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  1. Post on BDO Streamer in Off-Topic

    By Denecro, posted
    Hey Leute dachte mal fals noch mehr Streamen das wir unsere links hier rein schreiben um der Community zu zeigen wem sie alle zuschauen können
  2. Hey
    Da ich gerne Black Desert streame und neu bin gefällt es mir mit Leuten das Spiel kennen zu lernen
    Ich habe mir das Spiel vor ca 1 Woche gekauft und biete nun einen Gastkey als Verlosung an.
    Ab 10 Zuschauern würde ich gerne per Zufall jemanden gewinnen lassen.
    Ich hoffe das ist erlaubt  
  3. As the title says, why didn't we get the desert camouflage or a fox with the Valencia update, considering that the major part of the expansion is the desert itself?
    Can we please have an update on it, since most of our guild and I am sure lots of other people are holding on their pearls for it?
    @CM_Jouska @CM_Tytyes
  4. Post on Triple float rod useless in PVE

    By Gotcha, posted
    It appears triple float rod doesn't work in the new pools of fish. So it it broke or these rods pretty much pointless now?
  5. Post on [GRIND] Tamer 1v1 montage in PVP

    By Yuuki, posted

    Have fun!
  6. So I have been having some SEVERE lag since the most recent patch. It started when I was riding my horse from witch's chapel to Trent. I would be running, then my horse would stop out of nowhere. Then I would run again, and every 2 seconds my horse would stop again. Not slow down, just instant stop. Even when I try auto running it would still stop. I had to spam 'T' in order to get to Trent and it took like 10 minutes... I restarted my game and the issue seemed to fix itself.. Then later when I was farming at solders grave I had the same issue, except now it was with my player and trying to use abilities. I would stop mid-cast and just stand there. Every ability would bug out and make me stand still. I quickly left for a safe area to restart again and realized that I could not teleport. (Sorceress) I would try to jump teleport and it would make the sound of teleporting then I would just fall back down after the jump. This has never happened to me until after this last patch. Is anyone else having this issue?
  7. Post on Seizing fear in Berserker

    By Gotcha, posted
    So I'm 52 and I don't have any points in this yet. I figured it's a late skill to dive into. Question does the crit stack per rank or does it take that many points just to get 5%? is it really worth it?
  8. Post on Did we get screwed? in Valkyrie

    By Gotcha, posted
    Damage for Divine Power has been increased when it is used on players.
    Damage for Sharp Light will no longer decrease when it is used again during cool down time.
    Damage for Ultimate: Divine Power has been increased from 312% to 353%.
    Damage for Just Counter has been increased from 247% to 259%.
    Damage for Just Counter II has been increased from 386% to 412%.
    Damage for Just Counter III has been increased from 467% to 521%.
    It looks like they buffed a skill no one uses due to it being slow and cost 100 points compared to the other classes updates I think we got ripped off lol
  9. So this is just an article I found and I thought it was kind of interesting, link below.
  10. Post on Tamer Black Spirit in Tamer

    By Gotcha, posted
    Is there a bug with tamer and the black spirit always wanting to talk to you but there's no new quests? I've logged, changed channels, hoped on my main where the BS isn't bugging me. Am I missing something?
  11. Post on where did everyone go? in General

    By Gotcha, posted
    So I'm on Edan Calp e2 and it's seems pretty quiet these days. I see way less boats. I get fishing hot spots all to myself. Where did everyone jet ta?
  12. Hello! Looking for people to play games with? Pandorum Gaming is recruiting for Black Desert Online, we already have a handful of people that play this game, but we would like to grow and see more. We have a ton of other games that we play too, so there is never any shortage of games to play. We have all kinds of people! We have people that hop from game to game, and we have people who play one game, and some that play a few games. We are a very relaxed and laid back community, that believes in equality for all gamers. Always a lot of people online playing games within our community!
    We have our own website (www.pandorumgaming.net) along with a Teamspeak 3 (ts.pandorumgaming.net) we provide to our community. We also do host game servers, along with setting up servers requested by our community members. We do everything in our power to make our members and guests happy. 
    So if you want to check us out, feel free to connect to Teamspeak3 and hang out with us before you join! Or if you are a real go getter, then sign up now! Everyone is welcome to come hang out and play video games with us! 
    --Note-- When connecting to our TS3, you will be required to wait for an admin to contact you, as we do this as a anti-troll filtering measure, keeps out music bots and other hot mic things, to make sure our guests and members have the best time with us.
  13. Post on What DR to stack in Valkyrie

    By Gotcha, posted
    Okay so just curious what damage resist you guys stack. Was fighting a witch the other day petty sure she popped her cool downs but still she melted through my guard in like 3 seconds. I had 212 dp at the time so was talking to a fellow and he said DP doesn't scale very well and to increase DR. The guild I'm in has no bonuses so looking to switch my armor upgrades. So which do you stack magic resist? range or close combat? and does close combat apply to magic when close or does close combat just mean melee?
    Thanks for the help.
  14. Hey.. Because I understand nothing, could someone please tell me if my old computer can run the game on the LOWEST possible settings? Thanks in advice!
    ProcessorIntel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2220 @ 2.40GHz Video CardNVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT RAM3.0 GB Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10, 32-bit
  15. Post on Where is the desert? in General

    By Valeth, posted
    I can't find it.

  16. Welcome to NVP
    Orwen - North America
    My name is Kyban and I am the guild leader of NVP (non-valuable players) of Orwen NA. We are a late night guild that becomes most active around 10:00pm PST. We are currently looking to increase our numbers of active members to 25 or 30! Currently we have an active roster of about 10. We are looking to fill our roster for guild bosses and more community fun as well as eventual siege wars! Don't be deterred by size as we make it up in heart!
    Who we are:
    NVP is a small guild that provides an atmosphere for players to hone their skills through small scale pvp, organized grind groups, and group dailies. We want to build a strong community that can be respected on Orwen NA. As this community grows we hope to become more active out in the world of Black Desert by adding guild bosses and siege! Our guild is built on a small core group. These members are happy to be around each other and people go out of the way to share knowledge, accept others, and have a great gaming experience. We are active in TS and welcome anyone that wants to come be a part of such a group! My experience as a guild leader stems from wow where I lead a top ten 10 man server group during Dragon Soul. I have always loved small guild mentality and want to continue that throughout my BDO experience with this guild.
    Prime Play Time:
    Weekdays - 9:00pm till 4:00am PST
    Weekends - All hours (someone is always active)
    Currently our guild part takes in daily gathering and kill mission as well as weekly boss scroll groups. A member is always willing to organize grind groups or help another individual level. Most of our members spend lots of time working on life skill professions. These individuals are extremely knowledgeable and will help you get your own crafting empire off the ground. Be it dailies involving rhutum/manshas or out in Mediah someone will be interested or able to help out.
    In the future, drawings and prizes will be rewarded for guild events set up throughout the year to increase community involvement!
    Age: 18+
    Active member ( Active play 2/3 times a week )
    TeamSpeak 3 ( You do not have to talk but it is encouraged )
    Mature, Patient, Calm, Have a Filter
    Participation in Guild hosted events
    Thank you for taking the time to read about our guild and consider it in your own attempts to find a new home for yourself! Good luck with your search! If NVP resonates with you and are interested in applying please contact one of the individuals listed below:
    Contact Info:
    First Name: Kyban  Family Name: Koba  (Guild leader)
    First Name: Hyperiana  Family Name: Reinheit  (Officer)
    First Name: Aea  Family Name: Drakkon (Officer)
    Guild Event on 5/28/16
    "The road to Valencia!"
    Come be a part of NVP and do guild missions with us at 7:00pm PST! All members who are involved will have a chance to win 1 of 2 pets from raffle prize! Have to contribute to guild missions in order to sign up for raffle! (If gifting is back in game by this point / fingers crossed!)
  17. Hi BDO Community,
    Anyone has a 7 day key left?
    I'm interested in this game but would really like to try it out before i buy it.
    A streamer told me to ask around here, so here iam :-)
    PM's Are welcome!
  18. So how come Divine 3 does 348% damage and rank 2 does 389%? Divine 3 does the same as rank 1 less the accuracy. Is that a tooltip error?
  19. Post on Roleplay Community? in General

    By Sakata, posted
    Hello, new to this game, currently downloading it as I type. I was wondering if there is any form of roleplaying community in the EU servers? If there is what server(s) do they occupy?
  20. (NA) (Edan) (Discord) <ImminentDefeat> 
    Join Imminent! We are a friendly PvP and PvE guild. Our main focus is to have fun, while still improving ourselves and helping each other grow. 
    Level 40+Must be at least 17 years oldDiscord (Although not "required", it is HIGHLY encouraged as it makes communication much easier)You must be active. We have a 2 week inactivity rule (If you plan to be gone for a while, just let the leader or an officer know)How to apply:
    Family Name / Username:
    What are you looking for in a guild?:
  21. I posted this in suggestions, but thought here might get some better press.  Basically all other classes can get 3 costume accessories, where we only get 2.  This means that other classes have a twice as likely chance to get higher ranked mob knowledge compared to us.  I know it's not that big a deal, but it's annoying that even the brand new class gets them before us.  Some say the effect doesn't stack, but I have heard otherwise from guild members from kr and jp.  Please Daum give us the same as the other classes

    Salut à tous, le Drakkar amène son équipage dopé à la bière givrée sur Black Desert Online : l'escadron mercenaire viking sur Jordine (Mediah J1).
    Pour l'occasion, vous êtes invités à venir nous connaître sur notre site : Cliquez ici et il se passera quelque chose de merveilleux. Notre communauté est composée de joueurs se connaissant pour certains depuis plus de sept ans et qui se suivent de jeux en jeux. Nous cherchons à garder une taille raisonnable afin de conserver notre ambiance conviviale, une équipe où tout le monde connaît tout le monde et une structure organisée qui ne part pas dans tous les sens.
    La performance à tout prix, au mépris des joueurs recrutés autant que ceux rencontrés en jeu, alliés ou ennemis, n'est pas notre objectif. Nous jouons pour nous détendre et pour partager ces moments en groupe. Nous n'avons d'ailleurs pas de pré-requis concernant les avatars, en revanche il est difficile de réussir à nous rejoindre car ceux concernant le joueur, sa personnalité, sa mentalité et sa volonté de s'intégrer à notre groupe sont très élevés. Nous considérons que la qualité d'un joueur se trouve moins dans sa capacité à réussir une action dans le jeu qu'à comprendre que dans un MMO, derrière chaque avatar, une vraie personne subit les conséquences de nos actes.
    Et surtout, nous avons des cookies...
    Le recrutement sur BDO est maintenant fermé.
  23. There are a lot of colors in the dye system in BDO so the chances are really slim trying to get the ones you want. You would need to spend a lot of cash just to get one of the colors you want and would have to spend more just to get the same color if you want to mix and match. Sometimes you need 3 or more of the same color for one piece of costume. So I figure why not help them find a way for both of us to win? A way for them to still earn money and for us to get what we want. 

    If the dye system was free, people would most likely buy more costumes. I certainly would. Is it silly? Maybe or maybe not. Again, this is just a brainstorming thread. Or perhaps buying it with silver? Be a great money dump. I just have a few costumes I really like and it's a shame they're not the colors I want. I haven't spent any cash on dyes either. Some costumes may not look great as default but potentially could look really good with certain dyes. Especially if people are buying more dyes and dying their outfits. It'll be sort of advertising them to more people, creating a domino effect, which in turn more people would buy more costumes as well. 

    I would rather spend 2 - 5$ for the right set of dyes I want than spend over 100$ for the off chance I'll get that one dye I want. I just really dislike the whole RNG to it. Whether some other games, even F2P allowed us to dye for free. I also feel BDO is a great game for roleplayers so they could make a ton of money from roleplayers as well if they manage to keep them playing in the game.

    Anyways, some brainstorming ideas. If you guys got any good ones to offer, comment below, and hopefully someone with power from the NA company could possibly do something about it. I'm sure their hands are busy with more important matters but I at least want this to be in line for the coming future. Thanks. 
  24. Post on Cyclops Race in Suggestions

    By Humongous, posted
    Like the game has already the cyclops model why don't we have a cyclops Race? and if we have it this one you can call it giant race like the real one they already have the physics and animation that goes with it that will be another good races to play.^^
  25. Hi community!
    I would show you some things that i find quote ridiculous, let me show what i mean:
    I imagine that all of you saw this video where 1 ranger engage 50 players at world boss in KR: https://youtu.be/ELX4FkJL8Yc 
    Ok, it is an isoleted one, well let's keep on this way.
    A few days ago it's been set up 2 KR tournaments, one for the Awakening classes and one for the other.
    This is the video for the Awakenings one, all classes are quite balanced, but for sure ranger isn't:
    * Ranger vs Valk\Warrior are to run for 5 seconds, completely deleted
    * Ranger vs Tamer, no way, Tamers can win only if they predict perfectly the ranger moves for knock the target with the long range gap closer
    *Ranger vs Sorceress, hard to fight cause 1 error for the Sorceress and get shotted; Sorceress lose both Ranged and melee match up too
    *Ranger vs Giant: if the Giant catch the Ranger duel is done, but ad you can see it isnt easy and often the berseker get shotted
    Try to immagine who win the tournament
    link, thanks to Frozzen: https://youtu.be/f4MiQ-P4wLA
    I hoping for constructive comments and sorry for my english