighting Laytenn at night in the desert and it despawned at 5:00am in game instead of at 7:00am in game. Not sure if this is intended but it seems it was supposed to stay up the whole night cycle.
  7. I've found a minor glitch that allows waypoints to be visible after entering the desert when not using a compass.
    As intended, if you set a single way point, the game will delete it after entering the desert. However, if you set multiple waypoints (using alt + right click) only the last waypoint will be deleted, leaving all of the other ones alone and visible as towers of light.
  8. Post on BDO Memes in Off-Topic

    By Nexitis, posted
    Soooo i was up early today and the maintance didn't end so i created some (first?) spooderman memes:


    more are to come... on next maintance
  9. I thought A snake would be a good choice as a pet. You could have desert snakes that up hold equivalent bonuses as desert foxes. You can also have "Garden Snakes & black Snakes" that up hold similar bonuses as cats. 

    P.S. this Ideas is very basic and off a whim, but I'm sure with further elaboration this could flourish.

  10. Someone know where cantusa desert topography knowledge is, the node area is massive and I can't pin point where I would receive it anyhoo map of me, I am at the bottom, I have a desert map enabled so I know where I am

    Verbe is not in game as of yet. Thank you for @Lick_MyCrit for the info.

    I am aware he has a 30 minute spawn time notification. Do we have any estimated spawn timers? WIll it be similar to Zaka and Kandara?
  12. Post on Aakman Temple in General

    By Florescence, posted
    Hey guys! I was exploring around the new release of Valencia and stumbled upon this black glow in the desert. I approached it and got teleported to Aakman Temple. Pretty cool place, slightly dangerous, and super cool environment. I wanted to share some screenshots with you guys and hopes that you enjoy the view as much as I do.


    I didn't die from a single shot but the mobs do hit kind hard.
  13. Post on Death of PvP in General

    By Acover, posted
    Title is a little dramatic I know.
    As you can see the squared in part in KR you don't in NA/EU you do lose enchantment levels.
    I'm just going to hope this is a translation error, or something but can someone verify if this is true?
    Why would anyone ever go red in  the " Desert Areas " if they have a risk of losing enchantments ? 
    I'm sure one of the CMs will clarify this for us 
    @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes

  14. Ok so I am pretty sure that the amount of money that Daum Games, Kakao, or WHATEVER made is pretty high after this Pearl to Marketplace feature was introduced to the game... I mean think about all the outfits and pets that we've seen posted day in and day out... note that each outfit is roughly 30$ a piece and pets around 8$ or 9$.
    Now multiply that by three for each NA server...
    Where is the money going??
    cause certainly it is not being put into creating a better, smoother, epitome of a MMORPG game.
    These servers are insanely unstable and it is absolutely absurd... 
    We have already dealt with the "p2w" addition to our game and its like they are just using the money to live large without putting our money to get some programmers or update servers...
    Can we have that at least?
    Is it so hard to ask for some of the money after this Pearl To Marketplace introduction be put into some stable server upgrades. 
    I mean you have the money to do it and pay some actual DEVELOPERS AND PROGRAMMERS to be able to balance correctly, make the game more stable, and SERVER UPGRADES. 
    We Deserve this my fellow Black Desert Players. If you agree.. make this post seen. 
    Thank You 
    GG, iGcGi
    Thanks For Reading =D
  15. Is there any way/ bug/ trick, to use the group special deals as a solo player? A friend told me that it's possible, dont know how^^
    Would be very usefull while farming at spots like Rhutum. The yuria drop will be very heavy after time ( I know I can use things like a wagon to increase my LT)
    If you heard about a possibility, please let me know.
  16. Habe von einem Freund gehört,  dass es irgendwie möglich ist die Gruppenfunktion, wo Item Drops direkt ins AH getan werden, auch als Solo player, also quasi allein in der Gruppe zu nutzen.
    Das wäre besonders bei Gebieten wie Rhutum sehr nützlich, da die ganzen Yuria Drops mit der Zeit echt hart auf die Last gehen^^(der Möglichkeit einen Karren zu kaufen bin ich mir durch aus bewusst :D)
    Kann mir das aber eigentlich nicht vorstellen,dass es funktioniert und wenn ja dann müsste das auf jeden Fall ungewollt sein.
    Wenn mir da trotzdem jemand weiterhelfen könnte, würde ich mich sehr über eine Antwort freuen. Lg
  17. Post on Erreur 14002 in Hors sujet

    By LeGaulois, posted
    J'ai récemment fait l’acquisition d'un nouveau PC sous Windows 10. Il à donc fallu réinstaller chaque jeux, chaque logiciels qui étaient présent sur mon ancien PC qui au passage était sous Windows 7 et avec lequel BDO se lançait à merveille.
    Le problème est le suivant, lorsque que j'ouvre mon launcher BDO celui-ci affiche instantanément un message d'erreur "Une erreur s'est produite lors du téléchargement du fichier. (code erreur : 14002)". 
    J'ai donc cherché des solutions et toutes celles que j'ai pu trouver et essayer n'ont absolument pas fonctionner et je me retrouve avec ce message d'erreur à chaque fois. Même la fameuse technique ou l'on doit changer les paramètre DNS n'a pas marché.
    Si quelqu'un avait une autre technique pour contrer cette erreur, je prends !  
  18. Hey BDO community,
    I have have been on the game for a little bit of time now and was wondering if there were any Guild spots open in the Orwen server.
    A few things about me: I am a level 40 ninja. I enjoy doing really anything in game. Never been in a guild before.
    Thank you for your time.
  19. I'm looking for guilds with chill people.
  20. Just curious how much AP we need to be effective? I'm at 130ap/250 dp and I have a hard time killing people in pvp. I have the combos down. What are you guys running at for AP/DP and how are you getting your AP up? All my gear is DUO and using a DUO Yuria atm, working on a liverto.
  21. I would like to see the desert portion of the game become a fun spot, right now hardly anyone uses it.
    The fix, make water and tea give you a buff for 15 , 20 or 30 minutes water would give hydrated buff immune to heatstroke for certain amount of time, tea would give a cozy buff immune to hypothermia for set amount of time. No one is using the desert and this is one major reason why. i do not see why you would persist in wasting so much space in the game when people could be having fun using it.
    Secondly i can understand you want no pathing in the desert, however you should make compasses drop from mobs in the desert now and not in one place only that hasnt been released. this is silly and is going to cause people to just ignore the desert. the way it is now is not fun and it isnt very rewarding either which might get people there anyway. You can make way better coin without all the hassle so why bother with it?
    Please fix this, i bet the folks in korea would like it too.
    I have alot of ideas on how to make the game more fun but i will limit my self for now and see if you guys see the sense in this.
    Nikasha Val u2
  22. I am not sure if this could be bug in other players eyes but for me this do so much damage to my character that i have to create new one.
    I ride my horse in the Desert in search of elephant for the first time and i die from the heat half way in the desert. However my horse will not die and there fore i can no longer find my pony. (Distination can not be set in the Desert) and so i do not know where i died or where my horse is , and with the desert so huge and so much alike I just can not find where i died.
    With the horse lost in the desert and the horse can not die from the heat i stuck without a mount forever.
    I hope GM kill my horse Please kill my horse so i can ride a new one.
    Please make horse die from heat in the Desert
  23. Post on Shard drops is ridic.. in General

    By Gotcha, posted
    The drop rate on these thing is ridiculous I get 1 for every 1000 energy on average. They need another way of getting them then just gathering so we can at least craft as well. Or set it to at least get one every 300 or so.
  24. Primal_Eclipse
    A guild in BDO looking to soar to new heights! (Cheesy but true). We are a guild operating from SuperiorServers.co hoping to expand into this game to as well, to grow the community of SUP.
    What we offer:
    A community of friends.TS3.Forum.Contracts dependent on activity.Raises according to activity.PvX.Boss Scrolls.Daily Guild Missions.Freedom.Node Wars (When we get enough active players) 
    Guild Info/Rules:
    Follow the SUP community rules.Follow the SUP TS3 rules.Don't be an ass.Activity is not required, real life comes first.TS3 and Forum is optional but it's good to keep up to date with news/events and just generally hang out with us.Any questions/concerns direct them to Veridian Phantom regarding SUP community stuff, anything regarding in-game speak to a guild Officer.There is no requirements to join this guild. 
    Contracts information:
    When joining the guild we will give you a 1 day contract trial, after it expires if you wish to stay it gets bumped to 7 days. If you're loyal and stay we will discuss either a 14 day or 30 day. Once you've reached 14 or 30 days contract you will be considered a full-fledged member.
    We offer raises to those who show true dedication and loyalty, as well as those who have high Activity. Typically the 1-3 highest people will get raises with the renewal of their contract.
    Boss Scrolls/Guild Missions:
    Typically get a group together and do these, we try to do at least one GM a day but that isn't always the case due to some factors like real life and size of our guild. Same with boss scrolls, get a group together and go ahead, but the boss scrolls are not something we will be farming or doing events for just yet, not until we're bigger.
    Node Wars:
    Placeholder until we get bigger and have the ability to do it.
    How to join: Contact Galavance, Quanbonchib, or Infurni in-game. Send an email, or contact me on Superiorservers.co website. Name: Veridian Phantom